Umbanda, its workers and Orishas

Brandy on the table! It is a vision that stayed in my mind for sure. The transparent liquid and its descending, burning, almost to the bottom, I did not forget either. The sensation always accompanies me. Do not feed sadness, but in the come and go of life the memories return. And I use the remembrance to carry on my mission. I work in the corners and crossroads, helping bebuns and women who are ill-loved, people who seek, in the evenings, the pleasure that was my defeat. I do everything a little and I call myself “general service assistant”. The bar and the edge of the pier receive my usual visit.
Night clubs, very sullen, are a must. All of this made and is part of my story. I help as I can, from the common vagabond, who cries, to the most outcast individual. I’ll take my leave, for now. I am the Poet of the Old River. Zé Pelintra

Photograph: Miss Froggy

Book: Vivencias de Umbanda

Year: 2016


About the author: Pablo de Salamanca was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1968. He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering, graduating in 1991. He graduated from 1992, defending his thesis in 1994. He began his doctorate in 1995, finishing his thesis In the year 2000.
He began his psychic development in 1993, psychographing from 1994.
The present work, “Experiences of Umbanda”, is the 19th book that is concretized by the hands of Paul. Part of this work is of non-mediumistic character and another part is psychographed. More than 18 books were made available to the public free of charge, bringing many spiritual information to those who are thirsty for knowledge.



Author: Pablo de Salamanca  Year: 2016

This book is composed of stories of Pablo de Salamanca’s experiences with the Umbanda Astral Current, after more than 20 years of experience with Umbandist mediumship.
The reports of experiences were divided into two parts. In the first one, there are reports that involve, for the most part, the performance of Umbanda entities in terreiro sessions. In the second part, there are the reports that present psychographies of spiritual workers of Umbandism, through the mediumship of Pablo de Salamanca.
The purpose of this work is not to be a mere sharing of curious truthful cases, but rather to express the Spirituality of Umbanda in its essence. In addition, the reader will be able to take advantage of valuable guidance brought by guides and guardians of the Umbandist current, which will support their earthly journeys.


At the beginning of my psychic journey, still in the 90’s, I received an entity from the Children’s Line that talked about some of the schedules that I had to fulfill in the Terrain Plan. He was Pedrinho da Praia. He even commented that he would not be working through me for a long time, because another eré is that he had this task. This happened a few years later, as he had been told.
On one occasion, Pedrinho informed the leader of my “terreiro”, at the time, that my stay there was scheduled for seven years. And I would need to set up another group and run it for a period. Nélson Vilhenna, the leader, was not happy with the news, and neither was I, for I and Nélson had (and still have) strong bonds of friendship. I wanted to forget that information, because I wanted to stay in that spiritual center, which I helped to found. Time passed and, in a certain year, I became ill in an apparently chronic way. I no longer had the means to exercise mediumship. Then I remembered Pedrinho’s prediction. I went to check the time that was in the terreiro and already counted almost eight years. My stubbornness in not fulfilling spiritual programming was contributing to my energetic decline and my illness. Finally I understood how Pedrinho’s information was so correct. In fact, most inexperienced mediums do not rely largely on the guidelines that come out of their own mouths. And I was no different from most of them.

So I had not given more importance to the first information I had given in the early years of my psychic exercise, especially when this information was about me. I feared that my subconscious might interfere with what was directly related to my private or spiritual life. However, Pedrinho had hit it once more. After I recovered, there was the chance and the material conditions for me to found the Spiritualist Group of Francis of Assisi, which worked, according to the planning of Spirituality, about seven years.

Well, why am I reporting all this here in the introduction to this book? I will answer, returning to Pedrinho da Praia entity, who worked through the incorporation with me for only about three years, back in the 90’s. The spirit Pedrinho also said that I had a future mission to write about Umbanda. This information was almost forgotten in the “basements” of my memory.
And I only remembered it, when I finished psychographing the book “Guardian”, in the year 2014, the first specific book about the Umbandist current that left my hands. I had spent many years writing about spirituality in general, about astral projection and related matters, but nothing directly about Umbandism.
Thus, in my new phase as a universalist spiritualist writer, I intend to approach Umbanda with greater attention, which I owe much in my earthly journey.
In this context, now that I present the work “Vivências de Umbanda” to the public, I could not fail to thank Pedrinho da Praia, for he pointed there in the past some paths that I should tread in the future. Save Pedrinho, wherever you are! Onibejada!

Pablo de Salamanca, the Author



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My first contact with Umbanda took place in my childhood, back in the 70’s. I should have been between seven and nine years of age, the first time I could observe a mediumistic manifestation within the Umbanda chain.
Caboclo G. was a firm, half-hearted entity, much sought after by people anxious to seek guidance. His medium was an old lady at that time, whom we affectionately called “Grandma Maria.” However, when she became mediumistic (embodied), she gained unusual strength and vivacity. This I had already observed, in those days, though I was only a boy. And since from time to time I did not do well in school, I asked my mother to take me to the caboclo, so that he could pray to me and provide some confidence in my studies. As for this, everything always worked out and I never repeated the year …

On one particular day, within my childhood curiosity, I asked the caboclo what I would be when I grew up. To my surprise, the entity spoke many things, and in detail, about my future. Over time, I realized that the situations were coming true … The entity somehow knew about key points in the life schedule of each “consultant”, that is, the main planned learning, before reincarnating.
Among the predictions that the caboclo made, I highlight one I witnessed, when a person, who was my relative, asked when my grandfather would die. The answer, which I clearly heard, was: “My daughter, that old man is still going to bury a lot of people. He has a long life and many will leave before him …” The years passed and several relatives of mine died, including the person Who had asked about the death of my paternal grandfather. Even the children of my grandfather, my father and my uncle, came to disincarnate several years earlier. Only after the year 2000, almost 100 years old, did my grandfather return to the Spiritual World. It happened exactly as Caboclo G. had said.

This demonstrates that Umbanda entities well coupled with balanced psychics can correctly reveal a part of the existential programming of the consultants, when allowed by the Greater Spirituality. And I was able to witness, still in my childhood until adolescence, several consultations of that guide so firm and sober at the same time, who helped so many people while his medium, “Grandma Maria”, was among us. I take this moment to give a special thanks to Caboclo G. and his medium, in which she has disincarnated for many years.


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The theme of this report is about the guides used by Umbanda mediums.
That is, it refers to the ritualistic necklaces, of various types of materials, that Umbandist adherents use during the sessions and in other activities. In general, I will comment that the guides are not decorative pieces, but rather instruments of support to the mediums of Umbanda. Fundamentally, the purpose of the guides is to enhance the connection of the medium with the work entity and, more importantly, to be a tool to protect against so-called “negative charges”, ie the harmful magnetism with which Face their mediumistic tasks. This guiding aspect of the guides seems somewhat theoretical, but I could witness facts in which the guides were broken quite clearly during heavy mediumistic works. This story is about it.

In a recent session of Cosimo and Damião (children’s tour), where I was present, a very interesting fact occurred. The spirits of the Children’s Line were embodied, carrying out their activities that seemingly are jokes, but in reality they are mediumistic works where they guide, withdraw negative influences or act towards the cure. A guide with this infant form (Crispiniano), whom I have known for many years through the medium T., was talking to a consultant, having already attended to some of her requests, but not yet satisfied, she asked him to pray a sick leg. However, Crispiniano does not usually work by removing very dense negative charges, often leaving it to other entities that are experts in this context. And he said to another spiritual child: “Daddy, this is not for me! Do it!” Then another embodied psychic went to the consultant to give her a pass. In a matter of seconds, during the pass, a guide that she used broke, which is what I had witnessed on many other occasions when Umbanda psychics have to work with deleterious bioenergies. To the medium whose guide was broken, it remained to join the accounts, after he had left the mediumistic trance, and dispatched them. This was the orientation of that spiritualist house, for cases like that.
Incidentally, I have been on very heavy “tours” in which several guides of different mediums broke during the works, showing how these ritualistic necklaces are true “para-rays”. And I point out that breaking guides does not happen very often, and these tools can last for years without breaking, but in certain circumstances, many guides “pop” within a single session. I have even observed new and well-made guides, properly guarded, that is, without material fatigue and without any physical pressure on them, to be broken after the mediums have gone to fetch them in their cabinets or bags. This is an indication that these “tools” also function as a discharge object even when they are not in use by mediums.

Once I witnessed the breaking of two guides on the neck of a medium with an interval of a few seconds. However, in this case it was not the discharge of negativity on them, but of a physical effect provoked by the performance of a caboclo. A very interesting case, which I will tell at another time …



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In the second half of the 90’s, I watched, during a Umbanda session, the disciplinary action of Caboclo Peri on an unbalanced medium.
Systematically, the medium F. was causing some disturbance in the normal activities of the terreiro, sometimes intruding on the tasks assigned to other people, or otherwise disobeying the guidelines of the entities of the house. And F. medium already had several years of experience in Umbandism, having even been cambono in another center, before joining that spiritualist institution.
However, his negative character traits persisted, and there seemed to have been further evidenced, as he went through family problems. His anxiety and impatience reached such a point that he sometimes questioned some decisions of the incarnate leader of the center. In short, F. had become extremely inconvenient.

That session, mainly devoted to the Oxossi Line, proceeded normally. The main mediums were already incorporated with their caboclos.
However, shortly before the service to the public, the medium Tércio, mediated by Caboclo Peri, drew a point. And as he sang, he turned to the medium F., standing in front of him, about two meters away. Then the caboclo stretched out his arm, pointing a finger toward his chest. In a fraction of a second, a guide of the medium F. broke, dropping many beads down the floor, which burned with intensity. Shortly thereafter, the caboclo repeated the sung point, and again pointed to the chest of F. The immediate result was that another guide automatically broke, and countless new dishwashers went to the floor. The medium was paralyzed and wide-eyed, while the caboclo sang the same point and now danced around the yard. That entity, which I greatly admired, had used the ectoplasm of his medium to cause a physical effect on the F guides. The Caboclo Peri, through the letter of the point and the breaking of the guides, required respect for Spirituality.
The message was given! From that day on, the medium F. substantially improved his attitudes. He understood that Umbanda is Love and Charity, but it is also Discipline.


preto velho (2)

It was the end of the 90’s. I participated in another session of “Umbanda table”. Me and my friend Tetê Souza, both mediums from the center, sat side by side. We had come a little worried in the spiritual house, for we knew that there would be a “killer” there that day for help. This man was a sort of “vigilante” from a nearby neighborhood, and whenever a stranger appeared in the locality, when he suspected that he might be an evildoer, he would end up committing murder. We knew this, for his ex-wife was attending the center, and warned us that the man had asked to go there for help. And he was sitting, very still, waiting for something.
After some activities, the time has come for Umbanda entities to act more clearly. Before I could feel any stronger vibration, Tetê Souza received Caboclo Pena Verde. And he called the “visitor”, giving him a severe scolding. He said he had no right to do “justice” with his own hands, among other things. He also said that he had not been sleeping well and that it was due to the four who were “on his back.” Finally, he explained that he would receive help there, but that he should not do what he was doing again. Then Mr. Pena Verde said goodbye and pointed out that a guide of his own advisor would come to the medium Tetê Souza to help him.

Soon after, the caboclo “went up” and soon his medium received a typical black-old, which we all understand to be a spiritual protector of the man who had become a murderer.
The black man, in a tone of lamentation, gave directions to his pupil. The entity was very saddened by the procedure of his son on Earth. I do not remember exactly the words of the old black man, because of the tense and somewhat embarrassing moment, but in short he said he would help those who had suddenly and violently lost their lives.

The consultant was then invited to sit again in a corner of the room.
There he remained, quietly, until the end of the session, when he thanked stealthily, never to return to our center.
For us, there was the lesson of the difficulty of the guiding spirits and protectors in guiding us in a positive way of life. The Negro’s own suffering was evident, in witnessing the deviations that his pupil had been committing in the Physical Plane.
And what happened to the “vigilante”? We learned that he moved from the city to the interior of the state of Rio de Janeiro. I hope you have mastered your own violent urges. However, by the Law of Cause and Effect, there is a debt of it in relation to Life, which only in the future can properly transform.


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I met Dandara in the late 1990s. Dandara’s mother was a co-worker of Tetê Souza, a medium-companion with whom I work to this day. It was through Tetê Souza that Dandara and her mother started attending the center, where I and Tetê were working at the time.
After a brief period in our spiritual home, Dandara asked Tetê Souza, through a telephone call, for a private orientation through the gypsy deck. The medium agreed and called the young woman to go to her house the following weekend. I was there, noting that the girl and her mother arrived with tense faces. The matter should be serious.
After we greeted each other, Tetê Souza went to the oracle room. Nothing had been said about why Dandara and her mother were there. The card game would be played “blindly,” that is, without a statement of possible problems.
Following the initial preparations and prayers, the medium opened the letters. She made general interpretations, as usual, at the beginning of each game. But, there was no continuation, because Mrs. Maria Padilha approached Tetê Souza, soon to manifest itself through the incorporation.
The Pomba-gira, as always very firm, told Dandara that she had already “taken a child” (aborted) and thrown it in the “garbage can” a while ago. And without any reaction from the people present, Mrs. Padilha said, “If you do it again, it’s you who will end up in the trash can. That spirit that is there now is the same as it did years ago. ”

Dandara, in tears, commented that she was worried because her boyfriend was distant, working in another state. He also stated that he needed help to raise the baby and did not know if the boy would assume paternity. However, Mrs. Padilha said that her father would come back and take over the relationship and her son. The young woman, faced with the information, told the organization that this was the confirmation she was expecting from Spirituality. I would no longer “take the baby” in any way.
It was not long, and the dove-spin rose, leaving the medium a little stunned. After a few minutes, Tetê Souza returned to normal. Then came some revelations from Dandara and her mother. The first is that Dandara had had an abortion when she was 14 years old. Now, at age 20, stimulated by her mother,
She was about to have a second abortion. His mother had bought abortive pills a few days earlier, but the boy at the pharmacy had not been able to find the address for anything, even passing the house several times, failing to deliver the “medicine.” Dandara, in the face of what had happened, had interpreted this as a sign of Spirituality that she should not take the baby away. And so, she had told her mother that she would seek confirmation through the gypsy deck of Tetê Souza, despite some disappointment from her mother.

After the “confession” of the two, the medium was quite astonished by this whole story, which she was completely unaware of. Mrs. Padilha, however, knew everything, and at the first opportunity she spoke to prevent further abortion.
Today, many years later, Dandara is the mother of three children and is a trained nurse. The first child is already a teenager and is the one that the dove-giraffe protected so that it could be born. Dandara’s husband is that boy who was distant, to work, and returned to take paternity and form a beautiful family. In fact, her husband eventually became a medium in the Umbandist movement. And Dandara’s mother? She is a very busy grandmother, much in demand to lend a helping hand to her grandchildren.
What about me, who just recorded these facts? Well, I can only thank God for witnessing these events and save Mrs. Maria Padilha!


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*(very sorry, but I don´t know what means Cabono, Miss Froggy)

It was the end of the year 1993. I was in the beginning of my mediumistic development and I just felt the vibrations, but I still did not incorporate. Then, in that center where I stayed for about a year, they put me in the role of cambono.
My task was to assist the entities that demonstrated through the “little mother” of the terreiro. She worked very well with a caboclo, a pombagira and an old black woman, who consulted on different days.
In the short time I stayed at that center, interesting experiments took place, among them one in which I traded the black-old Aunt Maria. This entity, who acted through the small mother, explained that she was not “Grandma Maria”, since she had not been a mother in life and thus was called “Aunt Maria”.
Well, the little mother had some fear of working with her black-old, for she sometimes felt bad during or after her activities. That night everything was going well and Aunt Maria had already attended between eight and ten consultants. However, at one point, the entity said that it would rise, so that its device recovers from wear and tear. Aunt Maria came up, but the little mother was sick. Suddenly, without me being able to do anything, the medium ran to the bathroom. Someone then told me, “Go back, you’re her cambono.” And I went to the bathroom, whose door had been left open, where she was bent up vomiting in the toilet. I stood beside her and had compassion on her, for she was, after all, doing a service entirely free, with the sacrifice of her own strength.

With this feeling, I strongly thought of emitting a part of my bioenergies, so that she would recover. Immediately afterwards, I felt a strong pressure on my forehead, and from the region between my eyes (the frontal chakra) a strong bioenergetic flow broke out towards the small mother’s head, which ended up vomiting, face down. I was a little dizzy after this procedure, but soon I recovered.
Then that lady got up and put her arm around him. She told me that everything was fine and that she would wash herself, claiming that I could go back to the terreiro.
A few minutes later she was seated again on the little black stool.
The entity returned and sent for the missing consultants. There were two other ladies, who were answered properly, without haste, by Aunt Maria.
At the end of the tour, the black-old woman, before leaving, motioned for me to get closer. I squatted beside her, and she said in my ear, “Cambono, very grateful for the vibration you made for my device in the bathroom while she was vomiting.” I saw God pay his charity.
I was very surprised at Aunt Maria’s words, for I noticed that the entity had been present in the bathroom moments before, and she had realized that I had sent a portion of my bioenergies to her medium. I had not said anything to the small mother, and, in fact, to anyone. There I had a small personal proof of the presence of Spirituality among us. In addition, I concluded that the role of a cambono is not only to respond to the requests of the incorporated entity, not only to make the necessary notes of recommendations to the consultants, but also to provide an energetic support to the work in progress.

With this feeling, I strongly thought of emitting a part of my bioenergies, so that she would recover. Then I felt a strong pressure on my forehead, and from the region between my eyes (the frontal chakra) a strong bioenergetic flow broke out towards the small mother’s head, in which she ended up vomiting, her face turned to low. I was a little dizzy after this procedure, but soon I recovered.
Then that lady got up and put her arm around him. She told me that everything was fine and that she would wash herself, claiming that I could go back to the terreiro.
A few minutes later she was seated again on the stool that belonged to the old black woman.
The entity returned and sent for the missing consultants. There were two other ladies, who were answered properly, without haste, by Aunt Maria.
At the end of the tour, the black-old woman, before leaving, motioned for me to get closer. I squatted beside her, and she said in my ear, “Cambono, very grateful for the vibration you made for my device in the bathroom while she was vomiting.” I saw God pay his charity.
I was very surprised at Aunt Maria’s words, for I noticed that the entity had been present in the bathroom moments before, and she had realized that I had sent a portion of my bioenergies to her medium. I had not said anything to the small mother, and, in fact, to anyone. There I had a small personal proof of the presence of Spirituality among us. In addition, I concluded that the role of a cambono is not only to respond to the requests of the incorporated entity, not only to make the necessary notes of recommendations to the consultants, but also to provide an energetic support to the work in progress.

Many Cambodians, in the Umbanda terreiros of our country, do not understand their role in a tour. Some even feel diminished in their personal worth, for they find more important the work of consultation or discharge that the incorporating mediums carry out. However, a tour of Umbanda only goes well, by the safe and dedicated performance of the Cambonos. The incorporated medium, without the proper help of a cambono, can do little or nothing, even because it is very common, in sessions more densely vibratory, both the incorporating medium and his cambono finish the tour with a significant degree of exhaustion. And why does this happen also with the cambonos? Why the Cambodians, even if they do not realize it, are ectoplasm donors (bioenergies) for the tasks in execution, that is, they act consciously also as support mediums of the spiritualist house.
Therefore, Umbanda needs good incorporating mediums, with emotional balance and a loving nature, but also Cambonos well prepared, dedicated and with a lot of love for what they do. This union of factors is fundamental so that the best results are achieved.


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Around the year 2000, I attended a consultation of the Caboclo Peri, demonstrating through the medium Tércio, in the yard where I was “small father” for about seven years.
The consultant Edson, who had been going to the house for three years, came in that day with a special request to make. He had been in a heavily contested federal public contest, which, incidentally, had been instructed to perform by the center’s guides, but was very concerned about the next phase when there would be physical tests. Edson was afflicted with chronic asthma and always went with that typical “bombinha”, to use the medication when necessary, day by day.
Caboclo Peri listened to the young man carefully, then sent for some herbs in the yard, which unfortunately I do not remember. A cambono brought the material in great abundance and the entity selected and dosed the amount of leaves. Then he ordered the herbs to be macerated and placed in three bottles of red wine. Caboclo Peri advised the consultant to wait three days to start taking the “remedy” at a certain dose. And I said do it all through the physical testing period. Edson, who had listened very attentively, thanked him very much, but again he spoke of his concern not to pass the physical tests, noting that they would be very strict, including having a 2000 meter elimination run that was to be carried out in a short period of minutes .
The caboclo, confident, told the young man that he would have no asthmatic crisis and would pass the test.
In the next session, Edson returned to the terreiro. I asked him how he went with Caboclo Peri’s “remedy.” The boy was very pleased, because he had not had any asthma attacks in his training. So it was
Very hopeful about the physical tests, leaving behind the anguish of being disapproved at that stage, since he had performed perhaps the most difficult, which was the proof of general and specific knowledge of that public contest.

Around the year 2000, I attended a consultation of the Caboclo Peri, demonstrating through the medium Tércio, in the yard where I was “small father” for about seven years.
The consultant Edson, who had been going to the house for three years, came in that day with a special request to make. He had been in a heavily contested federal public contest, which, incidentally, had been instructed to perform by the center’s guides, but was very concerned about the next phase when there would be physical tests. Edson was afflicted with chronic asthma and always went with that typical “bombinha”, to use the medication when necessary, day by day.
Caboclo Peri listened to the young man carefully, then sent for some herbs in the yard, which unfortunately I do not remember. A cambono brought the material in great abundance and the entity selected and dosed the amount of leaves. Then he ordered the herbs to be macerated and placed in three bottles of red wine. Caboclo Peri advised the consultant to wait three days to start taking the “remedy” at a certain dose. And I said do it all through the physical testing period. Edson, who had listened very attentively, thanked him very much, but again he spoke of his concern not to pass the physical tests, noting that they would be very strict, including having a 2000 meter elimination run that was to be carried out in a short period of minutes .
The caboclo, confident, told the young man that he would have no asthmatic crisis and would pass the test.
In the next session, Edson returned to the terreiro. I asked him how he went with Caboclo Peri’s “remedy.” The boy was very pleased, because he had not had any asthma attacks in his training. So it was
Very hopeful about the physical tests, leaving behind the anguish of being disapproved at that stage, since he had performed perhaps the most difficult, which was the proof of general and specific knowledge of that public contest.

