History of the Aryan Race

The source of the English word Aryan comes from the Sanskrit word ārya. Later, the “Indo” was dropped and the white Aryan Race theory emerged.

According to the book „On the way to the Light“ the author Emmanuel tells us that on earth there are civilizations from the constellations Chapel and another solar system, such as Orion that helped the Terran civilization to progress.

In case of Capella system, their planet came into the process as the Earth is living today, going from ATONEMENT and PROOF PLANET; moving to the scale of a REGENERATION planet.

These spirits who were sent to the planet Earth were very smart intellectually but morally they were still lagging behind. Here on Earth, they formed four races: Hindus, Egyptians, Israelis and Hindu-European.

This happened about 12,000 years ago. So, how dear readers can see,
is false the idea of nationalism, because there is not the „white race“ or Aryan race, but the Europeans are mixtures of Hindus who left the banks of river Ghandi, coming in direction to Europe, arriving by Greece, Russia and spreading across the European continent. This race, the Hindo-European was the one who mixed with the natives.
However, today’s nationalism is growing in many European countries.

As you see, history is ignored by many people. If they really knew the story, they would try to put the ego beneath the arm and begin to work for the personal, real spiritual growth.

The Egyptian population, for example, was the most morally advanced and after a few centuries most of them went back to their loved ones. So it happened with the other races, gradually returning to the planet of origin. For this reason one sees the mysterious constructions of the Pyramids and the system of Ayurveda, as advanced in India of yore.
But some of these „galactic asylees“, even today, are still reincarnating on Earth, at the risk of still being exiled to other more inferior planets than Earth.

Here is a link where you may read  about the Earth at the beginning,  the Great Transition and the Adamic Races in english:


This book was translated by the publisher „Edicei of America“ in the United States.

Here is the ISBN for the book purchase: ISBN: 978-85-7945-427-1

Here is also a link about Aryan Race: http://www.ancient.eu/Aryan/

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Stories of Eshu Mirim – Part II

Do not judge only by appearances. At this very moment there’s a lot going on between the walls of the houses, that you guys can not see. But who can see is often misunderstood and called as insane. Exu Mirim

Spirit: Exu Mirim CAVEIRINHA      Medium Edgar Souza

Summary of dialogue 324

Reporter: Jefferson Viscardi

Youtube: https://youtu.be/28Up_M3y-Yw

Date of Publication: 08.06.2014

Exu Mirim Caveirinha: Let’s continue? What you want to know, young man?

Jefferson: I want to know about this pombagira who approached and introduced herself as Cleopatra. What was her interest in our work?

Exu Mirim Caveirinha: Look, today we are talking about the families, right? Cleopatra is her Name. But there are so many Pombagiras, right? Tem as Mulambo, as Padilhas. So, she works in one of These line, Boy.

Jefferson: So, tell her to tell us a history which she was very emotional, let her very overwhelmed.

Exu Mirim Caveirinha: See boy, they like Roses. Do you know why?

Jefferson:  Why?

Exu Mirim Caveirinha: It is not so because of the fragrance, no. It is because of energy. Each of the roses has a function, mainly due to the color. They are very fond of red rose, because, through the Red Rose fluid, they bring the sexual energy and bring also the energy of incondicional love.

When you give a rose, for her, she is very happy. But it’s not as embodied women, but often the energy that red rose will serve to unite a couple, to cut envy, cut misunderstandings. Through the power of this flower, it makes things clearer. Defends the family, the couple, leaving them united. But they do not like liesright Boy? They do not have much patience with lies.

Let me tell you one case, young man.

There was a time, which had 3 pombagiras behind a man. And this guy was asking for help in the yard of Umbanda, because someone had sent them to persecute him.

There was a young girl of good family who lived in the parental home. She was a virgin and very sweet.
But one day, her father left she in a little Party with her classmates. And then, an older boy introduced  himself with ulterior intentions.

Because she was a very innocent young girl, she took a back seat to the man and he abused the young Girl. After having abused her, he killed her. She died very young, with 17 year olds. It’s a sad story, is not it Boy?

And this man had already done it seveal times, committing the crime with five young women.

And then, boy, we had to put an end to this situation … For these Young Girls, who disincarnated in this way, they had a story that brought from their past lives. Very sad. Each had done much in the past. So, they chose this way to rescue what they had done.

And for this guy does not continue the crime, 3 pombagiras decides put an end to this Situation, and they called me to follow all of this.

Who is reading or listening to, would have the ability to love this man, even to know he did those 5 crimes? Not 5, but 6 crimes.

Jefferson: The capability people have to. However,  the ability is difficult, because do not have the resistance.

Exu Mirim Caveirinha: Yeah. In these situations we see, we love These People and we try to help them, in the best way possible.

I was the one who sent these pombagiras behind him. I said to them: Let’s settle this Situation. I called the old black, because he has more wisdom. For us, sometimes we act one way, but the old man always sees a simpler and most loving way.

The old man seeing that situation, spoke as follows: let’s get him in the Umbanda yard, but before, let’s give him a fright.

