God and the Universe – Part 3

There is a whole infinite number of capabilities that we do not know how to handle with. There are people who feel sadness, anger, remorse they feel guilt, they feel fear, but we do not learn to deal with emotions. Yasmin Madeira


In the same way, we are immersed in a water ocean. It is because the water molecules are separated, but if all the molecules unite we would be in a huge water ocean over our head.

And we are in a vibratory ocean. An ocean that Kardec calls Fluid Universal. We can give the tone and the potentiality we want. Forever. Yasmin Madeira

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Book of the Spirits Allan Kardec Year of Publication: 1857 in Paris

ISBN: 10: 1612038980 PDF: http://www.spiritism.jp/pdf/gospel.pdf

Speaker: Yasmin Madeira

Source: https://youtu.be/MWo7ZHsaoDE

Date of Publication:  28.03.2014

She is lecturer and scholar of the spiritism according to Allan Kardec

Contact: Centro Espirita Euripedes Barsanufo, Rio de Janeiro


What is God?

When we think about the diversity of air, atmosphere, the vegetations When we think of the ecological organization of a forest where everything is complete. If you move in the amount of some animals, it affects all the ecologicalgenerating a disharmony
When we begin to vibrate, realizing that this loving being and good it is everywhere, but not only is outside of us, abroad. He is inside us.

For when we pray, we seek often God up there, in the background of sky. But if we think we’re on a globe, which is the earth, it is a powder in the universe, which gravitates. Does not exist above or below. God then he involved with his energy, the whole universe, and we have only thought continuous, because it is in us organizing. It is through divine thought that we can have continuous thoughtthe energy for our body.

It is he who causes the electrons that revolve around the proton, are in harmony together. It is he who everything forms.
We are living in the thought and the divine mindIt is God  outside of us, as scholars say: transcendent God.

But also the immanent Godwhich is this God that is within us. The word God, written with tiny d. It is as if we had within ourselves, by this divine energywhich Kardec says, living into our consciousness..

For this reason, we can speak to him at any time. And we can ask him everything, because he knows usthe needs which are often our own blockages that interfere in our lives.

Then, how many times God wants to offer us ways, and we do not open ourselves to receive?

Therefore, when we pray for forces, asking virtues, calm, balance, asking that he guide us in any doubt that we have, because often we lack the pieces of the puzzle from our life and we were not sure which is the right direction to follow.
Has this happened with you or just me? It happens to everyone.

But often we can not make a full analysis of the events, because they miss the pieces.
So, we need to stop and focus on God, dive into this divine love and ask him to guide us.
So, with the passage of time, we’re feeling the intuitions, an inner voice that tells us which direction to take. This is God‘s work. He does not materialize in front of us, he works in silence.

And in order to get in touch with him, it is very important we make an inner silence.
Now I will ask our Ricardo increase a little the music and if you guys and Internet users who are at home, wanted to do, feel free.
Do you do this to us, Ricardo?

I’m afraid to touch because I have a fantastic mediumship that the group already knows perfectly: it is a mediumship called physical defects”, understood?
Just I put the hand, and the electronic devices pifam, spoil, do not work … Who has this kind of mediumship (Then She laughs).
Okay, thank you.

Then we’ll drive us to our inner self, because we are so used to knowing things by logical reasoning. But as we lack that sense of intelligence to understand God in its magnitude, we have to take a break and take a dip in our interior.
Kardec says that we could know the divine attributes through our reasoning.
God and supremely just and good. God is unique. God is omnipresent, meaning it is present everywhere. he is omniscient he knows everything because he created everything.

And as we think based on the energy that he gives us, in reality, he knows everything. everything we think.
God is omnipotent, is the greatest power in the universe. Because if he was not unique, there would be another god and there would have differences. If he was not the supreme power, the other would have the power too.

But see: God created us. He is our original source. He is at the same time, our heavenly Father and our merciful mother.

So, if we have in us the divine genetics, because we are his children absolutely, we, with g” tiny, we are also gods.
This is why Christ said, You are gods”, recalling a passage from the Old Testament.
So my brothers, we bring divine potential, which are on essence inside us.

As we pray, as we learn, study, reflect, we do meditations
As we work for the benefit of others and not just for our own benefit, we engage in a voluntary service, all this active in us the divine potential, which are asleep…

We have healing powers we can send affection fluids, and people will receive.
The spirits explain that we are
immersed in a fluid, as we are immersed in the air. We do not we see the air, but we feel, when breathing, it exists.

In the same way, we are immersed in a water ocean. It is because the water molecules are separated, but if all the molecules unite we would be in a huge water ocean. 

And we are in a vibratory ocean. An ocean that Kardec calls *** Fluid Universal. We can give that power the tone and the potentiality we want.

When we remember the wrong things in, we feel anger of others when we remember about things that happened that bring bitterness we do not feel a burden? In these moments, we are giving a voice when Cosmic Universal fluid, which surrounds our energetic vibration.

As I think about the good, I pray, I visualize a light that goes to my loved one, my love, or someone I want to help, that person receives this energy.
The more I practice, the more we multiply this divine potential at me.

What happens to us is that we embody in a culture that values only material things. At school we are instructed only to be good professionals. We do not have that activation of the divine powers in us, because we do not see ourselves as immortal spirits.

They see only one person who is a worker and that needs to be immersed in the labor market. Is not it? They’re not wrong, because we need to work, it is fair.
But this active, alone, our intellectual side.

There is a whole infinite number of capabilities that we do not know how to handle with. There are people who feel sadness, anger, remorse they feel guilt, they feel fear, but we do not learn to deal with emotions.

But man, today, is able through the psychology, and of course the teachers can pass this on to children, too. But they too have not been targeted for this. Because it denies this side. Refuses that we are spirits, we have emotions, to see us, only those who should be prepared for the labor market and produce ..
So we are immersed in this kind of hedonistic culture.

What we are encouraged to do, is to consume, buy nonstop.
And we increasingly unrealistic requirements, because the market needs. So now we buy a mobile phone, maybe in two months, it is already outdated, because the market already become new versions.

Also, the materials are sold with a programming to spoil after a certain number we use. To having a bit length of time for us to buy more.
So we do not know, but we are led all the time to consumerism. So we are caught in a fantasy.

If we do not wake up, we’ll spend the whole terrestrial existence. the period of time that we are on earth to evolve to know ourselves, to work our spiritual ascent. Instead, we’ll use just to have money, buy cool clothes,
to buy summer clothes, to buy a color pink shoe to buy the car to buy trinkets and over.
Life revolves around to having sex, eating, drinking, sleeping, shopping, and ended.

But we are not only that. We are not only the bodynor the physical needs.
Of course it’s fair to have a proper clothing, we have an object all this is fair, but the purpose of our existence is not this. If we move on to life just looking for it, we will feel an immense void.

Anyone who has felt? I’ve often felt a void after buying that thing that I really wanted to You guys have feltA reality, is not it? Gives a frustration … So, the mind starts to design a new thing for us to purchase.
So, we need to take a moment and reflect that we are immortal spirits. As my mentor said, we all are in terminal phase, in the sense that at any time, no matter the age, we’re leaving.

So let’s organize our lives not to let difficulties for the family, and let´s start activating inside us the divine potential.

If we are preparing to make a trip to a certain place, it is not natural that we gather information before making the trip? If there is cold, it is the people there, where to stay, what to do when we get there …
Thus putting the luggage, all that we can be useful there, like toothbrush, one pullover, remedies for migraine … 

Here, we find ourselves in spiritistic home to reflect how it is in the spirit world for which we will leave.
It is also to enable us, the precious goods, the only ones that we will take when we leave.
Because we do not take the relatives we do not take our loves, or take the wife nor the husband, or children.
We go alone. For no one is ours, proper, even our bodies. All that is material, stay!

So we need to turn´what really are going to take: The serenity, the joy of living, because life does not end. The spiritual welfare, the activations of the perception of cosmic reality, the divine energies, God feeling in us, bringing us peace, comfort. It is within us, we must seek security, not abroad .. The kingdom of heaven Jesus said, it is in vain that this generation search the sky here and there.

For the kingdom of heaven is inside us.
It is in this self dive we find God. This peace. And the measure that we in looking inside, this peace
Then, there is nobody else with the power to make ourselves unhappy. At this time, we took the other the power to define our existence, so we have control of our lives. Because we realize that there is only someone, without which we could not live: It is God. It is the soul of our soul. It is the supreme love that loves us divinely. Who is always at our side. We were never alone, never been alone …

Five minutes daily can have this meeting with God who dwells within us.
I invite you now to close your eyes and pay attention to the nostrils. Feel the cold air entering the nostrils. Feel the sensation from air moving in and out. Just so you guys to calm down the muscles around the eyes relaxed. the muscles around the mouth is released, the shoulders slump. You loose the bonds from abdomen, you relax your legs, feet
And in this state of tranquility, you can dive into your heart. Imagine a mustard grain of consciousness within your chest. Then, you will feel a peace, a serenity
It is God in you.

While that peace grows, you can feel the divine cosmic. You see planets, stars, see rays of light penetrating through your head, involving your physical brain and perispiritual matrix. At this time, inadequate thought forms, negative energies, lower, possibly generated by inexperienced minds, dissolve and this divine power will illuminating your neck, pouring over your chest, wrapping your abdomen, involving the legs, feet .. .
Feel you floating, dancing one cosmic dance on earth.
Feel the energy and movement of the universe. Surrender to this feeling of peace And now, talk to God.

Asks what what you need. What else you want, inside your heart. He hears you.

Now I will make a prayer:

God the Father, thank you.
That thy light, this time not only illuminates our physical and perispiritual body, but it leaves this space and involves all mankind.

Oh God the Father. Dear Daddy, as Jesus taught us to call you Divine Mother, the universe soul.
That your love may involve all minds and all human hearts. Strengthens, Lord of life, those who already understand your laws of love and work to sustain them. To realize them in the world.

Bless the misguided brothers so that they can realize that, in reality, all the evil that we do, it creates terrible laces in our consciousness, requiring the proper repair.
Involves, Lord of life, this planet school that is the earth.

Bless the air and the creatures of the sky. The seas and the creatures of the seas, oceans, lakes, rivers.
Bless forests, vegetation. Bless the food we serve in. Light animals, plants.
Finally, Lord of life, thank you for having created us. thank you, because we have clarity, because we have self-knowledge, still headed for complete knowledge.
Help us Lord, in this evolution process. That your love is always with us, and we are always with you. Thank you sir.
That all spiritual conquests, of this time, be integrated at all levels of our being. Forever.



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*** The term, universal cosmic fluid, and universal fluid was first used in spiritism in The Spirits’ Book, by Allan Kardec in 1857. The definition of universal cosmic fluid according to the book is:

27. Allan Kardec: There are then two general elements of the universe, matter and spirit?
Spirit: Yes and foremost God, the creator, the father of all things. God, spirit and matter are the beginning of everything that exists, the universal trinity.

But the material element has to join the universal fluid which plays the role of intermediary between spirit and matter itself, too rough so that the spirit can exert action on it. Although a certain point of view, it is permissible to classify it with the material element, it is distinguished by this special property.

If the universal fluid was positively matter, there would be no reason for that also the spirit was not. It is placed between spirit and matter; It is fluid, as matter is matter, and susceptible, its innumerable combinations with this, and, under the action of spirit, to produce the infinite variety of things that you not only know a tiny part. This universal fluid, or primitive, or elementary, being the agent of the spirit uses, it is the principle without which the matter would be in a perpetual state of division and never acquire the qualities that gravity gives you.

Such matter (or energy) is very quintessential, lying at all points of the universe, and thus make the origin of various materials, including more dense

God and the Universe – Part 2

By the work is recognized the author.

36. The absolute vacuum exists somewhere in the  universal Space?
No, there is no vacuum. What do you think is empty occupied by matter that escapes you to the senses and instruments.

30. The matter consists of one or many elements?
In one primitive element. The bodies you consider simply are not true elements. They are transformations of the primitive matter.

31. From where originate the various properties of matter?
They are modifications that the elementary molecules suffer, as a result of their union, under certain circumstances.

If the matter exists, then everything that exists has a cause. And this cause is God.