Time passed and Edson took the dose of the caboclo’s “bottle” every day, until the day of the physical tests. The young man did well and was approved without any sign of chronic asthma. With that, we lost the good company of that friend, who had to change his state, going away from Rio de Janeiro.
However, he still sends news. To this day he is a federal public servant and has been able to support his family and expand it by providing a good education for his children.
This case, which I have never forgotten, demonstrates that knowledge about the healing properties of herbs has great potential for expansion and our science needs to continue to study the active principles of national plants. And almost at the end of this report, I emphasize the wisdom of Caboclo Peri and regret again not having noted which herbs were used. I could only retrieve this information if I could talk to the entity, but the medium Tertius is no longer with us.
In fact, the energetic combination between entity and medium needs to be very good, in order to allow manifestations that lead to satisfactory results like this.

The medium is a fundamental factor in the mediumistic process, since it needs to have emotional balance and not to feed vanities or material interests. In view of these requirements, the medium will have, in fact, the true guides of Umbanda.



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In 1998, I had a pleasant surprise during a session of old blacks. The entity that works through my mediumship had already gone up, after the care of some people. I was well recovered, beginning to observe some guides of the Line of Souls, in the middle of the mediumship.
At one point, I began to focus on the medium Tetê Souza, who was also working with an old black man. His way of talking to the consuls, the way he banged his staff on the ground, and the personality he exuded was no stranger to me. However, as in C.E.F.J, center of the friend and leader Nélson Vilhenna, worked much more with the Line of Oxossi, it was rare to see Tetê Souza incorporated with an entity of Line of the Souls. In addition, there was a grandmother and not a male entity.
I continued to watch the black-man’s performance until I was distracted by someone who asked me for a glass of water. Soon after, I returned to the terreiro and, to my surprise, the guide called to me: “My son, come here.” I approached, promptly, kneeling in front of the entity. And he asked, “Are you meeting me?”
I answered quickly, for at that very moment I had an inner certainty of who he was: “Yes sir! I believe I know who you are. “The black man smiled and asked,” And what is my name? “I said,” It’s Father Thomas! “The guide said with satisfaction,” Well, my son, You recognized me, did not you? You realize I’ve been in your life for a long time, have not you? “

In the following, the entity gave me some personal instructions, in which I paid close attention. Then I stood up and thought about it. That black-old had been the entity of the Line of Souls that came through my mediumship, in the first terreiro of Umbanda, where I began my mediumistic development. It was Father Tomé who helped me on my first steps in the Umbandist movement between 1993 and 1994. After I had left that center and joined the CEFJ, I had never had contact with Father Tomé again. Old Blacks, it was Father Cyprian, with whom I work to this day. However, since 1998, the medium Tetê Souza, with whom I have been working together for some time, started working with Pai Tomé until the present day. It is through this kind of event that we can perceive that the spiritual egrégora, with which we have affinity, never ceases to accompany us. In my case, I was between four and five years without having an obvious contact with Pai Tomé. Actually, I had no idea where he was going and would come back someday.
I was almost forgotten in my short memory of incarnate. However, he was present there and continues to toil through Tetê Souza, often in his unmistakable way, which shows that this entity has a spiritual program with this medium. And I thank God that Father Thomas is always around with his valuable advice and some necessary “ear tugs”.



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Around 1994, at the beginning of my mediumistic development, I still “staged” in my first Umbanda terreiro. In that house, every opening of work was coordinated by the entity of the Ogun Line of the spiritual leader. He would incorporate into his medium and make a prayer to then hold a brief lecture with guidance to the people present. That guide was very serious and disciplined, not accepting inattentions and games out of hours. Thus, the members of the center respected that entity a lot.
At a certain early evening, when the tour began normally, the spiritual guide was already manifesting through the “mother of the saint.” He was opening a prayer and we, the mediums, were kneeling at that moment, as usual. However, to my right, I noticed that the lid of a drain had broken and, through a crevice, some cockroaches appeared. On my left side, the “little mother” soon pointed to the insects and threatened to despair. I motioned for him to calm down. I would try to “find a way,” but I was concerned not to make a sound so as not to catch the eye of Mr. Ogum, who was praying in front of the altar, staring at him. If I did something silly, I’d be the target of the scolding. Otherwise, if I were left out, there would be a mess, since the vast majority of the house’s mediumistic picture was female, and most of them had previously commented on the terror of cockroaches.
Then another medium saw the insects and let out an “Oh!”. There was going to be chaos, and so I overcame the cockroaches, killing two with my right hand, crushing them on the floor. Then I picked up a vase of flowers and squeezed a third under the base of the object, making some noise. The corporate entity glanced quickly at my side and I stood still as if nothing had happened.

Mr. Ogun returned to prayer, looking forward. Then I picked up the flower pot and stuffed the slit into the drain. It was a general relief because two or three mediums
They saw that the cockroaches were around.
The session had a sequel and then pulled points from the Oxossi Line, as it was the day for the caboclos to consult. Some of them were already “on land” and the guide of the “little mother” approached me and said: “What a shame of my device, so much fear for these animals and you, cambono, have you washed your hands?” And I said, “No, sir!” Then the entity told me: “Son, discipline is important, but you can leave the terreiro if necessary.Just ask for permission.Go wash your hands!”
So I went to the bathroom to do the proper hygiene so that I could return to my cambono function in the terreiro. At the end of the session, some mediums came to thank my attitude and one of them said that I had been the “hero of the day”. I found the situation funny and I never forgot it again.
Today, as I finish this account, I can understand what I did not understand well then, about the need for strong discipline, which characterizes the good Umbanda terreiros. Over time, I have been noticing that the seekers seeking Umbandism are often in desperation, in really critical situations. And in this context, without discipline, the Umbandist temple can become a stage of manifestations of mystifying or mocking spirits, instead of the legitimate guides of this important spiritualist current.



Photo: Miss Froggy

Umbanda is a religion with great diversity, and in my walk in this environment, I have had experiences and learnings of various kinds. I participated in a terreiro that basically only used candles and glasses of water in the sessions, whereas in another one they had more traditional ritualistic offerings. I also worked in the so-called “Umbanda table”, where there were Spiritist-based studies (Allan Kardec), associated to disobsession work with the help of Umbandist current entities.
In one of my stages of learning, in a certain center, the date for Santa Barbara was celebrated. There were offerings to the orixás and Iansã would be honored. The idea was to place the prepared food in the yard of the terreiro, directly in time, but within the limits of the spiritualist house, which was all surrounded by walls. The December heat was intense, as it is almost always here in Rio de Janeiro. It was a very stuffy day, in the afternoon, with the sun still high in the sky. There was not even a soft breeze to relieve our small group of seven or eight mediums present at that ritual of firmness of the house.

Outside, the manager of the center passed me the dish with the offering. Someone pulled a sung point from Iansan and I approached the place prepared to lay the food. However, at the last moment, I had the intuition of raising the offering to the sky before laying it down on the lawn. I did this, stretching my arms over my head, offering to the “Lady of the Storms” and asking
Mentally helps everyone from the terreiro. Instantly, as soon as my arms reached out, there was a very strong gust of wind. The great iron gate of the house shook with violence and three mediums women received entities from the current of Iansã. I kept my arms outstretched, while my whole body trembled, for I received a very intense vibratory discharge. A gust of wind swept the yard, raising dust, while the gate continued to shake with a crash. The windows opened and closed tightly.
I laid the offering down to the level of the ground and the wind began to slow. After the end of the manifestation of the entities by the mediums, the gale ended. All this movement took place for about five minutes, and then the choking came back to prevail, as if nothing had happened.
After the closing of the session, we and the leader commented on the connection between our activity and the occurrence of the sudden wind, at the moment of the delivery of the offering. In addition, there was an exact match of the erection of the food with the arrival of the entities. It seemed to us that they would have brought all this unexpected and sudden movement of the atmosphere. Was it mere coincidence? In fact, that did not really matter to us. For us, there was a typical manifestation of the “Orixá of Ventanias and Storms”. And the requests made on that day to the “Holy Warrior” were all fulfilled. Save Santa Barbara! Hail Iansan! Eparrei Oyá!




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* Pena Verde means green feather
One of the first times I went to a forest to participate in psychic activities in the Umbandist movement, I received an important warning for my spiritual path. We were a small group, formed by the friend and spiritual leader Nélson Vilhenna, by the friends and mediums Tetê Souza and Mariana, by myself and Fabíola di Mello. The year of the suit was 1995.
After a brief walk, we came to the edge of a stream, which ran smoothly just after the waterfall of a small waterfall. There we prayed and washed our heads, seeking renewal of our bioenergies for the good exercise of mediumship.
When we were almost out of the beautiful place, Tetê Souza gave way to Caboclo Pena Verde. He said he could not stop coming down to hug each of us. He expressed satisfaction at our commitment and willingness to accept the mission at Umbanda.
Then he approached me, giving me the following message: “Prepare yourself, young man, that you will see much sadness in this life. You will deal with a lot of misery. Stay strong, the mission is arduous. “I replied that there was no problem and that I was firmly willing to face the obstacles. The entity claimed: “Very good son! I’ll always be around to help. ”

Well, at that point in my journey, at the age of 27, I can say that I readily believed in the caboclo’s warning. But he really could not imagine the intensity of everything he would experience in the future, within Umbanda.
Over time, through mediumship, I dealt with very difficult cases, which
Were reducing a certain degree of innocence of my personality. The reality was
And I soon concluded that my “karmic form” should not be one of the slightest. For
To cite a few examples of situations that reached my guides, I would like to point out: marital betrayals; Cases of sexual abuse of children within the families themselves; Killings or death threats; People addicted to illicit drugs; alcoholism; Very difficult cases of black magic; People with severe mental problems; Diseases incurable by earthly medicine; Despair due to unemployment; Individuals with suicidal tendencies; Among other problems of difficult solution.
Thus, I have come to understand that the mediumship of Umbanda, in general,
Presents a large karmic component, which is a reflection of very negative attitudes
In past lives, which I have also been able to see through therapeutic regressions of my own memory and of friendly Umbandist mediums. In this context, it has always been very important to hear from Mr. Pena Verde the phrase “Spirituality is not an amusement park”, an expression he used when we came to our center, mediums with no experience and still with many illusions in mind.

However, Umbanda guides are very wise and know how to deal with all these difficulties. Therefore, in Umbandist tours there are also indispensable moments of relaxation, for compensation in relation to psychological pressures. For this, he counts on the joy of the eré; With the good humor of the comrades exus, when the situation allows; With the songs of Umbanda; With the sessions that have some festive character; etc.
Closing this account, I point out that even the firm and serious Caboclo Pena Verde shows good humor from time to time, surprising those who relate to him. I am very grateful for your presence in my life, both in good times and in those difficult ones. Save Lord Pena Verde!


Photo: Miss Froggy

In 1994, still early in my mediumistic development, I was quickly put to work with exu. In that terreiro, whose mediumistic body was formed mostly by ladies over 60 years of age, I ended up becoming a reasonably relevant “play”, since the most difficult cases of unloading were passed on to me. In that situation, I had a positive aspect of youth and physical vigor, recovering quickly from the bioenergetic wastes. Moreover, with my only 26 years, there was a certain innocence on my part, which allowed me to ignore the ability and negativity of the obsessors, also called “eguns” or “quiumbas” by some people. This caused me some further setbacks, which I can tell in other accounts.
In addition to the unloadings I performed, they also relied on my mediumship to give inquiries, although I was still inexperienced. That is why they put an old cambono from the house, Mario, to assist me during the work and make the necessary notes to the consultants.
In 1994, still early in my mediumistic development, I was quickly put to work with exu. In that terreiro, whose mediumistic body was formed mostly by ladies over 60 years of age, I ended up becoming a reasonably relevant “play”, since the most difficult cases of unloading were passed on to me. In that situation, I had a positive aspect of youth and physical vigor, recovering quickly from the bioenergetic wastes. Moreover, with my only 26 years, there was a certain innocence on my part, which allowed me to ignore the ability and negativity of the obsessors, also called “eguns” or “quiumbas” by some people. This caused me some further setbacks, which I can tell in other accounts.
In addition to the unloadings I performed, they also relied on my mediumship to give inquiries, although I was still inexperienced. That is why they put an old cambono from the house, Mario, to assist me during the work and make the necessary notes to the consultants.
One evening, the first advisor to my mediumship mission appeared. She talked to Mr. Sete Encruzilhadas, an exu with whom I would have worked intensively for a little more than 10 years of my journey. Today I work with another exu, but Mr. Sete still appears from time to time on current tours. Returning to the first consultation itself, the medium Mario, at the end of the session, gave me some interesting details about my guardian’s dialogue with the consultant. He told me that the woman was very jealous and distrusted many of her husband’s actions. She wanted to know “the truth,” that is, whether her husband was making a betrayal. Mario commented that Mr. Sete had good “psychology,” trying to show the consultant that much of her afflictions existed only in her mind. However, the medium pointed out that the woman was very insistent with her paranoia of betrayal, to the point that the exu was more incisive and said: “If you continue with this jealousy, your house will be completely broken.” Then Mário pointed out that the consultant was silent and, after moments of silence, and with wide eyes, said: “It’s true! You’re right! Just yesterday, I threw a plate at my husband. ”
Next, the medium remarked that he moved away a bit more, trying to give more privacy to the conversation of my guardian with the jealous lady. And in short, he said that the woman seemed to accept the directions of Mr. Sete Encruzilhadas better, after he revealed that her house would be “all broken”.

In the following sessions, whenever there was consultation with the exus, that young lady always returned to talk to Mr. Sete. According to Mário, the general content of her concerns lay around her husband, with whom she had a small child. She was stubborn in her doubts, but, over time, she grew quieter.
While I was in that terreiro, for little more than a year, I remember to see that woman seated frequently in the sector for the consultants.
Today I wonder what direction her life must have taken. And I reflect on the almost “invisible” work that exus and pombas-giras do during their private consultations. The true guardians of Umbanda help many afflicted people in intimate matters, often acting as counselors or “psychologists.” That’s right! The exus are often like psychologists, guiding the family problems of their consultants, perhaps even avoiding great confusion or tragedies.

Contrary to what one thinks and speaks about the guardians, they are entities with the balance and the firmness necessary to help in difficult situations. However, in order to address this type of situation, the presence of the true exu with the appropriate higher work permits is essential, but the medium must also have the necessary balance for the most delicate tasks. It is not easy being a reasonable medium for the guardians of Umbanda. To this day I still think myself in training, seeking to improve constantly, for in any mediumistic manifestation, the result of the work is a sum of the efforts of the entity and the medium. And in a work with the vibrational current of the exus, in particular, the cases that arise are usually urgent and complicated. So dedication is key …



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In 1996, I had held several public competitions within my area of ​​professional activity. In one of them, I was approved and quickly called in to take the job. Thus, at the beginning of 1997, I ceased to be exclusively a doctoral student, to also exercise a public function.
My PhD course was almost finished, and I had to write the thesis and present it to the examining board. This situation divided me and I needed to work properly, though I needed to store some mental energy to analyze the data I had obtained and write the thesis. I was carrying with great difficulty my tasks, until 1999, to the point of becoming ill.
For me, it was very difficult to work, study and still practice my mediumship activities. I was very exhausted and thought seriously about giving up my PhD thesis. With that thought, I went to find an entity that I really trusted, and that worked in a firm and balanced medium.
There in the center, within each session, that occurred every 15 days, there was a specific moment for the mediums to act with their ibejis and erés. Thus, it was a rare terreiro that constantly allowed consultation with the entities in the form of spiritual children.

When I had the opportunity, I went to Crispiniano, who was already doing his typical “jokes”. So I explained about my situation, commenting that I was almost determined to give up my doctorate. I asked him if my thinking was correct and waited for his answer.
Ere laughed a little, after hearing my case, but then began to speak in a more serious tone: “Uncle, you will need to finish this study because in the front, your” bambo “will increase because of it.
I understood what Crispiniano had said, because “bambo” is one of the terms meaning “money” in Umbanda. There was a point in what he had told me, but that extra money would not be much. In my public office, at that time, the doctor’s award was only slightly higher than the master’s degree, which I already had. Was the sacrifice worth it? Was it worth keeping that level of effort I had been doing, with my health shaken? With that doubt in mind, I argued with the child: “But, Crispiniano, when I finish my doctorate, I will only earn a little more. Is it really worth it? ”

The boy looked at me curiously, seeming to see the future. Then he said, “Little guy, up there, your study will be worth a lot. Believe me! “When I heard an answer that I did not want because I wanted to rest, I thanked him and said that he would keep my effort in order to finish the thesis. Ere smiled and returned to his “jokes” with other people in the yard.
In this way, I did not give up finishing my doctorate, defending my thesis in the year 2000. I ended that cycle of my life really exhausted, however, a few years later, I realized that Crispiniano was totally right. After a change of rules that the government carried out, my public function was highly valued, when it related to the employees with doctorate. My bonus, due to the academic degree, has increased a lot. And to this day, my economic earnings have a significant share depending on the doctorate that I have completed.
Thus, it is easy to demonstrate how important is the performance of balanced and dedicated psychics, allowing entities to work without excessive obstacles. This was just one of the cases in which I benefited decisively from a consultation at Umbanda. I take the opportunity and leave a special thank to you, Crispiniano. Save all the erés! Oni Ibejada!



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Treme-Terra menas shake Earth

In the fall of 1994, I agreed to go to a forest in the so-called “Green Coast” of the State of Rio de Janeiro. I accompanied my friends Saulo and Nélson Vilhenna. I was a medium still in the beginning of my development, but I already received some entities with reasonable balance.
After our respectful entry into the abode of Oxóssi, with a simple offering and the appropriate request for leave, made by my experienced friends, we went to a waterfall. Our intention was to have moments of contact with nature, to “exchange energies”, absorbing some of the good magnetism of the forest.
After some time talking and observing the beauty of the place, I began to feel a familiar vibration. I noticed the presence of Caboclo Treme-Terra.
I commented with my friends and they said that if I understood that it was to give passivity to the entity, that I would allow incorporation.
My body vibrated strongly and I allowed the caboclo to pass. He stayed ashore and talked to Saul and Nelson. Then he rose and gradually I came back to full consciousness. Then we returned to the trail that would allow us to leave the woods.
Already in the car, Saulo began to laugh and to show much surprise. Me and Nélson were curious about why he was like this. But, soon we understand. Saul went on to explain what he had seen. He pointed out that the entity had said, a few minutes ago, that he had known him for some time. And he said that the caboclo asked if he remembered him, as follows: “Remember me, lad? We have talked before! “Saul, by education, confirmed that he remembered, but in reality he was not sure. Saulo believed that the guide referred to some past life, but at that moment, inside the car, he finally remembered that he had talked to the Caboclo Treme-Terra, in that same forest, some 15 years earlier.

Then he told us that he had gone there alone to meditate a little on the problems of his life. However, near the waterfall, there was a small group of unknown mediums, one of them being incorporated. Saul said he asked permission to pass, but the entity called him. He returned and stood facing the trance medium, a thin black boy whose body was shaking greatly.
There was the Caboclo Treme-Terra who greeted him, gave him some instructions and said that he would return to speak to him in the future through another medium.
Me and Nelson found it very interesting what Saul had just remembered and revealed to us. It had been about 15 years and the reunion with Caboclo TremeTerra happened there, in the same forest, only through my mediumship.
Today I understand that the knowledge coverage of umbanda entities is quite large. The true guides of this spiritualist current have deep and detailed access to the karmic settings of psychics linked to Umbandism. At the time of Saul’s first encounter with Caboclo Treme-Terra, I was only about 11 years of age, not understanding anything at all about spiritualism, and I did not even know of Saul and Nelson. But the entity already worked through another medium, knowing that I was reincarnated, and that, in the future, I had a mission with me. That is, before my reincarnation, in the midst of the Astral World, everything had been right. Incidentally, nothing is by chance. All the mediums of Umbanda, before returning to the physical experience, plan their existential programming with the spiritual workers of the Umbandist current.
And once here on earth, they have the opportunity to realize the planning in order to improve themselves as human beings and as spiritual consciences.



Photo: Unknown

It was the end of the year 1996. I had made three public contests, all within my area of ​​professional activity. I was well prepared and trusted that I would pass on at least one of those tests. However, my dream was to be a scientific researcher and I was hoping to be called by at least one of the two governmental research institutions for which I had tendered. On the other hand, I did not really want to work in a public agency, for which I had also proved, but that was not from the scientific-technological area.
With my thoughts turned to this subject, I turned to the spiritual center of which I was a part at the time. After the work began, my mind was already fixed in the mediumistic activities, which I always gave great value. The session went well, as usual, and we reached the moment destined to the direct communications of the entities of Umbanda.
Then, next to me, an old black woman appeared through a friendly lady. It was Grandma Maria Conga do Cruzeiro. It did not take long and she called me to give me some information. She said: “My son, you will have good news. You will be called to work. But it’s not what you really want. “I listened in silence to the message, realizing that Grandma was referring to the public contests I had made. As I said nothing, the black-old woman asked, “Do you understand my son?” Then I replied, “Yes, ma’am.” And she reinforced the orientation: “You will get your job, but it is not what you Want. ”
Then I thanked the entity, making me thoughtful. A few minutes later, I came to the conclusion that I would be approved, but not in institutions linked to scientific research. I had to wait for the events.

