Children of the Stars

For those who say, “and there is no life after death?
I’ve been happy in this life. But if there is a future life, for those who do not believe, they have already lost the chance to take advantage of the earth time. Raul Teixeira


What a wonderful thing to study study is Lighting the mind, while the mass of spirits living on earth adore the mental laziness, hate reading and studying.

So when we look for culture, trying to learning. This is a spiritual growth. When we learn to play music, singing, drawing speaking another language … when we learn mathematics, physics, engineering, whatever, we are evolving spiritually.

Spiritual evolution is not just religious evolution. It is evolution of being as a whole.

Raul Teixeira

Raul Teixeira,  brazilian physicist, author and public speaker

Reporter: Claudia

Source: Programa Espirito e Vida

Date of publication: 22.07.2013

Theme: Suicid

Reporter Claudia: Spiritism’s point of view, what happens in this spirit that commits suicide?
Raul Teixeira:
The issue of suicide is one of the very interesting questions, because of what we have by custom, perhaps by religious traditions and the collector character of society to admit that a suicide is someone irremissibly lost, doomed to hellfire. And there are religions that do not even consider him more and do not realize prayers on his behalf. Exactly they are the individuals who most need prayers.

Reporter Claudia: Is it different by Spiritism?
Raul Teixeira: It is different, because the proposal of spiritism is that every person who takes his own life, he must be living a
different picture in his psychological privacy, in his psychic intimacy. The creature that suicide is certainly disgusted of life, surely he does not accept the proposals
that life is bringing, want take revenge from something or someone, or is simply motivated in what
call as ” an honorable suicide” in admitting that he will be, on killing the body, performing a featby releasing his people, creating situations able to give his people a greater magnitude.
A lot of people takes his own life within this line of “honorable suicide” to undo a
crime, a mistake, a misunderstanding.
There are alsothe one who takes his own life in order to make someone feel guilty. Then let letters, notes, so that someone is always unfocused what the divinity expects from us, so that to spiritism, each suicide person have a level of responsibility.We can not take a caliper and from there put all the same caliber or measured by the same standard.

Reporter Claudia: A bodyguard, for example, is to defend the life of someone.
In a special situation, of a bullet for example, this bodyguard stands in front of the person and dies. Is he a suicide?
This is somebody who wants to save the life of somebody. If we consider the divine laws he will not be considered suicidal, because actually he had no intention of dying had no intention to kill himself.
Even that one who is doing through which to kill himself, we consider as indirect suicide, like the case of those who have tobacco addiction and drugs excess, if he’s doing it as acustomary habit, but not with intent to kill. It is suicidal but it is a suicide
But often the creature knows this substance will take him to death, then it is a conscious suicidal. It is a direct suicide, because he knows that it kills.

Reporter Claudia: Ist that worsening his situation from the spiritual point of view?
Raul Teixeira: Yes, complicates because, as
the more you know, the more responsibility you have about the known material.
So therefore Jesus Christ established that “the one that has, more shall be ask.” Obviously it is the law of life.
You do not ask a child what you charge for an adult. you will not ask for a mental patient or an insane person that you charge from a lucid and balanced person.
so that the divinity also considers these cases and because of that many people who
passes away, leaving the world who die in a state of suicide, at the arriving in the spirit world and realize that she committed the folly at the moment
of insanity, at the moment of spiritual hardship, of
spiritual gloom, as lots of people who will be carried in this whirlwind, because of spiritual harassment of spiritual disturbance, it is clear that these harassments, these disturbances we give access to them but do not give access to them with the intention of killing us.
The mental carelessness, the way of living wrongly, can any exploitative, opportunistic entity makes use of this open channel. and because she knows that you have cies, you have inclinations to self-destruction, fleeing of the hardest things, then she (ghost, bad spirit) will taking you gradually to admit that out of death there is no solution.
Then because of this, we find out many people are driven to suicide by spiritual induction. It is not that the spirit will kill the person, but it will put in her mind, that the best solution to the problem that she is living, is to realize that dying is the only exit and the creature in the state of interior torment, does not evaluate it, not evaluates the consequence…