The Spirit’s Book, Allan Kardec

Nasa picture : The overmind Nebula

Book of the Spirits Allan Kardec Year of Publication: 1857 in Paris

ISBN: 10: 1612038980 PDF: http://www.spiritism.jp/pdf/gospel.pdf

Speaker: Yasmin Madeira

Source: https://youtu.be/MWo7ZHsaoDE

Date of Publication:  28.03.2014

She is lecturer and scholar of the spiritism according to Allan Kardec

Contact: Centro Espirita Euripedes Barsanufo, Rio de Janeiro


What is God? Part 2.

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6. The intimate feeling we have of the existence of God does not could be the result of education, the result of acquired ideas?
If so, why would exist in the savage men this feeling?” If the feeling of the existence of a supreme being was so-only product of a school would not be universal, and not exist but in which they had been able to receive this teaching, as it is with the scientific notions.

7. One may find the intimate properties of matter at primary cause of the formation of things?
But then, what would be the cause of these propertiesIt is indispensable always a primary cause. ”  To attribute the first formation of things to the intimate properties
of matter, would be to take the effect for the cause, because these properties are themselves an effect, which is to have a cause.

If the matter exists, then everything that exists has a cause. And this cause is God.

8. What is to be thought of the opinion that attributes the first formation to a fortuitous combination of matter, or, on the other, by chance? (Accident)
Another absurdity! Which common sense man can consider the chance an intelligent being? And, too, what is the chance? Nothing.”
The existing harmony in the universe mechanism patents combinations and certain plans and, therefore, reveals an intelligent power. To attribute the first formation by chance is folly, because that chance is blind and can not produce the effects that intelligence produces.  An intelligent chance would no longer happen.

And I could tell: An intelligent chance then, is God.
So, we realize that the physical body, the cycles that follow one another, the globe temperatures, the formation of our planet, all this follows an order and mathematical laws.
Nowadays astronomer through mathematics, can even identify, even without seeing if there is a star here and there, through the universal harmony.
So to imagine that chance is so smart, it is we want to give God’s name, calling him as chance”.

We can calling him of what we want, because in reality, he works in silence he does not force us to accept him.

He allows us to walk in direction to moral maturity. Maturity of the moral senseso that we can sees him.

Because in reality, we will not see God with the eyes of the matter.

There are spirits who arrive in the spirit world, and during the mediumship meetings, we are in contact with these entities and they say, ‘look I did not find God there!
And because they are trying to see God as one old man with a white beard on a throne.
So, we have to explain, “look, we can only feel and see God with the eyes of spirit. No use, we will not find the kingdom of heaven and God on the outside. We can understand God by the laws that he created: Laws of harmony, love and peace. But understand in essence, for now, it is not possible

9. How is that the primary cause, reveals an intelligence supreme and superior to all intelligences?
You have a proverb that says: By the work is recognized the author. Very well! Look the work and seek the author.

Pride is that generates disbelief. The proud man admits nothing above him. That’s why he calls himself a strong spirit. Poor being, a breath of God can slaughter!
Of the power of intelligence is judged by their works. No human being can create what nature produces. The primary cause is, consequently, a superior intelligence than the Humanity. 

Whatever the wonders that human intelligence has operated itself has a cause, and the greater the that operates, the greater is to be the primary cause. That superior intelligence is that it is the primary cause of all things, whatever name you give it.

10. Can a man comprehend the essential nature of God?
“No; he lacks for that sense.

11. will be given one day, to the man to understand the mystery of Divinity?
“When he no longer has the spirit obscured by matter.
When, by his perfection, if approached of God, he will see and understand.

The inferiority of the human faculties, does not allow him understand the essential nature of God. In the childhood of humanity, man confuses God, often with the creature, whose imperfections attributed to him; but, as it develops the moral sense, his thought penetrates better in the heart of thingsthen get fairer idea of the Godhead, and yet always incomplete.

12. Although we can not comprehend the essential nature of God, can we form some idea of his perfections?

“In some, yes. The man understands better the proportion as soon as rises over matter. He see indistinctly by thought.

13. When we say that God is eternal, infinite, immutable, immaterial, unique, omnipotent, supremely just and good, we have complete idea of His attributes?

From your point of view, yes, because you believe to cover all.

But know this, that there are things that they are above the intelligence the smartest man, which your language restricted to your ideas and sensations, has no meansto express.

The reason, in effect, tells you that God must have
supreme in these perfections degree, because if there is a lack, or were not infinite, since it would not exceed everything, would not therefore be God. To stand up of all things, God has to find free from any vicissitudes and any imperfections that imagination can conceive.

God is eternal.
If he had principle, would come from nowhereor else it would have also been created by a previous being. And so that from step by step, reascend to infinity and eternity.
He is immutable.
If it were subject to changethe laws that govern the universe would have no stability.
He is immaterial.
This means its nature differs from everything that we call matter. Otherwise, it would not
immutable, because he would be subject to transformations of matter.
He is unique.
If many Gods there had been there would be no unity views, or power unit in the ordering of the universe.
He is omnipotent.
He is, because he is unique. If did not possess the sovereign power, something would be more powerful or as powerful as him, which then, he would not have done all things. Those things that he haven´t done, would be the work of another God. 

It is supremely just and good. The providential wisdom ofdivine laws is revealed thus in the smallest things, like the largest, and that wisdom does not allow one doubts, nor the justice or God’s goodness.

Dark Matter & Dark Energy

30. The matter consists of one or many elements?
In one primitive element. The bodies you consider simply are not true elements. They are transformations of the primitive matter.

31. From where originate the various properties of matter?
They are modifications that the elementary molecules suffer, as a result of their union, under certain circumstances.

32. According to what you come to say, the flavors, the smells, the colors, the sound, the poisonous qualities or salutary bodies are merely modifications one primitive substance?
“Without a doubt and that there are only due to the disposal of organs for perceiving them.
The demonstration of this principle lies in the fact that not all realize the qualities of bodies in the same way: while that something appeals to the taste of one,  for the other it is detestable; what some see blue, others see red; what for some is poison to others is harmless or beneficial.

33. The same elementary matter, is likely to experience all modifications, and acquire all the properties?
Yes, and this is what is meant when we say everything is in everything!

Oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon and all bodies,that we consider simple, are mere modifications of a primitive substance. Failing in that we still think reassembling, except for the thought, this primary matter, these bodies are for us true elements and can, without major consequences, having them as those until further notice.

35. The universal space is infinite or limited?
“Infinite.     It is assumed in the limited: there will be beyond their limits? This confuses you the reason, I know it; however, the Reason tells you that can not be otherwise. The same
gives with the infinite in all things. It is in the small sphere where do you suppose that you will be able to understand it.

36. Does the absolute vacuum exists somewhere in the  universal Space?
No, there is no vacuum. What do you think is empty occupied by matter that escapes you to the senses and instruments.


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The Book of the Spirits, Allan Kardec, Year of Publication: 1857 in Paris

Source: http://www.febnet.org.br


God and the Universe – Part 1

The pain often can not be avoid, but suffering is the way that we react to that pain. So sometimes we feel pain and a deep sense in front of some adversity, especially when we are afraid, scared. Yasmin Madeira


God is the Supreme Intelligence, first cause of all things. The book of the Spirits

Nasa  picture :  Orion Nebula         http://hubblesite.org/gallery/album

Book of the Spirits Allan Kardec Year pf Publication: 1857 in Paris

ISBN: 10: 1612038980 PDF: http://www.spiritism.jp/pdf/gospel.pdf

Speaker: Yasmin Madeira

Source: https://youtu.be/MWo7ZHsaoDE

Date of Publication:  28.03.2014

She is lecturer and scholar of the spiritism according to Allan Kardec

Contact: Centro Espirita Euripedes Barsanufo, Rio de Janeiro



What is God?

Yasmin Madeira: Today we reflect on a main theme for our existence. When we can integrate the response to the question, we will do the following, in our life everything seems to make sense: suffering, adversity, the challenges of our lives. I bet you guys have probably ask yourself: Who am I, where I came from, what I‘m doing here, and where I will go when my body definitely saw his eyes.

The first question of our life is our origin: From where we came from? And our origin, as told in the spirits, is God.
And Allan Kardec asks this question at the beginning of the first encrypted spiritualist work.
He asks: What is God?
See, he does not ask who is God, because then he was already assuming, in the question itself, that God is someone. he did not ask what is god, because he would be assuming already in the question itself in the way he did, that God is something. he asked simply, so
scientific, devoid of any previous concept: What is God?

And the spirits respond Allan Kardec, which is in the book of spirits:
1. What is God?
God is the Supreme Intelligence, first cause of all things.”
So, since we started this point we see a very big difference of most traditional religions. Because when the spirits posit that God is intelligence, they are not putting that God is a figure, ie, that kind old man with a white beard. No! He is the creative intelligence of the universe. It is a being. A loving and good, creator of everything that exists.

Then, Kardec asks another question to the spirits:
2. What is meant by infinity?
Then, the spirits answer:
What has no beginning or end: the unknown; all that is unknown is infinite.

But when we say that God is infinite, we do not understand right what can be God. Not give to conceptualize him as well, although we know that He is infinite in his virtues.

Because if he was more or less good, it would be not God. In some of his virtues, if they were not full, infinite, then it would be not God. Tell us the spirits, that we lack the
all of us a special sense to realize God in its depth. Because we were created by him
simple and ignorant, but we are on the way to perfection.

Then, we are spirits that are on our way. We have not completed our comprehension of stage of the universe, of life and of God. Then, we lack a sense of perception. It is not difficult for us to understand the universe as it is? 

The scientists have already proclaimed us that the universe is infinite, then you begin to realize one thing: How am I going to define something as infinite? Once we imagined, comes
what else? Comes another universe. And then comes what? Comes another universe. It does not feel the goose bumps when you think about it?

One thing that has no end

Because our own brain which is finite, the human brain is created, but in a moment the physical body will die. Then, it is very difficult for us to understand something had no beginning or end.

Eternity is this: Something that does not have beginning or end. God is uncreatable, He had not beginning, because if someone had created God, he would not be God, but rather the person who created him.

Now we are different. We can not say that we are eternal. Why not? because we start. We were created by God. then we had a beginning, but we have no end.

What the spirits explained Allan kardec is that we are immortal. That is, we had a beginning but we will not have an end. and we have the opportunity to incarnate in the root material bodies. And this rooting has a reason for being. When we integrate the material, we are the intelligent principle, have reached the level of spirit, but we were an intelligent principle. We we started in the individualize, as we approach and we root of the matter.
Then, we need to embody in order to evolve.

3. It could be said that God is infinity?
Setting incomplete. Poverty of human languagenot enough to define what is above language of men.
God is infinite in His perfections, but infinity is a abstraction. To say that God is infinity is to take the attribute one thing the same thing, is to define something that is not
known by another one that is not more than the first.

4. Where can one find proof of God’s existence?
“In an axiom that applies to your sciences. There is not effect without a cause. Seek the cause of everything that is not man’s work and your reason will respond.
To believe in God, it is enough to throw the look on the works Creation. The universe exists, so it has a cause. doubt the existence of God is to deny that every effect has a cause and advance that nothing could do something. 

Then, no there is no effect without cause. then as the science evolves, we will discover for example that the ozone layer surrounding the earth. If it were millimeter above or below there would be no life on our planet, because filtering the sun’s rays
would not be that necessary to maintain and create life.  May be said that the chance is smart enough to do this?

When we study the functioning of the human body, the cells, while we now find ourselves here, our trillions of cells they are working.

There are those who are digesting what we ate.

There are those who are suing the oxygen who enters the nostrils and goes to the capillary there in the lungs.
There are cells that are working for our auditory perceptions, so for everyone are able to hear each other.

There are cells that are working so that we can see.
Are billions and billions of small, tiny beings that are working in order for us manage to realize that we are a unity consciousness, we are spirits. We can interact and realize everything that exists in our around.
How much beings at this time, within us is dying? cells that are now out of operation?

How many  carcinogenic, or unsightly cells we are producing daily?
For all we produce, only, some eventually become sick while others do not.
And then we’ll verify that, if every effect has a cause the very disease organic, also has an array. And this matrix is perispiritual.

Because, as we teach the spirits, we are triune beings: We have a body, but not we are this body.

We are rooted in it from the time that the ovum of our mother was fertilized by the sperm of our father. That energy explosion we unite and we begin in this time, as the cell division serves the done, we begin to enter a disturbance and forgetting process, rooted in the new body being formed. So at this point we realized that we are attached to this body to a new destination.Look how fantastic!

