Warnings from Spirits

Human beings are made of body, mind and spirit.
Of these, spirit is primary,
for it connects us to the source of everything,
the eternal field of consciousness. Buddha


Each of us is here to discover our true Self, that essentially we are spiritual beings who have taken manifestation in physical form, that we’re not human beings that have occasional spiritual experiences, that we’re spiritual beings that have occasional human experiences. Unknown

It seems that my dog Freya is able to see Ghosts.

Everytime I start translating the Dialogue, my dog goes away, as she  would see someone  in the room, then goes away as if she was afraid. 

I’m a kind of person who hard to accept criticism. As one of the Reporter did a comment about my bad english, I was so Angry.  My first reaction was to take all the text away.

Yesterday morning I was very nervous, thinking about giving up everything regarding the astral world.

During the day while working, I listened many beats and noises. Mentally I say to them that could do what they wanted, however I would not change my opinion, and I didnt not care if I have to reincarnate again with bad Karma.

Around 4:00 pm, as I was at home, I felt so tired and slept. Around 6 pm awake up, ate something and fell asleep again.

Today morning my husband took a shower, while I made coffee. Then he called me, I went there and he showed  a mark of a hand between hisbetween his chest and Liver and said was a Ghost today morning. I did´n´t believe him, and I thought he had done himself, once the hot water leaves marks on the Body.

When he sat on the couch, I looked closely and the mark was still there. I not could not believe what my eyes saw and did some pics with my mobile with different effects.

Because he is an Atheist, many times me mockes me, what makes me a bit sad, but he swears it was not me who did him.

If it is really some spirit who did it to him, there are two possibilities of Explanation:

  1. A warning for me to continue the translation
  2. Because of the anger I felt, my emotional vibration dropped to a low level, so getting in tune with evil spirits that are against this work.

I am not scared but I don´t want they hurt my Family because they have  nothing to do with. That´s the reason I keep going this work forward. However, I need a break.


Thank you for reading and have a nice Sunday.



Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. 1 Corinthians 13:4

As Pascal said once: “In faith there is enough light for those who want to believe and enough shadows to blind those who don’t.”

However, I did not mention a fact, because it is very difficult to accept myself and sometimes I think am alucinating.

In August this year, I dreamed of Jesus. He was in a room in the Sanhedrin, full of people. Was a commotion and all spoke very loudly. Suddenly he was being taken out. I started crying and said: They will crucify him and nobody does anything

Then, he turned and looked into my eyes said: “Tell the truth to people, otherwise, my suffering will be in vain” Since then I have experienced very large inner conflict

Thanks a lot for your attention and I wish you a nice Weekend!

Miss Froggy


In the long term we can hope that religion will change the nature of man and reduce conflict. But history is not encouraging in this respect. The bloodiest wars in history have been religious wars.
Richard Nixon


Umbanda ís Magic because of the manipulation of Energy. It exists on the planet long ago. Marabo

Umbanda, Embanda, Allabanda is originated of the Kimbundu language of Angola , meaning “magic” or “art of healing”. or ” worship by which the priest healed “.

Was also known the word  mbanda meaning “ the art of healing ” or ” worship by which the priest healed ” , and ‘ mbanda means ” Beyond – where the spirits live

There is also the assumption of a rise in a mantra in the Adamic language whose meaning would be ” set of divine laws ” or “God on our side .” After Congress 1941, it was stated that ” Umbanda ” came the words from Sanskrit aum and Bandha , terms that have been translated as “the limit on unlimited” , ” Divine Principle, radiant light , the source of eternal life, constant Evolution.

Umbanda does have this Christian theological foundation in the essence of doing charity, doing good Christian, but it also has an entire pantheon of African gods through syncretism, which works with seven lines that are spiritual vibration bands which is represented and led by a deity . Each line is divided into phalanges , which in turn is divided into subfalanges , which are divided into bands. Bands branch in seven legions are divided into seven sub-legion and these finally are subdivided into seven people.

The first line is headed by Oxalá and is also called Holy line because it covers the saints of the Catholic Church in General.

The second is the Yemanja line that includes the undines , sea caboclas and other entities related to water. The third , the East or St. John the Baptist , is composed of physicians , priests , Hindu and others.

The Oxóssi line is made ​​up of mestizos and mestizo , or Indians, and is commanded by San Sebastian .

In the fifth line,  Xango – Agodô , led by St. Jerome , work Santa Barbara, mestizos and black-old-men.

The sixth line is the line of Ogun or St. George , who leads mestizos , black-old and roman soldiers. And the last, the seventh line is the African line or St. Cyprian , where he works all the people of the coast of Congo in Angola and all the people of Africa.

Umbanda is a religion of cult material, based on mediumship , in magic, with their own rituals and liturgies . Among them stand out from the crossing point and the cantado. The first point is the use of a scratched drawing with chalk named Pemba by Umbanda , that depending on the shape and color serves to draw particular entity to the material world . In the second case , which is a kind of evocative sung prayer , there are several types . There are songs of points used just to honor certain entity or open work; the points of descents, sung to invoke the deities to come down to incorporate the medium, and the ascent points sung to the demerger . Mediums are also called ” horse ” or ” apparatus ” and the services are performed in Terreiros (yards) or centers although often holding offerings in forests, beaches and water sources.

