Sufi reflexions

The sun shines for everyone,
Even for those who only see darkness,
Lost among foolish padlocks,
Created by his own illusion. The Sufi

Book: Reflexions    Portuguese version: REFLEXÕES

Originally written: 2009

2nd Edition – 2012 Revised according to the new Spelling Agreement

Author: Sufi     Medium: Pablo de Salamanca



Pablo de Salamanca was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1968. He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering, graduating in 1991. He completed his master’s degree in 1992, defending his thesis in 1994. Still in his original area of ​​professional activity, he began his doctorate in 1995, finishing his thesis in the year 2000. He began his psychic development in 1993, psychographing from 1994. Until 2011, ten books were fulfilled at the hands of Pablo: Wisdom in verses (2001), Testimonies of the Beyond (2005), Lives (2009), Extraphysical Experiences II (2010), Perceptions (2011), and Expectations (2009), Extraphysical Experiences II (2010), Sonnets to reflect (2011). The book on screen, “Spiritualism in Focus”, was finalized in early 2012, being the eleventh book of Pablo de Salamanca. This work is the result of his reflections and studies on several important spiritualist themes. In the near future, other books that are already running will be released.

I thank first of all the good spiritual mentors for their protection and protection. To my father and mother, thank you for your unselfish love and sacrifice.
I am also deeply grateful to the many incarnated friends who indirectly contributed to the execution of this work. These are so many, that I’d rather not quote them, to avoid committing injustice to anyone.
Special thanks to Terezinha S. do Carmo, who collaborated directly with this book.

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In the second half of May 2008, I had been experiencing a series of discomforts, such as irregular digestion, moments of dizziness, headaches, insomnia, among other disturbances that, in addition, formed a disharmonious picture not inconsiderable. Then, on May 28 of the year that evening, I was mentally questioning what was going to happen to me in the last few days. After a few minutes of meditation, I felt the already well-known influx of energies, which induced me to psychograph.
I recognized from the vibration that one of the entities, with which I had been working for some time in the Spiritualist Group of Francis of Assisi, was present. So I picked up a sheet of paper and let the writing flow. The message that has arrived is described in the paragraph below.

Death! Good death! Many ask for a good ending, without having fulfilled in their life their previously planned tasks!
Gifts! Beautiful gifts! Many wish in life to be filled with good surprises, with undeserved victories!
Peace! Peace of mind! Many desperately ask for tranquility when they have only planted seeds of discussion and revolt!
What about you? What do you want? Fame? Power? Recognition?
Just sow! Give your best! Reward is something to be won! But go easy on, for those who do their best will surely reap the best they can. And this is exactly the remedy that brings peace to the spirit, gifts of hope and the so-called “good death”: the transformation of one’s own conscience!

Then I pondered the content of the short message. Was it for me?
Would it be for a person who requested a psychography, through the electronic mail of the website of the Spiritualist Group of Francisco de Assis? The second hypothesis did not make much sense, because the particular problem of the person did not have much connection with the content of the message.  In addition, we do not respond to requests for psychography, because we understand that this must be as spontaneous a process as possible, avoiding that excessive animism can bring distorted information to someone’s particular case. I preferred, then, not to dwell on thoughts about a possible recipient of the message, because most of the time, the psychographies I make are for the general public. However, two days later, I understood why I had received that message.
When I arrived at the house of a psychic friend belonging to my work group, she told me that a brother of a lady who regularly attended our psychic sessions had died a few hours ago. This lady had already put her brother’s name on our prayer chains for a few months in a row. He had made his life a path of various disappointments, being a person somewhat revolted and indulged in tobacco and alcohol. Thus, he had developed a cancer, which was consuming his vitality for many months, until the arrival of the disembodied. Now it all made sense. It was not the first time I had experienced a variety of organic and psychic disturbances, while someone who had a bond with the spiritualist group I lead suffered from some problem. In this particular case, the man who had recently disembodied did not belong to the community, but once we had made requests and works to his rescue, we began to have a kind of magnetic link with him. I therefore understood that man, in the fortnight when his state of health had worsened, was receiving help from various mediums in the house, so as to minimize, as far as possible by the Law of Action and Reaction, his difficulties during the transition of death. What is interesting, is that hours after its end, I no longer had any trace of all the variety of malaise I had been feeling. In addition, I reassessed the psychography I had received two days before the man died, noting that the content of the same was fairly consistent with his emotional state on the eve of death, as his sister told us, who frequented our spiritual home. I, for my part, did not get to know the man, and I confess that I had forgotten his case, since we helped many people from a distance, and his name was just one of the many that were in our stream of prayers. However, the spiritual worker who used me to write the psychography, should be taking care personally of the case of the dying, and therefore knew very well the situation, enabling such a coherent message.

A few days later, I continued to receive the “psychographic influx”, writing messages of a varied nature, and clearly perceiving that it came from the same entity that had manifested itself on May 28, 2008. I found this curious, as there were periods when the frequency of communications intensified , And they were already accumulating, without any special reason.
Then, on a given day, I understood that there was a distinct purpose for those new psychographies: they would be a new book. This strong intuition had clarified the intention of the communicating spirit.