But we are not just this body. We have a perispiritual body. It is a subtle body, which is semi-material and which exists between the spirit and the physical body.
So we have a perispirit, which will remain with us after the uprooting we call death, but we know that death, as understood people at the past, is a fantasy, because we do not cease to exist, we do not stop thinkingWe do not let of having our individuality.
Some people believe that when we die, we integrate in the whole universal and lose our individuality.

But the spirits in the book of Allan Kardec spirits say it is not so.

Because if we lost our individuality, it would not be a death?

Others say that we do not waste this moment, but as we go, spiritually evolved we ended up losing our individuality in integrating the large and whole.
The spirits say no, we individualize us through the millennia we have been an intelligent principle and came walking until we get to the  hominal level.
We get to be properly so called spirits. At that moment, we started we have consciousness of ourselves and the free will terms.

And as we have choices, we are responsible for them. Because God’s law, according to the spirits, is carved in our own consciousness.
So we never lose our individuality, but we’re expanding in developing, we’re progressing we’re having experiences. Sometimes incarnate in female bodies, others have incarnated in male bodies.

In some incarnations we have more experiences linked to scientific sciences, art. In other incarnations we are positioned in the religious area. Finally we will doing block our evolutionary process, until we arrive at a point where we will have more perfect spirits absolutely, but we have a relative perfection, because there will always be something to knowbecause the infinite universe has no end.

And the progress of the spirit is endless. But, once we reach the stage of pure spirits, the universe, in an integral way, will be franchisee to us.

While we are still selfish spirits, even teenagers, we still have dangerous behavior, and we have limits on our actions. That´s the reason  we are bound to eachother in this  great and wonderful school, that is the planet earth.

5. What inference can be drawn from the instinctive feeling that all men carry within them, for God’s existence?
That God exists; therefore from whence come to you this feeling, if he had not a base? It is also a consequence of the principle there is no effect without cause. “

So we see, even in children, in all cultures this belief, this sense of the existence of a creator, loving and good, that our Western world calls as a father. Jesus shows us God, not like a father.

See, pay attention what am talking about: He introduces us as Abba, which means Dad. There is a difference.
He did not say the Our Father who art in heaven, he said: Dad, who art in heaven. Is different.

It is a father’s love, he is not an avenger.  It is a father who educates us, never punishes usIt is a father who has developed universal balances laws.

There is the law of cause and effect, then whatever we do we  receive, whatever we sow we reap. if the sowing is free, the harvest is mandatory. then today we suffer and do not see the cause of this existence, of course, because this is to find in our past, in other incarnations. And that brings us to an understanding of the divine goodness.

Because when we suffer and we do not see the cause, we think he does not love us, that God has abandoned us, and favored that another, that even if smoking and drinking, not getting cancer, for example, and I, who always took care of my health, had to get the most perverse form of the diseasegenerating more doubt, bitterness and suffering.

Each of us, in fact, my brothers, is immersed in an educational process.
And God, he is the infinite love.
Because, when we create difficulties for others, when we consciously kille and damage brothers, we created, inside of us, as if it were energetic vacuum in us.

God is mercy, help us so that we, not with pain but with the work in the service and we manage to get over.
Unfortunately, very few of us give value to the work on the well. Often we live a life so only in meeting our needs and the needs of our families.

So when we get in of our center and we do not see the comunity, other culture, we also create difficulties to rescue the past mistakes. So, it is often necessary to come to grief. But there is a difference between pain and suffering.

The pain often can not be avoid, but suffering is the way that we react to that pain.

For example, a woman who really wants to have children When she realizes that month came menstruation and not pregnant, she feels the pain of menstruation but she feels a
great suffering for not getting pregnant.

So sometimes we feel pain and a deep sense in front of some adversity, especially when we are afraid, scared.

Because often we go through problems like this: My God, I think you do not exist. I think I’m alone. I’m alone in this world
People who are sick, suffering pain, people often realize that they are near to depart to the spirit world. Sometimes comes a fear, when, in reality we are all immersed with the divine process of love.

In these days, I was praying for a person who we were dealing with and the doctors told us that she was terminally ill.
I, in prayer, asking for spiritual mentor of Espiritism house, where I attend, “Maria Clara, please, help the lady who is leaving small children.
Then, Maria Clara is presented to me in my visual field (in spirit) and responds:
 My daughter, who is not in the  terminal stage, here on earth?”

I said, “What do you mean? I’m not!”
Then she says to me, “Oh yes, my love. At any time you guys can go. This terminal history is only an illusion. At anytime, anyone can go. Not need any disease for disembodied. Anytime you cross the street, you can take a discomfort in the chest and will be asked to close your eyes on the ground and enter a new fantastic circle of evolution. ”

Because the physical body  limited us the perceptions, we, as immortal spirits, have fantastic conditions to produce wonderful things. There are institutions in the spiritual world for us to continue working, studying, researching, helping others, by engaging in active jobs for our improvement. So, everything we do here on earth is but a pale splendor of what is spiritual life


To read part 2: God and the Universe 2

To read part 3: God and the Universe 3

Thanks a lot and have a nice day, nice afternoon and nice evening!

King Solomon Testament

A fool is wise in his eyes.

Start with God – the first step in learning is bowing down to God; only fools thumb their noses at such wisdom and learning.
Who is the wise man? He who sees what’s going to be born.

King Solomon


Photo & Research: Miss Froggy

Date: 07.02.2016

Last Weekend I came across the Testamnt of SolomonGaping, not restrained my surprise! How fool I am!

I never heard before that Solomon left a Testament and  aways thought, Allan Kardec was the first one to leave recorded in texts, contacts with spirits!

According to historians, the book of Solomon was banned” of the new Bible, but often used by alchemists and magicians.
Well, I never got interested in magic, in contrast, have a lot of respect, because I have been several years in the evangelical church member. Perhaps this is the reason why I had never heard about it.

Solomon was the third king of all Israel and reigned from about 971 to 931 B.CAs

I observed, Solomon was a medium. So he could talk to spiritsAlso, the cause of it crazy, is due to the phenomenon well known to medicine with schizophrenia.
According to my spiritualistic studies, the medium should not exceed 30% of their mental abilities, either he will be crazy, if it is not morally balanced.


The Testament of Solomon is a Christian Gnostic apocryphal work, which is dated to the 4th centuryOriginally, the Testament of Solomon is considered text with Jewish pre-Christian origin, which was revised by early Christian writers.

Content of written in Greek writing is the Solomonic temple. It begins with the transfer of a sealing ring of God to Solomon, and he was able to control every demon, but not only that, he had also contact with another creature of other solar system.

If you wish to read the whole Testament, here as PDF: The Testament of Solomon

I hope I will get the time for a deeper study, but what I found, surprised me a lot and at same time, it confirms what Mr. Ventania told in some of his Dialogues, as for example, a passage which Salomon talked to a woman from another solar system:

The word of Greek δαίμων “daimon” means in religious studies initially a “ghost” or a power of fate (δαιμόνιον Daimonion) as cautionary or warning voice (of conscience)” and understood undoing”. Under Christian influence, the importance then walked up to devil”, Satan”, Lucifer”. Today with demon” counter-neutral to more positive sense of the original word for intentioned mental phenomena or spiritual being exclusively referred to such an “essence” that frightened by the perception that people at risk of or cause them harm, in every respect as an evil spirit appears

Solomon ordered a number of demons to be questioned about their properties and determines the most of them to assist in the construction of the temple. However, the temple serves primarily as a framework for action; the lighting of the demons is the focus.


32. And I Solomon, having heard this, rebuked him, and said: “Silence for this present1, and continue to saw the marbles as I commanded thee.” And I Solomon praised God, and commanded another demon to present himself to me.

107. And I Solomon, when I heard this, glorified the God of heaven and earth. And I commanded them to fetch water in the Temple of God. And I furthermore prayed to the Lord God to cause the demons without, that hamper humanity, to be bound and
made to approach the Temple of God. Some of these demons I condemned to do the heavy work of the construction of the Temple of God. Others I shut up in prisons. Others I ordered to wrestle with fire in (the making of) gold and silver, sitting down by lead and spoon. And to make ready places for the other demons in which they should be confined.

Now I ask: Why demons (spirits) would give the secret code, the key words to him, to imprison them or ban themThese evilspirits, who built the temple of Solomon, they would be not smart enough to think for themselves or fast enough to escape from prision?

So, if Solomon‘s temple was built by demons, I see two possibilities: either God never accepted this sacrilege made by evil forces“, or demons (spirits) are creatures who serve God How to explain this?

Getting to be accounted for, perhaps we can understand this passage of Job, in which since I was a child, always intrigued me:

There was a man in the land of Uz, whose name was Job. That man was blameless and upright, and one who feared God, and turned away from evil. It was so, when the days of their feasting had run their course, that Job sent and sanctified them, and rose up early in the morning, and offered burnt offerings according to the number of them all. For Job said, “It may be that my sons have sinned, and renounced God in their hearts.” Job did so continually.Now on the day when God’s sons came to present themselves before Yahweh,Satan also came among them. Yahweh said to Satan, “Where have you come from?”Then Satan answered Yahweh, and said, “From going back and forth in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.” Yahweh said to Satan, “Have you considered my servant, Job? For there is no one like him in the earth, a blameless and an upright man, one who fears God, and turns away from evil.”Then Satan answered Yahweh, and said, “Does Job fear God for nothing? 10 Haven’t you made a hedge around him, and around his house, and around all that he has, on every side? You have blessed the work of his hands, and his substance is increased in the land. 11 But stretch out your hand now, and touch all that he has, and he will renounce you to your face.” 12 Yahweh said to Satan, “Behold, all that he has is in your power. Only on himself don’t stretch out your hand.” So Satan went out from the presence of Yahweh. Job 1: 1-12

What kind of God is this, that he needs to test the faith of his servants“?

Nowadays, we know, thanks our technology, that “our” Milk Way has a diameter usually considered to be about 100,000–120,000 light-years. Because it´s almost impossible to immagine, how far is it, we can make a comparatios: Imagine that our galaxy has a diameter of 2 football fields. At one end, place a matchbox, which is our solar system. Did you got it 😉

According to Nasa, they may estimates, but there isn’t a firm, solid, 100% answer: “100 billion stars in the Milky Way on the low-end and 400 billion on the high end”

How many galaxies found Hubble Teleskop until now?

According to Mario Livio, an astrophysicist at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore ,  between 100 billion and 200 billion galaxies.

Now, that´s not all! Those numbers are only what our equipment are able to catch!!! According to cientist, there are Multiverse.

Does God in his infinity, creator of all things, needs to live in temples, test his believers, or he needs our earthly coins?
Does God know that we exist?

In the Bible, it says that we were created in his similarity. So, let’s take a trip through the human body:

Do you know how many cells make up your body? The atoms? You notice when a virus had contact with your hand thumb, pressing the elevator button? You notice when bacteria enter your nostrils, reaching the lung, causing pneumonia?

You notice a microbe, to eat your salad, in which he reaches your stomach, staying in your intestine, causing diarrhea?

For that is what we are! Parasites, living on planet Earth.

We human beings, we destroy our planet, every time we pollute a river to remove gold, as the case of Brazil.

We’ve destroyed our planet, every time we left “leak” junk atomic, in the seas, such as the case of Fukushima, or Oil platforms, thus killing thousands of fish and other marine animals, so we can fill our car tank, and be able to comfortably get around.
Or pollute the air with poison gas or rubber tires, which take 600 years to decompose, not to mention, when we throw plastic in the streets and rivers, polluting the earth, which will take 100-400 years for decomposing.

We human beingsare so selfish, that no matter the thousands of people who get sick or die because of respiratory problems or cancer.

But if this cancer hit us, then we will kneel to the “altar of God” and we ask: Why my God have abandoned me? Then, we pray and ask for a miracle, to heal our nasturtiums, caused by ourselves.

This is the role of Homo sapiens: Hypocrisy.
It’s time to change our concept in relation to the Earth.
It’s time to wake up for the environment.
It’s time to love our neighbor like ourselves.