Then, we call a few spiritual friends, and during the night, he saw those six young girls. Also reviewing the scenes he had done. Do you understand?

And this was repeated for several nights. And the neigbor realizing how he was disturbed, told him to go to the yard of Mr. Antonio to be helped.

He went and talked to the old man. Mr. Antonio gave the orientations for him, even the old man knowing all that he had done.

And see. How to solve this situation? You imagine how?

Jefferson: Hmmm, is not easy.

Exu Mirim Caveirinha: Do you know what we did?

That same Umbanda yard was going the father of 17 year old Girl  he had killed.  And the father was consulting next to him. He was crying and not conformed to what had happened to his daughter.

This are things and things in life, Young…

After he heard all that, he returned home reflecting what already he has done. How many families he had hurt, or even, destroyed?

One week later he came back in the yard and told the old antonio the crimes he had committed.

Look at the fireproof… Has a lot of mediums, even though incorporated heard a story this What they would do? How to maintain confidentiality in this Situation?

During this, I was in the yard and told the old black man: “Old man, let’s give him a Chance. Instead of call the Police and arrest him, we will make a more useful Thing: “Tell him to put a project to support women who are abused and parents who lost their daughters in this way.”

Then, the old man talked to him and asked him to do it and rescue the  committed crimes. So he did. He started a project and today is helping hundreds of families. He is helping those who went through the same situation. But no one has no idea what he did.

Are you understanding?

Jefferson: Yeah. Everyone looks the book …. The cover is beautiful or ugly, but nobody read the story

Exu Mirim Caveirinha: Yeah. But Pombagiras have an eye on him until today, even after he did this Project.

But look. I will enter a very controversial Topic.

A lot of you who are reading, gonna think: Send arrest, or arranges to kill him.

But what is most useful? Imprison him, kill or helping other families?

Jefferson: Of yourse, helping is much better.

Exu Mirim Caveirinha: Therefore I asked you and who will read or listen to this dialogue Would you have the same capacity to love?

Jefferson: I think, those who can recognize as an immortal incarnated spirit, can see things in the long term and opens the hand own immediate preferences.

Exu Mirim Caveirinha: So you guys can see what happens today. These 6 girls who disincarnated through him, they, all  7 People have a very long history.

This is the way that girls chose to disembody (die), because they did not forgive the actions that they practiced in the past.

And he, as he had this tendency, they have attracted themselves. He and the Girls, coming together, then this situation happened. (Karma, Law of atraction). Please see: Perispirit & Purification of the Soul

When you see the whole context, the whole story behind, you see all the past, it is easier to understand. And do not judge only by appearances.

When Dad’s heaven sent this boy to earth, He knew he had this tendency. But even so, He sent him  to have a new opportunity.

Those young girls rescued what they had to rescue… It’s a very long story … And the story of six young are stories of abandonment, pain, death And then we went into another controversial issue.

The death of six persons served to help him and are helping hundreds of lives. The young ladies redeemed their faults, he is recovering his own and is helping many families through love and charity.

Controversial, eh Boy?

So is that. There’s a lot that we  watch in the other side, and you guys would not stomach to witness or support what is behind certain situations.  But today he is helping families and saving many Girls. I hope he keeps doing his job, helping and serving others and to own regeneration.

And these 6 girls who disincarnated, are helping him as well. They managed to forgive him, because they saw what they did in the past.

Now, as Spirits, those are helping other  Girls, which already passed or will go through the same Situation. Are you understanding`?

Jefferson: Yes.

Exu Mirim Caveirinha: And there’s a lot of work, boy.It has much work to do here in the spiritual side. At this very moment there’s a lot going on between the walls of the houses, that you guys can not see. But who can see (clairvoyant), it is often misunderstood and goes through insane. Who can see, it has to help in any way. If you are looking at, is for some reason. No one sees in vain. There’s a lot that the people see, and think it’s something of the head… But it is not! (schizophrenia)

There is a lot of things that happened in the past, such as a story of a couple, which moved into a house. They entered and like her a lot. But that house had a lot of pain and suffering. And the energies of the house for the couple brought much pain and suffering.

Because there were little Brothers, who suffered greatly before dying. They, who were in the house, needed help.

The way they ask for help, it is often breaking a glass, opening a door, pushing a wall

Because, you see… Have you ever felt pain?

Jefferson: yes.

Exu Mirim Caveirinha: And when you feel pain, do not feel a Desperation?

Jefferson: Normally…

Exu Mirim Caveirinha:  And when you‘re desperate, you do not lose your head?

Now imagine the situation of suffering Spirits. They are experiencing pain, but can not tell anyone.  Do not know how to ask for help, and then begin to make mess.

So, who sees, or sees in dreams, ask for help to those little Souls.

The way they ask for help, it is often to scaring. People alive (embodied) feel chills, rigors… But many people do not care.

It is good to take a investigation, Boy, seeking help for these brothers. A lot of them are stuck at home.

And often, who is moving to a house not made an energetic Cleaning, don´t ask about the past of the house… But the houses have stories, their energy field, force field…

21 Minutes.


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