Although I knew which spiritual author was manifesting, he did not sign the messages. I knew the name by which he commonly identified himself, but he made no attempt to formally register his identity. I only wrote whenever possible. This did not bother me at all, since my interest was in the content that would materialize. However, over time, I noticed that his presence was getting more subtle, each time it was manifested by psychography. I did not quite understand why, but I did not worry about it, since the contents that were coming up were of good quality and were consistent with each other. Perhaps because of the affinity I had for a long time with that spiritual master, this was making psychography “more intuitive” (usually the psychographical work I do is semi-mechanical).
About three months after the work began, the communicating entity approached with the “dense energy” with which I was accustomed in the spiritualist group, revealing to me, through psychography, that I would sign the work as “Sufi.”
He had said that he normally participated in activities whose vibration was relatively close to materiality, but that in order to pass the contents of the book “Reflections” he would raise his vibratory frequency and use the spiritual form of a Sufi, that he forain the Past, and had important learning in his evolutionary journey. This surprised me a bit, I confess. I did not imagine that the entity of long years of spiritual dealing in more “dense” work had been a Sufi in the past. For those who do not know what a Sufi is, I can say that it is a mystical current of Islam, which does not literally interpret the Koran, and seeks a direct experience with God through songs, music and dance. The Sufis practices, however, are varied and have several strands, which, taken as a whole, are called Sufism, having its origin approached more than 1200 years ago. Some Sufi sides have a strong universalist sense, recognizing that other religions, apart from Islam itself, are manifestations of the Divine on Earth.

After the “revelation” that the Sufi had made me, I meditated for a few days. I remembered that the year before, in 2007, I had gone through a period of more intense interiorization and self-knowledge, utilizing the instrument of therapeutic regression, where I was able to access several of my past lives. In one of them, which I was able to revive on October 20, 2007, I realized that I had been a Muslim, at the very beginning of the expansion of Islam. During part of my existence, I assisted in the spread of Islam as a warrior. When I reached a more mature age, in that life, I moved away from the warlike activities and began to practice practices that induced me to ecstatic trances.
I ended up becoming a mystic. I will not go into more detail here, for this account is not part of the scope of this work. However, I did not make these comments in vain. At that time, I was not quite sure who the Sufis were and what their activities were, but after commenting in detail on my past life in Islam with a cousin of mine, when I was writing this book, he said that I was a Sufi. This struck me as I had not previously understood that I would have been a Sufi. I had not identified this Sufi “label” in my person, but from that I began to research Sufism, noting that my cousin was right (my description of my regression to him in the maturity of my life Formerly, corresponded to the life of a Sufi).

So I put the facts together and realized that it would be very coherent if I, who had participated in nascent Sufism, also had a Sufi spiritual companion. This explains my affinity with the author of the present work, as well as the psychic question. When a medium practices any mediumistic activity, he always contributes something of his own soul (animism), even because the medium is the “medium” for the manifestation of the communicating spirit. Therefore, in the case of this book “Reflections”, animism, which certainly also permeates the work, may even have been useful to the Sufi entity, since he and I may have been in the same historical and religious environment in the past. However, I warn readers that the content they are now accessing may not necessarily be “embedded” in some current of Sufism today. This work has a universalist and I believe it was materialized, to help those who are doing a sincere search for self-knowledge and spirituality.



You can see from other angles! It is possible to understand beyond what is seemingly obvious. God has infinite faces and the Universe is infinite as manifestation of the Divine.
Each manifestation is manifold. To glimpse this, it is enough to want to see without the eyes of matter. You have to feel, you have to meditate, you have to have a flexible mind.
This book is like an open window, for a thousand different landscapes.
However, it is not intended to confuse, but rather to broaden the possibilities of understanding life.
Although it is only a drop in the Cosmic Ocean, let us remember that the sea depends on each drop that forms it.
In a drop of water there are hidden potentials and life.
I invite you to explore this drop of spiritual sweat.
Sufi, February 6, 2009.




1- Light and shadow

Sun! Glowing sun, which heats all without distinction! Your light is responsible for understanding, but also for the shadow of the world!
There is something important to reflect on: light is essential, but it produces shadow itself. Light and shadow are the primordial duality, the duality so fundamental to the learning and development of beings. Let us seize the light of understanding and discernment, but let us not despise the shadow that once served as our base. The shadow is the lever that carries us to the light!
So, you who have a dark yet striking side, seek the wisdom of using it well, rather than getting lost in it. If it is impulsive, turn impulsiveness into a constructive action. If you are envious, use the victory of others as a stimulus for yourself to thrive. If you believe you are a failure, draw from the defeats the learning that will lead you to victory.
In the shadows projected by the light are the foundations of the light itself!
Sufi, June 9, 2008

2- Poverty and wealth

Poverty and wealth: faces of the same coin!
One side induces learning of restraint and balance. The other side induces the learning of expansion and generosity.
Poverty without balance means misery!
Wealth without generosity also means misery!
Thus it is easy to see that both the rich and the poor can be miserable.
Good poverty and good wealth are attributes to be attained by the soul.
A good administrator will manage wisely, having many or few material resources at his disposal. But an inveterate spendthrift will remain a poor steward, having scarce resources to his hand.
Make good use of the gifts that life offers you!
Sufi, June 16, 2008.


3- Transformation

The earth transforms the decomposing bodies. Earth transforms souls into the journey of life.
Body and soul pass untiringly through successive experiences of transformation. It is a seemingly endless cycle, chiseling the essence of what is eternal.
Nothing is static, everything moves. Stagnant waters rot!
But even deterioration is a transformation.
There is a rhythm imposed by the Universal Force. The march is inexorable!
So, brothers, do not stop! The great target is Wisdom!
Transformation generates Harmony. Harmony is Wisdom!
Sufi, June 16, 2008.


4- The Truth

Truth! What is truth?
In front of the infinite faces of God, what is Truth?
Sometimes we see the face of Love, sometimes we see the face of Justice. Sometimes we see the God God aspect, sometimes we are touched by the God-Mother aspect.
How many faces? How many nuances? The whole is manifested in us and through us. We are part of the Whole and, at the same time, we are unique.
Therefore, Divine Consciousness permeates everything, propelling life to a growing level of Harmony.
Harmony is the great goal to be achieved in the flow of life. Maybe this is the Fundamental Truth.
Sufi, June 16, 2008.