29 that your eyes may be open toward this house night and day, even toward the place of which you have said, ‘My name shall be there;’ to listen to the prayer which your servant prays toward this place. 31 If a man sins against his neighbor, and an oath is laid on him to cause him to swear, and he comes and swears before your altar in this house; 35 “When the sky is shut up, and there is no rain, because they have sinned against you; if they pray toward this place, and confess your name, and turn from their sin, when you afflict them,37 “If there is famine in the land, if there is pestilence, if there is blight, mildew, locust or caterpillar; if their enemy besieges them in the land of their cities; whatever plague, whatever sickness there is; 38 whatever prayer and supplication is made by any man, or by all your people Israel, who shall each know the plague of his own heart, and spread out his hands toward this house, 39 then hear in heaven, your dwelling place, and forgive, and act, and give to every man according to all his ways, whose heart you know; (for you, even you only, know the hearts of all the children of men;) Solomon 8: 29-39Thanks a lot for reading and have a nice day, nice afternoon and a nice evening, miss Froggy















Canonization in the spiritual World according to Spiritism

Don’t lay up treasures for yourselves on the earth, where moth and rust consume, and where thieves break through and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust consume, and where thieves don’t break through and steal; for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:19-21

When each one of us become an active and living book of lessons for those who see our examples, the boundaries of religious interpretation will give way to the new era of brotherhood and peace we’re waiting for.  In terms of changes, the spiritual mentors teach me that I must not forget those relating primarily to improve myself. Francisco Xavier

Book: O Consolador (The comforter) I.S.B.N. 9788573285482.   Year of publication: 1940

Author Spirit: Emmanuel                     Medium: Francisco Candido Xavier

Source: http://www.redeamigoespirita.com.br/

Interpretation: André Sobreiro is teacher, lecturer and follower ofspiritism doctrine
Comment: Roberto

Photo: Miss Froggy UK 2016


Is the historian responsible for the misconceptions of history?

Considering that every incarnate spirit, has a special task in this or that evolutionary sector, historians who allow themselves to dive in the economic interest of political sinecures, drunk with the wine mediocrity answer beyond the grave by the commercial exploitation of intelligence that have practiced in earth, adulterating justice and right, avoiding the truth or providing lies to the confident Spirit of posterity. 

André Explains:

When the historian misinterprets the story, writing the wrong information, he is responsible for the mistake?

 confident Spirit of posterity. ” are those people who read historical books and trust them. But sometimes the historian interpreted falsely, for own interest. I mean: Instead of dictating the true facts, they interpret in order to satisfy people who are investing in the project, using for own commercial interests.
He in reality is not concerned with the truth, but to show or trying to prove the investor’s theory.

Roberto comments: These historians, acting on own commercial interest, pass informations for several generations…

André: That’s why Emmanuel says: “: “avoiding the truth or providing lies to the confident Spirit of posterity. ”
Because, what the historian raises, several generations will study from those sources. So if you distort the facts, how many people will study in the wrong way?

Roberto: “Look at his responsibility!”

André: It’s interesting because we will put it in a more modern context, referring to religion: When we misinterpreted the Gospel, or when someone handles the interpretation of the gospel for own interest, how many losses are caused?
I do not say materially injury, but personally, in people’s lives.
How many people are traumatized in the world because they preached to them the heaven and hell?
We often see in the mediumship meetings, in which you are witnessing (Roberto), how many brothers (spirits) arrive at the center and manifest, claiming: “Wait, but someone told me that if I helped the church, donating my tithe, then Jesus would welcome me personally. Where is he?”

Roberto: “And those spirits that manifest themselves, full of fear and trauma because they were condemned…”

André: Also there are others who talk like this: “No … because you guys woke me up? I was told that I would sleep until the final judgment and they arrive all drowsyno, I want to go back to sleep. ”
Until you explain to him that he has to work for your evolutionary improvement.
But at the same time we have to be very careful to not let him angry with the person who lied and not take the risk of him want revenge. Then, instead of helping, you are creating an obsession.

You have to prove that the information was not correct, but at the same time you have to show that he should forgive the one who gave the false information.
Because not all do maliciously. For many, it is simply a lack of knowledge of the spiritual life.
Then in short: Yes. If it does, the historian gave wrong informations, because of own interests, he will be responsible for their actions. By disembodied, will look at what he did, so many souls he damaged and he will regret it.


If a Spirit in the invisible plane is not really a creature sanctified, how he will receive the prayers of his devotees, if the history of the world canonized him?
The canonization is a very bold process of human ambitions, to be considered before the spiritual truth.
We know inquisitors, executioners people and traitors of the good led to the altar by false judgment of human political. The prayer of the devotees invoking his help, often without remembering the fatherhood of God, echoes them
in the heart disturbed as painful terrible accusation of voices,
because revives even the nakedness of his wounds.
Often, the spirits who find themselves in this plight, pray to Jesus to grant the most humble experiences on Earth, in order to forget the harmful noise of false glories of the planet, in the silence of the great pains that illuminate and regenerate.

André explains:

A spirit that is not holy. Instead, he made many mistakes.
On the spiritual plane he receives the prayers of the devotees, who think he is holy.
The prayers themselves, they are always good, but the problem is that if you think a saintly person, which the prayer that you will direct him? Requests.
And he is in trouble, and has nothing to offer.
How he receives these prayers?

Ie the spirit canonized, coming on the spiritual plane, he does not have any credits.

Roberto: The canonization is a word that is used only by Catholics?

André: Canonization mean what? One who is transformed into a saint. The term is only used in the Catholic church. Because, for example, Chico Xaver is much more evolved that many saint, just that they will not canonize him because he was not Catholic.

But of course, the Catholic Church deserves our respect.

That is, if you are canonized on the physical plane, arriving at the spiritual level, this title is not worth anything (which are worth the actions committed on the earth plane)
There they will not ask where you graduated, what car you had, what is the house that you livedif was canonized or not, or if he had a doctorate. For them what matters are their actions.

So, some people has been canonized as a saint, but when they were alive, they were inquisitors, killed, raped, condemned to the fire many innocent people.

How can a creature like that being canonized?
So if he was canonized without merit, so it is with many problems, many difficulties, and the devotees pray for help. How sounds in their hearts? Voices of accusation.”

So it hurts in the heart of them (inside), because are asking me for help and I do not have anything to offer
So when he gets these prayers, he should consider: My God, if I could not even protect myself
If he had the power, in the next reincarnation, he will ask to reincarnate in a humble situation (free will).
That is, he received a glory that is not deserved. Now he will redeem the faults where?
In a humble condition, reincarnating without power or luxury. Poor without fame.

Pain that illuminates and regenerates is a painful rescue

I wonder this: You caught a spirit whoever made many mistakes, yet was canonized.
If you prove to his devotees, the saint of other times was born in a poor, humble condition, powerless.
Do these people will continue his devotee?
Just remember Jesus. Everyone expected that he would come with power, commanding armies, living in a castle. And he came in a manger.
And his coming this humble situation disappoint many people.

Just for reflection!

If I would expect better spiritual conditions to serve, I would not have started until the present moment. Every little bit of peace I bring someone is worth the peace I never had. Francisco Xavier

Thanks for reading and a nice Weekend to all of you! miss Froggy


Rules of Reincarnation & Parallel Realities

Practice self forgiveness, forgive yourself, forgive others and leave the Karmic Wheel. This should all be seen with the eyes of experience. Pena Branca


 The future has already been written long ago. What you can change are the circumstances in which the events take place. But 2 + 2 will always be 4.

The Universal Laws are the same any plane of existence. Because there are twelve parallel realities. Which reality you want to choose? Pena Branca

Photo: Miss Froggy – France 2014

English translation is done by Temple School of Triad Group: Marcos Teixeira, Pietro Felipe Monteiro and Marcos. Many, many thanks! God and the spirits of light bless you guys and all Triade Family

Spirit: Pena Branca         Medium: Marcos Teixeira

Website: http://ayahuascabrazil.org/

Date of recording: 12/04/2012

Youtube about the Retreat Triad in Brazil: https://youtu.be/nLPr15Xe_Xs


Pena Branca:  Good morning!

Jefferson: Good morning, how are you?


Pena Branca: All right, boy. Are you listening to me?

Jefferson: I hear well.

Pena Branca:  Greetings! Caboclo Pena Branca.

Jefferson: Greetings.


Pena Branca: You can ask boy.


Jefferson: White Feather, where are you coming now?


Pena Branca: In Umbanda, we always comes from a place called Aruanda. Aruanda would be a city in etheric plane of you… which brings together all entities who decided to work in this line of love and charity which is the Umbanda.

Jefferson:  Then it would then at the same time is …a spiritual city, a colony Spiritual this place?

Pena Branca: A spiritual colony that attracts to itself egregores fluttering in line with the Greater Umbanda.

Jefferson: What do you mean by egregores?

Pena Branca:  Egregores are groups or clusters of spirits molded in the same thought-form, in this case, is defined by the limits of Major Umbanda well as you will have other egregores … Catholic, other evangelical egregores, egregores other Jewish, and so on.


Jefferson: Then after a human person … It makes its transition that plan where I speak with you, go to the spirit world, she then depending on the energy and knowledge and advancement, it will to a particular place, a particular colony spiritual, is it? And this colony is usually in alignment … by law affinities, by saying so?

Pena Branca:  Yes, it can be said that, in fact, It is for consciousness frequency.

Jefferson:  Hmm … consciousness frequency. Can you talk a little about that?


Pena Branca:  Yes. When a human being on this earth passes away, he takes with him a consciousness pattern … which generates a level, so to speak, of psionic energy … that will direct this soul or spirit to this that egregore with which it has more affinity.


Jefferson:  Got it. So this egregore, then we could also call certain groups that may exist inside … a spiritual colony. For example, in this colony Aruanda spiritual call, there may be different egregores of which one of them is that you part?


Pena Branca: Exactly. Within Aruanda there are groups and subgroups.

Jefferson:  Groups and sub-groups …


Pena Branca:  There are hierarchies, this might be the better word … within 7 lines of Umbanda.

Jefferson: So in short: there is a spiritual colony call Aruanda which is divided into egregores … and you now had, of course before finishing, Now you presented this idea of ​​7 lines. But before you speak it then, only short also, what we learn now is that, after a person passes away then or die for this plan, she enters the spirit world and goes to the spiritual colony that is most associated with her energy, through the … affinity law, and when it arrives in this colony spiritual, it also goes to the place that is  more consistent with his personality and his energy.


Pena Branca: Yes. And there are also spiritual groups like that can receive this person.


Jefferson: Spiritual Groups like…. Ah, yes, of course! Who already live in this colony and when that person gets there, already has a certain affinity and then there is a deeper exchange.


Pena Branca: Not necessarily, but it probably ever was some kind of incarnational link between these spirits. Then, it is normal, e.g. that one of the spirits are incarnated and these spiritual families are not. When this son passes away, will usually against those who were watching  and learning from their incarnation on this plane. Also remember that there are umbralinos levels, Call umbralinos or infra-dimensional.


Jefferson:  Got it. So now we learned something new there: the person who is here on Earth may have friends who they remained in the spiritual world or have been before them, or have entered …


Pena Branca: It may not, has!

Jefferson: All?

Pena Branca: Everyone has. You have; This has; everyone has. No one embodied here without prior agreements.


There is this three-dimensional plane of existence, with the exception of very few, you call Cosmic Avatars, people without previous contracts. So many of these Contracts are positive in the sense that people who are inhabiting other planes of consciousness can use the experimental living in the third dimension  as a learning process, that is, and obsevando learning from one that is red. That is, so to speak, He volunteered to learn that.


Jefferson: OK. So those are the people like that is shared from another life, it is and they know from long ago, and even now or they are already in the spiritual world and coming from the colony , where they were or where they live, in the period between lives. Then they migrate to where they … They are to Earth, where they accompany our life and bring your notebook notes and they learn the lessons as they appear?


Pena Branca: Um … You are complicating. It’s simpler than that. Basically it’s like if you had a group of friends … that came out to make a journey, a walk, and one comes across a large lake and he wants to dive  this lake, to feel what it’s like, jump that rock for that lake. And some have the courage to do that … and others do not. Others will only observe. So often in successive incarnations that you have some take courage and some do not. Those who do not take courage or who do not wish at that moment embody are  watching experiences. It’s very simple. Everybody in the same classroom just taking up, so to speak, different places. In the case of those who are mediums, all egregore working with these mediums …


I, for one, learn from also experiences this child. It is clear, my son?

