The God created by men

Depending on the amount of people and the fury of faith, that God, who were created by insane minds of human beings, can become the lord of the army and the torch of a great War



 Your protector angel is not something that you can not reach, but your pluperfect partner, who lives in the Astral World. Your angels are those that most suit your personality, vibrating at the same magnetic and energetic resonance, in which you find yourself. So if you are good, you will have a good angel. If you are just, you have a righteousness of angel. If you are evil you have an evil angel.
Miguel is the power of justice, the nearest power of supreme love. If you want to reach God, you have to have two energies: knowledge and love, then will  spring up a flower inside you called wisdom.   Ventania

Dialogue 351 – Espírito: EXU VENTANIA – Médium Fernando Parada


Warning to the mediums and priests

Jefferson Viscardi:… So, those who have much knowledge, ultimately succumbed because of pride? If they like it or not, their plan did not work out. They will be banished again, or?

Ventania: They will be brought to points, which will be more useful to their race. Or, those wise who are good but useful, may remain on this orb on spiritual form, giving instructing and teaching. Thus, appearing various Eshu.

If, inside a religion there is a bad leader, using the position just for vanity, instead of love and selflessness, leading the lambs (faithful people), playing the abyss all those who put their faith and mites, in which they work so hard to get that money… If this bad sarcedote or bad medium practices this act, they will be very charged. I give testimony of myself. How often I went up to the Lords of Karma to intervene for these bad priests and mediums, unlocking the poor sheep from the clutches of these bad dragons?… In Umbanda, in this new religion, there isn´t a line of the Magi, for this I use the garment of Eshu.

In the wings of the wind, I go up to the high places to intervene. That’s a kind of guardian working

Jefferson Viscardi: Shortly before you made a reference to Oxala and Angel Miguel.  So, the Medium who has as Orisha Oxala is conected with Angel Miguel?

Ventania: Not necessarly. Michael is the energy of justice, Michael is the kinghead of Umbanda. He is the nearest energy of supreme love, which you can compare the pure Christ energy. Therefore, the children of Oxala (Mediums who were born in the protection of this Orisha, mor or less like Horoscope) has the obligation not go wrong.

Jefferson Viscardi: To fulfill this role is difficult. (the reporter is son of Oxala)

Ventania: Oxala of children has the function of being good mediums and priests. Err, err all, because the earth is the orb of the error and learning, but the son of Oxala on Michael sword should be a good servant. They can not be reckless. They can not be arrogant. They can not be proud.  They should love. And if they do not love, they will come back over and over again until you find the inner teacher who will ask the following questions: Who am I? Where am from? Why am here? Where do I go?

On the day that you can answer these questions, then you are on the path of Illumination. The human being must grow in grace, knowledge and beauty, along with the spiritual guide who walks beside.

Jefferson Viscardi: So, it is not no advantage to be medium and son of Oxala?

Ventania: No, there is no advantage being the son of Oxala as not is no advantage being the son of Oxum.

The meaning of being son of Oxala is the growth of a spiritual development that one medium has to work on himself. Even a thief, it has the function to rescue himself through love, charity and knowledge. To know if your master is good, you have to check if the seed is being germinated.

Ask youself: Who am I? We know who you are, but you not. W e want you to know, who you really are (self Knowledge), leaving the negative vices. Our function is not to make the mediums suffer, but we want good collaborators. For we are good instructors and already passed what you are going through. So, it depends much more of you.

By laziness, many of you don´t get the answer of a very importat question, wo make you free of this Samsara chains: Why I am here? Why I want be a medium or priest? Charity or vanity? Where did I come? What am doing here? Everything that we see is a manifestation micro to the macrocosm?

Are questions that each one should look within themselves. The medium or religious leader who did not grow in grace and knowledge, will be a bad server and thus can infect and distort the informations.

The time now is to take away all veil of lies. How many priests and mediums lie and deceive people who come for help?

If by ignorance of the religious leader, fine. It is not so bad. BUT If you do out of malice, pleasure or vanity, right here in this orb you will learn that it is not playing with the others that you reaches the light.

Your own mood is not illuminated, but the faith of the people light up the body of your church. I can not save you, but I’ll help all the people you have cheated. Through the custody of a karma collector

If you look for angels, you will receive an angel. If you are an Umbanda yard, you can be sure that your angel will be a Eshu or a Caboclo.