Reporter Claudia: So how is the situation those people that somehow collaborate so that the person commit suicide?
Raul Teixeira: It is very interesting that question, reason we see many suicide reborn with cerebral palsy, with deformities, with serious injuries, mostly people who shoot in the
heart, who shoot in the head, they come back with damage in those areas
that the shot has affected. Other creatures ingest poisons, serious toxic, and come back with damage in the vocal tract in the digestive tract, gastrointestinal tract…
And of course who is coming to support these
people, to be the mother of the disabled? dad of the handicapped? The family of the disabled, if not those who which often lead the creature that level of achievement? so that all people who are close to the patient, with exceptions, they are not next to the patient because they are good people, or because God wants to test their faith, as many people believe.but they are there under the laws of reincarnation because they have anything to do with this episode.
And how much more has to do, the more suffering with the creature’s issue as mother and father, who suffer the most because they are more directly next to them, those with more work with these creatures. then we spread with siblings, grandparents, uncles until the company that in a very broadly since it is the
largely responsible for the things that occurs to the individual.

Reporter Claudia: A person dies. What’s up? Traditionally in our culture comes the
funeral. And after that, what happens with the spirit?

Raul Teixeira: The funeral is of course a tribute what we do, that we pay to the body that served for the spiritual being has been reincarnated on the earth.

Our dear spiritual being, our father, our mother, friend, brother or whoever who past away, are not there anymore more in that body that we bow. So our dear spiritual being went back to the normal primitive world where he came from.

All of us who occupy a physical body, before fertilization, the sperm into the ovum, we came from the spiritual homeland, we came of this spiritual dimension and obviously to get out of the body to return the spirit world, to this special vibration what we call as “the world of spirits”, in this particular frequency, which is the world of spirits.

And there as a function of how it was our life, we’ll go to live our consciousness so that each will be given according to their works, warned Jesus Christ. If we had a life of growth, efforts like normal people, there is no need to hero, saint or  angel either.

The importance that the divinity gives to our life on earth is that we are good people. Good as men and women, performing in the world every form of good we can accomplish here,doing all the best we can do in our profession with our family at our leisure and our own good health. All we can do, from planting a flower, until the generation someone‘s life. We should be given in favor of those consequences happily for the soul.

When we talk about happily consequences for the soul, most people can imagine that Spiritist is concerned with a happiness that we will see only after death.

But it may not be so in the name of God’s justice. If each one is given according to their works, when are you going to get that inner joy? In the moment that you do the work. Then from the moment that we are doing well, we’ll be happy.

For those who say, “and there is no life after death?
I’ve been happy in this life. But if there is a future life, for those who do not believe, they have already lost the chance to take advantage of the earth time.

So, after we discarnate we return to the spiritual homeland, as one who lived many years in another city because of his job. After retiring, he returns to his hometown, he will find peoplehe left there more mature or aged, and he will find a lot of thing changed but it is still his home.

Hence then, in the spirit world we will find old loves, old friends. We may imagine that our family is all here on earth as our son, father, grandson and when we got in the spirit world, suddenly we note that our family is immense. Because we are the children of the stars, we are the children of the wilderness.

Because of reincarnation, we are born into contact with hundreds and hundreds of people. dear friends or foes, because the issue of the spiritual world and the survival brings this reality. 

Whether we can find old loves, we can meet old enemies, old adversaries with which still do not get it right. Then Jesus Christ had proposed: to reconcile ourselves with our opponent as we make our way with him. Not waiting for time to pass, do not let death come.
If there is any difficulty with any person, we solve the problem here, when we still have the oportunity.


Reporter: Our last question to  end the interview: How can we prepare ourselves to death? Is it possible?