Jefferson: Yes. So we can say that the person in the world spiritual does not have much difference with respect the sense of identity, thoughts and emotions with one that is here in the physical world?


Pena Branca: None. So to speak, because I’m calling level or spiritual world, We would be located in a vibrational level of 4th to 5th D.

This means that there is still the notion of “one” or individuality, and you bring that level of consciousness, experiences of your past lives, which are those that sometimes you forget when they are incarnate, but this plan you are aware of these lives, but has not lost its sense of identity and social structure is very similar.

From the 5th, 6th dimension, the body will fluidizing and you will merging with a larger cosmic consciousness.


That is not the case of the spiritual colonies that they are usually between 4 and 5 D.

Jefferson: When you speak: 4:05 D, you’re referring to dimensions?


Pena Branca: Dimensions.


They are physical dimensions. People though I say: the astral world …

The astral world is a physical world, as physical as this one.

Just vibrating at a rate of at least two times faster than this. So to you is imperceptible.

Jefferson: Right. But back to the idea of ​​fear, for example. If the one is afraid of jumping from a rock into a pond , while she was alive, you will also have this fear after making your transition?


Pena Branca: It depends. She gave to the experience, she has fear because she did and got fired, or why she did?


Jefferson:  Oh, so many variables …


Pena Branca: Everything is proportional to the actual experience. Many fears that you carry, are genetically loaded from past lives, and it is necessary for you to clean up these fears. What I mentioned was that often certain groups of spirits do not incarnate do not wish to embody because, so to speak, incarnate in this life plan is a hard life. Not child?


Jefferson: It is not easy …


Pena Branca: So, so it is not heavy, often choosing a spirit that will represent that group of spirits  and have the necessary experiments to this group can learn without having to go through  difficulties that this world requires of you to life.


Jefferson: I might need further clarification in this affair. Often you began like this: often pick up a spirit … Who chooses and why one in particular?


Pena Branca:  These decisions are never taken individually. You may have heard of a group of elders, called Karmic Board, which governs the incarnational laws on the planet.


When you ascend to the astral plane, if you are fully aware, because many ascend without being aware, right? And they need treatment. When you are fully aware, and periodically evaluate their incarnational experiences and discuss with members this Council who are great sages to tell whether you should or should not embody, and in that situation, where experiential programming you want to come.


So there fall into this equation, so to speak, a number of factors. Because you have to take into consideration not only what you want to learn, but that his incarnation might cause others learn as well.


Ie it is a way for you to multiply the capacity of learning other using their own individual experience. Ie never an incarnation, let’s say, is validated by itself, but within a group context, shall we say, more than that, in context to raise the consciousness level of those people, they are as learners within that incarnational experience. Is that clear?


Jefferson:  Yes. But that does not become a burden, as a responsibility to fulfill because the person forgets?


Pena Branca: Yeah, when you incarnate you forget. But it is a burden in the sense that it is an assumed responsibility, before a Karmic Board and this is done only it is necessary firstly if necessary. Sometimes you do not have the need to embody. Many sometimes you incarnate, so to speak, by mission, because you take it. You take on a mission before a group to say “I’ll do this, this and this, so we can better understand what it is. ” And often, it is atonement. If you think of those who bring great karma debt, this plan, they often are forced, sometimes even against their own will, to embody, to be able to somehow atone relations unresolved or inharmonious they had in past lives. Anyway, all these incarnational experiences are utilized as, so to speak, example or as study material by other groups.


Jefferson: So when you talk about being stressed, and we think of free will, a question arises: There exists or not and to what degree, to what extent it exists?


Pena Branca: Free will within our concept is the ability that the spirit has to make choices in the matter. If you are in an incarnational process and if you, so to speak, is a spirit that we would call  “Rebellious spirit”, you have no other option but to reincarnate or go to another world of exile.


So to reincarnate you are guided on what types experiences should have. It’s up to you when incarnate, say whether or not experience that. If not experience, will return as often as necessary, so that experience is coupled to its experiential field, because if it does, do not you ascends spiritually.


This is the case for many umbralinos spirits, recidivists the same mistakes; repeat the same vices; repeat the same experiences. You certainly ever heard of the concept of synchronicity?


Jefferson:  Yup.


Pena Branca: So when you are faced with a situation within your life … just a second child … which appears over and over again, life is trying to tell you: solve this node, resolve this issue, and people often prefer to simply ignore, or circumvent or avoid. And again, you’ll see the same situation. You will attract the same situation, will attract the same people and you will attract the same atmosphere for you which you are trying to escape. That’s free will.


Jefferson:  It’s like … it’s like saying: you can choose the decisions that will, but not the consequences of them.


Pena Branca: Exactly. All actions have reactions. Choice, you can avoid once, twice, three, four. How many and how many …


How many spirits are incarnated and reincarnated, incarnating and reincarnating, incarnating and reincarnating experiments within the same spectrum. And do not think this is a new thing. It is one thing for thousands of years.  Change the circumstances, moved, so to speak, the garb of experience, changes to technology, but the human spirit is the same.

Jefferson:  So it’s as if there is an analogy that I invented, and it seems to me relevant. It’s like there, placed by the Creator in our mind, a math to which we add positively or negatively, but since, as the computer, a program afterthought it will respond as things to put in it.

Pena Branca: Exactly. You may have heard of “Control Matrix”, right?


Jefferson:  Yes, but talk more, talk more, please …


Pena Branca: The  Matrix Control is ​​a hologram created artificially for you in this plan can attract or not attract certain types experience. It is defined primarily by their level of consciousness. 

So the more mature spirit, more conscious, the greater the degree of choice. The less developed, the less conscious, lower your degree of choice. That’s free will.



Jefferson:  So it’s like saying: the higher power an entity has more responsibility. But also, the more responsibilities, more power, right? We could say the two forms.


Pena Branca: Depends on what you call power. The notion of power this plan is attached to money, it is on the ability to subjugate and enslave. Power, for us, It means being closer to our divine essence and our ability to create and co-create with God.  And my job here is to clarify to raise the level of consciousness of beings who are incarnated at this time of planetary transition, where the weeds will be separated from the wheat. Incidentally, is already being.


Jefferson:  But back a little here the idea of ​​many people call it karma, and people always see “karma” as a negative thing. It would always be negative?

Pena Branca: No Karma is always a response to a previous action. But the beings with Christ consciousness, there is no karma. There is only karma to the unconscious beings, for those not learned from their own experiences. There is … There are many ways to escape the Karmic Wheel. It’s out of prison vices; is released from prison belief systems; leaving prison religions; release from prison of human inferiority.

There’s only karma, because you are considered inferior.


Jefferson:  Right. So, when a person makes a certain thing, acts in a certain way, and cause some sort of feeling in another, of purpose, and this causes other people suffer. So her spirit will carry it, and how will be on your math, because he himself entered, It will be there as a problem to be solved for he have the experience to know it is really nice or not make others go through this?


Pena Branca: Yup.

Jefferson: And then he learns responsibility?

Pena Branca: Yes. But we also have to understand that many often arises within a plan of several stocks, not just one.

Jefferson: Dai is to say that there is no victim …

Pena Branca:  It’s not because you were a criminal, a thug, which killed ten people in this life, you is the Karmic wheel next. Who knows if you It was not the victim of the other? This things, the sight of you is very short-sighted and short. So what

I suggest these cases, always, is: practice self forgiveness, Forgive yourself, forgive others and leave the Karmic Wheel.

This should all be seen with the eyes of experience. However dramatic, however aggressive, more violent it may seem, this is just an illusion.


Jefferson: So if a person is innocent and back, and ended up in chain, totally innocent, we can say then that suddenly she’s atoning, passing a test, which corresponds to a past experience?


Pena Branca: Not necessarily. Often yes and often do not. Because it also can be part of the game karmic of others. It is not necessarily something she be imposed.


Jefferson: Yes, but nothing happens for free. or else without merit.


 Pena Branca No no no. Everything is mathematics, everything is sacred geometry of the universe. Nothing is by chance, absolutely nothing. Everything is mathematically calculated, out in one way or another.



Jefferson:  And it does not mean that the future is already written, because there are thousands of possibilities?


Pena Branca: The future has already been written long ago. What you can change the circumstances in which the events take place. But 2 + 2 will always be 4.

Jefferson: Oh, I see now. The future is already written long, because the laws are the same.


Pena Branca: The Universal Laws are the same any plane of existence.

Jefferson: So, the future can only be one: respect the laws and evolve as will having the experience.

Pena Branca:  Exactly what is happening now. You have, shall we say, a moment of great technological development and supposedly It should also give a great spiritual development, which does not always happen. Only a few people are aroused, so to speak, for this spiritual awareness. Right?

Jefferson: Right.

Pena Branca: So, the future is very clear. For these people more spiritual consciousness, the Earth of the future, is a harmony of Earth. For people who have little spiritual awareness Earth’s future is a land of more technology, and more control and more power. It depends on your conscience make this choice; then again, free will.


Jefferson:  But if the future is written and the future is based on the laws of God, or the Creator, then we have two possibilities then you can say. 

Pena Branca: We have not twelve possibilities.


Jefferson:  Twelve? This is new. Because?


Pena Branca:  Because there are twelve parallel realities. Which reality you want to choose?

But that is very difficult for you understand because it’s all very relative.

Jefferson: And then…

Pena Branca:  What I’m trying to tell you is this: if you boot love in the world you will receive love. If you put power in the world, this power will dominate you. It is as simple as that.


Jefferson:  And now comes the word “power”, as is understood to most human and power understood by you and by high spirits, then we have a contrast there, but at the same time, the more power we have here also and less preparation you have, the more easily you have to get lost.


But in the spiritual world does not happen the same, is not true? No one achieves greater power … what you are capable of handling?

Pena Branca: The greatest power in the spiritual world, at least at the level we are, it is the ability to raise awareness. Because, as I am talking to you, I’m talking to several people.

When I work psychically with this child, in a session, all work is to raise awareness, through healing, through conversations, through donation of love for those who need it most.

Which is what everyone should do.

I do not need to come here, if  you would do it. But you do not do. You are becoming more selfish, you increasingly isolated, you increasingly arrogant, you increasingly proud, increasingly dominated by the marks, each increasingly dominated by large companies, increasingly dominated by appearance … and we trying to do the opposite work. Then there is an arms race, so to speak, with these forces.


Do not think that the lower threshold has no power. It has much more power over you than us.

Because it works directly in energy level that is what you are used to.

It is the lure of power is the lure of sex, is the seduction of life, so to speak, pleasurable, without consequences, right? And we have nothing against power, money, sex, all part of the human experience. But that may be used to your benefit and the benefit of others, not, this in most cases doesn´t happen.


Jefferson:  Now, this power then umbralino would be in this case a ability to influence because of the affinity. It would not be the same power we speak here nor the same power that you mentioned, it would be the ability to raise awareness. It would be another type of power?


Pena Branca:  What happens is that many of the things that are in Karmic wheel Earth today have many connections with groups of spirits who are on the threshold. And has his dealings with them. So the access of these groups to these people is very easy. Too easy!

Imagine all the people today who are consuming drug overwhelming way, all people who are Drinking overwhelmingly, everyone that are dependent on chemical somehow or alcohol or sex, or all of these human experiences pleasure that are easy to be manipulated by these energies.

We are also working not only on the earth plane, but teams and teams, legions will get the cones Spiritual these people embodied in the doorway, to help them break free of the cycle of addiction.

It is a real battle, my son.


I do not think the mood is that image of angels and clouds in the sky. We are far from it, far from it.


It has much work to do. People think desencarnarem when they’ll be leading an angel of life, sitting on a cloud playing a harp. This is the notion of heaven.


The sky, at our level, is a level raise awareness, work, love for humanity embodied by poor humanity incarnate. And for those who are disembodied in umbralinas infra-dimensions. Those who would be rescued. Because there are spirits there who are poor wretches, we so to say, in the sense they lack consciousness.

But also have those who are the enslavers, the real demons, as you call it. These are the real demons, those who believed his host of unconscious spirits and sucking your energy to survive, energy vampires, the vampires of the soul.