In a few weeks, I was invited to take up the public position I hold until now, almost 20 years ago. In the other two competitions for scientific-technological area, I was approved in second and third place, but I was never called to work in those institutions, which only invited the first ones. Grandma Maria Conga was right! She knew my future path. And she had warned me so I would not be disappointed. I thank her for that.
Well, but this experience does not end here. I would like to emphasize something about the medium of that black-old woman, who, as a matter of respect for her identity,
I’ll call her Ms.
Today, this medium is elderly and ill.
I was able to be with her for several years in the said spiritual center, until I left the terreiro. By bonds of friendship, I sometimes visit or converse over the phone.
Thus, I know details of Mrs. M.’s walk, feeling that I must put in this account a summary of her mishaps in life, for they may be useful to other mediums.

Madame M., as already briefly demonstrated, possessed a great quality in her mediumship. However, she was led by personal and family problems, becoming a rather bitter person. At times, for some futile reasons, she rebelled against Spirituality, failing to exercise her functions in the center for weeks and even months. She was always a person with excessive rigidity of character, in which she was annoyed by small questions. In this context, she has ceased to be useful for countless times.
A few days ago I met her in person, and she confessed to me that she has been struggling to help in the sessions of her terreiro. However, it is evident that her physical body no longer supports many typical Umbandist activities. I noticed that today she is more willing to work with her mediumship. However, it is clear that her time is past. She wasted much of her life, feeding discord. The greatest opportunities have already been lost. Therefore, I leave this report to the brothers mediums, so that they can take advantage of their chances to well fulfill their missions, while they have strength and health. Let us put aside human difficulties and limitations, seeking to exercise and strengthen the best qualities of the soul.



Ogum – Photographer: Unknown

That day I was going to a house, where a lady attended the public, incorporated with a spiritual doctor. It was the first time I went to the place, at the suggestion of my friend Claudina. My intention was to get some guidance on my health, since I had some problems that the doctors of the Earth could not solve with their traditional prescriptions. However, I was a bit worried because Claudina had informed me that Mrs. Branca, Dr. Aloísio’s medium, also worked with magic. Since Claudina did not know how to explain Mrs. White’s line of work exactly, and since I’m a bit suspicious, I went to the scene a bit tense. This concern of mine also occurred because I had little experience, having only started my walk within the Umbanda for about three months.
So I went to the address, that early 1994, asking for protection from the Ogun Line. He walked and mentally sang points of the warrior orixá, without stopping, in a course that lasted around 15 minutes. Then I found the house number, and once inside it, I discovered that I would be the second to be taken care of, in a specific room. The entity talked to each individual consultant.

When it was my turn, an attendant took me to where Dr. Aloisius was. The spiritual doctor was meditating Mrs. White, who was sitting behind a wooden table with some papers stacked. The doctor greeted me with a smile, and I was amazed at his strong masculine voice, through that little dark-haired, Indian-looking lady.
Dr. Aloísio gave me very precise guidelines on my health and, with a few weeks of treatment, I improved consistently and lastingly. But the present account is not on this subject. At one point, the doctor, very nice, changed the course of the consultation. He spontaneously began to talk about Umbanda, explaining to me that his medium’s mission was partial to him. Part of Mrs. Branca’s mediumistic work was with Umbandist current entities. And since I was a neophyte on the subject, he explained to me some aspects about the spiritual guides and workers of Umbanda, which he followed in the Astral Plane and also in the earthly environment during the sessions in which his medium acted.
Then Dr. Aloísio, knowing that I had been wearing Umbandism’s white clothing a short time ago, and he asked if I already knew my Orixa by birth. But he would not let me answer, saying, “You are a son of Ogun! He has been there for you since the time you entered here! “I found his comment very interesting because I asked for the protection of the Ogun Line through the mental songs, all the way there. And there was an answer, which was proved by the spiritual vision of Dr. Aloísio, who did not know of my attitude.

Then I told the spiritual doctor, who at my center had said that I was the son of Shango, although there was still no confirmation. He smiled and reaffirmed that, at my side, at that moment, was Mr. Ogum.
The consultation had become an excellent conversation, of little more than an hour, on the Spirituality of Umbanda. I got some valuable explanations that I had been looking for some time. In the end, he scheduled a new appointment for two months later. I went sometimes to Dr. Aloísio, with whom I learned a lot. On another occasion, I want to share something more about that spirit.
For now, I point out that experiences like this have been added in my life, giving me confidence regarding the presence of the Umbanda entities, at every step of my journey. On that day, I had asked for Mr. Ogun’s protection. I could feel his vibration with me, since I had started to sing points mentally. And this was confirmed by the spiritual doctor inside the office.

I’m very grateful. Save Ogum! Ogunhê!



Photograph: Miss Froggy

At a time when I still had not put on “white clothes” in 1992, I had an interesting experience with a caboclo. At that time, I was a visitor to a Umbandist home, not imagining that I would integrate it a few months later.
I was at university that Friday, and soon after lunch I would get on a bus to go home. However, I was reasonably late because I had been helping a colleague who was taking an agricultural course. He had a job in an area planted with jiló, where he needed to assess the level of pest and disease in the crop, as well as to remove weeds. I ended up spending more than an hour in the middle of the field so as to help him with his work.
After I got on the bus, I figured that if I were to go home before going downtown, I would be late or I would lose the Umbanda session. So I went straight to the religious temple, without even having a chance to take a shower.
This is not recommended, but I did not want to miss the tour, which was intended for consultation with caboclos.

The session was going smoothly, and I, there in the public sector, watched everything very carefully. I have always been very curious and willing to understand the mediumship of Umbanda incorporation, but within a healthy aspect. It was not a mere curiosity about the phenomenon, but an interest in the energetic mechanisms of the interaction between medium and entity. On the other hand, I have always respected the religious environment of Umbanda very much, keeping very still and concentrated during the work.
When the time came for the consultation and they called my number, I went to Cableclo Flecheiro, who was incorporated into the medium Maria Lúcia, a lady who would become one of the important people in my first steps in Umbandismo. That meeting with Mr. Flecheiro was only the second time I was going to stand in front of him. And as soon as I got to that guide, he said, “Save my son!” However, before I could say anything, the entity said, “Young man! Today you have a beautiful green energy all over the body! Did you move with bush today? “I was surprised by the caboclo’s spiritual vision and answered,” Yes sir! Today I spent a part of the day in the middle of a plantation, at university, helping a friend. “Then the entity spoke again:” Very beautiful your work! The energy of the plants stayed in your body. I like it very much. Keep up your work! ”
He then made brief comments about the use of plants for cleaning and energizing people. Soon after, the consultation took another turn and he began to give me relevant personal instructions for the phase I was living.

But, I never forgot that part, where the entity noticed that my body had been magnetized with the energy of the vegetables. There I began to understand the importance of plants within Umbanda. And I was also struck by the vision of the spiritual guide, who had perceived the beneficial magnetism that had happened to me within the field a few hours earlier. Today, with the experience I already have, I know that only balanced and well-attuned psychics with their entities can give accurate information like this. Over time, I noticed more and more that the couple “Maria Lúcia and Caboclo Flecheiro” had a great spiritual affinity and good mediumistic connection. They greatly benefited me at the beginning of my journey at Umbanda.
So I express my gratitude.


Photograph: Miss Froggy


Mrs. N. was a person who loved to talk about the lives of others. She sought information here and there, disseminating it without judgment. It did not matter if it was true facts or pure speculation. It was not important the harmful results that the slander could cause in the life of others.
Mrs. N. was the mother-in-law of the medium S., who went to the terreiro I attended at the time, about the year 2000. The psychic S. commented with me that her mother-in-law was not well. For about a month Mrs N. had not slept well. In addition, she had bouts of labyrinthitis and her overall condition led to her having no appetite and poor nutrition. Mrs. N. even said that “her time was coming”.
She believed she would die.
On a day when I had decided to go to the house of the medium S., shortly before a Umbanda table session, the medium’s mother-in-law asked us to go with us to the spiritual center. So we took Mrs. N., though we knew it would not be convenient for her to be treated by either of us, that we knew her case well. If any guide came through me, or the medium S., Mrs. N. would be suspicious of our mediumship, if the guide pointed out that she should take care less of the lives of others and more of hers.
However, we did not have much choice. It was a duty of charity. We could not ignore her call for help, even though we ourselves might become the target of her slander in the future.
Once in the center, she was directed to the consulting sector. It was already “on time” and we could barely compliment the other participants. Me and the psychic S. sat in our chairs at the table at Umbanda and soon the leader would say the opening of the work.

After the period of study of the book “The Gospel according to Spiritism”, it was the moment of the mediumistic activities. Erê Joaozinho was soon manifested through the medium of Bianca. He greeted the head of the house and asked permission to call a person who was among the consultants. The permission was given and the erê pointed at Mrs. N. She approached slowly, to position behind the incorporated medium, who sat, according to the rules of the house for that type of session. Then Johnny spoke to Mrs. N., who had a rather dejected physiognomy, to place one hand on each shoulder of her “device.”
After this, the spiritual child began to speak about what was going on in Mrs. N.’s life.
He said that she was very gossipy and that the last things she said had hurt other people a lot. And so, stressed the entity, it had absorbed a very negative charge.
At that moment, I looked at Mrs. N.’s face. She was amazed at what Johnny had said and somewhat embarrassed. However, the child again pointed out some errors of Mrs. N., always in the field of gossip. It seemed that he was giving her a lesson, demonstrating how unpleasant it was to have her own life undressed before her fellow man.

Then Johnny said he would help her, though she did not deserve much. He added that it was not for her to go back to taking care of the lives of others, otherwise she would get sick again. What we could observe, then, was the medium trembling all over.
Some bioenergetic process was happening. Then he disincorporated, and the leader said to Mrs. N. to sit down again in his chair, in the sector for the consultants.
At the end of the session, I and the psychic S. took Mrs. N. back to her house. She complained to us about the treatment that Bianca’s guide had given her.
We were quiet, but we noticed that Mrs. N.’s face was already less depressed.
In the days that followed, we learned that all the negative symptoms of Mrs. N. were gone. She was sleeping well. There was no dizziness in her daily life and she ate normally. Mrs. N. is alive to this day and is already over 80 years old.
Closing this case, I emphasize that the medium Bianca did not know Mrs. N. This allowed us to conclude that there was a great psychic connection between Bianca and her entity, which provided the correct consultation and the good result in the transformation of the dense energies. In addition, it is important to note that, sometimes, some Umbanda entities are incisive. And they do this out of real need when they are dealing with people who err systematically and who have no self-criticism. That is, in these situations there may be a type of “shock treatment” to promote an awakening of the querent.



We were still at the beginning of a Umbanda table session. After the opening prayer, it was not possible to begin the study phase, because the medium Tetê Souza gave signs of incorporation.
Nélson, the leader, told him to give passage to the entity, so that we understood better the necessity of the moment. To this consent, the medium allowed the manifestation of the spirit.
As soon as he could speak, he showed that he was nervous about what was happening outside the yard gate. He said that there were many there and that it was being difficult to prevent their invasion in our spiritualist home. And he went on to repeat the following sentence a few times: “There are many! Are many! Are…”
In reality, the entity was almost in despair because it feared the undue entry of obsessors, also called “quiumbas” in the umbandista environment. I confess that I was surprised by that manifestation, because I knew that there was great firmness in our center. I looked at the leader and there was a kind of mental communication between us. Nélson then basically told the entity what I was thinking: “Brother, do not worry, because only spirits enter here with the proper permission.” However, the entity replied: “But they are many! We will not be able to hold them for long! “Nélson then told him to reassure himself and proceeded to sing a point on the Exus Line. The mediums and consultants accompanied the leader in the song. Soon they became guardians by some mediums, while the *sung point* continued.

** Ponto cantado means sung point. They are initial songs, calling the entities. For each orisha or representative has a special music.

After a few minutes, Nélson finished the vibrating current of the exus. All those who had incorporated had already gone up. The very entity that had manifested through Tetê Souza had also returned to the Astral. Then the leader asked those present if they were feeling well. All signaled that yes.
The session proceeded normally and the scheduled studies were carried out.
When the period for consultations arrived, Caboclo Pena Verde was manifested in medium Tetê Souza. He had been bringing interesting information.
He mentioned that that first entity to manifest in the session was indeed a spiritual worker of the house. However, he clarified that he and a few others who were on watch at the gate that day belonged to the same group that had recently been accepted to cooperate with our terreiro. A few months ago, they were among the beings who were trying to disturb our sessions. But not long ago, they realized that we were not enemies and agreed to work constructively. Thus, they were entrusted with the protection of the entrance of the center.

The larger guides of the house, knowing that these spirits still had little experience in that office, left more senior entities attentive, awaiting events. It was already known that there would be strong negative pressure on our gatekeeper that day. Then he allowed the startling spirits who had the task of guarding the entrance to be frightened, so that they would reflect on what they did before joining us. This situation was a good lesson for them, who were really only apprentices. That is, they were not still considered exus, but ancillary to this line of spiritual workers.
I never forgot that session. There was an apprenticeship for those new spiritual friends, who wanted to work as guardians, and we, incarnate, could also understand that life does not take great leaps. Skills and wisdom are only acquired over time …



Zé Pelintra. Photo

Before the year 1990 I had never been to a Umbanda session. In my childhood, in the 70’s, my mother took me for consultations and passes with an entity, in the residence of an old lady, who had a room with a gongá. She worked without the presence of other mediums. This situation was presented in the report “Predictions of the caboclo”. Thus, over time, my interest in spiritualism only reacted again in adolescence, when I began to read many Kardecist works. Umbanda was practically forgotten. My view of the Spiritual World was fundamentally based on Christian Spiritism.
But in 1991, in my university days, I met Professor Saulo, who was a Umbandist. He was my academic advisor and, after we cultivated good bonds of friendship, he invited me to attend a Umbanda session, of a terreiro that would be inaugurated soon. I accepted the invitation out of curiosity, because until then Allan Kardec and Chico Xavier filled my mind, providing rather concise explanations of life and death. However, it instilled in me how Umbanda worked.
On the eve of the opening session of the Umbandist center, which was in the mountainous region of the State of Rio de Janeiro, I asked myself several questions.
I walked at night, alone, on the university campus, through its well-forested streets, mentally asking several questions. Was I really a psychic, as they had told me in the past? In this case, what would be my mediumship mission?
These were important questions, but many questions arose as the night-walk progressed.


The next day, at night, Saulo and I entered that Umbanda terreiro. The house was empty. We were the first to arrive. We sat on a long wooden bench, among others for the public. We sat there silently, until a person in a long corridor appeared dressed in white. The man came to tell us that the saint’s mother, Mrs. Y., welcomed us and invited us to sit next to the atabaques, inside the yard. Saul stepped forward and thanked him. So we went to the intended place and he whispered to me that this was a kind of honor given to us. That situation bothered me a bit, because I was very shy and, in fact, I would rather stay in a corner, watching carefully how the mergers and the session as a whole worked. Saul and I were somewhat astonished at the perception of the saint’s mother. No one was in the hall when we entered, but she knew we had arrived and sent the message to us, through that cambono. Spirituality was present and Mrs. Y. was a “powerful antenna.”
When the session began, the house was crowded. The sound of the atabaques invaded my soul. It was hard to be a neutral spectator, though I struggled to have an investigative look at everything that happened. The sung points, to the rhythm of the drums, were contagious. However, I carefully observed the manifestations of the various lines of work that followed. I tried to understand the spirits that were behind the incorporative processes. For example, it was a bit difficult for me at that time to understand why the black-olds had to introduce themselves as people still so old. This question, as well as others, I have understood only with the passage of time …

Later on, already in the middle of the night, it was time for the exus. I was amazed by the guardians, but they sharpened my desire to understand the Umbanda entities. At one point, the incorporated mother of a saint approached me. It was his Ze Pelintra. He led the jobs and, after some work, came back to talk to me. He called me a “little doctor” and told me to observe everything well and study every detail. I felt undressed, for that was my intention. So, even though I did not ask anything, he began to answer all of the questions that I had asked in my mind the day before while walking inside the university. At that moment I found the right answers. In addition, the entity made some predictions about my future. All of them came to my surprise, over the years.
Near the end of the session, Mr. Zé Pelintra seemed to want to prove to me that I was a medium, although I had never felt anything very obvious until that point in my life at the age of twenty-three. He called me and also a medium of the house, to help an old lady who was sick. He told me to put my right hand on the lady’s shoulder, while the medium should put his hand on the older woman’s shoulder. The entity drew a spot and concentrated on being useful to that sick person in some way. As the chant proceeded, I felt my energies being carried to that lady, to the point that my legs felt weak. At one point, his Zé stopped the point and said that it was already good. He thanked my intention of charity and the other medium. When I walked back to my place, close to the drums, I felt my knees very weak, almost bending. That day I understood that I was a medium. Almost two years later, in another center, near my residence, I would begin my psychic journey. I am very grateful to Mr. Zé Pelintra, who manifested himself perfectly through the excellent lady Y. Save your forces “Seu Zé” and lots of light on your way!



Oxossi Photograph: Unknown

I led a spiritualist group for seven years, along with Tetê Souza. Our main activities, at that time, consisted of Umbanda table sessions and, to a lesser extent, typical terreiro tours. At that stage of my life, I was able to witness and experience some interesting cases of spirituality.
Around 2004, Samantha came to us. The young woman was related to Tetê Souza, but the two did not see each other and had not communicated for more than 10 years. Her arrival was curious, as the young woman reported that she had been having strange dreams, waking up in the morning with words of an unknown language in her mind. Samantha had been asking spiritists and saintly parents what those terms meant, unanswered. One day she commented on the fact with a brother of Tetê Souza, who brought her doubt to the medium Tetê. And she clarified the meaning, which was brought to Samantha’s notice. So the young woman became interested in our group, asking to attend a session.
On a Saturday, which was the day of the week our meetings took place, Samantha came and liked our environment. The Caboclo Pena Verde said that it would help her in her life, which at that time was marked by many problems. She was hopeful and with good expectations, about the aid promised by the entity. However, Samantha became very worried because her vacation was ending, which would make it difficult for her to be in our group. Her work took place through alternating-day shifts, which would be a difficult problem because her scale required her to toil on Saturdays. That is, working on Saturdays, how could our sessions come?

The young woman went to her house, with the belief that she could not return.
However, the next day, on Sunday, her boss called. The news was that her scale had been changed. Samantha, contrary to what her boss probably thought, did not complain. She just said it was okay. The supervisor showed that she was surprised by the peaceful reaction of the employee, without any argument against the change without further notice. Who was even more surprised was Samantha. She had just realized what she understood to be the positive intervention of the Oxossi Line in her life. I was happy because I could freely attend our spiritual group.
So, the next Saturday, she was there. As soon as Mr. Pena Verde showed through Tetê Souza, he called Samantha to sit at the Umbanda table with us. And he said to the young woman, “Your place is here, in this chair, with us!”
This simple case allows us to conclude that when one really needs help and has some merit, one has the biggest obstacles removed. Sometimes people insist very much on going to a certain terreiro or in another religious community, but questions of the private or professional life completely prevent the participation of these individuals. And this happens, for the most part, because wherever people want to go is not the ideal place for their spiritual growth. Life gives its signs and it is necessary to understand them.



soldier 4

In 1998 there was a remarkable experience with my friend Fabrizio, who at the time was only 17 years old. He, therefore, was in the phase of adolescence, which is a period in which young people are very influential. His mother complained that he believed in his “friends” a lot, fearing that the young man would let himself into alcoholism or into the world of illicit drugs.
That day, I was in the residence of his mother, an extremely reliable medium, who kept a “holy room” attached to his house. This place is so named because it has a gongá, as well as security and Umbanda foundation. This is not a terreiro, but a place of prayers, where they can eventually descend entities to give some message or guidance. That is, these environments are not prepared for typical Umbanda tours, but may allow for safe mediumistic manifestations, for milder purposes in vibratory terms.
There were only four people present, as we made some prayers, while the medium, owner of the “little room”, lit the candles in the gongá. After a few minutes, I felt the presence of the black-old man. The medium, Fabrizio’s mother, told me to give Grandpa a pass, if he wanted to give me a message. So I allowed the manifestation of Cyprian Father. The old man thanked the welcome and said he wanted to talk to Fabrizio. The young man’s mother followed the event, acting as the medium of that unexpected appointment. She could hear everything and give me full testimony after the fait accompli.

She, in short, commented to me that old Cyprian caught the boy’s attention in a friendly way, considering that he should be careful of false friends. He emphasized, too, that not everyone who smiled at him did indeed like him. Fabrizio’s mother had previously told me that he was a little rebellious, not believing in entities. So, at the end of the consultation, Father Cyprian made a prediction to his son, telling him that one of his friends, whom he never imagined, was using drugs. The black-man, in a more emphatic and defiant tone, told Fabrizio that he would hear of it soon enough.
A few days passed, to be exact it was 15 days, and I was again in the house of Fabrizio’s mother. As soon as I arrived, she warned me that the young man was very annoyed by a recent discovery: a friend of Fabrizio, perhaps the one he most treasured, was caught using cocaine. Nobody expected, nor his parents, because the boy had always been an exemplary person.

Years passed and Fabrizio went to college. He graduated and saw, step by step, several friends of childhood and adolescence getting lost in the world of drugs.
Many died prematurely, for various reasons linked to addiction. However, Fabrizio was very well guided by his mother, a very disciplined person, and by the guides of the Umbandist chain. Today Fabrício occupies, by his own merits, managerial position in a great company of the financial market. He is a good husband and devoted father of two beautiful daughters. He still assists his grandparents, who live near him, whenever possible, since the advanced age of them prevents a full action.
Fabrício is a good example of a Brazilian citizen and his daughters will have someone very positive to mirror in the future. However, it is clear that your life is not a “sea of ​​roses” because there are always programmed learnings for our inner growth while we are incarnate. But what would become of him if he had no secure family and spiritual guidance? What if the young man had not, at the time, the good will to understand? It could undoubtedly have ended up like some of his past friends. Save Umbanda!