Raul Teixeira: Yes, it is possible. We prepare for death whenever we prepare for life: Learning how to live, live nicely, make friends and keep friends, work, study … What a wonderful thing to study study is Lighting the mind, while the mass of spirits living on earth adore the mental laziness, hate reading and studying but enjoy  fast things, without
realizing that as time passes, they remain ignorant, they do not know never of anything. The creature lived years with a tree in front of the house and never had the curiosity to know what Family the tree belongs to from where it came. The creature lives in
city but was never interested to know the original name of the city she lives

So when we look for culture, learning. This is a spiritual growth. When we learn to play music, singing, drawing speaking another language when we learn mathematics, physics, engineering, whatever, we are evolving spiritually.

Spiritual evolution is not just religious evolution. It is evolution of being as a whole. So it is worth while we are in the body, because, as the popular saying goes: such life, such death

Stories of Eshu Mirim – Part I

The thoughts that smells shit, only attracts shit and brings disease to one’s life. You have to clear the thoughts, otherwise your Aura stinks. Eshu Mirim Caveirinha

Spirit: Exu Mirim CAVEIRINHA      Medium Edgar Souza

Summary of dialogue 256

Reporter: Jefferson Viscardi


Date of Publication: 12.02.2014

Jefferson: Near my home, down the street it opened a church. I do not know if it’s Pentecostal, an evangelical church… When I passing in front, I was very glad. Even they have their discernment, but it is still a point of light in the neighborhood.

Eshu Mirim Caveirinha: It´s a light point. Despite what happens there, everyone knows what happens right? It is a light point, young. Because is not everyone who is able to learn about Spiritism. It have to get slowly. But you guys do not have much patience, right? You think that everyone has to believe in spirit. You think everyone has to believe in incarnation. You think everyone has to accept Exu Mirim. But it’s not like that, boy.

We are all workers, and we do our best to our Lord Jesus.

You know, young. Once I was on the beach and was there helping fellow working there on the beach. Because the people when going to the beach, they lose their head. Starts making spree and begin to harm the others. Starts drinking, starts acting up.

And then we went in a house where there was a group of 15 young people. It was an orgy, drug, was a ruin over there.

The neighbor wanted to call the police. Then that man called the police but the police did not go there. Because it would not solve anything at all. They would hide everything and would do a saint face.

So, what we did? There is a nation that stirs the rain, right? Then it started to rain there boy, and began to clog the drains. And those young there realized that a lot of people was passing need because of the rain, and one of them had an idea to jump the wall and save the neighbor. And then he jumped up and saved.

When he saved, the neighbor thanked a lot. That though they were troublemakers, they were there to help others, you know?

Then one of them there, was friend of the father from a girlfriend. And her father was in the army in those high office, And he told to her daddy what was going on.

From the fifteen boys there, many must to go the armed forces, to learn how to be good people. .

Jefferson: But what they did? Sex Group?

Eshu Mirim Caveirinha: Yes. Also drugs. Then they must to go to army to learn to have discipline. But some of them were lost, there was no solution. But We were following them and each of them has a story.

What it was the most difficult character you had trouble to solve the problem?

I will tell you the story of a young woman. It was a girl who had a lot of mediumship. She was a beginner and began working in a Umbanda yard.

Eventually she was realizing that, with her vision of mediumship (clairvoyance) she started talking about the lives of others. She saw people and began to tellig things. It was very bad.

Because she talked a lot what she should not tell.

And her Old Black warned many times: “Be careful my daughter. It has things that should not talk about”

But, even so, she told.

What happened to her? She began to feel special, think she was a hot chick.

Once she decided to do a black magic because she said: “I can do everything”

Then she got possessed. The spirit shook her and did not want to leave at all, letting her in the ground. So she was losing her breath. Then she asked for help, and her Eshu said: “Let it a bit more to learn. So, let a little bit, she will not die, let a little longer. ”

Then she lost her Ego and saw how small and weak she is. So then she made a prayer and we there together and took the evil spirit away. But the Medium was wise and learned after this lesson. This girl did a lot of work.Complicated, Boy.