Has a lot of ugly here, my son …


Jefferson: You spoke about connections umbralinas entities exist …

Pena Branca: We all have. Every being has incarnated. Because, let’s say so when you incarnate you are just a fractal the soul that is in this plan, son. You will have the fractals his soul at various levels, including some umbralinos. So it’s up to you, often their vices or their difficulties in this life, son, is because these yours, so to speak, of his pieces souls that are there need to be rescued. And they are redeemed when you can bring light to your life, you know?


Jefferson: Yup. It is that we have some difficulty understanding terms, it is natural given our level of consciousness, so I’m doing that question. My understanding is that the soul is … is indivisible. When you speak “fractal you” …

Pena Branca:  The soul is not indivisible, you who are the division of a soul.


Jefferson:  Yes, and now I am a unity?


Pena Branca: You are a unit along with several others. When your “Higher Self” fragmented up there in the eighth, ninth dimension, it generated a lot of little children, small fractals, and these fractals can be here on Earth, They may be on other planets there in this universe of God and may also be in other infrastructure dimensions. Because, you see son, and there is no value judgment on it.Each experiences a level, we say so, conscience you want.


Because you have free will, which is a word that you like so much, to choose what you want to experience. So for some fractals of his soul, which they wish to experience, is on the lower planes. For those who wish to experience other things you do not want to experience here on Earth. So they are all energetically connected.

What you call ascension is nothing that the work of gathering, rescue these fractals soul that are scattered around in different dimensions. The role of the “I Am” actually is reconnect with their children. So this moment is so important. Because this is a time of gathering these fractals.

So, these fractals will be meeting again with your soul identity. It is not?


And there are many, many, many … many lost! Many otherplaces, many lost in life experiences that did not work, and are attached to the Karmic Wheel, many lost in addictions, many in other planes of existence, in other stars, many, many, many …

So that’s the point, so to speak, of collect all these experiences, right? And a lot of time to go through the experience, this soul fractal loses consciousness of who he is. It dulls, he forgets the love of God.


So our role as a worker of God is do remember, is to bring out that chest, sometimes  hardened by the harsh experiences of life, son, consciousness that we are all children of God, and to Him we will return. This is the law of evolution for all beings, even for this planet, which is also a fractal of God.

Jefferson:  Well, from what you said, then we can understand that not only God creates spirits. Sometimes a spirit that He created and became quite high too, have learned how to create spirits?

Pena Branca: We are all gods creator, son.

Jefferson: Ai, ai, ai …

 Pena Branca: All! You are God; this child is God; I’m God. Measure we will have more awareness, to the extent that grow, our level of consciousness, we can co-create, we can reach a level of Elohim, as  you know, co-create worlds, this is our role to return to Home, son.


But few people are aware of this, so lost, right? You imagine so son, let’s say that you have, as well, soul brothers to be, a five hundred, so to speak. When these five hundred fractals soul together in a, shall we say, Monad, you have any idea of ​​the degree of awareness of what are five hundred consciences with different experiences together?


Multiply your thinking ability and understanding by five hundred! So, up another level, that Monad will meet with other monads which are also scattered and having five hundred thousand experiments, all joining in a Supra-Monad, son. Do you understand why we are all gods?


Jefferson: Yes Yes. Now, in the past, I believe it was Jesus who said: “Ye are gods.” But the word “gods” before referring the spirits, saying “ye spirits and one with the Father.” So basically …


Pena Branca::  This is a Christian interpretation, son. What He meant that you are even gods! But do not use the Bible as a reference for understanding many things, because the Bible is a compilation, so to speak, the people of historical events Jew, with Sumerian myths, Assyrians, etc, etc, etc, reinterpreted the convenience of a Pope, right?

This serves to divide more than to join, is not it, son?


Jefferson:  Unfortunately …

Pena Branca: Yes, exactly.


Jefferson: Then when he says “are gods,” and if we use the word “Gods” and “spirit,” and if we use “spirit” how to be immortal in pursuit of perfection, we come to the same equation, because if we seek perfection and unity with God so … We achieve the moral and intellectual level of knowledge of all things, because it corresponds to perfection, so what then, of course, is what you said, “You are gods” in this sense, because of the possibilities available.


Pena Branca: Yes, but you’re putting it on a level, let’s say like this: “When you reach a level of development.”


Jefferson:  Yes, the timeline.


Pena Branca: But you are already a god. The work you do, son, enlightenment of the people, it is a creation of God. When you donate your love for humanity, it is a love of God. People imagine that the work of the gods, to create universes, planets … This will get one day when you have that degree of cosmic consciousness, so to speak, but you can be God in your day-to-day.

Umbanda comes to teach that love and charity, anyone can give, son. You do not need to be a king to do something.

A smile to someone who needs, has a much greater weight, my son, than any material gift you can give. So, believe it: as a divine spark, its capacity to create and touch the hearts of people have a ability to ignite the soul of that person, son.

To bring the flame of that person triune love that often she’s in need, and that the world denies him.

That´s the reason, Umbanda is charity and love, son. It costs nothing, is free, and everyone can give.

You got it, son?


Jefferson: Yes, yes … You spoke too, and to thank, a very relevant and important information. The lord spoke also, his White Feather, two things where I would like further clarification: about monads and also, after you also spoke of threefold flame. Now, monads, from what I understand and what you commented on it, is that as I would not join with other five hundred but people had access to his experiences as well, continuing with my unit and the person hers, and the other 498 with them, but …

Pena Branca: If fuse … His knowledge fuses a soul alone. It’s All in One.


Jefferson: Sure, sure … It’s like the experience of the hologram then? An image of a hologram.

Pena Branca: There is an image. So to speak, to put it one way quite simple: it’s as if you had various dumplings to make a cake. And these balls will be joining and a big cake. And every big cake, will be joining to there cake also increased, and so forth.

Every level of consciousness, every leap of consciousness, you’ll be joining more until merging into the whole. It’s All in One. That’s it.


Jefferson: Oh cool, so, there you do not lose your individuality but has access to all others, it seems like you are part of the whole.


Pena Branca: Exactly, exactly. You will only merge with All the above ninth, tenth; there you will join with your “I Am”, which was your original Monad, its Supra-Monad, right.

Child, has more questions, son?

Jefferson: Can you explain the threefold flame, which you mentioned just now?


Pena Branca:  The Chamatrina is the vital energy of the human being, that every human being receives at birth. It is when it is connected to your chest a link direct, with pranic energy, son. It is usually represented by three-spoke, three flames:  a blue ray, a rose and a golden son.

It represents divine protection, the blue ray;


It represents the divine love, the pink ray, and it

is divine knowledge, the golden ray.


Together, these three give support to your life. When the person is … when a person, so to speak, “Dies,” Son, you are disconnected.


Jefferson:  Then we…

Pena Branca: It is a way of energy Coupling, is not in this plan.


Jefferson: So even though many of us think we live a life completely separate, independent of Divine Providence, It is not how it works?


Pena Branca: All are children of God and all are attached to it, son.

It’s just that some are aware and others have not. Some prefer to forget your divine origin because remember that, will necessarily bring  changes in your life, do you, son? It is a lot easier sometimes you lead a life more material and more hard, more selfish, not thinking that everyone is brother, right child.

In God’s eyes, all are equal. The rich / poor, black / white, all polarities that you have here in this plan, son, are just a game scene, as you said, they are just a hologram, only an illusion. From the point of view spiritual, we are all children of the same source as it is.


Jefferson: And the “bad” things happen that are just a call to we understand our responsibility to the divine providence?


Pena Branca: Every experience, good or bad, is always a call awareness. It is to raise awareness, for to understand that nothing  lack you.

It is God incarnate. Christ said it very well. Only that people prefer to worship, what to do, son. This is the problem of humanity, we want idols. And you no longer need idols, son. You need to become gods, you. No more gurus, no more avatars! That’s it.


Jefferson:  When you speak “idols” are you referring to images in which were inspired or something else?


Pena Branca: Anyone, regardless of image, or religion or popular culture that can help rather than as an example, actually prevent you from developing. Why is this: you choose the idol. The idol is good, the idol is beautiful, the idol is fantastic and you are nothing! It’s so easy to think so.


Jefferson: Sure the television is there …


Pena Branca: You push for the idol everything you want to be and whatever you like to do and  you do nothing for your life, a complainer, only complains, complains only son … So, enough!


You do not need idols. You need to face as gods as creators, as divine potential incarnated to learn. That is the message, if you have sure if you talk to any messenger of God, what you wil hear is this. Our concern is with the embodied humanity. That is a lot of manipulation, lots of room, a lot of illusion, son! illusion …


Son, I need to go.

Jefferson: Okay so.


Look, I appreciate your visit with us, I hope we can have the opportunity to absorb more aware, if possible, but I greatly appreciate the time that you reserved for us today.


Pena Branca: Thank you son, for the opportunity to disseminate and raise the word of God in the consciousness of you who are here on this plane. God bless you, the lights of Holy Umbanda  accompany you, your guides, your entities, and can give you the knowledge you need to treat these topics with the necessary sensitivity, son, and make your word out the farthest corners of this planet.


So be it, my son.


Jefferson: Amen …

Tríade Brasil Ayahuasca Retreat – Meet the place


Out-of-body experience – Part 1

Any laboratory may proof life after death, but if you do not have own experience of visualize this, you will not be convinced. Dr. Sergio de Oliveira

Interview with Dr. Sérgio Felipe de Oliveira, spiritist,  neuroscientist physician, Master in Medicine from the University of Sao Paulo and researcher at the pineal gland.

Youtube: https://youtu.be/vMgbbgnGmuE

Date of Publication: 23.04.2013

Photo: Miss Froggy – Sweeden 2012

Program: Transition Tv

Reporter Delma: Is there life after death?

Dr. Sergio: That´s a question… Today science is studying the question of Life after death , because materialism got no scientific evidence. If we consider, since the philosopher Kart Rene, 400 years ago, science was never able to prove that the Materialism is a  existential reality.
So, we are taking new directions, and universities has been researching on this event of afterlife, especially, the University of Arizona in the United States, in the psychology of college, where there is a research laboratory on the afterlife.

So, in the American official science this is already a reality. Already known are the
studies and research concerning reincarnation, but objectively afterlife being a current keynote in research.

Reporter Delma: And also in the Espiritism doctrine we have several
representatives books. The first one will become Movie Now on September 3 is the
our home”, psychographied by Chico Xavier

Dr. Sergio: The “our home” tells the story of a doctor who comes from the spiritual world, to bring news and tell how is in the astral world. This matter interests me a lot because it is a doctor who brings an angle on this. The book was written, psychographic by Chico in the decade of 40 and was seen as a religious belief.
Today, the universities are beginning to study, such as scientific hypothesis.
Now, I think, the question of life after death is a personal discovery

Any laboratory can find out (check) life after death, but if you do not have an experience (possibility) of visualize this, you will not be convinced.

I myself went through an after death experience when suffered a cardio-circulatory collapse, but I did not see the tunnel of light.
But I saw my dropped body.
Incredible is that the clinical reasoning remained intactI practically made my own diagnosis, as if dealing with a patient in the ICU. So, during this time, I had the living proof that life goes on.

So, this conviction is very strong inside of me, and science only goes to reinforce in parallel to this issue, then there is life after death.

People need to open the head to this hypothesis, because life has meaning only if she has a continuum. Otherwise, life is empty.

Revelations 2019 – ChicoXavier

So we are already a long time in the planet’s destruction process, and now we’re waking up very slowly after a lethargic sleep of centuries… But we are waking up.
Previously were not be told of the environment, disarmament, volunteering. Today, mankind talk about those stuffs. André Marouco

Chico Xavier Revelations – Year 1969

Tv Mundo Maior – Date of Publication via Youtube: 05.01.2016

Youtube: https://youtu.be/Dgq20TERfm4

Reporter Elen Alarca

interviewed: Andre Marouco, Tv Director Mundo Maior, Brazil

Reporter Elen: Today’s theme is about the revelations made by the medium Chico Xavier for the year 2019 and the future reserved for planet Earth.

André, what Chico Xavier meant about the year 2019 to be “the world’s Deadline”?

André Marouco: With all  respect to our brothers who hold this theory, we do not believe it.

Studying what Chico Xavier said at first in the year of 1969 and later in the year of 1971 an Pinga Fogo program, he said that:  If mankind do not enter into global conflict of extremely violent scale in the next 50 years, we would experience advances in all areas of human knowledge in politics of science.