Your angels are those that most suit your personality. Your angel is not something that you can not reach, but your pluperfect partner, who lives in the spirit world. It is one that vibrates at the same magnetic resonance, in which you find yourself. So if you are good, you will have a good good angel. If you are just, you have a righteousness of angel. If you are evil you have an evil angel.

You see, there is no need for an angel come to earth all the time to protect. For what?Now, if there is a spiritual purpose for your existence, is function of those who are in the same magnetic resonance with your energy, to protect you and be fulfilled the mission, which was planned before your earthly incarnation.

Why do I protect my medium? Because I need him to express myself. Because often a person does rituals to ancient gods, even called devils, and they answer the call? These devils are the angels of those who have invoked, because they resonate at the same energies frequency.

Look, how many wise men had to guard so many other deities, who were demonized by human arrogance

It is humans who created God and also creates the Devil. The universal God you guys still do not know. But you guys have created a god earthly, which you use him to do the very selfish human desire. That God who punishes the one who does evil, which was determined by society. The laws placed on the lips of God were created by men.

Or do you think God said, “I want you offer me a holocaust of animals” or “I want you put Jesus on the cross”? He is the man who writes the laws and create God himself.

Depending on the amount of people and the fury of faith, that God created by insane minds of human beings, can become the lord of the army and the torch of a great war.

Who created God is man. All the time at your convenience:If you visit seven different churches, you will find seven different laws:

At this can not cut hair”, “this can not eat pork”, “this can eat pork”, “this not eating hoofed, animals”, “this is not allowed alcohol”, “that another is allowed wine” They all preach God’s name.

It is to think, it is to reflect!





Medium – Love & Charity

“‎Though nobody can go back and make a new beginning… Anyone can start over and make a new ending. Every little bit of peace I bring someone is worth the peace I never had.” Francisco Xavier


chico_xavierFrancisco Candido Xavier   02.04.1910-30.06.2002

He was the main supporter and devotee of Brazilian culture in the 20th century with an extraordinary quality in the literature, the works of Chico Xavier are bestsellers that has surpassed 25 million copies, only in Portuguese language, not to mention others. By the time of his death, which happened in 2002, a directory with different titles and genres were created poems, short stories and novels of scientific, philosophical and religious aspects. Many of his books gave way to the production of films, plays, novels and television shows such as Our Home (subtitled)

Medium Fernando Parada


Fernando Parada, president of Templo Escola Tríade (Triad School and Temple), oracle reader specialized in Tarot, Gypsy Tarot, Runes and Cowrie Shells. Formed in Temazcal, Amazon Natural Medicine. Shamanic Conductor and Professor of Modern Shamanism. Uses ancient techniques of shamanic experience and immersion, with power plants from Hawaii, Peru and… Brazil. Active Medium since 1990; Medium of psychophony, with over 200,000 views on the internet .. Currently working on psychographics of their mentors in order to leave a consistent legacy cooperating with the code for New Religions of the New Age, emerging in Brazil .

Orishas speaking through Fernando:  Pai Joaquim de Angola, Ventania, , Tranca-Ruas, Luizinho and many others


Medium Maísa Intelisano

Maisa Intelisano is medium since she was a little child and has a very large experience of mediumship.maisa

She is also a psychotherapist trained in transpersonal approach, Past Life Therapy, Reiki, Bioelectrography and Bach Flowers.

Founder and president of ARCA Institute, where she directs the psychic work to the public and teaches the course “Mediumship and Spirituality”

Contact:  &

Orishas speaking through Maísa: Pai José de Angola, Tatá Caveira and many others.

Medium Marcos José Felipe


Marcos José Felipe is a linguist, translator, teacher and psychic, also president of Templo Escola Tríade (Triad School and Temple), always alternated these roles. Interested in finding out what is on the other side of the veil, sought various schools of knowledge that could assuage their thirst for self-knowledge. Found… in the priesthood of Umbanda, quantum healing and radionics appropriate ways to interact with the Divine One and her fellow earthly journey. Sees evolution and ascension as individual and not collective processes. Born libertarian longs for the day when there will remain no slaves on Earth, when all will be creator gods. Working today in a manuscript about the universalization of Umbanda and esoteric ufology. Website:

Orishas speaking through Marcos José: Caboclo Pena Branca, Maria Padilha das Almas, Exu Marabo, Cigana do Oriente,  Caboclo Cobra Coral

Unfortunately I did not get authorization from some mediums to put their profile here. Soon I would try to contact other Mediums. The Idea is to Show they are very normal People, like you and me, putting an  ending at the racism that  many Religions have created.

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