Jefferson: Then one asks: “Where was my Black old Man, who let this happen?”

Eshu Mirim Caveirinha: Preto Velho was there, laughing. Everybody was laughing. You must to learn.

There are other case, that people get sick, because has so much hatred in the heart, and it infects the body. Then lose the hair, will make treatment and learn to be more humble. Do you understand the reason, Boy?…. 57

Jefferson: A bit ago you mentioned that the father, sometimes, not taught the child to have charity, have patience and be a man… Of course you did not attack homosexuals, but suddenly it’s an opportunity to talk about it.

What did you mean to have charity, have patience and be a man? How does a parent teach a child to grow, having those value?

Eshu Mirim Caveirinha: Before, let us return tto he situation of the mother. How she will ask something to the daughter, if she doesn´t do the same? Because the child grows up watching his father. If the father is an honorable father and son is a weak head, how do stuff works? The parent has to fix first, then set an example to son.
But there are many children, these boys as being born today, who are coming to teach the father.

Sometimes you want to have children right? and asks for the best son of the world right? Then God send that son messy to change everything, to stir everything. By so doing the parent creating shame in the face and grow.

No one is born in the place that is not to be. Everyone is born in the family who must be born. It is a matter of necessity and learning.

There are many child that is born in a musician family, because it’s a musical Spirit and his mission is to work with music.
There are many child who is born into an family of mediums, which his Mission is to work  in the mediumship.

Look boy, I’ll tell you a very interesting case here:  There was a young man who in the past life he was too disordered. And then when he passed away and saw everything he had made, he asked for God to let him educate himself.

Then Father from heaven spoke to Exu Mirim: Looking for a good family for him.

I found a perfect family for him, boy. Do you know how was his Family? An extremely traditionalist mother. All for her work on the basis of punishment and beating. The father was worse.

This boy since he was born until completing the age of eighteen, he straightened. He suffered a lot, but had there was no other way. Because we create the situation for him to be there, to fulfill his purpose. Then he wanted to work, earn money to leave the house, but did everything  wrong. He wanted to go out with the messy little friend, we took him to church.

And then his mother had very long hair, you know? She wore those long skirt, was a very spiteful mother. The father, for any reason, wanted to punish.

And so we follow that child through the years. Today he turned lawyer and is helping everybody he harmed in other life. Exu Mirim follows  him and will accompany until he is a good person and become a well-smelling flower.

And what about you, boy?  You also were born in the family that you  need to it?

Jefferson: Yes, you could say so.

Eshu Mirim Caveirinha: You know, young man, freedom is something that has a very high Price. When you learn to pay that price, you become free. Because people think going to be free is doing all he wants but it’s not like that.

Nobody gets out doing something he thinks want to do. No, we’re watching, Boy.

Jefferson: Please Mirim, explain to us then. A father teaches a child to have charity, patience and to be a man.

Eshu Mirim Caveirinha: Or be a great woman, right. To bring  children to the world. And the children to be honorable people as well. And what happens boy? Will help the other brother as well. Who is balanced helps those who are unbalanced.

But there is a lawSimilar heals similar, does not it?

Jefferson: Yes. Atraction Law.

Eshu Mirim Caveirinha: So boy, it does not helpif the person to go to spiritism and not find themselves there. Often will find themselves in other churches, other religions.  Because that’s where the similar syntony, energy of these people who will help him.

Then Exu Mirim working like that, respecting these laws, is not imposing anything, not going over. Because you think Exu Mirim run over right? Just a little, but the little that is needed. Because we do not want to hurt anyone.We want only help, whatever time it takes.

Jefferson: Talk about homosexuality and situations that you get involved with people who are homosexual.

Eshu Mirim Caveirinha: I’ll tell you one case, Boy. Once had two ladies in the sewing class. The first little lady there said that her son was wonderful and the other was embarrassed because her son was homosexual.