5- Fear

Fear! Origin of so many disharmonies!
Hatred results from fear of abandonment, fear of being humiliated, fear of suffering …
Greed, not infrequently, originates in the fear of poverty.
Envy often comes from fear of not being able to succeed.
Depression often comes from the fear of loneliness.
Fear inhabits the dark side of the soul.
You have to see it. You have to understand it. Do not be afraid of fear, because it is in the dark region of your being.
I remember that the entrails of the soil are dark, but they keep the nutrients that make the forests grow.
It is from the shadowy underworld of the earth that the seeds break, through the development of branches and leaves, towards the sun. It is from the shadowy underworld of the human psyche, which breaks every spark, through the development of consciousness, towards Cosmic Wisdom.
Sufi, June 21, 2008.


6 – Man does not live by bread alone

Man does not live by bread alone!
Blessed is the weariness of the body! Blessed is the delusion! Blessed is defeat!
It is the setbacks that almost always sharpen the human perception that food is needed for the soul.
You who weep, bittering something lost, reflect that there are important contents to fill the soul. If the soul was nourished, far away would be the bitterness.
The nutritional contents I am referring to are spiritual values. Of course, the harnessing of dualities is an important part of the human journey: sweet is sweeter after sour; Gentle scents are felt deeply, after the smell of rot; The joy is deeper, when it succeeds the piercing pain.
However, discerning what is really relevant to the soul in its consciential expansion is a fundamental task.
Do not just take care of body loaf! Is your soul already fed?
Sufi, June 21, 2008.


7- The train of life

The train of life runs!
We have the impression that we can not waste time. Stopping is harmful, if not disastrous! Yes, this is the impression!
But I ask, what moment is there for a reflection? Why so much speed in living the material life? Why are so many longing anxieties building up unhealthy anxiety?
Five, ten or fifteen minutes a day, from a thoughtful reflection, can make a big difference!
Ask if your actions are in accordance with your conscience. Inquire whether the feelings that prevail in you, are doing you good.
Ask if you are having self-realization in what you do. Do not let your train derail!
Sufi, June 21, 2008


8- Finitude

Is there an end to life?
For those who have learned to see beyond, there is the realization that there is no death.
Life is continuous!
Only the shells are lost, from the densest, the material body, to the subtlest ones.
The essence always remains, for it is eternal. It has always existed and will exist.
It simply is.
Why fear? Everything is made in the image and likeness of God.
Nothing is created or lost, only transformed. This is nothing new!
What is called evolution, in reality, is taken of consciousness and further expansion.
The universe moves in the direction of Self-consciousness! What’s the limit? Is there a limit?
Sufi, June 22, 2008


9- Reflexes

Under the silver moon, I admire its brilliance.
So I remember that despite its luminous beauty, it has no light of its own. It only reflects the light of the sun.
On the opposite side of the moon are the shadows.
I note, therefore, three important aspects: the light, the shadow and the reflection.
Light and shadow are opposite faces of the same coin.
And the reflection of light? What does she have to teach us?
In moments, I realize that the reflection is fundamental to the manifested world.
As we struggle, in the midst of the shadows, seeking to light a light of our own, we can at least rehearse it in the reflexes of virtue we long for.
These reflections come from the light of those who have already reached greater self-consciousness, and who serve as an example or inspiration.
While we can not shine, we can at least reflect!
Sufi, June 22, 2008.


10- Rigidity and flexibility

Stiffness in excess is stubbornness.
The inflexible, not infrequently, becomes unproductive.
A character with no rigidity is nothing but weakness.
The weakness brought to an extreme is cowardice. To be rigid with someone weak is not courage.
Stiffness at the right time can be classified as firmness.
Stiffness at the wrong time will be understood as intolerance.
Wisdom is in the middle.
When the storms of life whip, you will need a dose of stiffness associated with flexibility. When life offers you moments of calmness, be flexible enough to give rest to the mind and body.
Stiffness and flexibility are not opposing but complementary qualities.
It is only through experience that the good discernment of the use of both is reached.
Be rigid in the obstinacy of exercising to understand, but flexible with the fellow who is also on this path.
Sufi, June 22, 2008.


11- The pilgrim

The pilgrim walks the wheel of life, unaware of himself.
Just walk through. Sometimes a brief intuition of what awaits or what to do.
Walk, stumble, fall and cry. Laughs and whines.
Sweat trickles from his face. The dry throat groans for water.
But, what water can actually drink? A water given for free, like Divine Grace?
This water can help, if it is a transforming lever.
However, I can say that Living Water is the light of consciousness!
When the being becomes conscious, thirst no longer exists. He even walks the wheel of life, but it has a purpose. He is no longer blind.
The pilgrim walks and sees. He does not stumble. Laughter and crying merge.
His throat does not groan, but he speaks a language that touches even unkind souls.
The pilgrim is finally ready to make a pilgrimage!
Sufi, June 23, 2008


12- Pain

There are basically two types of pain: physical and emotional pain.
Physical pain is a warning that something is not right in the material body, although it may have originated in the soul.
Emotional pain signals that the soul is not in balance.
Both forms of pain often occur through an unconscious lifestyle.
Unconscious, compulsive eating leads to digestive problems. Anxiety, to the extreme, can lead to heart disorders. Hate well cultivated and constant rancor end up manifesting tumors.
Thus, pain is an important warning sign for the maturing of being.
Unfortunately, when the pain hits the door, the first reaction is just to eliminate it.
Why not take the opportunity to understand why it happened?
Pain is a good chance to get lucidity!
Sufi, June 24, 2008.