Photo: Pixabay

There was a busy session of caboclos. It was the year 2000. The spiritual house was full, not only of the consultants we already knew, but also of a new group of people who wanted to know our center.
My caboclo, just after finishing doing heavy work, went up. I had understood that he had taken a quiumba (obsessor) from someone and now allowed me a rest. Sweat was coming down my face and I was still a little breathless. But this did not stop me from watching and recording well in my mind, an activity of Caboclo Pena Verde, who worked through medium Tetê Souza.
I noticed that he went to the new group of people and offered his hand to a lady. She promptly held the embodied medium’s hand. Then Mr. Pena Verde gently pulled her into the center of the yard, close to where I was resting.
Then the entity began to speak very aptly about the life of the unknown lady, who smiled and nodded.
The caboclo, at one point, told the inquirer that she was a very good person and deserved help. And he said the main point of his merit: the lady, who must have been about 50 years old, was very zealous for her own mother-in-law, who was a very bitter person and who hated her, the daughter-in-law. Mr. Pena Verde emphasized that any aggression or slander from her mother-in-law was answered with the patient’s patience and dedication, which was now thrilled.
The caboclo then made a “pull”, removing miasms and negative charges from the woman. In addition, Mr. Pena Verde requested the help of another medium, who placed his hand on the consul’s left shoulder. One point was sung and the medium fell to the ground, with an obsessor revolted, due to the interference in his plans of hatred.

After the removal of the quiumba to another astral plane, Mr. Pena Verde thanked the other medium for the assistance. The caboclo then spoke to her again. He told her that she was a person very blessed by God and that she was, with her good attitude towards her mother-in-law, ending a debt of the past (karmic question). He added that the mother-in-law, being a very rebellious spirit and still with a lot of negativity in the heart, would disinherit in a bad situation. And with that, it would probably be a time lost, in suffering, in the threshold region (underworld of the Astral).
The consultant now cried discreetly. It was noticed that, in part, her crying was because she was understanding that she fulfilled its mission well. But, on the other hand, she felt sorry for her mother-in-law, who always accused and assaulted her, even though she was in the final stages of a serious illness.
The caboclo, at the end, told the woman that she knew she lived far away and that she could not return to our center any more. However, he said that she could always rely on him, even at a distance, through thought.
A short time later, our psychic session was closed. I never forgot the case. We could see that, in fact, the story unveiled by the caboclo was entirely true, and indeed that lady lived far away and was never able to return to our terreiro.
I consider myself privileged to have witnessed such spiritual works, and today, in April 2016, at the age of 48, I feel that I can not fail to share these experiences with other Umbandist brothers. Oké Arô Oxossi! Save Mr. Pena Verde!



Photo: Pixabay


*Boiadeiro means Cowboy.
It was the end of a tour of Umbanda, in the terreiro where I acted in the beginning of the decade of 2000. After the activities of the caboclos, was called the Line of the Boiadeiros. On this day, a great benefactor of the session was the own leader, the friend Nélson Vilhenna, who told me what happened: the facts reported in the sequence. I received my entity, the Seven Star Cowboy, who asked Nélson for a cigarette. After a few puffs, the spiritual worker put out his cigarette and told Nélson to wrap it in a paper and take it in his car to the university where the center’s headmaster was a professor.
Then the cowboy told Nélson that someone had done a black magic against him, where he worked, but he said he would take care of the case and that would not be a problem.
He emphasized that there was a lot of negativity, but that would solve the issue. There were people wishing him evil, wanting to overthrow him, but they could not. Nélson thanked the entity and did as directed. The cigarette was stored in his car and, from Monday, he went to and returned to the university with the object inside the vehicle. On Wednesday, returning home, Nelson heard a strange noise that seemed to come from the wheels of his car. So he left the road, stopping at the side of the road to check what was happening.

When the Nélson got out of his car, he was very amazed at what he had noticed: the wheels had been loosened, and in particular one of them was almost coming off the axle! Probably someone from the university, in a criminal way, had loosened the wheel bolts. Then, right in the middle of the road, he solved the problem with a tool he carried in the trunk.
In the next session of the center, the leader came to talk to me about the event. I questioned him how he had heard the strange noise, if he had usually been driving the car with closed windows. He himself was astonished at how he had perceived the strange sound, attributing to it an extra help of Spirituality. Nélson told me that, from the moment he happened, he would always check the tires before leaving his work home.
I inquired of my friend, who could have done such a sordid act, but Nélson answered that he had no idea. He added only that a few weeks ago a university worker had warned him that he needed spiritual help because he had received this message from an entity in a place he frequented. Since Nelson knew that the employee liked the so-called “black magic,” he declined politely from the invitation because he did not agree with these practices.
Well, the leader Nélson Vilhenna, for his honesty and great dedication to spiritual matters, was protected on that occasion. The merit of a person always gives you with the best energies. Thus, to this day (May 2016), Nélson continues to lead his spiritualistic group with such care, in good health, even though he is almost 80 years old. Save the Seven Stars! Save all cowboys!



Photograph: Miss Froggy

I had just boarded a bus for a short trip to the Lady Divina’s residence. She had Umbanda table sessions in the garage of her beautiful home with a small group of people. I was an inexperienced medium at that time, around 1995. There I had been useful to the work and, at the same time, I was learning a lot.
As I said, I got on the bus, but I did not look for a place to sit, because the trip would be brief. I stood, holding a metal bar on the top of the vehicle with both my hands. I was already concentrating on mediumistic activities, trying to be oblivious to the noise and movement. I closed my eyes, and as the bus rolled along the asphalt, I felt a presence at my side, about a meter away. By the clairvoyance, which is not very frequent with me, there was an entity of strange appearance, but, somehow, familiar. The male was dark-skinned, like the Indians. He was very thin, and since he was not wearing a shirt, his ribs stood out. He was of medium height, like me, but his bulky, straight black hair was long, going to the middle of his back. He had thin fingers and long fingernails.
It did not frighten me, because as I put it before, there was something familiar about it.
His vibrations reverberated in me, translating that he had a strong and persistent will, but also a certain coldness. But despite my feeling, I heard the entity say with contentment, “I finally found you! I’ve been looking for you for a long time! Let’s work together again. “

After this brief communication, I returned to focus on the outside environment, because I had in mind that the journey to Mrs. Divina’s house was short. It was about five minutes and the bus arrived at my point of disembarkation. I walked from the road to the condominium, where the leader of that spiritualist group lived, for seven minutes at most. I could still feel the vibrations of that strange entity, but I could no longer hear or see it. I clapped my hands at the gate, rattling the various dogs of Dona Divina. Her husband came to greet me, smiling.
It was not long before the session began. Everyone in the group was present and we just greet each other briefly. I did not tell anyone about the experience with the strange entity that had just happened. The dogs, curiously, whenever we were meeting, stood around the table where the mediums were.
And they were silent, lying down.
The session was normal, with the part of the studies being carried out, as well as the care of the disincarnated in suffering. In the period destined to the instructions of the entities of Umbanda, something different happened. The Divine Lady commented that she was feeling unfamiliar vibrations and feeling uncomfortable. I kept quiet, watching her. She looked frightened. And he really was, because, looking at me, he confessed that he did not want to receive the present entity, saying: “Pablo, that spirit has connection with you. It’s heavy. I’ll pass it on to you! “I was a bit frustrated, because I wanted to talk to him, so I knew what he wanted with me. However, he could not demand that from the Divine Lady.
Then I reached out, holding the hands of the leader of the group, who was eager to get rid of that situation.

Soon after, I incorporated the spirit. To the surprise of everyone present, he communicated in a strange language. Nobody understood his language, which did not look like anything we knew. The entity did not stay long. He did not hurt me and even seemed to try to help me. After the merger, I kept myself well. It was in my mind that spirit had been a friend, in a past life, when we shared magic activities with selfish ends. We had practiced black magic together.
Talking with a more experienced person at the time, I was able to conclude that Spirituality had allowed that approach, so as to give that entity an opportunity to take a new path. That spirit was an entity not authorized by the Umbanda Law. He was not clear enough to work in the Umbandist chain. It had also been a test for me, for I could once again be driven by the desire for power, as in the past.
Now, as I finish this account (May 31, 2016), a friend guardian approaches and reveals to me that that spirit today already works as an exu, occultly participating in my current of protection. I am very happy with this revelation, because, 21 years after that reunion, my friend from the past has become enough to become a guardian of Umbanda. I wish him much light on his journey.



Photograph: Miss Froggy


At the beginning of my psychic journey in the 1990s, I was a willing person. Youth and physical vigor helped me to believe that, together with the entities of Umbanda, I could perform spiritual cleansing and similar work systematically, without my getting sick or absorbing negative energies. Over time, I realized that it was not quite like that. However, the beginning of my awakening was through the simple wisdom of an erê, within an experience, which I will narrate.
For eight years, I participated in a group that held Umbanda table sessions. Always, after the period of study, came the so-called “suffering brothers” who in reality consisted of spirits ranging from lost discarnates to dangerous obsessors. But in those weeks, session after session, there were mainly very aggressive entities associated with black magic. This was frightening the medium S. who, together with me, we were the most prepared for the incorporation of this class of spirits, so dense vibrating. She was reluctant to give passage to these Quiumbas, who needed to have this contact with the mediumistic apparatus, as well as talk with the center’s leader, who had a relevant clarifying role.
In the meetings, noticing a certain affliction of the medium S., as I approached the obsessors, I began to hold one of her hand, in order to “pull” the entities for me. The process worked and, in this context, I started to make many additions in each session. However, at a certain meeting, after the unobscured work, I felt worn out. My body trembled, it did not stabilize as sweat trickled down my face in abundance. I suffered nausea too.

Following this, the medium S. received the Erê Crispim, who soon addressed me.
He helped me bioenergetically and said, “Little man, you do not want to do the task of my device! You will not stand it all alone! She has to do her part, because each one has her cross. “When I heard what the spiritual child transmitted to me, I realized that I was going beyond my limit and also preventing the medium S. from being freed from her fear And fulfilled her spiritual mission.
That session went smoothly and I was able to watch Crispim’s counseling activities with the house’s inquirers. I, for my part, being somewhat weary, I practically could not give way to my erê, who came only quickly, more with the intention of rebalancing me. I was receiving the consequences of my voluntary actions, which had been happening already several meetings.
Well, what lessons could I learn in that period of my life and also over time, as to the balance in the mediumistic action? I realized that there is a rather rigid spiritual programming, as it is for each medium. If this, for any reason, wants to do something more, it ends up being worn out bioenergetically. And if you insist on this positioning, you can get sick, even in a chronic way, and the recovery is very slow.

I have also learned that, in most cases, the medium who goes beyond his mediumship program does so by illusions he feeds. And the basis of these illusions is vanity! Many believe themselves as “super-mediums” or imagine that their entities will rid them of everything.
First, there are not exactly “super-mediums,” since each has its own charge of ectoplasm (bioenergies) and a particular type of replenishment. Where there is excess ectoplasm, without the necessary rest and recovery of these bioenergies, there will be a fall, be it organic and / or psychic.
Second, Umbanda’s guards and guides will not rid their medium of all obstacles. They are the stones of the way that make the umbandista grow and mature. And especially when problems are created by the medium himself, he is left in the “cauldron of suffering” that he produced, until there is an awakening of the incarnate worker. In Umbanda, seriousness and humility are fundamental.




In 1994, I was acting specifically as an auxiliary medium in the first terreiro to which I joined. At that time, I already felt the vibrations of the entities, but it was something subtle. The incorporation would come only after …
I was Ms. Maria Padilha’s medium, the Pomba-gira, of the small mother of the center. The work was intensive, but it allowed me to observe other entities of the terreiro as well. So, over time, I began to admire the work of a Gypsy Lady and Lady Rose Skull, through two other experienced mediums of the house.
So, in each exus tour, it was very interesting to watch the performance of the three entities mentioned. There, at that time, I learned a lot, until a period of suspension of the center’s activities arrived. This coincided with my university vacations and I received an invitation to travel to Espírito Santo, to the region of Guarapari. Whoever had called me, the teacher-mentor Saul, was a Umbandist. He had previously taken me to a Umbanda session for the first time, which had been a turning point in my life. He was very important in my professional and spiritual journey. I accepted the travel proposal, which would be made with Professor Saulo, his wife and his son João, who was only five years old at the time.

I carried in my luggage a box of white candles and matches. I planned, inwardly, to light a candle for each of those Pomba-gira I admired, on the edge of a Guarapari beach, if it were possible. My idea was to thank them for the beautiful work they were doing in the yard, and I would ask for more light for their way. I wanted, from my heart, that they evolve more and more …
When we arrived at the hotel and settled in, Professor Saulo proposed a walk on a nearby beach. So I told him I’d like to light three candles, though I did not explain to him why. Saul soon agreed and said that he would take his son John.
It was early evening and the temperature was pleasant. A very noticeable breeze ran on the beach. We walked, talking about things of life, with our feet in the soft sand, until we arrived at a place with few people. It would be appropriate to light the candles and say a prayer for each entity. So I knelt down and made three holes, where I would put each candle under the wind.
After the candles were already lit, I was silent, praying mentally for each Pomba-gira in sequence, asking the Elder Father to support them in their labors. Then, suddenly, I was interrupted by the boy John. The boy, influenced by an invisible force, had just thrown himself in front of a candle, kneeling in the sand, leaning with his hands on the ground and giving a strange laugh. I was frightened by the situation, and immediately afterwards Saul took hold of his son’s arm, vigorously rebuking him. He lifted the boy and shook him, telling him it was no time for jokes, for Pablo was praying.

I left my state of astonishment and told Saul that everything was fine. I told him not to quarrel with the child, for John had only caught up to whom I was offering the candles. The boy was a little annoyed with his father, but it was a passing thing. On the way back to the hotel, I explained to Saul that I had lit the candles for three dove-tours. The boy João, with his five years of age, knew nothing of Umbanda and its entities. His father had never told him anything about religion, because he understood that he should grow up and decide in the future what he wanted to pursue.
Later, on my bed in the hotel, I was meditating on the unexpected event. Spirituality had manifested itself through the child so as to give me a visible return as to my intention. There, on that beach, someone really was there to hear and receive the candles and prayers. I was very happy with the event. There I asked nothing for myself and, perhaps because of this, one of the entities made a point of being noticed, through an innocent child. In fact, at that time I had had overwhelming evidence of the children’s natural sensitivity to spirits. The boy had entered a quick trance, but typical of a Umbandist medium receiving a dove-tour.
Weeks later, back to the activities of my terreiro, at the time, I never commented on the Pomba-giras about the event. I just knew that my prayers had reached their destination.



Photo: Miss Froggy

Every ostensive and fulfilling medium of his duties has the protection of exu, including in the day to day of the material affairs, with its varied activities, whether professional or even during leisure.
However, one should not believe that it is a kind of bodyguard, which prevents any scares or challenges that life holds. We are incarnate for growth as human beings and developing as spiritual creatures.
In addition to the protection function, the guardians also act in our psychic field, giving us guidance when necessary. And these directions or warnings can reach us in the form of sensations, intuitions or messages more direct and clear to the mental field.
That day, in the year 2012, I was once again in the center of the City of Rio de Janeiro, with the intention of buying interesting books for promotional prices.
In fact, I had been doing this since my adolescence, knowing many “talkers” (bookstores selling used books), where I bought great works on spirituality in general, at prices that fit in the pocket of those who had not yet worked.
An interesting fact is that, over time, I developed an intuition about where to get what I wanted, almost always succeeding in finding the books I needed. At times, the intuitions were very clear, while, on other occasions, not so much. Anyway, it seemed to me that a force often got me to the right places to get good books.

Well, going back to that day of 2012, I was in Largo da Carioca, at a busy time. Suddenly I remembered a bookstore near a subway exit, thinking of going there. This time I was not looking for any particular book. However, through the mediumship, I heard the following phrase: “There is a present for you there!” It was the voice of a well-known guardian.
I walked to the bookstore, believing I would find something good to buy. When I arrived, I noticed that they had placed a little table with works on sale outside the store. I stood there, analyzing what was exposed. After a while, nothing interesting! Meanwhile, a salesman coming from inside the establishment approached me and, addressing me directly, said, “Take this book! It’s for you! It’s an old work, with a few small moth holes, but it’s worth reading! Courtesy of the house! ”
I held the little book, with no further reaction from me. I was surprised by the gift that had been whispered to me a few minutes ago by his friend. Leaving that state, as I saw the smiling face of the salesman in front of me, I thanked him. And the man added: “It’s Os Lusíadas, de Camões!” I thanked him again and went away, still amazed by the rapidity and unforeseen form with which the gift reached my hands.
Then, more calmly, I noticed that it was a very old edition of “Os Lusíadas”, epic poem by Luís Vaz de Camões, published in the city of PortoPortugal, by the famous Chardron Bookstore, existing since the 19th century. Through Internet search, I noticed that this booklet edition was already over 100 years old.
I found the gift very interesting and it had a complex meaning for me. Among the mediumistic texts that I have psychographed, there are several poetic ones, although nothing that resembles Camões’s wingspan. Another aspect to note is that I have been Portuguese in past lives, and can access this information through memory regression techniques.
To this day I keep the old work with me and am grateful to my guardian friend. Laroiê exu! Exu is mojubá!



Photograph: Miss Froggy

In that very busy session of caboclos, Adriano, brother of one of the mediuns of the spiritualist house, was present. It was his first time there and he was in great need of help, for his professional life remained completely stagnant even after many years of high school education.
During the tour, Adriano heard from one of the caboclos that, in the next opportunity, an offering would be necessary to open his ways. The young man kept that information in his mind, hoping that his life would finally unlock. (Free of problems, to unfold more easily)
However, a strong characteristic of Hadrian’s personality was anxiety. He did not know how to wait and almost always took hasty actions. So Marcel, a medium of our Adriano’s yard and brother, came to tell me what Hadrian had done a few days after he had gone to our Umbanda session.
Marcel told me that he had heard from his brother, who lived in a place, that he had made an “offering” on his own on a given day. Adriano wanted a quick improvement of his life and, after lunch, he decided to prepare a plate of food, with the same items of his meal, for his spiritual guides. He believed that this would work, taking the “offering” to the edge of a stream, which ran on a plot of land behind his house. Adriano made a prayer and his requests, moving away from the food plate. He decided to stay there, at some distance, watching for a time the “offering.”
It was not long before a cat appeared from the jungle. The animal slowly approached the plate, but at about a meter it stopped. Her hair bristled visibly. The pussy jumped back, letting out a startled meow. Then she ran in the middle of the bush, disappearing from Hadrian’s eyes.

Probably the cat saw some entity that came to receive the “offering” or felt its presence, frightening. The fact is that the animal did not touch the food and this surprised Adriano, who decided to tell the story to his brother Marcel.
The time has passed. What was the result of the “offering”? Had Hadrian’s requests been met? Did he have opportunities in his professional life? No! Months went by and nothing changed. Adriano only came back once more in our terreiro, not having patience to wait for a safe orientation. Years later, Marcel told me that his brother’s life was still professionally paralyzed.
This case is an opportunity for brief reflection on the offerings. In Umbanda, they can have varied functions, not using any food and also having to follow appropriate modes of preparation. I emphasize that food and beverages, available to entities, are sources of bioenergy for the various activities of the terreiro. As much of the Umbandist centers work in unobscured processes and, often, in the dismantling of black magic, this energy support is needed. When the offerings are scarce or poorly performed, the bioenergies of the mediums are required in excess, which can lead to intense wear and tear, with an immunological low, and even resulting in diseases to some of the members of the terreiro. However, this subject is vast and there is not enough space to disentangle it in this account.

Well, what happened to Hadrian’s hasty “offering”? Those who came to receive the foods offered were unbalanced entities, who had been accompanying him for some time. In other words, they were obsessors who took advantage of the food, strengthening even more, to continue causing obstacles in the life of Hadrian. At that time, I realized a spiritual unfolding and I could see, in the Astral, the persecutors of the brother of Marcel. It was a real gang.
That is, any offering must be well-oriented and should only be performed in places with spiritual protection. If these fundamentals are not respected, there is a great risk of donating bioenergy to the so-called Quiumbas.




I was at night on a Sunday in April 2016, preparing a herbal bath. That’s when I felt the approach of Father Cyprian. He wanted to give me a message about what, in fact, supports a Umbandist temple. Some images were projected in my mind and soon I had a sense of what he wanted to talk about when possible.
I took the shower and went to perform an urgent task. Two hours later, I went to bed. However, I could not sleep and had a brief clairvoyance of a village of the Astral Plane, that was formed by simple houses, in an atmosphere of great luminosity.
I opened my material eyes and confirmed the full darkness of my room. I closed my eyes again and saw other places, where intense light prevailed. Someone was showing me parts of a spiritual colony. Then very clear ideas began to form in my mind. I saw, again, the presence of Father Cyprian. So I got up to write down the paper below:
The main supporting forces of a Umbanda terreiro are not exactly the settlements and firmness that are in the gate or in the gongá. The greater support of a Umbandist home is not made of matter. The house stands by the good feelings and thoughts that are deposited at every point that needs axé, radiating through the air that everyone breathes.
I, on my journey through Umbanda, have seen many terreiros, from almost luxurious houses to the most humble huts. I saw all sorts of material that was used for the purpose of building the house and protecting it from evil spirits. I saw several rituals to bring axes and to give good conditions for the guides to descend and render charity. But in my wanderings, I realized that the most important thing was easily forgotten by the children of faith. Then, in my stubbornness of black-old, whenever Father Oxalá allows, I come to remember the main support forces of a terreiro of Umbanda:

The first support force of a Umbanda terreiro is Charity. Therefore, the financial interest can not make an address in a Umbandist home. If he enters through a door, the Charity goes out for another.
The second sustaining force is Humility. In a good yard, one can never forget that all are brothers. No one is better than the other and he who knows something more, must teach the like without pride. Never forget that the deeper lessons often depart from that which is apparently the least.
The third sustaining force is Discipline. It is important to respect the leader of the yard and others who have responsibilities in the house. But the greatest Discipline is the duty that each one has before himself in the pursuit of his evolution. And I remember that correct discipline does not attack Charity nor humiliate Humility, which are the first two sustaining forces. It is more important to discipline yourself than to correct your brother, because the Master once said that it was not good to see the mote in your brother’s eye while forgetting the beam in his own eye.
The fourth sustaining force, to complete the Cross of Souls, is Love. This is the biggest foundation of a Umbanda terreiro! If there is no Love, the three former sustaining forces become empty, losing true value, being replaced by cynicism, hypocrisy, and falsehood.
So, children of faith, you do not have to look for other sustaining forces. If you have only these four, Charity, Humility, Discipline and Love (which sustains everything), everything else is achieved. Thus the terreiro grows, blooms and fruits with abundance. May Father Oxalá bless every soul of goodwill who has carefully read these words of this stubborn old Cyprian.