He says even, that will be built a station in the  moon for the observation of the worlds and about the transition to the so dreamed trip to Mars.
He did not say the end of the world. We do not believe that. And do not believe, because the divine pedagogy it is not “you broke, and do not have solution“. In the divine pedagogy is: “you broke, you‘ll have to fix”.

So we are already a long time in the planet’s destruction process, and now we’re waking up very slowly after a lethargic sleep of centuriesBut we are waking up.
Previously were not be told of the environment, disarmament, volunteering. Today, mankind talk about those stuffs.

So, the end of the world will not be in the year of 2019 or 2020 or 2050.  The earth will evolve and the people who are here, they will evolve together.

Reporter Elen: But do you think wars, disasters and all the violences we’ve seen lately have any relation with the Chico did mean?

André Marouco: Surely all this has relationship with our limited capacity to love. We love too little. And when we love, we love only our closest nucleus.

If we indeed love our brothers in Christ the Lord, we will understand the differences. When we understand the differences, we realize the stage of others.

Every creature on planet Earth are all roughly the same stage. But even if we are in the same stage, some People are a little more advanced than the others.

This lack of understanding that we owe to those who think differently from us and  our insane desire to have, accumulating material goods at all costs, it is the reason that is sponsoring these wars.

But we are  suffering enough already with this war sice long time. I think we are slowly waking up for love.

Reporter Elen: The spectator M from the city of Sao Paulo would like to know more about the “world in Transition”.

What kind of spirit will not reincarnate again in the  Earth planet?

André Marouco: It is a difficult analysis to do, specially in such a short time we have here. But, those most brutalized spirits, more sensuality, the spirits aimed to domination of minds and hearts, extremely aggressive and angry spirits… There will be no more space on earth for them.

This will happens for a very rational question: We are in a world of proofs and atonement.

Proofs able to make us evolve. As an example we will mention our dear brothers of the Islamic State, those  who are doing everything they are doing like in Syria: They will need to work for self lighting, serving the community. Unfortunately a lot of them will be attained by the law of cause and effect (Karma), not by pro-activity, but by the famous here was done, here you gonna pay” or “an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth”, in other words, they will need to be enslaved, beaten by other creatures.

But those other creatures will no longer be on Earth. So, here they will not meet such proof, this atonement. They need to go to another planet, just as Jesus had told us: “There are many rooms in my Father’s house “.

An occasion while I was starting my studies about spiritism I feared the end of the world.

A spiritual friend was talking to me: “No, the world will not end”

I told him: “But what if it end up?”

He replied to me: ´”Dont worry, it will not end. Even if just in the divine pedagogy does not exist the movement of the noplanet.”

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About the Medium Chico Xavier and Future revelations

Subtitle in english


Reincarnation & the Bible – Part 1

Council Lecture from Medium Divaldo Franco

Imperator City, Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Date: 19.08.1988

If you wish to know more about the Medium, please take a look here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divaldo_Pereira_Franco

Date of the Lecture: 19.08.1988

Date of Publication via Youtube: 21.08.2013 

Youtube: https://youtu.be/CxDa3XIg5Fs

Pray: “Jesus, unconditional friend, bless us”

Divaldo: The adorable Professor Charles Richet, considered the father of human physiology, also one of the fathers of human Metapsychics, asserted with depth, a epoch something is implausible, in another era is credible, referring the thesis of Metapsychics. At that time, the contemporary thinking refused any possibility of a transpersonal reality.

The physiology and psychology advocated anyone that death was the end of life . The moment was given to brain death, the deoxygenation of Neurons, the creature ceased to exist and of course the soul, who was perspiration cerebral, no longer has legitimacy.

The concept of Richet is to draw attention to new ideas, since that new ideas are always fought with wickedness.

And in the same epoch, the notable and pessimistic German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said:  Any new idea in the beginning is fought, then ridiculed and finally comes to become a reality fully accepted. So it’s been through along the history of revolutionary ideas.

This topic is to refer to an exceptional man which presents a thesis in which he has been denied vehementlyexperiencing sarcasm and mockery and which gives into consideration, the human creature incorporates to their daily lives. I wish to refer to the Indian parapsychologist Hemendra Nath Banerjee and the theory of reincarnation.

Coming from  the city of Jaipur in India, the psychologist concentrated his work at the observation of exceptional children. Those who were provided with the genius and others that seemed to have a not necessarily brain Memory.

Brain memory is the one that comes in the DNA code and accompanying the development of the rational, through the various periods of their formation organic.

Banerjee had found children who were able to give informations that were not acquired in the current existence. And therefore he created psychological concept of extra brain Memory.

He had the occasion to say that reincarnation is a thesis that surprises the Western mind. And when it comes to any means to about reincarnation, people not clarified, invariably assume any of four positions:

The first is the classic negation, pure and simple. Very comfortable and commodious attitude. The second is a posture of reaction, based on religious doctrines that the individual professes.  The third is the attitude of acceptance and the fourth is a scientific Approach.

He said that it was very comfortable deny. For denying, enough 2 words: I do not believe.

It had been refused for many centuries the reality of the heliocentric System. And notwithstanding, the Earth has ever been fixed.

Tried to negate the story through the law of universal Gravitation: When heavier the body, the less his fall. And yet, this is the law that rules the cosmos, sustaining the galactic balance.

So, those who deny the reincarnation without ever been concerned with any analysis, keep an attitude of convenience, an anti-scientific attitude.  These people do not deserve further  cultural consideration.

The second group consists of those who say:I do not believe in reincarnation, because the religion I profess denies the reincarnation.  For me, it does not have any Basis”

And we heard this assertive (statement), through persons linked to different ramifications to Christianity, as  Coptic Christianity Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic Apostolic, Protestant, asserting that  his  Religion  denies the reincarnation.

These people deserve human respect, however demonstrates that they do not know their Religion.

If we make an analysis about the historical reality of the Religions, we will verify that the generating of Christianity, the reincarnation doctrine is professed by Jesus and accepted by his disciples. Several times we find Jesus referring to reincarnation, notwithstanding, using another word as it is obvious. The word that translates reincarnation is of Greek nature, Palingenesia, doctrine of several births, the Genesis.

In Torah, the word reincarnation is in the vocable (sorry, I didn´t understand the vocabulary, but it sounds like guilagu), that means born again. The Hebrew Torah accepts reincarnation, which was part of the secret indoctrination of the primitive doctrine.

Jesus refered several times to reincarnation. All of us, Christians, we have read the gospel, remember us  for  a instance of  the Moment he arriving at the place, he met a man who was blind since birth.  And the disciples interrogate him”why he was born blind. On account of own mistakes or from his parents?

What does this mean the passage? They believed in reincarnation. Therefore, that that man had sinned before being born, of course that was in a previous existence.

And as he was not carrying any negative karmic manifestation, Jesus redargue: neither he nor his parents sinned, but is in order to fulfill God’s will, that is, so that I can break free from blindness, since he did not have any negative commitment by law.

Later we will have the opportunity to magistral  Dialog to hear Jesus asked his disciples, Whom do men say that the Son of Man is?

And they elucidate: “Some say that you are Elias, others say Jeremiah, while others say that thou art John the Baptist and others who says you are the prophet who returned”

Then he asks Simon Peter: And you who say that I am? And Peter, taken from a psychic emotion, replied: “I say that thou art the Son of God, the Messiah we expected“.

And Jesus concludes Simao: “It was not flesh and blood have revealed you. It was my father who is in the heavens who revealed to you”

Let´s analyze: The people said that Jesus was Elijah, Jeremiah, John the Baptist or one of the prophets that alread were dead. Of course they thought that Jesus had been reincarnated.

But as he was not Elijah or Jeremiah, let alone Joao Batista, who desencarnava was little, and was not also none of the prophets, because Jesus was not reincarnated.
It is the sublime governor Earth, who became incarnate in order to serve as model and guide, leading us to God.

He asks Simao: Who do you say?
And Simao, who was medium, receives influx of divine Inspiration and reproof, Thou art the Messiah, the one we expected.

But if this is not enough, later, are the disciples who inquire: “Rabbi, it is not necessary to come before the Messiah comes Elijah?” And he clarifies: “But the Elijah who was to come, has already come. This, that is there, (they all understood he was talking about John the Baptist).

How could John the Baptist be Elias, if Elias had died nearly 800 years before? Only through reincarnation.

If we see the prophetic sermon, Mark 13, you will have the opportunity to draw the events of the end of the negative moral times. And in the final stage, he says: Do not pass this generation without all that I say, be fulfilled until the last Jota (a tiny Greek letter).

But we can see that it all about he said, did not happen.

Then he made a mistake or we misinterpret the Phrase. Will not pass this generation … From bodies or Spirits?

We will not be in humankind certain remnants of that spiritual generation. which has been reincarnated and that we are still here on Earth, waiting for the final Moment?

However, it’s wonderful the dialogue with Nicodemus, when the celebrated doctor of law who sat on the judgment seat of the Sanhedrin, one of 70 doctors of the law, keep an interview with Jesus and the gospel narrates the answer, the same as saying that there has been question: Verily, I say to you, it is necessary to be born again to enter the kingdom of heaven.

And the man who knew the Torah, the Mosaic Pentateuch, taken by surprise, requires: Lord, how is possible an old man enter the womb of his mother to be Born again?” He understood the answer. And Jesus makes clear: it is necessary born of water and of the Spirit to enter the kingdom of heaven.

The spirit blows where it wills, is like the wind, do not know where it comes from or where it goes. That which is born of the flesh is flesh. That which is born of the spirit is Spirit.

Later, the doctrines that descended from Christianity to Go to say that this revival is given through baptism, when the person is separated from the original sin. For those who are not informed,  of the sin of disobedience committed by Eve, who then seduced Adam. It is necessary that the person separates this grave sin, which led the two creatures to cohabit and entering the sensuality, they populated the earth. This is the explanation of orthodox religions.  Religions that much we respect, though we do not agree with their Explanation.

Let us analyze: If it is necessary to baptize, and those who die without the minimal possibility to receive the baptism like Eskimos, primitive people of New Guinea, creatures lost in the forests or in the cities children whose parents deny baptism and not grant them the purification. To where they go?  To limbo, a place of eternal indifference. But is it fair to punish a person who does not have any responsibility for not having been baptized? The answer is extravagant, exotic.

And those who were born before Jesus? Mankind had almost 4,000 years of ethical culture in civilization. Well, those Jesus redeemed with his blood, which does not let to be very comfortable.

Cambyses king of the Persians, Julio Cesar, Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus had one unimaginable cruelty , who were evil, which destroyed civilizations, which ruined cities, Jesus has redeemed them.

And we, only because we were born later, we have to strive for own redemptionIt is a placement of logic, anti-Logical. Because it would be ideal that Jesus was coming first and taught to all and the disobedient ones would suffer but not dividing society: Those who were  born before, they are saved by the blood. And those who came later,  the bastards who is to be cleansed, making the doctrine of Christ one swing of nonsense.

But let us examine if there was original sin:

Says the Bible, and the Bible with all due respect, is a book of contradictions, starting of the so called creation, when God said on the first day: It makes the Light, and there was light. And this was the first day.

On the second day, God separated the land from the waters. And this was the second day.

On the third day, he created the stars. And there is a basic error. How can there be light, if there were no stars to Project it? How could there be clarity, if there was no sun? How could there be clarity in the chaos, if there were no stars?

The science uprising to protest and asserts that 15 billion years ago, two particles were stirred into chaos, was cloned as one another, absolutely the same nuclear charge carrier. Until an additional particle emerged and caused the Big Bang. Starting from there it espandem universal particles, which continue to expand in our universe, Law of Einstein. But if we look at the Bible, we find that the creation refers only Earth, which is an insignificant planet. It is a planet devoid of any astronomical value.