13- Victory and defeat

Victory and defeat are relative events.
Does someone beat in any situation? It is defeated by someone in some
opportunity? Many will say yes.
Within a context and from a certain point of view you can say yes.
However, looking from the top, victory and defeat come close to mere conventions.
If we use a depth view, it will be possible to note that victory or defeat basically occurs over ourselves. They are, in fact, a learning process!
Thus, the word “victory” can be replaced by “overcoming” or “transformation”, while “defeat” can be changed to “acceptance” or “understanding.”
In this way, both lead to peace of mind, which can be translated by Harmony!
Sufi, July 3, 2008.


14- Patience

How to discern the moment of patience and waiting, of the moment to act?
It is up to each one to evaluate, within the situation in which he finds himself.
What can be said, without further ado, is that anxiety is not a good counselor.
Anxiety, not infrequently, turns into irritability, which is, in turn, one step away from aggression.
True patience, however, must not be confused with inoperative, often turns into persistence, and can evolve into perseverance.
Many are examples in human history, of great beings who have overcome severe internal and external obstacles through perseverance.
If it is not possible yet to be, in fact, persevering, to begin to water the humble seed of patience. One day, it will germinate!
Sufi, July 4, 2008.


15- The time

Time has its value in the manifested worlds!
Who can say that one lives constantly in conditions of timelessness?
I hear silence as an answer!
Life often takes us in a hurry, demonstrating that time is short.
At certain moments, life stops us, saying that the time has not come. At other times, life induces us to live as if time does not exist.
It is in these periods that time is confused with Eternity …
But how to enjoy the time well?
I can say that there is an internal clock in each one.
When one is well attuned to it, it is possible to accomplish great tasks without major wear.
When you live disconnected from this internal clock, the circumstances of life cause braking or acceleration.
Tune in to the time marker within us, it is pure wisdom, and goal to be achieved!
Sufi, July 4, 2008.


16- Connection

To be connected to the Divine Essence is to live in fullness.
How many human beings live in this way most of their time? They are rare.
One way to make this connection is through prayer.
However, prayer is usually sought in moments of distress, when, in fact, it is no more than merely a cry for help.
Really living in prayer would be the way to be connected, more intensely and permanently, to the Essence itself.
Therefore, many will say: only priests and monks can live like this!
Generally yes, but few priests reach a state of intense and continuous reconnection. On the other hand, it is possible to be connected to the Divine Source if a particular type of vision is developed.
If, in your alike, you can see yourself, if you see God in nature and in every event of life, you will be connected!
Sufi, July 7, 2008.


17- Clouds

Many see clouds at all. The sun shines, but already at breakfast the day seems cloudy. The face of the wife, the joyful noise of the children, everything seems to have the gray of clouds loaded.
As they look at the coffee cup, they observe clouds in the fleeting foam. And so they walk all day long, until it ends.
Others, even on really clouded days, prefer to feel that there is the sunshine behind the dark curtain of the sky.
They sing, softly, that hope is permanent.
They understand that the contrasts of life are growth for the spirit.
Finally, they perceive that the clouds fulfill their function of irrigating the dry land in the form of transforming tears that lead to renewal.

Sufi, July 7, 2008.


18- Comfort

The convenience and comfort are always eagerly sought. Who likes to change a comfortable routine? Almost always, an unexpected novelty causes displeasure.
The unexpected is seen as a danger, over and over again. However, it is precisely what pulls people out of automatism, forcing them to think, and often arousing feelings in disarray, which induces reflection.
At that time, did I need to have reacted aggressively?
Was there a need to be afraid? Why did I become paralyzed?
These are pressing questions, demanding answers!
Thus, it is easy to see that convenience is the enemy of self-knowledge.
Often that which brings up shocks, ends up leading us to growth!
Sufi, July 23, 2008.


19- Sex

Sex is a quest for wholeness!
During a sexual ecstasy, one has a somewhat clearer recollection of the state of communion with the Universal Consciousness. Therefore, many are lost through the path of sensuality, in a search without brakes, by something similar to what they have experienced on a subtle level.
They desire and are desired. They run over and get hit.
They suffer and make others suffer. They forget that to achieve a state of Unity, whether on the Ground Plane or the Spiritual Plane, one must be attuned.
Feeling love or feeling pain is a matter of attunement. It is a continuous learning.
Thus, the sex that each one can achieve is the result of the vibratory band where it is placed. It may have aspects of animality and unconsciousness, as traits of complementarity and transcendence.

Sufi, July 23, 2008.


20- Listening to silence

When you hear silence, you listen to the heart!
When life directs us to silence, other doors of perception open.
Rumors have borne a good listening of the soul.
Noises hinder connection as Cosmos.
You have to stop once in a while. You must silence to listen.
What comes from within? What is the deaf clamor? What does he say?
You have to stop!
The body becomes still, the heart calms, and the mind merges with the Universal Breath. They are moments of regeneration and understanding that we are something more. We belong to a larger dimension. Behind the seeming chaos of life, everything makes sense.
There is a purpose! Try stopping. Silence. Listen!

Sufi, August 13, 2008.


21- The way of numbers

The one starts. The two shares. The three communicates. The four builds. The five relates. The six stabilizes. The seven internalize. The eight organizes. The nine donates.
By the numbers one can glimpse the human walk, and the evolutionary spiral of the spirit.
In the symbolism of numbers we distinguish levels of learning, which are repeated at ever higher levels of energy, towards the infinite, into the unknown.
Divine Mathematics manifests itself in all dimensions of the universe.
Human consciousness is a mirror of Universal Consciousness.
The clearer this reflection, the greater the proximity to perfection …

Sufi, August 17, 2008.