After I finished psychographing the message, I read and reread the text. I was surprised by the content because, hours ago, I only had a vague idea of what it would be. I looked at the clock, which was almost midnight. I needed to sleep, because the next day was work day. I lay down and thanked Father Cyprian. Save the phalanx of the blacks!
I loved the Souls!


Monday! Day to return to the material work that sustains us, after a rest weekend. It was a hot day in April 2016 and I was on the bus half full. He sat in a solitary chair next to the driver. The environment was not conducive, but there, in that public bus, in the middle of the road, I felt the presence of Mr. Sete Encruzilhadas. He only passed me that later, at night, he would convey a message.
After work, upon entering the house, I heard his characteristic laughter. I had been a guardian’s medium for more than 20 years. I took a shower of herbs and made myself available. It was not long before he approached, passing me the following content:

Good night, man! I’m here today to talk about real functions of
Exu. They are doing a lot of “mixing” around and it is always good to remember why
There is the Exus Line. I will not say everything, but I will point things out
Exu has its protective “side”, which is when the spirit fulfills the function
Of guardian. He keeps or protects people, where they live, and
Terrariums of Umbanda. I’ll just show you three examples of this.
First, when the guardian protects a person is the most common function.
All who deserve it, have a nearby exu, at least in the main hours of the
day. When the individual is a medium and performs well his tasks, he has protection
Strongest of exu.
In the second case, there are guardians of homes, even for those families who do not know the fundamentals of Umbanda. These exus have special preparation to fulfill this function, preventing, when necessary, that the Quiumbas * live in the house. The guardian who protects a home is not the same as who usually “arises” in a yard to work with mediumship.

Thirdly, there are the exus protectors of the Umbanda terreiros.
Usually they stay in the gate, preventing entries not authorized by the Law.
Having said a bit about the protective guardians, I will now remember that there are exus of mediumistic work. This is another “side” of exu and the preparation of each spirit, in this field, is quite different. Each has its own specialty. There are those who undo black magic; Others who are counselors; Others who are good at opening the way, finding opportunities for the querers of the terreiro; And the types are far away … Exu has many ways to act and every spirit in this line has one or more worthy skills.
But look, boy, write a very important thing: I’ll say what exu does not!
Exu does not do “love mooring”! The maximum exu does is to bring people closer to the Earth. And they have to understand, using their own will, reasoning and heart.
Exu does not demand! Whoever makes demands is the man of flesh and blood, moved by his ambition, vanity or desire for revenge.
The entities that say “love mooring” or “demand” are not exus, but quiumbas. The true exu works within the Law and is not carried away by the low feelings of his mediums. And there’s more! Exu will never take away suffering from the way of his medium if that suffering will make him grow and improve. The true exu works under the forces and wisdom of the orixás.
So, young man, I say goodbye. My message has already been given. It is not a new message, but it is always good to remind the people of Earth! Whoever wants to surrender to
Quiumbas, that you surrender! But then, you have to be strong to endure the consequences of the Law, because everything that goes, someday comes back!

After Mr. Sete Encruzilhadas left, I thanked him for his presence.
It is always good to remember that we, as incarnates, are subject to the errors of our human personality, still so full of vanities and selfishness. Laroiê exu! Exu is mojubá!
* Quiumbas are unbalanced spirits, also called obsessors (note from


Monday, May 9, 2016! In the morning, I signed the Souls and saved Mr. Obaluaê. The sun rose in the sky and the temperature was pleasant in the fall of Rio. Then, without the slightest prior suspicion, I received the visit of a friendly spirit, formerly known in my psychographic activities, who presents himself as a spiritual child. And he, without any parsimony, began to recite a poem, which I express next.

A play of erê
It is the light of hope!
It returns the will to live,
In the conversation with the children.

A play of erê,
In the tours of Umbanda,
It is strength to win,
Overcoming the demands.

A play of erê
It is childhood trip.
  Only know who comes to see
And it is not at a distance.

A play of erê
It is victory and bonanza.
Forget to suffer.
It is a smile that does not tire.

A play of erê
It is healing that is achieved.
There is nothing to fear.
The disease is amazing!

A play of erê
It’s not filling the belly!
It is joy and not faint.
It is a renewal that enchants.

A play of erê
It is a force that launches,
In beautiful dancing swirls,
In the direction of Aruanda.

When I finished writing the poetry that the spirit “Poetinha” recited, I was not surprised by its content. Although Poetinha had given me universal content in the books that he dictated to me in the past, I always knew that this entity also labored in the Umbanda Astral Current. I thanked my spiritual companion and put myself at his disposal if he wanted to return to bring poetry about Umbandism.
Closing this account, just for registration, I psychographed the spirit Poetinha in the books “Wisdom in verses” (2001), “Vidas en versos” (2005) and “Sonetos para refletir” (2011). Gratitude always, Poetinha! Save the eres and all the children of Umbanda! Oni Ibejada!



It was 12 days in August 2011. Full night. I could not sleep and, at a certain point, I realized the presence of an entity. I took pencil and paper, for I noticed a desire for manifestation. After a few moments, I psychoed the following message.
Through the streets of Lapa, I went from bar to bar. Drown the hurts? Was it possible, this, to wait? I’m not mistaken anymore! Brandy is not the water of peace! The cheekbones, in pretense of good manners, were left behind. Times that never come back! But they are alive in my memory. It’s part of my story! It’s part of my root! I was not happy, but today I support that root.
And I walk through the streets of Lapa, in the Old Center of Rio, helping those who still “did not take shame in the face”. My band is still not clean, but the biggest dirt is left behind. Today, I can say that I am a general service assistant.
I offer you my services, my dear friend. Finally, I sign: Poet of the Old River. When the text was finished, I looked at the clock, which marked midnight and thirty minutes. I finally felt sleepy. I read the message and, by its content, associated with the vibration of the spirit, I concluded that it was of a spiritual worker of the phalange of Zé Pelintra. After that, I thanked him for his presence and the communication he gave me and went to sleep.
In the morning, as soon as I woke up, I noticed that the entity was close to me again. He wanted to get one more message. I was genuinely surprised because I had to go to work and my time was a little short. Anyway, I made myself available immediately, so that the content expressed in the sequence appeared.

Trickster knows how things work. It is who seeks to understand the rules of the game. Insane is the one who lets himself go through life, at his pleasure. But, how to do? I’ll describe it! You have to be a good observer to be a good player in life. First look, then play. And when you step in to play your part, you do not want to win the Nobel Prize. It will not hit everything! So you’ll have to learn patience and return to play with persistence. If you do this, I say you are a trickster, for true mischief is no scandal. Of this I have experience of my own. I knew the gutter well, which is part of my story. I went down, behind the pleasure of moment. I was called scum. I could not see the truth. He just went deeper, not wanting to understand. I closed myself to everything! And this is the greatest danger! That’s what I leave, now, written. I am the Poet of the Old River.

After the second text, I understood that the spiritual friend wanted to pass some of the history of his last incarnation, with his displeasures and experiences.
Often we forget that Umbanda entities have made a long journey through their incarnations until they become guides or protectors.
No spirit joins a phalanx by chance. It is a matter of affinity and acquired skills. Each spiritual worker, sealed by the Law of Umbanda, is the result of the summation of their past experiences and the training through which they pass in the Astral Plane. Specifically, as for the exu who left me the above messages, his words speak for themselves and I dare not add anything. Save Lord Zé Pelintra!



Three days ago, I had been humming a Umbanda point in my head. The song came, stayed for a while in my head and disappeared. The problem is that I did not know how to continue the point, which said: “Cemetery is a beautiful square, but nobody wants to walk …”. I should have heard the song somewhere and it ended up in my subconscious. As I said, it insisted on resurfacing, in the last days, at various diurnal or nocturnal moments, but always incomplete. So, today, June 20, 2016, this Monday of my last week of vacation, I decided to find the complete lyrics on the Internet, with the help of the companion Fabíola di Mello. After a brief search, I could hear it completely.
Accommodated in front of the computer, isolated in my office, I felt a deep emotion to hear the point a few times. I could not explain where those feelings came from. They just flowed. Cry. I confess that I cried. This had not happened to me before. Not this way. However, it was not exactly due to the ditty. Now I perceived the presence of a female entity, a dove-whirl, which was the source of the emotions that reverberated in my soul.
After that vibrating current subsided, I went to do some chores in the backyard. However, after a few minutes of activity, the presence of that noble lady again became evident. She told me beautiful things and realized that I needed to interrupt my household chores. I should write down what she passed on to me and share with those who have an affinity with the Umbanda Astral Current.
Once seated, with paper and pen in hand, I waited until that pleasant presence manifested itself as follows:

Save my son! I’ve been clutching you for a few days now, getting ready to write a message to the children of faith. I come to talk a little about exus and dove-tours, about who we are.
Much is said that the Exus Line workers were people who passed through marginality, of various types, while incarnated on Earth.
This is not totally false, but it is not completely true either. We were also merchants, doctors, nurses and nurses, lawyers, in short, the whole range of activities that humanity has been developing in this world.
We have erred, like all the spirits that descended to Earth, but we also hit, grew and evolved. We do not only participate in the so-called “pleasures of life”, in the cabarets and taverns of the road. We were not always criminals or thugs. We were also father and mother. We were children. We had blood brothers and brothers of the heart. We were warriors, killing a few times to defend our offspring or our land. We were “villains” and we were “victims”.
We fulfilled many roles in which we needed to understand the two sides of the same coin. And so, today, we are exus and pomba-giras! We bring with us the bitter experience that teaches, but also regenerates. So we can help the fallen efficiently. We can shelter the souls of addicts of every kind, and with great satisfaction we are sometimes given the task of protecting and inspiring someone who, one day, was our son, husband, or blood brother in the Plan
Physicist. So, my son, now you know who I am. I’ve been with you for a long time. From cycle to cycle, with the blessings of Oxalá, I come back to you in one way or another. I leave a caress in your heart and in the hearts of those who really understand what a pomba-gira or an exu are, who work as ordered by the Umbanda Law. I am a Maria: Maria Padilha of the Seven Catacombs.

Shortly after the flow of psychography, I sat motionless for a few minutes while still feeling the warmth of the guardian’s warmth. For me, the event occurred as a gift. In addition to her words, I had the benefit of feeling her loving and protective magnetism, which only true mothers can convey. And this, somehow, I try to share through this text to the Umbandist brothers. Laroiê, Mrs. Pomba-gira! Exu is mojubá!



That night I easily noticed a familiar presence. He was a guardian who wanted to manifest through psychography. So I put myself at ease, flowing the following text:

Good evening! I’m here to bring a message about the guardians.
Much is said about us and there is much illusion and distortion. Some are the result of limited minds. Others are, frankly, lies scattered purposely. There are a lot of bad people. They do not know that one day they will be charged by the Law. Innocence is revealed, but bad intention receives the due return, in the right dose and at the right time. And it is not punishment! It is a chance to wake up and recover! The time has come to better understand who is exu and what he does.
First, I will explain why the spirits working on the Exu Line, for the most part, hide who they were in past lives. They may even tell their story, in the last existence in the matter, but they do not reveal their exact identity.
This is because we, as spiritual workers, are also evolving. And evolving is not giving so much value to the last ground name we had.
It does not matter that “I” so much. Thus, like the early Christians, we receive a new name when we make the renewal commitment. This happens to us after the death of the flesh, when we attach ourselves to a certain phalanx of exu. And we will participate in a certain group, by affinity!
It’s nothing by chance! Each phalanx has its work orders, and the entities that integrate it, need to have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the tasks.

I am an old spirit. That is why I have spoken of the Christians of the past. At the time, those teachings did not interest me. I followed paths that were more suited to my soul. I was a Roman legionnaire, I lived among barbarians, I practiced magic in many ways. I was a healer too. Time passed and finally I absorbed some fundamentals of the “Cross.” I was a priest. A priest full of “sins”! And I’ve been walking, wandering and learning, falling and rising. In my last existence, I was a doctor: a kind of bastard. I saved a few lives, except mine, which was shortened by certain vices.
Well, when I said that we joined a phalanx, we got a name, which is the same as the phalanx itself. This name is associated with a form or appearance that we assume in the Astral. The form corresponds to an essence, which is a type of work. We, the exus, also master the form. Some more, some less. I can assume various appearances I have had on Earth in the past. I remember several lives. But, the shape of the phalanx follows a pattern, with some variations.
For you, who now writes this message that I am passing, I can present myself (your clairvoyance) as the doctor I was in the last life. But for the revolted spirits of the dark areas, I show myself in my black clothes and, when necessary, show them the bones. And this is not to frighten the Quiumbas! It is to remind them that the life of the flesh has passed and it is time for renewal. Bones represent that it is time for transformation. But, almost always they are afraid and this does not give me pleasure. I just do my job. Some, I need to arrest. Others, I take to better place. To each one according to the Law.

So it has become easier to understand that this has nothing to do with this devil’s belief, a human invention that has counted since a few earthly centuries. Exu should also not be confused with obsessor or quiumba. We are spiritual workers and we do not accept bargaining! It’s no use making offerings in return for favors! Exu of truth only works within the Law. Someone only receives help from us, if deserves.
I’m going to say goodbye now. I’m going to take a turn in the dungeon. I’m Tata Skull.

After the psychographic flow, I thanked the presence of the entity. I got up to drink water and returned to the table to read the contents of the text calmly. Then I understood that from this message, as well as from others brought by exus and pomba-giras, there was a movement of enlightenment on this line of spiritual workers.
I am satisfied with this and hope that I am a good instrument for this purpose, adding to other good guidelines that have arisen by various mediums. Laroiê exu! Save Lord Tata Skull! Exu is mojubá!



That day was the eve of a Umbanda session. My thoughts did not come in a positive tune. As much as I tried, I ended up remembering some of the problems in the terreiro. Now I remembered an old medium, a somewhat unbalanced person, who saw and pointed out the error of others, but did not see his own. Now I remembered another component of the house, which, every now and then, created slander for futile reasons. Now I was returning to my mind, the figure of a medium who was always victimized, never satisfied, that is, a very defeatist person.
That cyclical situation had an impact on my emotional field, so I was a bit discouraged. I was on a pessimistic route to the capacity of those people to be transformed, which was not really my business. In fact, each one must strive to find the balance and, if he does not want it, the transformation does not come from outside.
So, I began to question mentally why those people were still part of the Umbanda center, if they were more of a problem than helping the psychic body and the consultants. To my surprise, I heard an answer: “The first one to be healed in a terreiro is the medium himself.”
I was surprised that someone was following my mental murmurs. Your argument and presence have had a beneficial impact on my consciousness. I mentally replied, “Yes, we mediums are very limited and we all need to heal from one or more negative aspects.”
In the sequence, I felt that it improved my vibratory field. I was grateful then, in fact, I was struggling some time ago to reject the disharmonious and insistent thoughts. I wanted to be well, to properly exercise my mediumship the next day.

Then I noticed that the beneficial presence was now beginning to dictate a text.
I quickly understood who it was. Soon I picked up paper and pencil, to record the message, which is listed below.

The Umbandist medium
He has traveled several roads.
He was often a magician
In his past lives.

It was lost, for sure,
Moved by power and passion.
The hardness remained,
While lacking in balance and reason.

The Umbandist medium,
Rather, he suffered and suffered.
Today, more realistic,
He understands that he needs to grow.
This growth is internal,
In expansion that is noted,
When he is working
In the irradiation of the orixás.

The Umbandist medium
It’s being evolving.
The biggest lever is magic.
That springs from the heart!
This already beats and radiates
In the compass of Oxalá.
The transformation is never late!
Work, no waiting!

The Umbanda is opportunity,
Once upon a time, never seen.
Under the banner of charity,
Enjoy a Umbandist medium.

After reading and re-reading the poem, I had great gratitude. I can not add to the rhyming words of the entity “Poetinha”, who presents herself as a spiritual child. I only comment that, on the eve of a psychic session, the harassment of unbalanced beings is common, to us psychics, who insist on leaving loopholes to negativity. In Spiritism, Umbanda or in any religion the “Orai e vigiai” (Pray and watch) is fundamental.



One of the controversial issues surrounding Umbanda is the use of alcoholic beverages in its sessions, especially in the so-called “left-wing dancers”. Contrary to what some believe, this is not the maintenance or stimulation of addiction. In general terms, alcohol is used for the dissolution of deleterious bioenergies aggregated to the consultants, or in the environment of the activities. That is, one of its main functions is hygiene. Another purpose of alcohol is to energetically activate certain works, but it is not the purpose to describe this in this account. And in many terreiros today, there is practically no ingestion of alcohol by incorporated mediums, who use it in other ways. So, dear Umbandist brothers, if you enter a center called “de Umbanda” and find supposedly incorporated mediums, drinking too much, observe the state in which they stay after the activities. If they have their behavior changed or clearly drunk, there is an imbalance that is not in line with spiritual values.
On August 12, 2011, I had the opportunity to psychograph a message from Mr. José Pelintra on alcohol, where he gives his testimony of how he was harmed in past incarnation by this vice. In addition, “your Zé” poses that, today, one of its main tasks is to help who is indulging in alcoholism. The title of this message is “Aguardente” (Sugarcane liquor), which is expressed in the sequence:

Brandy on the table! It is a vision that stayed in my mind for sure. The transparent liquid and its descending, burning, almost to the bottom, I did not forget either. The sensation always accompanies me. Do not feed sadness, but in the come and go of life the memories return. And I use the remembrance to carry on my mission. I work in the corners and crossroads, helping bebuns and women who are ill-loved, people who seek, in the evenings, the pleasure that was my defeat. I do everything a little and I call myself “general service assistant”. The bar and the edge of the pier receive my usual visit.
Night clubs, very sullen, are a must. All of this made and is part of my story. I help as I can, from the common vagabond, who cries, to the most outcast individual. I’ll take my leave, for now. I am the Poet of the Old River.

Well, the entity text is pretty clear and objective. I do not add any comments. I only comment that the phalanx of Zé Pelintra is composed of spirits with histories somewhat similar in their essences. They were people who had similar mistakes and learning, acquiring a valuable life experience, which can be very useful to us incarnated.
Thus, in the Umbanda terreiros, many consultants benefit from a good consultation with “Seu Zé”. And coming from the wisdom of this phalanx of exus, I remember the following: “Trickster who is a trickster learns from the mistakes of others!
You do not have to take a step, to learn! “Saravá Senhor José Pelintra! Exu is mojubá!



It was June 7, 2016, almost midnight. I felt the presence of Mr. Seven
Crossroads in my residence. He warned me that he was bringing an entity to tell his story. After a few moments, I settled down to the table to allow the psychography, with the following message:
Good night, man! I came to write my story. I know my energy bothers you a little. You’re not used to me. I came under the order of your guardian. I work with him. My story will be useful to the people of Earth. When I was incarnate, and not so long ago, I had the mission of being a medium of Umbanda. My family was humble and I had good examples. There was not one who did not earn his bread from the sweat of his face. I did not have much study. It was not possible. But I had a profession. I learned one with my father, who was a good craftsman. He did not give much money, but gave honest support.
I grew up in the work and religion of my parents, Catholics of faith. I just followed them, but the teachings did not touch my heart. An uncle took me to the knowledge of magic, the sacred herbs. I liked it, but I did not have the head so straight. I worked a time in healing. I thought it was good. I thought it was beautiful. But I had ambition. I wanted to make money, so I deviated from the teachings I received.
I sought a means of ascending into life through the witchcraft that was paid for. I’ve been living in it, with good results, for a long time. I earned to cure illness. I earned so people could go back to sleep well. I earned to cure impotence.
But, I wanted to earn more and for that, I did not have a paying customer.
Then, I began to accept other types of requests: tying a man or a woman, knocking down enemies, revenge and even death.

I did not realize that my spiritual guides had long ago left me. In fact, it was not even in my head, because the money went well in my hands …
But I did not grow old. My life was interrupted by the Law. And it was good, otherwise I would sink more and more. In a battle with another sorcerer, because of a rich client, I lost my life because of an illness I did not know how to heal. It was not meat disease, no! It was a disease of the soul! The cure began to happen with the death of my body, which only emaciated and emaciated …
When I got to the “other side,” I was dragged by spirits worse than I, to a place in the underworld. I was enslaved. Whoever served me, during my physical life as a sorcerer, now wanted me to be a servant. I stayed there for a few years, obeying and executing orders to harm people on Earth by black magic. Finally I was understanding how things worked on the “other side”, in the areas close to the Material World.
Over time I’ve been regretting it. I remembered my family, and also my uncle, who had given me good lessons. I regretted that I had not formed my own family, just thinking about making money. I missed opportunities. And he was there, serving as a footman of brute entities. Ambition had blinded me.
I did not have much time to indulge in repentance, because when my mind was lost in it the “bosses” perceived and punished me. In the lower layers of the Astral, there is pain similar to physics. It all depends on the mind and the emotions. As the energy of the entity, in picking up, it feels pain. The ignorant spirit can get stuck, feel hungry and thirsty. There are real tortures in the underworld, but I have not come to detail this!
One day, at a time when I obeyed only by obeying, no longer having an affinity with all that, I had a new opportunity. I was in the house of a rich person, to cause a disturbance commissioned. It was me and another “boss.” However, after we entered the mansion, we got stuck in the place. There was an invisible shield. It looked like a trap.
We entered freely, without sentinels, but it was not possible to leave. A barrier would not let us out. My “companion” was disgusted! I Do not! I was tired of it all. If I could not go back to the “hole” where I was accustomed, and if no “boss” got back to charge us, better!
After a few days, everything cleared up. Me and my comparsa were collected by an exus group. My comrade resisted and the force was immobilized. I did not react. From that day, we went to different places. They gave me a chance for recovery and resumption of work under the Law. I took advantage of the chance and, over time, I worked as an auxiliary of an exus phalanx. My task was to rescue energy-depleted entities in the Lower Astral. Now, after nine Earth years, they gave me a degree. I already work as an exu of downloading in Umbanda centers. I do not give no consultation! I need to learn more. And I can only convey this message to you, because I am being helped.
I am following my walk, with determination, without being discouraged. I went through a great detour! I lost a life, falling into the same error of a more distant past. I hope that my case will be read by the people of Earth and that it will serve for others who have been reborn to be mediums. And may these not fall like me!
Make better use of your chance to grow and free yourself from old addictions.