The extraordinary English astrophysicist Sir James Jeans, to give an idea to us, that we are not masters in astronomy, he says for example: So we have a dimension, if we consider our Milky Way galaxy, just our galaxy, with the dimension that comes from extreme northern of north america till the southern end of South america, the solar system would be the size of a dime of Dollar and the Earth would have the dimension of the tip of a pin and the sun would have the volume of the pin head. So we have idea of the Earth’s nothing significant if we analyze us that our galaxy is poor. She has only 200 billion suns. There are approximately 100 million galaxies bigger than ours. And the Hubble telescope is photographing daily galaxies that appear and others who succumb to black holes

But we take the Bible literally: God, on the seventh day, when his work is finished, he took a cake mud and modeled the being, He breathed into his life, giving this being the name of Adam, made of sludge, created from clay. And after meditating, God realized, literal words, which was not good for the man to be alone. Made him fall asleep, he took out a rib and made the woman.

We will enter now in the absurd area. Why it would have to be a rib? For the woman was perpetually dependent upon man. It’s a chauvinistic vision of the Jewish doctrine. God is man. The first being  is to be a man, a woman is a piece of the man, that should pay obedience.

And I wonder if it was not good for man to live alone? Why did it not another being men of clay, breathed into him life and gave him a Partner? Why he gave a female companion?

So, God says to them: “Here is the paradise”, which was in a Region next of Mesopotamia. “Here’s everything you want, but you can not approach or penetrate the tree of wisdom of good and evil. ”

The light of psychology was a classic mistake of God, because all that is forbidden is gonna be desired. And that God is omniscient , he should already know what was about to to happen after.  Otherwise he is not  omniscient, one of God attributes, the capacity to know everything that there is to know, past, present and future.

Starting from that moment the paradise is now the tree. If he had not said anything, they never would come next to the tree. because it was a enormous paradise. Then the devil,took the form of a Serpent, female. The lords notice how say the German psychoanalyst Dr. Hanna Wolf, the tragedy male chauvinism. Comes the serpent seduced Eve, it was weak. And Eve seduced, seduces Adam, who was not weak, but he has been enticed and then they disobeyed God…  We note that this is a myth. is a legend that deserves any affection of a historical legend …
… So, at this point they realized that they were naked…psychologically, they discovered the sensuality, because the were naked…

And of course they covered the prudish parts and God appeared angered… It can not be God. The supreme mercy, the supreme wisdom. Angry with those two children? It’s like we get angry with our children just for being bearer of ignorance, and instead of guiding,  we complained, we punish, and he became repressed.

then, Godin desperation punishes them… And how? “Today From you shall eat the bread by the sweat of your face”, making work a disgrace, transformed work into a punishment.

When Jesus told us, “my father until now works, and I also work“, because the work is psychotherapy. Let’s look at the retired who forcibly stop working, and of course makes the neurotic disorder of worthlessness, begin to consider themselves as marginalized People. And ours is a country of marginalized, because we believe that we already lived. We are already retired. The retired person has a disgrace timbre. And People talk like that, “he is retired, we are doing a favor for which he lives“.

Then, we’ll look at how the situation does not correspond to reality: “They were expelled and God punished the snake, forcing her to crawl…” It is another absurd. Incidentally, the snake walked on the tip of the tail? This to show the inconsistency. It is an analysis of psychological logic, it is not an analysis of ordinary criticism. It’s an Analysis..

Then they left the paradise, cohabiting and had their first child, a man. They had a second son, a man:  Cain and Abel.

Cain was bad, it was envy, was stingy. Abel was good, noble, was gentle.

We saw that this is a mythology that psychoanalysis interprets very well: It is the dark side and the light side of the creature, the duality of good and evil. They are not two people, as some try to apply us.

And God liked Abel, which is a negative father. He should like more  Cain. For who deserves love is the ill Person, not the healthyAbel did what pleased God, but the donation of Cain displeased him. So Cain was overcome with rage and killed his brother. I would have done the same Thing. Being despised by God, when I tried to please him? An while  he honor my brother, who was already beloved? This is a cruel prejudice! When we see in all social areas protection to the sick, the frail, the minority, the rejected, but our biblical God is an arbitrary being.

And when Cain killed, God appears and asks, “Where is your brother?” And found the crime, he expelled him. And he goes to other lands, where he married With whom? There were only five: father, mother and two brothers. Or rather,  four. With whom he got married? But our Protestant brothers would say: “For God nothing is impossible”. Go to it: For God nothing is impossible. Let´s say he got married.

And God took pity on Eve and replace your murdered child by another good one:  Seth. And they populated the earth…. With whom? There was only one woman, who was the own mother. I do not know if you already thought of that? I‘m trying to understand. Let us think together? With whom? If you discover, let me know.

“They populated the earth. And when the earth was populated, there was the predominance of evil and God repented that he had created man“. So it’s not perfect. He did not know what to do. Like us, the psychology tells us not to repent, taking a attitude of responsibility, nothing morbid regrets or self-blame. Releases of guilt and responsibility of the acts.

“He pronounces the flood”, but there was on earth one family that was fair: Noe, his wife and three children. Men: Shem, Ham and Japheth.

God comes to them and said:” I’ll send the flood. but I want to save you  and your Family. Build an ark and preserve into it a couple of each animal, that the land be repopulated again

Noah begins to build with three children the ark, which will never float, because it is an anti-nautical vessel because he did not knew nothing about marine engineering. But let’s say that God helped. He built and put a couple of animals of the whole earth. Those of  middle Brazi crocodiles, Jaguars from the Amazon, the polar bear, penguins They were all there. And Noah was placed in the ark, well organized   The lords see that it’s a children’s Story, even  ridiculous. And then he closed up the ark and caulking. And it rained for forty days and forty nights. The Ark floated and the waters flooded the earth… other nonsense. There has never been geologically a complete flood. There was always partial floods. Recently there was a wave of 30 meters in Indonesia and  several villages were damaged, because of a marine earthquake. China is still submerged in the waters of the river vyang ze Yang. We can say that there was a local flood. And 40 days of rains are not enough to flood even certain regions, so unless the entire terrestrial globe.

Noah sent out a dove, which did not returned. Three days later he sent another, which returned back, bringing in his beak a olive branch. other nonsense. Or there was the flood that put an end to all or,  some olive trees have been saved. Let’s pretend it is.

Noe opened the ark, sent the animals out, they were obeyed and went to the tropical climate, to the glacial weather to reproduce. Noah left the ark, with his three male children, and repopulated the land with whom?

The mother was the only woman, and she was already elderly. Because the children were adults.  At first I even accept the absurd. But twice is too much. But we se, it is a methodological proposal.

When we saw the history of Rome, Romulus and Remus fed by a wolf. And it’s one of the most fascinating psychological Image. When we see the story here in Brazil, which tells about the river Solimoes, designed by our Indians, which has the same characteristic of biblical history: Tupé ordered that the lands were devastated by the waters and Ceiciperi were fortunate enough to be warned. They climbed on a tree that was dragged. And when the waters went down, the river Solimoes was Born. And they nurtured of fruits, from the shadows, and protection of own tree 

This mythology is present in all villages of the planet, as what Carl Gustav Jung calls: The archetype from archetype of the  divinity. The process of evolution of our thinking, from primitive to lucid, rational  thinking from today, then we’ll see that there was not actually any sin because the carnal communion is not sinful. It is a physiological function for the reproduction of being. The imbalance is not sex.It is at the head of the wearer. The perversion is mental, it is moral, is not biological. Sex is similar to the stomach. With specific purpose, such as liver that secretes a substance, which secretes bile and certain hormones that reciprocally fertilizing, give rise to life.

It is the old prejudice of the atavism of individual imbalance, which he intends to self castrate, self punishment, the concept of sin. Then we move to the doctrines of psychological liberation, full of health,  in which there is no sin, and the positive experience, the negative experience. So do not be justified baptism. Born of water, it is taking a new Body .It is the embryogeny that explains us. Animal fertilization, specifically the human, is the  watery fertilization. When the sperm travels through the fallopian tube. It is a straw that will engage the ovule, another drop of gelatinous water. At the time that the ovule receives the sperm, which loses its tail, and defends itself the invasion of others, we have a drop of water with a quantum of energy. This drop of water goes up to fallopian tube, engages in the womb and begins to nurture amniotic  liquid, Water. The creature develops in adulthood has on the body 68 per cent of water, minerals and other substances that consolidate the matter. And born of water is composed of new physiological Body.

Then Jesus said, “It is necessary to be born again.” Here is evidenced the reincarnation.

And if we advance in the history of Christianity, we see that the Christians were reincarnationists.

Some Protestant brothers are saying that the Apostle Paul proclaimed that life is unique and then came the judgmentThen they  come back to us triumphant and ask, “What about reincarnation?”

But we never said that life is multiple. Life is unique. The physical existences are several.  The creature enters the body and out of the body without entering even get out of life, like we change clothes without being changing body.

When the apostle Paul said that after death comes judgment, of course it happens. When the person Divaldo Franco disembodied, will come the judgment of the acts of Divaldo Franco character.

The spirit who has lived  as Divaldo experiences will have to give evidence and shall elect recovery a new stage (Karma), but no longer as Divaldo. The spirit is the same with the nomenclature another personality.

To make it easier understanding, the personalities are multiple. Individuality is eternal, the spirit is unique. I’m not Divaldo Franco. I’m being temporary Divaldo Franco. I was being John, Anthony, Daisy or whoever. But I am the sum of  experiences as immortal Spirit.

The child enters from the culture, going to a maternal school. After the day care, then to School… The child is the same, but the formation of personalities are diverse… The elementary school, high school, university, MBA, doctorate, master’s degree. It is the same being in different stages of the evolution process.

Then, when they claim that comes judgment because it ends the life which is unique, they are giving one interpretation that does not correspond the truth. Because spiritism does not say several lives, but many physical existence.

 Later these disciples of Jesus created a neo-Platonic school of Alexandria. Plato was reincarnationist.
Socrates was reincarnationist. The neo-Platonic school gave us Origenes, who created the doctrine of principles, the basic doctrine of the church, which was convicted in 553. Tertullian, the author of apologetics. Pocleos, Jambricos,  Eusebio, Agostinho, and a whole elite of reincarnationists  thinkers.

In the year 553, the Roman Empire was divided into two wings: What had by capital, Rome in the West and who was the Byzantine capital Constantinople in the East.

Ruled over the empire of the East Justinian, who had been married to an admirable woman, but she had had a very frivolous and erratic life. Theodora had left a brothel. According to history, he married her and she was the empress who administered the empire. She managed to create a number of Problems to the Vatican. It is sufficient to read about her life to know about that.

She died in the year 548 and had asked her husband, at the first opportunity, to become heretical the doctrine of reincarnation. Because she did not wanted to return to rescue the errors she committed in the past. She had so much horror to her own  past which, according to history, she ordered the killing of 500 prostitutes, her fellow profession, not to have any inheritance.

And the husband who was in love with her in the year 547, imposes the pope Virgilio, who transferred to Constantinople, under penalty  to create the schism. The pope, to accommodate the situation, came and the emperor demanded to be done the second ecumenic council of Constantinopel. which was do not universal. The pope opposes, wished it was Rome. The emperor with weapons, threatened. And this council started in 52 and was up 58.

In the year 53, the theory of reincarnation was put on Trial. And as he was a very democratic emperor, he said: “Those who voted against, I will pass by the sword” and won 3-2.

The reincarnation was considered a heretical doctrine. Since then she was rejected. The Catholic,  Apostolic, Roman church not deny the reincarnation.

And I will thank any Catholic, that brings me an ecclesiastical document of a council, in which reincarnation is considered heresy except the year 553, that do not have value, because it was not of universal character.

here you can read the whole Ecumenic Council.  Document in German language: Council

Immediately, he began to pursue reincarnationists and, according to history, he killed more than one million at that time. The church was used to continue decimating reincarnationists and came to cuminar last century, when finished killing the Cathars who lived in France and some in Spain.

So, the reincarnation is a Christian  fact. When a person says that she  does not believe in it, because of her Religion, she demonstrates that does not know the history of her own Religion. 

First Part: 44 Minutes.

Thanks for reading.

I wish you a New Year with Peace, Love and all the Best!

























Science & Religion – Time to change

Dialogue 1: Medium Fernando Parada

Date: 04.11.2015 Exu Ventania about Maria Magdalena and others – Translation Triad School and Temple Brasil. pdf

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Religion  bring us hope.  Science show us that we are not alone in the universe. When Science and Religion walk Hand in Hand with harmony, then we are in a very good way. Faith without knowing is obsessed by himself  and will become fanaticism. Knowing without faith is an empty vessel without content and will transform in a depression.  Miss Froggy