22- Tints

Each one colors his life, with the nuances he possesses in his soul.
No one gives what he does not have, just as no one can lend vibrant colors to his life if he only knows how to vibrate in gray tones.
It is therefore necessary to develop happier aspects.
How can one want to paint the picture of one’s life in cheerful colors, if in his hand is a rigid and solitary pencil of pure graphite?
You need to change pencils! It requires flexibility and the gradual development of its artistic side.
At first, everything will be a little difficult. Monotonous landscapes will materialize.
However, with practice and persistence, better screens will emerge. After some time, creative inspiration will keep you company. Your life, then, will be a beautiful picture and you can say that you painted it yourself!

Sufi, September 1, 2008.


23- Visions of life

Being happy or embittered depends on the way you see life.
There are people who see a “defeat” as an unforgettable failure. Others who have gone through the same kind of “defeat” see it as something temporary, and even take it as a stimulus to win the next opportunity.
Yes! They believe in a next opportunity!
If one has in consciousness that nothing in life is definitive, even the greatest pains lose their natural force and impact. In fact, everything that is considered “natural” is relative. It is enough that we adjust the look on the things of the world, happening to see them from other angles.
Thus, happiness or bitterness, in large part, depends on the way one views life.
The worst blind is the one who only sees the dark side of the facts!

Sufi, September 1, 2008.


24- Feeling and health

Health depends on feelings!
By cultivating acidic feelings, we contribute to corroding the stomach.
Excessive stiffness reflects negatively on the joints of the bone structure. Allowing yourself to live in constant anxiety, it is an open door to bad breath, which ultimately affects every tissue of the body to a greater or lesser extent.
Balanced feelings produce serene thoughts, which, in turn, produce Harmony. Health and Harmony are like univiteline twin sisters.
The Universe itself vibrates in perfect Harmony.
Therefore, the basis for health begins with feelings, which are like seeds. It is essential to use the best quality seeds to guarantee a good harvest!
Sufi, September 1, 2008.


25- War

Every war begins in the world of feelings!
The emotions in disarray, soon reach the world of the thoughts.
Thoughts of disorder, soon turn into aggressive words.
Aggressive words in the mouth of someone influential, soon infect susceptible people, forming a group of rebels.
These can propagate the revolt, until it reaches a larger scale, producing a war. And this can begin in the hidden world of feelings, of a single person!
What is in the heart of each one, it is the duty of the individual to care! Taking care of your emotions with zeal, bad thoughts will be avoided. Without evil thoughts, there will be no belligerent words, and therefore, no conflict will spread.
What is hidden in the world of your feelings?

Sufi, September 1, 2008.


26- Share

Share is to give!
Give up a portion of time, attention and own wills.
Sharing is an exercise in spirituality, where an outline of Universal Life is produced, which is a unified living.
To share is to know that an instrument is played, within an orchestra, to perform the Cosmic Symphony.
Thus, when one lives day-to-day at work, at school or in one’s own material family, one learns to share at a small level, so that one can in the future act in a framework without frontiers.
Therefore, this work is carried out practically in an imperceptible way in its beginnings, and then develops in a progressively conscious way.
What a beautiful and difficult exercise is the sharing!
But what a wonderful purpose lies behind this learning!

Sufi, September 1, 2008.


27- stones

Stones on the way! Many see them as mere obstacles to be kicked away. Others go around them carefully, worried about not being hurt. However, there are still those who, when walking, see the stones as opportunities. Of these, some collect stones to use in the foundation of their houses. Others realize that certain stones would be good for paving stones. There are also those who collect them to decorate the garden of their residences.
It all depends on how you look at the stones. If you see them in anger, you can hurt your feet by kicking them away. If you look at them in fear, bypassing them all with excessive zeal, your walk may be long and tiring.
However, if you understand that the stones on your road are likely to grow and thrive, you can build great wealth.

Sufi, September 1, 2008.


28- The right time

Everything has the right time to go!
Just as it is not possible to taste a green fruit, it is not possible to feed on a fruit that has already spoiled. Thus, many prove the sour results of anxiety, as well as others are bound to sour the results of the inoperative.
Finding the balance between haste and hesitant acting is a challenge. There are times to act and times to wait. The key is to connect to the true purpose of being on Earth. He who is outside his central axis constantly tastes the bitter fruits of anxiety, or proves the bitter taste of the fruits harvested too late.
Those who find and remain in the central axis of their life, feed on sweeter fruits, take better advantage of their passage through the Earth, and leave in it the productive seeds of hope.

Sufi, September 1, 2008.


29- Exchange and transformation

Life is an interchange! We are all exchanging energy, at every moment, with the Cosmos.
That is why nothing of what happens to us is by chance. Even those who might argue that they did nothing “wrong,” believing that “evil” came upon them by misfortune or chance, I can say that it is not a random fact. Others would place the motive of their sufferings in the Law of Karma.
However I point out that the primary cause, for a pain or a “bad luck”, are the feelings and thoughts that inhabit each being.
What is not harmonious needs to be transformed! Even individuals who have already suffered the natural reactions by their feelings, thoughts, words and deeds, will still receive unpleasant impacts as long as they have within them the dynamo that produces disharmonies.
It is according to this internal dynamo that the cosmic forces react.
The key word is transformation!

Sufi, 26 September 2008.


30- Action and time

Many complain that time is short, while others are impatient with the slowness with which things happen.
So I can say that time is relative, even on Earth.
However, time is almost always an anguish in the Material World.
Already the beings who live in more subtle dimensions, show us the question of the timelessness of Life, beckoning us as the so-called “Eternal Present”, a state of the soul that reflects Harmony.
However, I point out that those who need to manifest in the vicinity of the Physical Plan must make good use of time. Wasted opportunities mean that they will, for the longest time, be stuck with time, waiting for the next chance for transformation.
Whoever loses time, distances himself from the “Eternal Gift”!
Sufi, 26 September 2008.