And this mother was discriminating  the other mother, saying that her son was the greater, the best son in the world, and made mockery  from the son of another woman. The mother of homosexual heard everything.

A month has passed... After two months, the wonderful son of that first was arrested because he was involved with drugs. .

And then the mother said, “I would rather that my son was gay, instead he was arrested because of drug trafficking. Because there where he sold, he killed three.
And the gay son, a good guy, work helping others. He has a good heart.

He was born as a homosexual tendency because of sexual deviation, because in his past life owned brothel.He misled a lot of girl. And  all this girl  he fumbled was in the astral tormenting him.

The guy came to Umbanda terreiro chain Lord Ogum Iara. He started working there and Padilha manifests through him and he began to give consultation and answer many mother who went through the same problem that his mother passed.

And this medium was realizing through the consultation, he had a deviation in his past life.And he is now recovering, balancing the sensual energy. This is one of the cases.

Jefferson: But this does not mean that every homosexual has debts with the laws (cause and effect)

Eshu Mirim Caveirinha: Not young, has some who was born to cause a stir in the Family.

Jefferson: It’s mission, then.

Eshu Mirim Caveirinha: Because the father wants a macho, you know? He wants that bambambam, macho. Then, is born with a spirit like that in the family, to evolve because it‘s bothering him, he will wake up night and day seeing the boy’s face.

Do you know why, Boy? To work prejudice. It has a lot spiritualist who are prejudiced, Boy.

Jefferson: Even spiritualist?

Eshu Mirim Caveirinha: It has a lot spiritualist who are judgmental.

Jefferson: But, it is not possible to believe

Eshu Mirim Caveirinha: Do you think that spiritualist are all perfect?

Jefferson: No, but they already have knowledge of the  clear law.

Eshu Mirim Caveirinha: It has the clear law in the book, but not experiences. They get judging the other, is bad-mouthing, is talking about what religion is better… Better for him, but to the other is not.

Have to respect the law of the other, this is wisdom.

And then you know what happens? You know why many people become spiritualist?

Because a child of that person born with a health problem. Born to rescue. Because he did so much wrong that his perispiritual (Perispirit) form is all defective.

Then is born deficient in all flesh. (physical disability). And then, the father, mother or brother will seek healing for him and will start studying and learning everything, will spend years studying.

But look at that boy, one who studies is learning a lot, It is learning on the difficulties to love. See what he develops: Knowledge, patience and love.

And who is born with difficulty (physical deficient) often comes on purpose to the other evolve. Or often comes with physical disabilities to learn from each other. To see the other‘re living for his benefit. Do you understand?

Jefferson: Yes, everything has a purpose

Eshu Mirim Caveirinha: It has boy. Nothing is by chance.

Jefferson: So anyone who is faced any kind of adversity now have to raise their hands to heaven because it is a necessary trial for evolution of their spirit.

Eshu Mirim Caveirinha: Its the call. Is the call from Father God´.

Many times you ask for patience, right? Do you think that you will learn to be patient going to the Woods, closing your eyes, and doing so O: Auuummm, right?  Putting incense and Meditating, contemplating nature …
Not so, not like that, boy. You learn in practice!

Jefferson: Give us a message?

Eshu Mirim Caveirinha: You know boy. There are thoughts of such people who smell like shit. Rotten thoughts. And that, you know boy, only brings disease to one’s life. You have to clear the thoughts, otherwise you are a person who smells really bad. Smells bad boy. The Aura stinks.

Jefferson: Then you have to choose the thoughts to smell good?

Eshu Mirim Caveirinha: Exacly.  So how do you want, that good people on the other side comes to help, right?

You know boy, the thoughts that smells shit, only attracts shit, right? Hihihi. The worms, embodied and disembodied right? And they are some ugly bugs. Some mosquitoes, which are  flying… Humm




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