After the message was posted, I felt a bit tired, because it was past midnight. The entity did not identify, but I did not bother with that. I thanked Mr. Sete for bringing that spirit, which told us his story, which is the story of many mediums lost by financial ambition or power. I meditated a little on this subject and felt that I had fulfilled my psychographic mission well that night. Then I went to sleep, having a good night’s sleep.

Well, dear reader, we have reached the end of this work “Vivências de Umbanda”. In all, there were 38 reports, 29 of which were situations within Umbanda sessions and nine in different contexts, where I was able to psychograph messages from guides or guardians of the Umbandist current. I hope that these experiences can be useful to all those who seek to understand Spirituality, in its various forms of manifestation, here in our world, still so densely vibrating …
I already think of writing another book, which is, in a way, a continuation of this. For this, I need more time, in these troubled days that we have passed, in order to seek in my memory what I experienced in my Umbandist journey, in a trustworthy way and without mystification. Umbanda does not need lies and exaggerations. The truth is enough.
So, I’m saying goodbye and leaving a “goodbye”, also waiting for the inspiration of the Umbandist current’s mentors, so that, in a perhaps brief future, we may meet again in new shared Umbanda experiences … I embrace everybody. Pablo de Salamanca


Thanks for reading


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What Dreams may come – Behind the human egos – Part I

Question 908: How can we define the limit at which the passions cease to be good or bad?

“The passions are like a horse that is useful when under control, but dangerous when it obtains the mastery. A passion becomes pernicious the moment when you cease to govern it, and when it causes an injury to yourselves or to others.” The passions are levers that Increase man’s powers tenfold, and aid him in the accomplishment of the designs of Providence but if, instead of ruling them, he allows himself to be ruled by them, he falls into every sort of excess, and the same force which, held well in hand, would have been useful to him, falls upon and crushes him. All the passions have their source in a natural sentiment or a natural want. They are therefore not evil in themselves, since they constitute one of the providentially-appointed conditions of our existence. what is usually meant by “passion” is the exaggeration of a need or a Sentiment. But this exaggeration Is the excessive action of a motive-power, and not the power Itself; it is this excessive action which becomes an evil, and leads to evil consequences of every Kind. Every passion that brings man nearer to the nature of the animals takes him further from the spiritual nature. Every sentiment that raises man above the nature of the animals is evidence of the predominance of his spiritual nature over his animal nature and brings him nearer to perfection. Allan Kardec, The Spirit´s Book

Book: Religion of the Spirits. Author: Emmanuel Medium: Francisco Xavier

Performed by Professor André Sobreiro
Participation: Roberto and Theodora

Photo: Miss Froggy

Chapter 10: Examine the very affliction

Emmanuel: Examine the very affliction that thy concern not convert in devastating emotional storm.

André: The author Emmanuel suggests a movement called “self-evaluation” or self-analysis”. So if the person is distressed, anguished or suffering, she always seeks the blame on others. However, before judging others for our suffering, we must examine the very affliction.
Restlessness is a natural principle, it is necessary for us to grow spiritually. A natural principle is that compels us to Progress.

There is a philosopher who says, “the satisfied animal sleeps.” If the animal is fed and feels safe, he lay in the shade and sleep.  It means that, if we are satisfied, the tendency is to accommodate ourselves and not see the needs to move forward in the progress. Because we are pleased with our Situation. Then, restlessness is not the problem. The problem are the uncontrolled emotions that come with this concern. Such as neurosis, depression, fear, panic, aggression and several others.

Emmanuel: All afflictions are characterized by types and special names:

The affliction of selfishness is called egomania

André: The person finds himself the most beautiful, intelligent, intends that all people to serve him, not divide anything with anyone.

Theodora: Always waiting to take advantage for himself own. Not care about the feeling or suffering of others.

Book The Comforter, Emmanuel

The affliction of addiction is called delinquency

André: The addicted person, leaves a lot of important thing in favor of addiction. Until own food is changed to maintain the vice.

Roberto: Many people have passion for many things. Much Passion, may turn into vices, as for example for special object or person Then, the Person has no control anymore.

André: The affliction is that the delinquency. But we should not see delinquency as a crime, but to see the laws of God. Many people fail, for example, enjoying the opportunity to do something important for her life and others, because he is addict in a toxic .. As Kardec says: The passion is not bad. Bad is when you lose control of your actions and own reasoning.

The affliction of aggression is called Cholera

André: If the person has not the feeling planted within itself, she does not mug. The suggestion is: Work this feeling, learn to drain this energy to relieve yourself. If it is working properly, we do not are in danger of harming others. Whether verbally or physically. If the energy is stopped, stored, the chance of losing control is very big.

Theodora: There are many ways to work the energy: Psychologists, Yoga, Meditation. physical exercises, activities that are pleasing…

181 How to understand the feelings of cholera in the procedures of human life?
-The cholera does not solve evolutionary problems and means nothing more than a memory trace, of the beginnings of human life in its most vulgar expressions.
The serene energy builds up always, in the construction of feelings purifiers; but impulsive cholera, in its primitive movements, is a poisoned wine drunk whose soul always awakens with the heart touched bitter aftertaste. Book The Comforter, Emmanuel

André: If after remorse, I know correct my failure, the pain is less. The worst thing is if I repeat the same mistake other times

The affliction of fanaticism is called intolerance

Fanaticism term can be seen as fundamentalism. The fundamentalist person does not tolerate different ideas.

Roberto: The fanatical person dictates the rules, only his opinion is valid,  the truth.

Theodora: Many times using the aggression to make their idea be accepted.

The affliction getaway is called cowardice

André: The person does not have the courage to face the own problems.

Roberto: They are individuals who take refuge and enclose in religious temples, ashrams, leaving all the problems behind.

Theodora: Suicide is one way of escape. The problem is that life goes on. The person kills himself, thinking that with this act, the problems are over, but in reality they increase. They arrive in the spirit world, not understanding anything … Feeling hungry, feeling thirsty, cold, pain of the object that was the cause of suicide Many people go crazy in the spiritual world.
If they have had depression, so they are in a depressed state, which often last for years and even centuries. Until they accept help from spiritual mentors. The spiritual guides try but they get no conexion with those suffered souls. The Person who commited the suicide is never alone, is never helpless. But the own person does not allow the aid. She can notbecause it is a very low frequency. as an example, the movie Robin Williams
We have to pray a lot for those souls… They need a lot of prayer, much feeling of affection and love. No judgment.

Mediumship Symptoms

Mediumship itself is not the cause, it is the result that is showing that you have forgotten that you have a purpose to evolve and live being who was born to be. Bruno J. Gimenes

Photo: Miss Froggy. Minerva in Bath


Mediumship is the sensitivity to the extraphysical. In other words, mediumship is the natural ability, present in all people, to act as a conduit of energy which channels information from a more subtle plane of existence to another denser.

The medium term refers to this ability we all have, without exception, to capture vibrations, which were spiritual, psychic, telluric, not physical, then, they are not perceived by physical eyes. And because they are not perceived by physical eyes is that they constitute a great challenge for humanity.

This means that if you do not study mediumship or develop it through a system, you probably suffer from the negative side of mediumship.
However, the focus of your action should never be the development of your mediumship itself, but the development of your moral conduct, emotional improvement, love development, of forgiveness, of suitable actions to improve your life and put more kindness and joy in every act.

As a rule, mediumship is not the problem, but it only warns that there is a problem in the way you see the world, and almost always indicates that you are not being who was born to be. In other words, mediumship can tell that you are not living the purpose of your soul and your existence.

Now that you understand why mediumship can play tricks” in your life, and that in fact it is not the villain of the story, I want to tell you some signs of mediumship when you are unbalanced and did not find your life purpose. These mediumship signals (in this case) often called unbalanced mediumship symptoms or not developed properly.

  • Discomfort in environments with many people;
  • Discomfort next there are some specific people, even if you do not know them;
  • Restlessness for no reason;
  • Mood disorders without apparent cause and constant bipolarity;
  • Antipathies unjustifiable;
  • Sudden changes of personality states without apparent cause;
  • Empty chest and feeling anxiety, depression forthcoming;
  • Agitation, hyperactivity and disproportionate animosity towards common situations;
  • Anger, stress and hassle disproportional for common situations;
  • sleep disorders;
  • anxiety disorders;
  • self-defeating thoughts;
  • mental and creative block;
  • Fainting with no apparent cause;
  • Pain without apparent cause;
  • Insomnia;
  • emotional phobias of most varied
  • Restlessness and lack of emotional satiety;
  • espirituais’ disorders, feelings of figures and voices that cause discomfort;
  • Acute feelings of worthlessness and low self-esteem, among others.Conclusion:

You may ask yourself after reading this article: Am I with the symptoms of the unbalanced mediumship?
And I answer you that if you found some similarities in the response that is most likely yes.

But the focus should never be mediumship itself, but its growth as a being who must always evolve. Ifin case, that sense of self-charging, take your mind, let him aside, and just dedicate yourself to increase your state of love, compassion, kindness, gratitude for life and done!

Mediumship itself is not the cause, it is the result that is showing that you have forgotten that you have a purpose to evolve and live being who was born to be!

If you focus on that direction, of course your mediumship will be a great allied. You can trust!
A lot of light Bruno J. Gimenes

Self-knowledge: The key to happiness

Simplicity, patience, compassion.
These three are your greatest treasures.
Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being.
Patient with both friends and enemies, you accord with the way things are.
Compassionate toward yourself, you reconcile all beings in the world.”

Dear readers,
in the last few weeks, I worked intensively, trying to translate many texts. Some of them with very strange themes, even to me 😉

At the moment, I’ll take a break, because I have other activities that require my intervention.

Before that, I would like to give a tip about an excellent Brazilian film.

This film is about self-knowledge. Subtitules: English and Spanish.

I hope you enjoy.

A hug a all of you and see you soon!
Lots of light and peace and Axe!

Miss Froggy


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God and the Universe – Part 3

There is a whole infinite number of capabilities that we do not know how to handle with. There are people who feel sadness, anger, remorse they feel guilt, they feel fear, but we do not learn to deal with emotions. Yasmin Madeira

In the same way, we are immersed in a water ocean. It is because the water molecules are separated, but if all the molecules unite we would be in a huge water ocean over our head.

And we are in a vibratory ocean. An ocean that Kardec calls Fluid Universal. We can give the tone and the potentiality we want. Forever. Yasmin Madeira

Nasa picture

Book of the Spirits Allan Kardec Year of Publication: 1857 in Paris

ISBN: 10: 1612038980 PDF:

Speaker: Yasmin Madeira


Date of Publication:  28.03.2014

She is lecturer and scholar of the spiritism according to Allan Kardec

Contact: Centro Espirita Euripedes Barsanufo, Rio de Janeiro

What is God?

When we think about the diversity of air, atmosphere, the vegetations When we think of the ecological organization of a forest where everything is complete. If you move in the amount of some animals, it affects all the ecologicalgenerating a disharmony
When we begin to vibrate, realizing that this loving being and good it is everywhere, but not only is outside of us, abroad. He is inside us.

For when we pray, we seek often God up there, in the background of sky. But if we think we’re on a globe, which is the earth, it is a powder in the universe, which gravitates. Does not exist above or below. God then he involved with his energy, the whole universe, and we have only thought continuous, because it is in us organizing. It is through divine thought that we can have continuous thoughtthe energy for our body.

It is he who causes the electrons that revolve around the proton, are in harmony together. It is he who everything forms.
We are living in the thought and the divine mindIt is God  outside of us, as scholars say: transcendent God.

But also the immanent Godwhich is this God that is within us. The word God, written with tiny d. It is as if we had within ourselves, by this divine energywhich Kardec says, living into our consciousness..

For this reason, we can speak to him at any time. And we can ask him everything, because he knows usthe needs which are often our own blockages that interfere in our lives.

Then, how many times God wants to offer us ways, and we do not open ourselves to receive?

Therefore, when we pray for forces, asking virtues, calm, balance, asking that he guide us in any doubt that we have, because often we lack the pieces of the puzzle from our life and we were not sure which is the right direction to follow.
Has this happened with you or just me? It happens to everyone.

But often we can not make a full analysis of the events, because they miss the pieces.
So, we need to stop and focus on God, dive into this divine love and ask him to guide us.
So, with the passage of time, we’re feeling the intuitions, an inner voice that tells us which direction to take. This is God‘s work. He does not materialize in front of us, he works in silence.

And in order to get in touch with him, it is very important we make an inner silence.
Now I will ask our Ricardo increase a little the music and if you guys and Internet users who are at home, wanted to do, feel free.
Do you do this to us, Ricardo?

I’m afraid to touch because I have a fantastic mediumship that the group already knows perfectly: it is a mediumship called physical defects”, understood?
Just I put the hand, and the electronic devices pifam, spoil, do not work … Who has this kind of mediumship (Then She laughs).
Okay, thank you.

Then we’ll drive us to our inner self, because we are so used to knowing things by logical reasoning. But as we lack that sense of intelligence to understand God in its magnitude, we have to take a break and take a dip in our interior.
Kardec says that we could know the divine attributes through our reasoning.
God and supremely just and good. God is unique. God is omnipresent, meaning it is present everywhere. he is omniscient he knows everything because he created everything.

And as we think based on the energy that he gives us, in reality, he knows everything. everything we think.
God is omnipotent, is the greatest power in the universe. Because if he was not unique, there would be another god and there would have differences. If he was not the supreme power, the other would have the power too.

But see: God created us. He is our original source. He is at the same time, our heavenly Father and our merciful mother.

So, if we have in us the divine genetics, because we are his children absolutely, we, with g” tiny, we are also gods.
This is why Christ said, You are gods”, recalling a passage from the Old Testament.
So my brothers, we bring divine potential, which are on essence inside us.

As we pray, as we learn, study, reflect, we do meditations
As we work for the benefit of others and not just for our own benefit, we engage in a voluntary service, all this active in us the divine potential, which are asleep…

We have healing powers we can send affection fluids, and people will receive.
The spirits explain that we are
immersed in a fluid, as we are immersed in the air. We do not we see the air, but we feel, when breathing, it exists.

In the same way, we are immersed in a water ocean. It is because the water molecules are separated, but if all the molecules unite we would be in a huge water ocean. 

And we are in a vibratory ocean. An ocean that Kardec calls *** Fluid Universal. We can give that power the tone and the potentiality we want.

When we remember the wrong things in, we feel anger of others when we remember about things that happened that bring bitterness we do not feel a burden? In these moments, we are giving a voice when Cosmic Universal fluid, which surrounds our energetic vibration.

As I think about the good, I pray, I visualize a light that goes to my loved one, my love, or someone I want to help, that person receives this energy.
The more I practice, the more we multiply this divine potential at me.

What happens to us is that we embody in a culture that values only material things. At school we are instructed only to be good professionals. We do not have that activation of the divine powers in us, because we do not see ourselves as immortal spirits.

They see only one person who is a worker and that needs to be immersed in the labor market. Is not it? They’re not wrong, because we need to work, it is fair.
But this active, alone, our intellectual side.

There is a whole infinite number of capabilities that we do not know how to handle with. There are people who feel sadness, anger, remorse they feel guilt, they feel fear, but we do not learn to deal with emotions.

But man, today, is able through the psychology, and of course the teachers can pass this on to children, too. But they too have not been targeted for this. Because it denies this side. Refuses that we are spirits, we have emotions, to see us, only those who should be prepared for the labor market and produce ..
So we are immersed in this kind of hedonistic culture.

What we are encouraged to do, is to consume, buy nonstop.
And we increasingly unrealistic requirements, because the market needs. So now we buy a mobile phone, maybe in two months, it is already outdated, because the market already become new versions.

Also, the materials are sold with a programming to spoil after a certain number we use. To having a bit length of time for us to buy more.
So we do not know, but we are led all the time to consumerism. So we are caught in a fantasy.

If we do not wake up, we’ll spend the whole terrestrial existence. the period of time that we are on earth to evolve to know ourselves, to work our spiritual ascent. Instead, we’ll use just to have money, buy cool clothes,
to buy summer clothes, to buy a color pink shoe to buy the car to buy trinkets and over.
Life revolves around to having sex, eating, drinking, sleeping, shopping, and ended.

But we are not only that. We are not only the bodynor the physical needs.
Of course it’s fair to have a proper clothing, we have an object all this is fair, but the purpose of our existence is not this. If we move on to life just looking for it, we will feel an immense void.

Anyone who has felt? I’ve often felt a void after buying that thing that I really wanted to You guys have feltA reality, is not it? Gives a frustration … So, the mind starts to design a new thing for us to purchase.
So, we need to take a moment and reflect that we are immortal spirits. As my mentor said, we all are in terminal phase, in the sense that at any time, no matter the age, we’re leaving.

So let’s organize our lives not to let difficulties for the family, and let´s start activating inside us the divine potential.

If we are preparing to make a trip to a certain place, it is not natural that we gather information before making the trip? If there is cold, it is the people there, where to stay, what to do when we get there …
Thus putting the luggage, all that we can be useful there, like toothbrush, one pullover, remedies for migraine … 

Here, we find ourselves in spiritistic home to reflect how it is in the spirit world for which we will leave.
It is also to enable us, the precious goods, the only ones that we will take when we leave.
Because we do not take the relatives we do not take our loves, or take the wife nor the husband, or children.
We go alone. For no one is ours, proper, even our bodies. All that is material, stay!

So we need to turn´what really are going to take: The serenity, the joy of living, because life does not end. The spiritual welfare, the activations of the perception of cosmic reality, the divine energies, God feeling in us, bringing us peace, comfort. It is within us, we must seek security, not abroad .. The kingdom of heaven Jesus said, it is in vain that this generation search the sky here and there.

For the kingdom of heaven is inside us.
It is in this self dive we find God. This peace. And the measure that we in looking inside, this peace
Then, there is nobody else with the power to make ourselves unhappy. At this time, we took the other the power to define our existence, so we have control of our lives. Because we realize that there is only someone, without which we could not live: It is God. It is the soul of our soul. It is the supreme love that loves us divinely. Who is always at our side. We were never alone, never been alone …

Five minutes daily can have this meeting with God who dwells within us.
I invite you now to close your eyes and pay attention to the nostrils. Feel the cold air entering the nostrils. Feel the sensation from air moving in and out. Just so you guys to calm down the muscles around the eyes relaxed. the muscles around the mouth is released, the shoulders slump. You loose the bonds from abdomen, you relax your legs, feet
And in this state of tranquility, you can dive into your heart. Imagine a mustard grain of consciousness within your chest. Then, you will feel a peace, a serenity
It is God in you.

While that peace grows, you can feel the divine cosmic. You see planets, stars, see rays of light penetrating through your head, involving your physical brain and perispiritual matrix. At this time, inadequate thought forms, negative energies, lower, possibly generated by inexperienced minds, dissolve and this divine power will illuminating your neck, pouring over your chest, wrapping your abdomen, involving the legs, feet .. .
Feel you floating, dancing one cosmic dance on earth.
Feel the energy and movement of the universe. Surrender to this feeling of peace And now, talk to God.

Asks what what you need. What else you want, inside your heart. He hears you.

Now I will make a prayer:

God the Father, thank you.
That thy light, this time not only illuminates our physical and perispiritual body, but it leaves this space and involves all mankind.

Oh God the Father. Dear Daddy, as Jesus taught us to call you Divine Mother, the universe soul.
That your love may involve all minds and all human hearts. Strengthens, Lord of life, those who already understand your laws of love and work to sustain them. To realize them in the world.

Bless the misguided brothers so that they can realize that, in reality, all the evil that we do, it creates terrible laces in our consciousness, requiring the proper repair.
Involves, Lord of life, this planet school that is the earth.

Bless the air and the creatures of the sky. The seas and the creatures of the seas, oceans, lakes, rivers.
Bless forests, vegetation. Bless the food we serve in. Light animals, plants.
Finally, Lord of life, thank you for having created us. thank you, because we have clarity, because we have self-knowledge, still headed for complete knowledge.
Help us Lord, in this evolution process. That your love is always with us, and we are always with you. Thank you sir.
That all spiritual conquests, of this time, be integrated at all levels of our being. Forever.



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*** The term, universal cosmic fluid, and universal fluid was first used in spiritism in The Spirits’ Book, by Allan Kardec in 1857. The definition of universal cosmic fluid according to the book is:

27. Allan Kardec: There are then two general elements of the universe, matter and spirit?
Spirit: Yes and foremost God, the creator, the father of all things. God, spirit and matter are the beginning of everything that exists, the universal trinity.

But the material element has to join the universal fluid which plays the role of intermediary between spirit and matter itself, too rough so that the spirit can exert action on it. Although a certain point of view, it is permissible to classify it with the material element, it is distinguished by this special property.

If the universal fluid was positively matter, there would be no reason for that also the spirit was not. It is placed between spirit and matter; It is fluid, as matter is matter, and susceptible, its innumerable combinations with this, and, under the action of spirit, to produce the infinite variety of things that you not only know a tiny part. This universal fluid, or primitive, or elementary, being the agent of the spirit uses, it is the principle without which the matter would be in a perpetual state of division and never acquire the qualities that gravity gives you.