31- Sincerity and self-realization

Whoever deceives himself becomes unhappy!
Once in the workplace, wearing a mask that does not fit in with your interior, will cause the cup of dissatisfaction overflow.
In personal life, the lack of sincerity with oneself and with the partners of coexistence generates tensions that, one day, become unbearable.
At leisure, if the goal is only to please those who are close, forgetting oneself, the activity will be finished with a greater fatigue than in the beginning.
It is necessary to discern what really fits with the inner impulses of the soul. For this, a sincere self-assessment is essential, every period of life.
Sincerity and self-realization are inseparable aspects!
Sufi, September 30, 2008.


32- Priorities

Material life often imposes a fierce rhythm.
It is common for people to feel somewhat overwhelmed by circumstances.
Many would say that this is due to planning errors, or to an almost complete absence of it. For the most part, this is true.
But how to plan your own life, without this task becoming boring?
Setting priorities is a good way. However it is important to discern that prioritizing goals is not the same thing as controlling life step-by-step.
To do this would be to lose spontaneity and close to the influxes of the energy of change, which are often present, by absolute evolutionary necessity.
Thus, setting priorities is an inherent attitude, to one who wishes to have the reins of his own walk.
Overall, it is better to drive than be driven.
What are your priorities?

Sufi, September 30, 2008.


33- How to be happy

Being happy is not so difficult!
To achieve this state of mind, you have to keep in mind some things.
One is to love God and Nature, seeking to understand the nature of God.
It is also essential to do to the neighbor what you would like to receive. It is very important to live in the present moment, for those who
Worry over the future, become anxious and stressed. Another essential factor for happiness is understanding that overcomming yourself with other people can be bad as there will always be someone in a better position than you. It’s more positive to compare yourself to yourself!
What can you improve internally? What kind of material progress do you want?
Having goals plausible today, you can have impressive victories soon, feeling, at every step, happy to live life.
Sufi, October 7, 2008.


34- Difficult life

Worse than a difficult life is to end it as a defeated one.
If life is full of obstacles and disappointments, it is best to pause to evaluate the reason for the difficulties.
What is the universe signaling through dislikes?
What needs to be transformed intimately, for the results of life itself to improve?
So, if you have a difficult life to the present moment, why not make a happy ending to it?
Yes, it is possible! For this, it is enough to look sincerely into oneself, seeking the source of disappointments.
By changing the internal tendencies that cause unhappiness, new guidelines will emerge that will bring joy of living.
Self-knowledge and transformation are keywords for victory!
Sufi, October 7, 2008.


35- Anger

Anger obscures reasoning.
So in a certain situation, even if you are right, but angry, you will not know whether to put it through well-considered arguments.
In this way communication will fail and the result of your efforts will be in vain. You may even lose the initial reason, being struck as guilty.
In the background, not infrequently, demonstrations of anger are associated with insecurity. So, those who present themselves aggressively do not pass an image of real firmness. Under these conditions, no argument has good credit.
Firmness, in turn, is the sister of serenity. Putting them together, during a placement of ideas or opinions, will not be so difficult to overcome the anger of others.
Wisdom is stronger than hatred!
Sufi, October 07, 2008


36- Everything is in its place

Everything is in its place!
The various religions and their ramifications fulfill their roles, according to the consciential understanding of each group. Cultural differences reflect the longings of each people, and each people has something to teach and to learn. Financial disparity within each nation also has its raison d’être, even though we do not want misery to be an intimate companion to anyone.
However, some, consciously or unconsciously, end up demanding that misery be a companion to the journey.
In all the situations commented on, it is necessary to evaluate, being in a position distanced emotionally from the Terrain Plane, still having in mind that life is continuous.
Each incarnation is an intensive learning! So it is not difficult to understand that everything is in its place!
Sufi, October 13, 2008.


37- Purpose

The Divine Light manifests itself in infinite forms, from full solar irradiance to deep dark depths.
As a ray of sunshine, it illuminates; While abysmal darkness, serves as a counterpoint to light, providing the essential learning of duality.
Everything contributes to the evolutionary journey! The same tongue that feels the sweet, perceives the bitter. Often, it is only after painful, external or internal combats that you can come to an understanding or have a sense of accomplishment.
Thus aspiring to the purity of the Light is something legitimate, but it is important to meditate because one is on the Earth. If the Universe conspired so that at this moment you have a dense body, would it not be because the earthly density will bring you some learning?
In everything there is a purpose! Have you figured out which one is yours?
Sufi, November 6, 2008.


38- Justice

Justice is the instrument of balance of things in the earthly world, par excellence. It also manifests, in a higher instance, the maintenance of the Cosmos.
In the smallest details, and by ways often unimaginable, justice is done
gift. Even in a moment of personal victory and satisfaction, a subtle situation may arise, where there is a small counterpoint to the current happiness.
If we pay attention to these signs, it will be possible to understand that Cosmic Justice manifests itself in the meandering meanders of life.
However, the time for everything to occur is determined by Universal Intelligence.
It is difficult for what is limited, to understand that which is unlimited.
However, by sharpening the inner gaze, it will be possible to glimpse Divine Justice in action.
Sufi, 10 November 2008.


39- Way of acting

It all depends on how you speak or how you act.
Truculence will generate truculence. Kindness will have the answer of kindness itself. Bad news can be given mildly, and the reaction to the news will not be so far from serenity.
On the other hand, if someone transmits his affection in a taxing way, he will not have the expected affection as his return, but rather a mixed feeling of affection with “defensive energy.”
In the Universe, the Law of Correspondence is preponderant.
Even in organisms devoid of a good degree of consciousness, reciprocity acts in an evident way.
Whoever pays attention to this Law, assimilating into its being this cosmic mechanism, integrates itself into the Divinity itself.
Sufi, 10 November 2008.


