If you are prepared to the cosmos, it will open for you. You may discover secrets that since thousand years have  been hidden from human eyes.  

Miss Froggy

A few months ago, while I was translating the dialog of Ventania on “The Gospel of Judas”, he mentioned about a passage, saying that the Essenes were profoundly knew about plants and herbs. This however, caught my attention because I studied ayurvedic medicine. Also, my father was a healer and since child I’m interested about medicine plants.

During my visit in Bath and Stonehenge between Christmas and New Year 2015,  also found a very interesting culture, that in the future, if the cosmos allowed meI shall say more about them. Am talking about Celtas and Druids.

However, I can recommend a book that I’m reading, which is called, “Exploring the world of the DruidsISBN: 978-0-500-2871-8.

But now, at moment am more interesting about the Essener because I just found a community in Brazil, which is very similar. They help many, many people around the World and has a project about helping people from Syria.

Also, they have many books as for example about Plants, Astrology, Reincarnation and other Titles that I will try to translate and perhaps, so bringing light into our lives.

My feeling tells me that soon many Europeans will leave Europe and seek a new homeland. The Brazil has a territory in which can receive many people. Our climate is favorable, although in some regions the drought is making present.

Here I gonna give you some adress, in case something happen and you need help, in case you or relatives decide to emigrate to Brazil.

Federacao Humanitaria Internacional


Tel. +55 (35) 99908-4854
Tel. +55 (35) 3225-1233
email: secretaria@fraterinternacional.org
City: Carmo da Cachoeira | Minas Gerais | Brazil



Center of Prayer consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is forming step. Open to the public all week, from 8 to 19 hours.
Address: located in the mountains of Cordoba, 30 km from Capilla del Monte.



Prayer center and Permanent Pilgrimage consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Open to the public all week, from 6 am to 22 hours.
Address: Camino Tierras Coloradas Km 13.
Located just north of the Department of Paysandu, 20 km from the city of Salto.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:
Center established on September 28, 2013 the Blessed Virgin Mary, in order to bring together all the essences under the Spirit of Prayer. Open to the public all week, from 8 to 18 hours.

Address: BR 116, RioBahia Highway, Km 48.
Located in the Valley of Gamboa, Serra do Capim, Teresopolis, Rio de Janeiro.
For more information, write to us: centromarianomeninorei@associacaomaria.org

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