Such matter (or energy) is very quintessential, lying at all points of the universe, and thus make the origin of various materials, including more dense

The value of Life – Part II

Today let’s talk about how important it is to fall in love into the life. Therefore, it seems of elementary importance that even understanding the seriousness of suicide, our action that is compatible to the gospel, forgiving 70×7 times and love the next as ourselves
André Trigueiro

Our biggest challenge at the height of desperation it is to breathe deeply and remember: Tomorrow is another day” André Trigueiro

7th Spiritualist Congress of Rio Grande do Sul – Theme: The Gospel in the world and in hearts

Lecturer: André Trigueiro, Journalist, editor in chief of Cities and Solutions, Expert in environment and author of several books


Youtube: https ://

Published: 06/11/2013

Photo: Miss Froggy – Germany 2015

The value of Life – Part II

Understand the pain means: It hurts, but I’m realizing that this is part of my evolutionary project.
It is deriving from the imperfect way in which I lay myself on the board of the physical existence. Now suffering is the deterioration from this state, in many cases, for us to be impatient and intolerant of certain processes that are part of life.

Depressive state is not depressionDepression is a mood disorder that determines the interference in the biochemistry of the brain.

The brain synapses are compromised. the passage of information from neuron to neuron happens slowly. This makes the depressive, are often unable not even get out of bed to take coffee, open the window, even to answer the phone.

It is an existence as “dead aliveand he suffers when someone comes to him and says: You have health, you have a job, you have a lovely family and you are lying down, sleeping… Stand up!

Anyone who has experiences to live with a person who suffers from depression, she knows how difficult this coexistence, and know how important is to provide support, help and solidarity for those who are going through this painThe worst thing you can say for a depressing is: “Get up!” There are other methods to deal with it.

What is the exit to confront the depressionI will quote the divaldiano method“:

Three basic providences:
1. Enjoy the privilege of being embodied in the 21st century and make use of what any other last incarnation has been at our disposal, in our hands: Antidepressant medication recommended by a doctorhaving the patience to see if the formula and dosage are compatible to us, waiting for the outcome.
What the Greeks in antiquity called melancholy, in many cases, are depression. Until recently there was not antidepressants. Save the world of regeneration, which is coming up with important cocktails of antidepressants to interfere with the biochemistry of the brain.

Solve the Problem? No, but he helps. Do not open hand of this first feature. He is the first therapeutic step. 

2. The indispensable and urgent support from the therapist, for him to helps the depressive person to better understand who he is, what bothers or weakens him, where this lack of courage or lack of disposition come from, the possible causes of this present life, who are causing this lethargy, this difficulty in handling of bodily existence. It is not possible to open hand of the therapy.

3. The last, and also very important: The fluid therapy. Lamartine Palhano Junior, espirita researcher says: In approximately 70% of cases, depression is associated with the action of obsessors.

By tuning law ((frequency)), it is appropriate to seek recourse from the fluid therapy, the magnetic pass (Please see: Franz Anton Mesmer), in order to get during this difficult period, having at least one rear protection of the action of evil spirits.

Still talking about depression, I’ll to repeat what said Joana de Angelis (spiritual Menthor of the Medium Divaldo Franco): The depression has its origin in the spirit that reincarnates with high dose of guilt when walking in the evolution processon negative factors that point out his march, and not resolve to be free definitively
This vulnerability, in large part of the cases, is guilty.

The depressive need to mobilize forces to, at least have hope. Patience, that that phase is going to end.

The psychiatrist Jaider Rodrigues de Paula, which is spiritualist, tells us: “The matrix of depression are insipid in the perispirit. The physical body reflects the spiritual body. If the reincarnating brings, carved into the psycho-soma, the matrix of depression, will influence the genetic selection of the elements that could, is a possibility, enabling the physical life; if the person concerned wishes.”
LOOK AT THE FREE WILL. Diseases are effects, not causes.

What does it say spiritism about suicide:

There’s no other spiritualistic philosophy, religion, mystical current that offers us so much information and subsidies to understand the reality of suicide in the spirit world.

It is important to know that, under any circumstances, the suicidal act will represent relief, either improvement of emotional conditions for the one who exterminates him or herself. However,  the spiritual destiny of suicide is not equal for everybody. One has to recognize gradations of postmortem experiences of the suicide of the body.

Example: The one, afflicted with schizophrenia, deeply disturbed by not able to clearly distinguish what is true from what is hallucination. And eventually the subject of hidden forces that encourage the abortion of this existential project. And when he kills himself, he can not and should not suffer the same fate of that other, which acts coldly, with no psychopathology disturbe, in which gives up life without purpose, a cold and calculating act.

This one which enjoyed full physical and mental conditions, to follow throughout the course of fleshly existence, when abandon existence, he will have to understand, pedagogically, through the pain, the mistake of this act.

Another important question. We lose time, in my view, when we ask, like that: “Who is the suicidal?and some will say, “it’s a coward who abandoned the existence” while others will say: It is a brave man, because we have a survival instinct. It is not easy precipitate own death

Let me say that this is an irrelevant discussion. What matters is to recognize that all suicidal, when they decide to make this imprudent act, they want solution. They want to solve a problem that causes a profound existential anguish.

This is my vision, and I may say that bothers me a lot to see Spiritist people pointing their finger, saying angry, calling the suicide as a criminal.

We are reincarnationists. Which of us can say that in a past life not commit the same acts, to solve problems? And if we left the hole we found ourselves because of this action, it is because, instead of pointing the finger, someone gave us the hand.

Therefore, it seems of elementary importance that, even understanding the seriousness of suicide, our action that is compatible to the gospel, forgiving 70×7 times and love the next as ourselves. This is the gesture that is expected in the direction of suicide.

Let me say, that bothers me also in the final prayer in a Espiritism institution, after a lecture or any other activity of the house, in which we remember the orphanage, asylum, the hospital, the abandoned dogs and kittens … We remember all those in need, poor, miserable, insane But do not remember the suicide. 

It is the taboo that I said in the beginning. The Tabu is present in some Spiritist houses, prejudice as well.
The suicide people are our brother in humanity. They went wrong and need us to move on.

We need this ethical positioning, do not condemn on principle, but, pardon on principle and extending the hand.

I recommend a book because it brings numerous messages regarding the suicide problem, psychographic by Francisco Xavier, which is called: ” Suicide and its consequence”. I will report a part of it, where Brother X interview a suicidal woman of 32, who passed away in Rio de Janeiro, ingesting formicidae. The outcome of the interview is presented in topic:

  •  She did not have any religious faith.
  • She remained completely lucid and for a long time when death occurred.
  • She suffered with terrible suffering, when found disembodied. 
  • She could hear the cries of her husband and young son, beseeching for help
  • When the hearse collects her body, she tries to stay at home but she could not.
  • She was in a morgue compartment, crying maddening
  • To find herself naked on the autopsy table, immediately trembled with shame
  • After two men open his belly, without any ceremony, endured showers of cold water on the exposed viscera.
  • Prayed, the way the desperate freaks, without any notion of God.
  • Although many friends and family, who were disembodied, tried to help her, was not possible. Because of her suicidal condition, she was still in its fullness of the vital physical forces. She was still materialized, under the body of flesh.
  • Attended the own funeral, with horror imaginable.
  • Being mentally blind of pain, she could not see the spiritual benefactors of the cemetery. This touched me the first time I read it, because even when we commit the imprudence of killing ourself, our guides and our mentors are on our side. We are never alone.
  • Does not know how long she was in the tomb cell.
  • When the magnetic rope broke (silver cord that unites the perispirit of the physical body). When the magnetic rope broke away, she were able to stand up in the grave.
  • After a long time of prayer and remorse, she obtained assistance from missionaries spirits, and was admitted to a treatment field in the spiritual world.


The reason she decided to kill herself was: Jealousy. Her husband, who were  sympathized with another woman.

Well. Humberto de Campos (author) asked her if that attitude had brought some benefit. She answered the following: Only complications

After 6 years of absence, hurt by terrible longing, she was allowed and had permission to visit the residence, which still thought and thought, be her home, she got a huge surprise. For did not help her own punishment: “My husband, still young, needed company and chosen to his second wife, the abominated rival. He and my son, they were on the care of the woman who raised me hate and anger.

In other passages in this book say that, people who commit suicide at the peak of hopelessnesssometimes the solution of the problem occurs hours after the fatal act, the next day …

It’s amazing to divine providence. It is time to overcome.

Our biggest challenge at the height of desperation it is to breathe deeply and remember: Tomorrow is another day

We have to allow time for the issue to take its course.
It sounds simple, but it is not.
And there are those who read the gospel at the height of despair, hoping a direct message, wanting an answer to his problem. Then he is disappointed, when finally become from the mediumship in the center, “came a message for you.” The light spirit, indirectly sends the message of strength and energy. But for him is not enough. He wants the spirit write, directly, about his problem. 

He crumples the paper and throw in the trash. Oh God, I prayed so much for an answer. And that’s what sent me a phrase that appears in any literary work of Chico, Divaldo, Raul?”

Any little problem, consults the spirits, not walking by own efforts 

Spirits of light, by definition, tends not to mix the smallness that beset us on a daily basis.

Evolution is merit. Evolution is a personal and not transferable process.

If the spiritual guide decides to write: Alberto, tomorrow don´t go to work. Trust me, and look for another job. In relation to your wife, you have to impose youself…”  There is no merit, there is no evolution.

The stone was placed and there is no reasons to celebrate .. An existence passes quickly, the solution expected for that project didn´t come. We should ask at this moment: Is it God who punishes?

Why punishment is not applicable here? I will give an example: It is night at home. Suddenly gives a problem in the electrical network and there is no light.  The father lights a candle. A small child decides to play with the candle and starts passing the finger between the flame, until burn out.

The question is that: God punished the boy because he put his finger on fire?
Do not seem to be the reason…

The encounter of a carbon structure, full of nerve endings, called finger” with the elemental energy of the universe, called “Fire“, with high calorific power, results in a degradation to the carbon structure, with repercussion on the nervous system.
It is the nature at work. Are the laws governing life and the universe.
It is not God’s punishment, if you burned your finger.

2.d Part: 44 min.


Thanks for reading and have a week with a lot of peace and good energy into your life. 

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Life is Beautiful

Even in the face of all the difficulties, life is worth being lived. miss Froggy

Spirit: André Luiz   Medium: Francisco Xavier


When you observe on the edge of discouragement, accelerate the footsteps forward, forbidding yourself to stop.

Pray, asking God more light to overcome the shadows.

Do something good, beyond fatigue in which you find yourself.

Read an uplifting page that helps you reasoning in constructive change of ideas.

Try to contact people whose conversation improve your spiritual atmosphere.

Look for an environment where it is possible to hear words and instructions that ennoble  your thoughts.

Do someone a favor, especially one for which you are putting off.

Visit a sick person, seeking comfort those going through more difficulties than yours.

Meets the immediate tasks that await you and preventing you any delay in dismay clouds.

Save the conviction that we are all moving forward through problems and struggles, the acquisition of experience, and that life agrees with the remake breaks our strength, but does not accord with the inertia at any time.

Reflecting in charity of peace and joy, for others, which will capitalize you, increasingly, your own happiness, surely you never lose patience and will know to bring the heart and on the lips the good word and fraternal smile by unceasing blessings of God.

The value of life – Part I

The value of life in a world where suicide is case of public health by André Trigueiro

Why it is part of life suffering, the experience of pain? Because it helps us to build spiritual musculature. Pain is obligatory. Suffering is an option

7th Spiritualist Congress of Rio Grande do Sul – Theme: The Gospel in the world and in hearts

Lecturer: André Trigueiro, Journalist, editor in chief of Cities and Solutions, Expert in environment and author of several books


Youtube: https ://

Published: 06/11/2013

André Trigueiro: Good evening. What cold spring. But this issue we will address tomorrow.
I do not know what you guys have earned at this time, after work, attend a lecture about suicide.
However, when the Espiritism speaks of suicide, he’s talking about life. And life in abundance.
The meaning of life and the absurdity of aborting a project realized with so much love and so much affection before our incarnation.
In truth, we must say at the start of this conversation that will be brief, the issue that brings us here today is a taboo. Tabu is what we prefer not to talk about, for cultural reasons, social reasons, mystical or religious reasons, or even Superstitious

Taboo is a forbidden subject. And suicide is a missing subject of society. And this is not good news.We explain why.

I will share some numbers from WHO, that lend, in my view, legitimacy and urgency to this topic between us.
It is estimated that each year, a number between 900,000 and 1 million people kill themselve worldwide. 3,000 cases accomplished by day 1 every 30 seconds. In Brazil are 26 deaths officially registered. We not appear in the rank of countries where this problem is more serious. However we are in the rank of nr. 76.

The number of people who commit suicide in the world today already exceeds that officially already registered of death by homicide or armed conflicts.

An estimated group between 10 and 20 attempt to kill himself without success. An attempt every 3 seconds.
It was recorded in the last five decades an increase of 60% in cases of suicides, especially in developing countries as Chine, India and Brazil
Although the polls show that the self-extermination happens in most old age, registers with concern the increasing case among the younger population. In Brazil, for example, the peak incidence reaches the age of 21.
For each case of suicide consummated, an estimated group of five to six people, next to the suicide, experience a searing pain, which is not rare, becomes trauma.
Are people who can no longer work with the same productivity index and need medical license, or therapeutic support to regain courage to live and move on without the company of the departed.
So if we have approximately one million cases reported annually, we have a large number of people suffering a lot, because of a very difficult trauma and as a rule, can only be achieved out of this psychological state with psychological help
Finally, the expectation of WHO is that the number of suicide in the world bend till the year 2030.
Suicide is an invisible issue, not covered by the medias and we, therefore, without information, not consider this a problem or mobilize efforts or devotes time and energy to solve.
However it is curious In the area of public health suicide demand information and prevention. So here I am today. I’m a journalist, in my work middle, but it’s not easy to break this taboo and this stigma, and there is still much work to be done in order to break this wall.
When people ask: Why this subject is invisible?
The first answer is: Depending on who one speaks of suicide, this may sound like a suggestion for those who are living a difficult, emotional time or existentially

The first evidence of this occurred in the eighteenth century, due to the first work of success, from a German novelist Goethe “the Sufferings of young werther”, year 1774. A novel in which the main character, disillusioned lovingly at the end of the story decides to kill himself.
And? So at the end of a particular period, after the disclosure of this work which was very successful in Europe. At same time, it was found that many young people at the height of romanticism, disillusioned lovingly chose the same method described by Goethe. Therefore, it is the phenomenon of mimicry

Who was experiencing an emotionally vulnerable situation, can be inspired by books, theater plays, movies or the way the press reports of suicid cases, to repeat the gesture
When marilyn monroe passed away in the US at that time was attributed to ingestion of barbicuris, it seemed intentionally, by mimetic effect, there have been similar cases
When the leader of the band Nirvana precipitated his return to spiritual homeland by suicide doors, verified, as result of imitation, young people, especially in USA, who repeated this process.

Moral of the story: There have to be careful on talking about the subject.

What does say the WHO about the correct way to talk about suicide?
The correct way is to remember that suicide, in 90% of the cases, is preventable

I’ll repeat: According to WHO, in 90% of cases suicide is related to psycho-pathologies, which are diagnosable and treatable .

So, there is not a fatality when someone mentions: I’ll kill myself” or when someone thinks the exit to the problems, is to kill and not there to do, there is no way out, it is a determinism, because the person has already reincarnated, thinking about it .

!!! in 90% of cases, there is what to do !!! In my hands is a report of a study by the health ministry, showing why, in 10 cases of suicide, 9 are avoidable:

The survey involved 15,629 obito certificates. So, they tracked the historical cases of consummated:

Then it was verified the predominance:

  • in 35% of cases the patient suffered of humor disorder and  depression: Those are sickness able to be diagnosed and treated.
  • Disorder related to use of toxic substances, drugs, alcohol was the second most important indicator.
  • Schizophrenia, personality disorder, psychotic disorders, anxiety disorders.                    In 90% of cases there is something to do to prevent. We must act!

How is the prevention of diseases such as leprosy, dengue, diarrhea, AIDS, sexual transmissible diseasesThrough information.

In relation to suicide, my friends, the same! But there is no prevention without information. And where there is taboo, there is no room for prevention. 

We need to act in contrary direction of self-extermination! It is not enough to whine. It is not sufficient to pray. We need to act!

I mentioned here some mental disorders order.
Those who study today‘s area, the professional of this area is called suicidologo (investigation clinical psychiatrist). I am not a professional in the area but I have found that psychiatrists who undertake work in the line of investigation and research to try to explain these numbers: Why are so many people killing each other?

This professional investigates why so many people are jumping ship. The little that these professionals have found today is that there is no  determining cause for the suicide happen.
Let’s take an example: “A person, disillusioned lovingly read Goethe’s work, finds out that was betrayed and decides to kill herself.
My friends, let’s put here the statistical absurd it would be, if every  betrayed person, decide to kill herself

From an epidemiological point of view, it is not credible. Let´s put it in another way.

Now, if a person who finds himself betrayed, and this is the logic of suicidpsychologist, not had in childhood the period lap, attention, affection, affection, intimacy with parents or responsible. father and mother are working outside and has no time for children. It is understood…

But time is measured not by the clock. You can only have 10 or 15 minutes a day. But is not that moment when you see a movie, along with your children I speak. Are 10-15 minutes that, the son or daughter realize it belong them. Completely for the child: The heat in the lap, eye to eye, attention. The name of this is emotional nourishment.

What age which has more hunger for affection and love?  0-7 years of age.
Who grows in the domestic environment, surrounded by love and affection, builds a network of protection, which is not 100% effective, but it makes the difference for the rest of life, especially at times when we are needy, insecure, sad, depressed
I have stock of love inside me. I was careful with love, care and affection. And it follows me.

It makes the difference. He who killed himself because he was betrayed, owned any belief in a higher force?
You might call God or whatever name
He owned or not? No. He didn´t have Faith in some higher thing is a vulnerability factor, associated with others who can put that fragile person, in a risk group.

There are other associated factors, but I will not dwell on them. We live in a sexist country (Brazil), in the era of patriarchal society that does not tolerate homosexuality. Homo-affective relations are with prejudice target, at home, at school, at university, at work, on the street …. A person who does not feel part of society feels excluded. And she, depending on a number of factors may be part of risk group. I do not want to live in this world. This world is hostile to me. I‘m not accept even indoors. I am stigmatized for being what I am ” It is a risk factor.

Some research indicates that in Rio Grande do Sul, small farmers who handle pesticides of inadequate way, suffer the side effects of the toxins, which affect the nervous system, determining state of deep depression. Inadequate manipulation of chemical products is a risk factor, with serious side effects..

Indigenous communities, as we have in Brazil, new generations of Indians who are not recognized as Indians by the elders of the communities and by the white man, either. He do not know which tribe he belongs, which society he is taking part of. He does not feel welcomed anywhere. He belongs to a risk factor and this is serious.

Depression: Major risk factor for suicide. It is estimated that a group of 8 to 12% of the population are suffering from mood disorders.

In Brazil are about 20 Millions. worldwide are 700 Millions of depressive.

Important not to confuse depression with depressive state. Depressive state is part of life. Who does not experience sadness or depressive states, is not in full condition of health. Because, being incarnated on the planet Earth means be navigating on a roller coaster, in which there are moments of deep peace, joy, well-being Are those days, when we say like this: “Today I die happy“, while, there are also other times when even being spiritualist, believing in God, praying for spiritual guidance, nothing is going right. We feel alone, fragile and vulnerable.

Why it is part of life suffering, the experience of pain? Because it helps us to build spiritual musculature

As Carlos de Andrade says: Pain is obligatory. Suffering is an option


22 Minutes.


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Nice greetings from Germany, miss Froggy ♥



Children of the Stars

For those who say, “and there is no life after death?
I’ve been happy in this life. But if there is a future life, for those who do not believe, they have already lost the chance to take advantage of the earth time. Raul Teixeira

What a wonderful thing to study study is Lighting the mind, while the mass of spirits living on earth adore the mental laziness, hate reading and studying.

So when we look for culture, trying to learning. This is a spiritual growth. When we learn to play music, singing, drawing speaking another language … when we learn mathematics, physics, engineering, whatever, we are evolving spiritually.

Spiritual evolution is not just religious evolution. It is evolution of being as a whole.

Raul Teixeira

Raul Teixeira,  brazilian physicist, author and public speaker

Reporter: Claudia

Source: Programa Espirito e Vida

Date of publication: 22.07.2013

Theme: Suicid

Reporter Claudia: Spiritism’s point of view, what happens in this spirit that commits suicide?
Raul Teixeira:
The issue of suicide is one of the very interesting questions, because of what we have by custom, perhaps by religious traditions and the collector character of society to admit that a suicide is someone irremissibly lost, doomed to hellfire. And there are religions that do not even consider him more and do not realize prayers on his behalf. Exactly they are the individuals who most need prayers.

Reporter Claudia: Is it different by Spiritism?
Raul Teixeira: It is different, because the proposal of spiritism is that every person who takes his own life, he must be living a
different picture in his psychological privacy, in his psychic intimacy. The creature that suicide is certainly disgusted of life, surely he does not accept the proposals
that life is bringing, want take revenge from something or someone, or is simply motivated in what
call as ” an honorable suicide” in admitting that he will be, on killing the body, performing a featby releasing his people, creating situations able to give his people a greater magnitude.
A lot of people takes his own life within this line of “honorable suicide” to undo a
crime, a mistake, a misunderstanding.
There are alsothe one who takes his own life in order to make someone feel guilty. Then let letters, notes, so that someone is always unfocused what the divinity expects from us, so that to spiritism, each suicide person have a level of responsibility.We can not take a caliper and from there put all the same caliber or measured by the same standard.

Reporter Claudia: A bodyguard, for example, is to defend the life of someone.
In a special situation, of a bullet for example, this bodyguard stands in front of the person and dies. Is he a suicide?
This is somebody who wants to save the life of somebody. If we consider the divine laws he will not be considered suicidal, because actually he had no intention of dying had no intention to kill himself.
Even that one who is doing through which to kill himself, we consider as indirect suicide, like the case of those who have tobacco addiction and drugs excess, if he’s doing it as acustomary habit, but not with intent to kill. It is suicidal but it is a suicide
But often the creature knows this substance will take him to death, then it is a conscious suicidal. It is a direct suicide, because he knows that it kills.