40- existential empty

Many people feel a great emptiness in their lives.
There is no sense in work, personal life or leisure time. It is the so-called “existential void”. They are far from understanding their purpose in Life.
Life is made of conscience! It is being aware of you; Of the great cosmic motor, which is Love; And of the reconnection with the Universal Consciousness.
So the first step is to achieve self-knowledge, respecting yourself as a human being and acquiring the first light, understanding that it is more than flesh and bones.
The second step is to understand that Love is a universal currency, in a different economy, where giving produces wealth.
The third step, in turn, only occurs when the being has already exercised enough Love. At this stage, barriers are broken and transcended to human consciousness. It is felt and acted in conjunction with the Unlimited. At this point, the reconnection was done! It is perceived that the “existential vacuum” was pure illusion!
Sufi, November 13, 2008


41- Coherence

To have consistency is to have a strong foundation for the maintenance of one’s own equilibrium, giving joy to life.
The first relevant coherence is that of feeling with acting. He who acts according to his feelings is emotionally at peace. It is clear, however, that reference is made to noble sentiments.
The second coherence of significant importance is that between your real needs and your efforts. Those who toil to meet their needs, spending their energy lucidly, respect their body and soul.
The third necessary coherence is that established between speaking and acting. Whoever acts according to what he promises is aligned energetically and gains the credibility of the fellow.
By cultivating these three coherencies, one is on the path of self-realization.
Sufi, November 24, 2008.


42- Dispersion

He who disperses easily, often distracted from his life goals, spends his energy in vain.
Everything in the Universe has a purpose. However, it is not necessary to become rigid, losing the spontaneity of living, to achieve goals.
But the one who loses focus repeatedly, letting himself be led by dubious flows, is like the individual who launches into an unknown river, with hidden obstacles and uncertain fate.
Simply “getting carried away by life” is not wise. It is important to identify your role in this world, and then to surrender to it body and soul. Discerning this role is a fundamental task that should not be delegated to others.
Sufi, November 24, 2008.


43- Limitations

Limitation is not punishment, but re-education for the soul. In this respect, the limiting element functions as a teacher.
On the other hand, if Life offers you obstacles, it is because She expects you to develop some quality, in order to overcome the obstacle.
In this case, the limitations are evolutionary leverage.
Large-scale suffering, which apparently makes men impotent victims, can serve as a source of inspiration for bright minds and love-loving hearts, translating their potentials into healing for the body and / or soul.
So pain, sometimes, is the mother of intellectual victory.
At other times, pain is the mother of love itself.
Sufi, December 5, 2008.


44- Integration

The intellect is a good tool, but if it is the only one to be used, or preponderate over the others, it will become an obstacle to evolution.
The heart allows the perception of what is beneficial or detrimental to the walk itself, but if feelings are the only signposts of life, or if they predominate over reason, they will become an obstacle to a greater understanding.
The balance between “opposites” and the connection between complementary parts is a higher goal in Life, toward Integration with the Divine.
There is an embryo of Divinity in each. The One Belongs To The One!
Sufi, December 5, 2008.


Final words

On February 19, 2009, I had a strong will to write, realizing that another psychography would materialize. I had no idea of the content or purpose of the communication. As soon as I got the writing material, I realized it would be poetry. After finishing it, I found it beautiful and interesting, but I did not understand what its purpose would be.
I recognized that the spiritual author was the Sufi spirit, though again he did not sign. The next day I wanted to reread it, and only then did I realize that it was the closing of this book.
In fact, Sufi had ceased to manifest for several days, and I imagined that at some point the spiritual author would again communicate, continuing the work.
He surprised me, for he had indeed returned to finish it. Next, I express the final words of Sufi.

The main light

The sun shines for everyone,
Even for those who only see darkness,
Lost among foolish padlocks,
Created by the illusion itself.

The moon illuminates the dark night,
Among the stars of immensity,
Forming beautiful picture of beauty,
That snatches even the hardest heart.

At night, without the moon illuminating,
There are still the stars of compassion,
Though they do not clear the dark trail well,
They point to good, safe direction.

The Main Light is not visible,
But that which illuminates reason,
Making it more sensitive,
Approaching it from the heart.

Noble being who hears me,
Do not lose your attention right now.
Ask yourself: In my life, what happened?
And listen to the voice of your conscience in action.

His words are silent,
But they resonate with the strength of the soul.
They do not make jocular phrases,
But wisdom that enlightens and calms.

This is the Main Light,
That springs from the Inner World.
Listen and see at the same time, because, after all,
Inside you crack the Transformer Fire.
Sufi, 19/02/2009.






North Korea and weapons of mass destruction

The North Korea sent his racket in the space.
With atomic bomb ??? No, think! We live in a peaceful world.

What I feared the last few months,  yesterday was only the beginning.
After being ridiculed by some, called schizophrenic by another and mockery of newspapers and magazines around the world, yesterday came to confirm.

The North Korea sent his racket in the space.
With atomic bomb ??? No, think! We live in a peaceful world.

Incidentally, speaking of peaceful before speaking am shooting at asylum seekers and hopefully die all“, as I heard from my cousin, who was visiting London during the end of the year, remember, the word has power and magic .

But, everything we do here on the earth or anywhere in the Universe, has a karmic law.

God and Jesus, have mercy, even because THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!

Please, pray for World peace!
Thanks! Miss Froggy
Foto: Germany 2016

The five kingdoms of nature according to Spiritism

As Leon Deniz said: The soul sleeps in the mineral, stir in the plant, dreams in animals and awakes in man. We’ve been through all these stages. André Sobreiro

Birth, death, be reborn yet again and constantly progress, that is the Law. The spirit always evolves, never regresses. Allan Kardec

Book: O Consolador (The comforter) I.S.B.N. 9788573285482.   Year of publication: 1940

Author Spirit: Emmanuel                     Medium: Francisco Candido Xavier


Interpretation: André Sobreiro is teacher, lecturer and follower of spiritism doctrine
Comment: Roberto

Photo: Miss Froggy

How to interpret our relationship with animals?

Considering that, they also have time before a future of fruitful achievements through numerous experiments will come one day, to the call hominal kingdom, for our part, we will achieve in the flow of millennia the angelitude situation. The scale of the scale progress is sublime and infinite.

In the narrow framework of your knowledge, we seek a figure to convene in the sense of solidarity and love which must prevail in all departments of nature, both visible and invisible. The mineral is attraction. The plant is feeling. The animalis instinct. The man’s reasoning. Angel is divinity. We seek to recognize the infinity of ties that unite us in incremental values of evolution, and to stand up within us the eternal sanctuary of universal brotherhood.



How to interpret our relationship with animals?

Considering that (the animals) they also have time before a future of fruitful achievements through numerous experiments will come one day, to the call hominal kingdom,

André explains: He will go stage by stage until he gets a human soul, as we have already arrived, and will now have a perispirit in which they do not have yet. Because, only it gets a PERISPIRIT when he comes to human phase, for our part, we have arrived at hominal kingdom, we will Achieve in the flow of millennia the angelic level, where the pure spirits are found, and above them the Christic spirits, being the case of Jesus.

The scale of the scale progress is sublime and infinite:

André explains: It does not have an end. Not one ceases to evolve. Spirituality revealed to Kardec, that when we get to pure spirit, which is quoted in the book of spirits, we let the scale of pure spirits and enters a higher scale, whose top is to achieve the Christic spiritsChristed spirit is the spiritual governor of one planet, like Jesus the governor of the earth.

But, then, it reaches to planet of Christ. But above of them have the Christs of the solar system, of the galaxy, of a nebula and so on, the spirits will always evolve.

Roberto asked a question: Jesus is the planet governor. How much he has worked, struggled, by asking the God, that this planet is more peace. It is he who has the control?

André answers: The planet is not worse, because he, Jesus is watching. It’s like a director of a school. But then we have to analyze the following: Jesus is the Christ the planet. He brought us the gospel 2,000 years ago What have we learned? What has changed in our conduct? Very little. That’s the problem.

For this reason a large number of spirits on earth will have to be exiled again to inferior planets. Even some who have fallen of Capela will have to be exiled again. That is the problem, because we are not very concerned about changing our attitudes. We only cares to study, gain knowledge to discuss with our brothers and to other religions. So, arises pride: I have read this book, Jesus said that …“, but we’re not doing anything that Jesus taught. We know what he said, but few practice it

In the narrow framework of your knowledge, we seek a figure to convene in the sense of solidarity and love which must prevail in all departments of nature, both visible and invisible.

The mineral is attraction.

André: What is attraction? It is force of attraction of the molecules. Molecules are attracted to form a mineral that does not have life..

The plant is feeling: The vegetation is sensation. It feels. If you talk to him, he feels.

The animalis instinct. : So it’s a little more evolved. He has sensation and can now respond by instinct ..

The man’s reasoning: That is, we have the attraction of the mineral, the sensation of the plant, the animal instinct, and we have a little bit more. We already have the logical reasoning, which is called reason.

Angel is divinity. : That is, the angel has everything what other steps has added to the feeling. They love. We, no. We just think, for now. They take what they know, which is thought and joins the action in the well, that is the pure sentiment. We still do not. We only think.

We seek to recognize the infinity of ties that unite us in incremental values of evolution, and to stand up within us the eternal sanctuary of universal brotherhood.

André: We were already minerals. What we have today, we did not have in the form of mineral, but we had the attraction of force. From the mineral reign, we move to the vegetation. Then we had the atraction of strength and feeling. In animal force, we earn to complete the trinity, the instinct. And in hominal phase, in which we find ourselves, we add the reason.

Now to get the angelic scale, it takes a while, some millennia. Therefore he said: We seek to recognize the infinity of ties that unite us in incremental values of evolution, and to stand up within us the eternal sanctuary of universal brotherhood.

As Leon Deniz said: The soul sleeps in the mineral, stir in the plant, dreams in animals and awakes in man. We’ve been through all these stages.

Why he tells sanctuary of universal brotherhood? Because, if we can not even love ourselves, even our family, how can we understand that animals, plants and minerals are also our brothers and we too went through all these stages?


According to Allan Kardec, the Spiritism Encoder, he calls the “Spirit” to “intelligent principle” after reaching the hominal kingdom, ie after reaching the moral conscience. The myth of the lost paradise, contained in the biblical book “Genesis”, can be interpreted as the loss of moral naivety.
“The souls that animated the humanoids, lived in Eden’s ingenuity. Not having yet acquired the moral consciousness, that is, being unable to discern between right and wrong, they were not responsible for their actions and are not therefore subject the atonement. when these souls, tasted of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, that is, when his consciousness has become mature and become spirits, they were expelled from the ingenuity Eden and started to eat “the bread with the sweat of his face, “that is, become responsible for their actions, submitting, thereafter, to the Law of Causality.”
The progress of the Act applied to the Spirit says through successive incarnations, the same self-improvement gradually in the intellectual and moral dimensions, leaving its initial condition of “simplicity and ignorance” to rise to the spiritual purity condition. The intellectual and moral evolution does not necessarily occur at the same time. The spirit only reaches perfection when it combines perfectly with the moral intelligence.


Thanks a lot for reading and have a nice day, afternoon and evening. miss Froggy