Reporter Claudia: Ist that worsening his situation from the spiritual point of view?
Raul Teixeira: Yes, complicates because, as
the more you know, the more responsibility you have about the known material.
So therefore Jesus Christ established that “the one that has, more shall be ask.” Obviously it is the law of life.
You do not ask a child what you charge for an adult. you will not ask for a mental patient or an insane person that you charge from a lucid and balanced person.
so that the divinity also considers these cases and because of that many people who
passes away, leaving the world who die in a state of suicide, at the arriving in the spirit world and realize that she committed the folly at the moment
of insanity, at the moment of spiritual hardship, of
spiritual gloom, as lots of people who will be carried in this whirlwind, because of spiritual harassment of spiritual disturbance, it is clear that these harassments, these disturbances we give access to them but do not give access to them with the intention of killing us.
The mental carelessness, the way of living wrongly, can any exploitative, opportunistic entity makes use of this open channel. and because she knows that you have cies, you have inclinations to self-destruction, fleeing of the hardest things, then she (ghost, bad spirit) will taking you gradually to admit that out of death there is no solution.
Then because of this, we find out many people are driven to suicide by spiritual induction. It is not that the spirit will kill the person, but it will put in her mind, that the best solution to the problem that she is living, is to realize that dying is the only exit and the creature in the state of interior torment, does not evaluate it, not evaluates the consequence…

Reporter Claudia: So how is the situation those people that somehow collaborate so that the person commit suicide?
Raul Teixeira: It is very interesting that question, reason we see many suicide reborn with cerebral palsy, with deformities, with serious injuries, mostly people who shoot in the
heart, who shoot in the head, they come back with damage in those areas
that the shot has affected. Other creatures ingest poisons, serious toxic, and come back with damage in the vocal tract in the digestive tract, gastrointestinal tract…
And of course who is coming to support these
people, to be the mother of the disabled? dad of the handicapped? The family of the disabled, if not those who which often lead the creature that level of achievement? so that all people who are close to the patient, with exceptions, they are not next to the patient because they are good people, or because God wants to test their faith, as many people believe.but they are there under the laws of reincarnation because they have anything to do with this episode.
And how much more has to do, the more suffering with the creature’s issue as mother and father, who suffer the most because they are more directly next to them, those with more work with these creatures. then we spread with siblings, grandparents, uncles until the company that in a very broadly since it is the
largely responsible for the things that occurs to the individual.

Reporter Claudia: A person dies. What’s up? Traditionally in our culture comes the
funeral. And after that, what happens with the spirit?

Raul Teixeira: The funeral is of course a tribute what we do, that we pay to the body that served for the spiritual being has been reincarnated on the earth.

Our dear spiritual being, our father, our mother, friend, brother or whoever who past away, are not there anymore more in that body that we bow. So our dear spiritual being went back to the normal primitive world where he came from.

All of us who occupy a physical body, before fertilization, the sperm into the ovum, we came from the spiritual homeland, we came of this spiritual dimension and obviously to get out of the body to return the spirit world, to this special vibration what we call as “the world of spirits”, in this particular frequency, which is the world of spirits.

And there as a function of how it was our life, we’ll go to live our consciousness so that each will be given according to their works, warned Jesus Christ. If we had a life of growth, efforts like normal people, there is no need to hero, saint or  angel either.

The importance that the divinity gives to our life on earth is that we are good people. Good as men and women, performing in the world every form of good we can accomplish here,doing all the best we can do in our profession with our family at our leisure and our own good health. All we can do, from planting a flower, until the generation someone‘s life. We should be given in favor of those consequences happily for the soul.

When we talk about happily consequences for the soul, most people can imagine that Spiritist is concerned with a happiness that we will see only after death.

But it may not be so in the name of God’s justice. If each one is given according to their works, when are you going to get that inner joy? In the moment that you do the work. Then from the moment that we are doing well, we’ll be happy.

For those who say, “and there is no life after death?
I’ve been happy in this life. But if there is a future life, for those who do not believe, they have already lost the chance to take advantage of the earth time.

So, after we discarnate we return to the spiritual homeland, as one who lived many years in another city because of his job. After retiring, he returns to his hometown, he will find peoplehe left there more mature or aged, and he will find a lot of thing changed but it is still his home.

Hence then, in the spirit world we will find old loves, old friends. We may imagine that our family is all here on earth as our son, father, grandson and when we got in the spirit world, suddenly we note that our family is immense. Because we are the children of the stars, we are the children of the wilderness.

Because of reincarnation, we are born into contact with hundreds and hundreds of people. dear friends or foes, because the issue of the spiritual world and the survival brings this reality. 

Whether we can find old loves, we can meet old enemies, old adversaries with which still do not get it right. Then Jesus Christ had proposed: to reconcile ourselves with our opponent as we make our way with him. Not waiting for time to pass, do not let death come.
If there is any difficulty with any person, we solve the problem here, when we still have the oportunity.


Reporter: Our last question to  end the interview: How can we prepare ourselves to death? Is it possible?

Raul Teixeira: Yes, it is possible. We prepare for death whenever we prepare for life: Learning how to live, live nicely, make friends and keep friends, work, study … What a wonderful thing to study study is Lighting the mind, while the mass of spirits living on earth adore the mental laziness, hate reading and studying but enjoy  fast things, without
realizing that as time passes, they remain ignorant, they do not know never of anything. The creature lived years with a tree in front of the house and never had the curiosity to know what Family the tree belongs to from where it came. The creature lives in
city but was never interested to know the original name of the city she lives

So when we look for culture, learning. This is a spiritual growth. When we learn to play music, singing, drawing speaking another language when we learn mathematics, physics, engineering, whatever, we are evolving spiritually.

Spiritual evolution is not just religious evolution. It is evolution of being as a whole. So it is worth while we are in the body, because, as the popular saying goes: such life, such death

Suicide according to Spiritism

This is a complicated issue and brings much suffering to the souls that suffer from it.

Suicide is the act of an individual, deliberately shortening one’s life. Suicides affect people in all walks of life and for various reasons, from depression, financial problems, unrequited loves and so on.

I participate in several online self-help groups.
Many people who committed suicide and survived, report that seeing their bodies flounder, feeling that death was coming, they repented and sought help. This means that it was an extreme act and in reality they did not want to die but to kill the pain, the suffering that existed in them.
Some said they saw low-grade, obsessive spirits who were laughing about them.
When we think about commits suicide, there are often obsessors who encourage us, who speak in our minds, as for example: “Life does not make sense anymore. “I want to disappear.” “I will prove to all that I have courage”

We’re never alone. That is why it is very important that we seek help. If the parents are not able to understand the situation we are going through then there is the neighbor, the pastor, psychiatrist, self-help groups that we can talk about our problems.
The spiritual centers in this case will help us and at the same time, the obsessors.

But as we look at the theme through the spiritist vision let us first analyze what the book of spirits tells us in questions 943 and 944:

943. Where is the disgust of life born, which, without plausible motives, seizes certain individuals?

“Effect of idleness, lack of faith, and also satiety.” “For one who uses his faculties with a useful purpose and according to his natural abilities, the work has nothing arid and life flows faster . He bears the vicissitudes with so much patience and resignation, and works for the sake of the most solid and lasting happiness that awaits him. ”

944. Has man the right to dispose of his life?
“No, God alone assumes this right. Voluntary suicide matters in a transgression of this law. “

We see that according to the spirits the main cause of the suicide is the spiritual idleness. But what would that be? The person who sees no goals in life and does not feel stimulated to seek any useful occupation. Of course this is not a single cause, but we seek to explore the main reasons before in order to study together the problem aspects of great consequence for the being.

Some end life in order to escape the various problems caused by life, perhaps encountering in difficult situations these spirits seek in death the escape of suffering. Kardec also seeks to answer this question:

Suicide is one of the most desperate acts that someone may commit.

When I was a teenager I tried myself once. The second time I didn´t  have the courage.
Today am very glad about that.
The reason that led me to this act has to do with the death of my relatives and the hard life I led.

The thought of suicide accompanies me to this day. But because I have been studying Spiritism for some time, I know that pain or difficulties will not end with death. I also know the consequences of this act.
Today I thank that friendly voice that spoke in my thoughts: “Leave it to tomorrow … Today is not your day to die”. This was when I was 17 years old. On December 26th I will complete 42.
With each passing day I thank the universe for being alive and being able to complete my task that was competed before my reincarnation.
How about you? You have a mission, too. Do not let your life run out before you find out. Do not miss the opportunity that was given to you.
Sorry to tell you, but we are immortal spirits. Death is definitely an illusion. If we end our life now, we will have to return many times with the marks of the consequences of suicide.
So we’d better take advantage of the now.
We can not go back to the past, but we can always recommence a new chapter in the book of life.

What happens after the Suicide? I mean, afterlife?

In the next few Article I will try to translate a serie of Videos from Spiritism Doctrine according to Allan Kardec, and othe Spiritualist views

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Suicide and its consequences according to Spiritism


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This is a complicated issue and brings much suffering to the souls that suffer from it.

Suicide is the act of an individual, deliberately shortening one’s life. Suicides affect people in all walks of life and for various reasons, from depression, financial problems, unrequited loves and so on.

But as we look at the theme through the spiritist vision let us first analyze what the book of spirits tells us in questions 943 and 944:

943. Where is the disgust of life born, which, without plausible motives, seizes certain individuals?

“Effect of idleness, lack of faith, and also satiety.” “For one who uses his faculties with a useful purpose and according to his natural abilities, the work has nothing arid and life flows faster . He bears the vicissitudes with so much patience and resignation, and works for the sake of the most solid and lasting happiness that awaits him. ”
944. Has man the right to dispose of his life?
“No, God alone assumes this right. Voluntary suicide matters in a transgression of this law. “

We see that according to the spirits the main cause of the suicide is the spiritual idleness. But what would that be? The person who sees no goals in life and does not feel stimulated to seek any useful occupation. Of course this is not a single cause, but we seek to explore the main reasons before in order to study together the problem aspects of great consequence for the being.

Some end life in order to escape the various problems caused by life, perhaps encountering in difficult situations these spirits seek in death the escape of suffering. Kardec also seeks to answer this question:

946. And of suicide whose purpose is to flee, who commits it because of the miseries and disappointments of this world?
“Poor Spirits, who do not have the courage to endure the miseries of existence! God helps those who suffer and not those who lack energy and courage. The tribulations of life are proofs or atonements. Blessed are those who endure them without complaining, for they will be rewarded! But woe to those who hope for the salvation of what in their wickedness they call chance, or fortune! Chance or fortune, in order to use their language, may, in effect, favor them for a moment, but to make them feel cruelly the emptiness of these words. “

In this response the spirits show us that NO suffering escapes from God and He does not delay to help the being to go through the necessary adversity. We know from the law of action and reaction that suffering spirits spy on some kind of lack or pass a necessary test of spiritual upliftment. The greater the probation, the greater the advance that the spirit will obtain in concluding this stage.

Thus we realize the enormous delay that suicide causes to the evolutionary process of the creature. In fact, in addition to “stopping time” in spiritual progression, the individual commits a crime to the law of preservation and survival that we all bring within us.

Such arguments are presented in the answer to the following question:

950. What to think of him who kills himself, hoping to get to a better life sooner?
“Another madness! Let him do good, and he will certainly be there, for by killing himself he delays his entrance into a better world, and will have to ask him to be allowed to return, to conclude the life to which he has ended under the influence of a false idea. A fault, in any case, never opens the sanctuary of the elect to anyone. “

Now we realize how much suicide can be harmful to spiritual evolution and those who seek in this act the escape of their pain end up enlarging them beyond the grave.

Indirect suicide

It is called indirect suicide, the act of a being to make oneself a conscious evil that can lead to diseases and even death. An example is the act of smoking. Everyone now knows the harm that causes them to smoke cigarettes, and whoever does it has the equivalent of an ordinary suicide. Another example is André Luiz’s work, Nosso Lar de Chico Xavier. In her André Luiz is accused of suicide because its death was due to the excesses alimentary so that its perispiritual liver got the mark of this imbalance. There are other types of indirect suicides, which are not the act of killing yourself immediately and purposefully, but rather of doing something that can bring you energetic harm capable of compromising your physical and perispiritual organization.

What happens to the suicidal spirit?

As we know in Spiritism each case is a case and there are numerous factors that can lead to a different conclusion for each specific situation. I will list here some of the possibilities not being all possible but most commonly told in spiritist literatures and in mediumistic meetings.

By committing suicide a spirit lowers its vibrational field automatically due to the crime committed against its own life. This leads to all kinds of sensations of lower levels and can cause in the spirit incredible feelings of guilt, since in the spiritual world the conscience of the being has a voice much more active than in the corporal world the suicide can suffer for many years of a guilt that corrodes His psyche leading to the brink of spiritual madness.

There are also cases of these spirits being so out of touch that they end up being easy prey for energetic vampires. Dark spirits who take advantage of wandering spirits in suffering to suck their residual energies post-disincarnate (see the work “Our Home” from André Luiz).

There is also a place called the valley of the suicides, where energetically the spirits who committed such act attracted each other. The medium Yvonne Pereira, in her book “Memories of a Suicide”, speaks of the Suicide Valley. There is news in mediumistic meetings that the group of spirits responsible for the rescue in this spiritual field called Legion of the Servants of Mary. There is now confirmed news in some mediumistic meetings that the valley had been undone because of the spiritual redevelopments (a type of energy cleansing that began to be made slowly in the spiritual regions close to the crust due to the arrival of the moment of elevation of planet Earth to a world of regeneration). Whether it is confirmed or not is known that there are still several regions on the threshold where suffering spirits, including suicides gather together due to sympathy of thoughts.

When reincarnating many suicides come with the organ that was attacked by indirect suicide marked, this explains many birth defects. They may be spirits who in previous lives have committed some kind of excess that has caused them a perispiritual mark of such depth that even in another life the effects of this action are perceived in the form of health disorders presented since childhood.

How to avoid suicide or that a loved one has such tendencies?

Kardec responds by saying that work, that is, a useful occupation that brings you the satisfaction of being useful to the world and to yourself. To those who have any kind of mental disorder, be it depression or any kind of psychological problems, you should always seek professional help, since medicine on earth has no effect at all. Remember, life goes on and suicide will not save you from problems but rather increase them!

Look for friends, family, who have important role in helping to recover the emotional balance of the individual. Walk in faith, try to be grateful to the things you have, have you stopped to think that many people in Africa for example have MUCH less than you and always seek to survive?

It’s true that it’s a complicated situation but God is by your side! To brothers who have friends who have tried suicide or have serious tendencies to this I say: do not forsake them! Continue to guide them and seek to help them find something that can save them from themselves.

Finally, I want to ask God to support the hearts of all those who have committed suicide and find themselves in pain because of the unthinking act against their lives, that the light is made in the life of each one and that they can repair their error. I hope the article has been helpful, although a brief summary hopefully helps in the discussions and debates regarding the subject! A lot of peace!


Source: Youtube:

Date of Publication: 16.11.2012

Medium: Divaldo Franco:

Whatever the reason that the individual dazed look to escape the physical life, commits a heinous crime.
Not being the author of life, do not have the right to stop.
Suicide is cataloged as a heinous crime alongside wars, but also the criminal abortion, euthanasia, the death penalty.

Thus, when the individual chooses to destroy life, even when under deep depression, it is in his unconscious a very large rebellion.

Got against.
and somehow, the individual is trying to kill another, in so-called love affairs.
And it is impossible to destroy the one who made him unhappy, invests against himself, trying to interrupt the life cycle, to wake up in the afterlife with the sufferings of the early flow of the sum of pain and afflictions due to his act of defiance.

Suicide is also an act of moral cowardice, and deep ingratitude. Ingratitude for those who stay for those who love him, for those who devote themselves and often skip the conflict that the patient is always victim.
Thanks to the advances of psychic doctrines and study take place nowadays about depression, it appears that at the root of any act of this nature, there is the disorder of depressive behaviorwhich clarifies but not justified.
Because the very depression is ongoing the phenomenon of the law of cause and effect.

If the individual amount to God through the prayer, through the practice of good, the overcoming of tormenting passions, of course it will contribute greatly to his mental health, his emotional health, his peace, preventing suicide.
Suicide? Never!

In 1939 my sister committed suicide.
She was a temperamental young. married, she discovered that her husband cheated on her with another woman.
Strong-willed, she went to the other woman and after a rubbing, feeling ashamed, she opted for suicide.
It took years, I was young and she appeared to me, all deformed screaming like crazy and saying, “I wanted to run away, but I did not get out of where I was
Years and years passed, in 1972, when my mother was disembodying (dying), passing through agonizing moments, she closed her eyes, held my hand and said excitedly: “My son, Nair, my suicidal sister, is here and she’s saying: Come mother, come quickly to comfort me. Come and decrease my bitterness. Come and help me, for I did not longer take any more suffering on this eternity


33 years suffering because of her rebellion. So my mother told me “I‘m going, my son, but then I’ll be back to take care of you and your sister.
We were the last two children who were alive. Smiling, I replied her: “ Mommy, do not come back. You suffered so much on earth The spirits tell me that they just waiting for you to be immensely happy.”

Then she said me: “Son, what the happiness of a mother, if not to look after their children? I’ll take care of Nair, and then I will return.
I saw my mother disembodied, leave the physical body and saw when the spirits enveloped her and my menthor Joana de Angelis said: “thank your mother, who carried you for 86 years”



Research Institute of Bioenergetics and Projection

Ending one’s life, giving up all possibilities, for a possible peace, is the path that many follow, consciously or not;
But instead of showing a solution, it becomes a long path of pain, suffering, and deliverance.

Francisco Aranda Gabilan

Material extracted from his book Between Sin and Evolution

It is striking and even terrifying that we have to call the subject of “current theme” suicide, whether voluntary or indirect. But, unfortunately, it is current: it is a growing evil, striking all humanity.

Its occurrence has always been constant, since the remote past and in all social and ethnic segments, even children. There are reports of suicides, both individual and collective, in various indigenous cultures.

Hence its actuality. In fact, it is not for another reason that the subject has been the object of concern of anthropologists, sociologists, physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, in all branches of science of Being – and, of course, Spiritists, always attentive to the wounds of humanity.

An example of this is the number of lectures, debates and articles that ask the spiritists about the subject, including the number that always appear on the same subject. In other words, if there are questions, it is because the subject needs a broad approach.

1. How do Spirits and Spiritism consider suicide?

A: Using only the teachings of the spirits contained in the Codification, suicide is regarded as a crime in the eyes of God (Heaven and Hell, chapter 5), and which matters in a transgression of the Divine Law (Book of Spirits, question 944) and Always constitutes a lack of resignation and submission to the will of the Creator (idem, perg. 953-a). Thus “man has no right to dispose of life, since it is only up to God to remove him from the captivity of the earth when he sees fit. The suicide is the prisoner who escapes from prison, before the sentence is served; When arrested again, is more severely treated. The same is true of the suicidal man who thinks he is escaping the miseries of the present and immersed in greater misfortunes “(Gospel according to Spiritism, chapter XXVII, item 71)

2. Why do spirits deal with this matter with certain constancy?

A: Firstly, as we have already said, because it is always a current theme, since suicide has been a constant mark of our civilization; Second, which is the most important: the doctrine of the Spirits, has an absolute comforting character: through the mediumistic fact (in the words of the very cult Herculano Pires, the mediumistic fact is literally a second resurrection) the spirit returns to the flesh, not the one that left In the tomb, but that of the medium who offers him, in a gesture of love, the opportunity to return to the hearts he left in the world (Mediumship, Chapter 5), it is permissible for the suicides themselves to tell us that they did not die and claim Not only did they not solve the problem that led them to the extreme act, as they are still “alive” and, in short, with two problems: the old and the new, generated by the violation of the laws of Life. Thus, Spiritism works preventively so that people know their responsibilities in performing acts that may aggravate their future situation and not to condemn them to eternal martyrdom.

3. What are the causes that lead to suicide?

A: Unbelief, lack of faith, doubt, materialistic ideas. In short, to believe that Nothing is the future, as if Nothingness could offer consolation, as if it were a remedy for supposedly abbreviating suffering, a belief that, in fact, constitutes moral cowardice.

4. What are the consequences of suicide for the Spirit?

A: In the first place, it must be made clear that suicide does not erase the offense committed, but instead, instead of one there will be two; Secondly, that the Spirit, when realizing the act committed, finds that nothing was worth, being literally disappointed with the effects obtained and that were not the sought ones, because it makes sure that life is not extinguished and that it continues more real than ever . Thirdly, and quite painful, suicide aggravates all sufferings: “After prolonged torture, in the purgatory regions, often after several failed attempts at rebirth, they regain the body of flesh, but carry in them deficiencies of the spiritual body, whose harmony Misfired At this stage, they exhibit retarded brains or obscure nervous diseases, “according to Emmanuel in Laws of Love, chapter VI.

5. So there is no hope of recovery for the suicide bomber?

A: Of course there is – total! God is Love and He bestows upon all Creatures the highest expression of His Infinite Goodness: the possibility that the Beings always evolve incessantly; Allows existences to succeed by offering the infinite opportunities for readjustment and reform; And this is possible through the most effective vehicle of the Law of Evolution: reincarnation.

Therefore, the relatives of the suicide of yesterday or today are not exasperated, on the contrary, keep alive the hope that it is possible the remission of faults and that the Father of Mercy will provide the means to make the author of the extreme act itself Recognize the Eternal and indestructible Spirit, and that calm, resignation, and faith will be the safest condoms against self-destructive ideas. It will not be too much to repeat to them: God is Infinite Kindness and therefore does not allow His Creatures to suffer indefinitely and that this suffering can be shortened more quickly through sincere and loving prayers of all who want to restore Good.

(Spiritism and Science Magazine 11, pages 06-08)