Umbanda follows several rituals that , besides those already mentioned, include: herbal baths, considered sacred ; fumigation with incense ; the use of candles and alcoholic beverages ; and the famous passes, where the medium uses the smoke from his cigar or pipe and the laying on of his hands on the back , front and on the person’s arms in a straight line from top to bottom in order to counteract the evil influences that may may be suffering the individual.

The traditional date for the beginning of the Umbanda religion is November 15, 1908. On that day, some followers of Allan Kardec’s teachings participated in a seance outside the city of Rio de Janeiro, a gathering which included 17-year-old Zelio Fernandino de Moraes,

The Young, close to join the Navy, began to exhibit strange behavior that family called ” attacks ” where the young man had sometimes the posture of an old saying incomprehensible things , at another time he behaved like a cat. After being examined by a doctor who advised the family to take him to a priest, Zélio was taken to a spiritualist center. Thus, on November 15 , Zélio was invited to sit at the session table in the Spiritualist Federation of Niterói

As the story goes, the young man manifested two spirits. One called itself Caboclo das Sete Encruzilhadas; the other, Pai Anthony. Kardec’s followers considered these spirits inferior to the ones they usually interacted with and this would eventually lead to his religion being considered inferior to Kardec’s.

“If you judge these spirits of blacks and Indians as ignorant, I must say that tomorrow I will be in the house of this appliance (the médium Zélio), to begin a worship in which these blacks and these indians may give their message, and thus fulfill the mission the spiritual plan has entrusted to them.  Will be a religion that will speak to the humble, symbolizing the equality that must exist between all brothers, incarnates and spirits. And, if they want to know my name, that is this: Caboclo of seven crossroads, because there will be no pathways closed for me.”

This beginning established a path toward a religion autonomous from Kardec’s and ultimately produced a new Religion.

Dialogue with the Orishas

Before you judge a history, realize that history is also multifaceted. It is multicultural. It is multidimensional. They have various aspects.   Exu Marabo

To understand the Magnanimity of God and his universal laws, The process of action and reaction, we must go back to our roots: Reincarnation

The central point of the Reincarnation is the Karmic Law. However, in the Umbanda and  Spiritism by Allan Kardec , which share the same belief, according to Allan Kardec codification, is not possible the human being reincarnate as animals (Law of Evolution). The spirit (ghost) do not regreat, which differs from Hinduism and another Reigions with reincarnation backdrop

I gonna give you a very simple example:  Imagine a cell phone: Once you use a Smartphone, you won´t have a Motorola DynaTAC

The spirits universally pass through many stages of evolution, in many planets. Also, the spirits (ghost) are in parallel dimensions in this world, or in colonies waiting for the oportunity of new reincarnation.

Spiritism & Allabanda

“Remember all those who suffer from their own downfall, after having believed themselves to be winners, and who now weep for the many lost hours. So while you still have time, seek to enrich your own spirits for the tomorrow which awaits you because, in accordance with the teachings of the Lord, it is of no use to retain the outward appearance of the splendor of all the empires of this world, if you maintain darkness within your heart.” Spirit Emmanuel, throught Francisco Xavier

The Key represents in this case the door for another Universe. An Universe, which we, normal People, are not able to see.  However there are some People who can take a look behind of the door, the gate. Those Person are called Mediums.12063399_10205318508868497_4154032099831965533_n

How it started the Spiritismus? It didn´t started, because it was before this Earth was habitatet by human beings. If you want to know more about Allan Kardec, just take a look at Wikipedia and other resource.

Nowadays the followers from the Spiritism are the high Society and very cult people. I can say, it didn´t change so much since the time of Kardec. That´s a shame, because the Spiritism should be brought to every Person, and should be writting in a easy way of understanding.

Spiritism & the modern satanism

This page I dedicate to our Brothers and Sisters in Holy Spirit who says Spiritism and Umbanda are Demon Stuff!

Now I ask you, Brothers and Systers in Holy Spirit:

It was in Name God or Lucifer,  People perished because of the  Crusades and Inquisition?  

How many People in the Islamic State perish every day in the Hands of fanatics Jihads because of Allah and the  “Holy War“?

It that what OUR God wants from us? Is that what Jesus in the Gospel and Prophet ‏ أبو القاسم محمد بن عبد الله بن عبد المطلب بن هاشم بن عبد مناف القرشي  in the Curan teach US???

If Love, Tolerance and Charity are devil´s words, then I worship the devil.

Love is understanding the other in its entirety and accepting their differences. Marabo

In the Spiritism we call soul for the reincarnated people and spirit for those who already past away, also called as ghost.

Although the doctrine of Kardec emerged in French terrytory, Brazil is the “motherland of the new Gospel”

Umbanda is the simplest way of Kardec Spiritism. The goal of embodiment through a medium is the animic shock of the spirit. This shock is very important for the vibration, specially those who still remain in the ignorance, bringing bad intentions in their spirits, as like the obsessors, also called in the Vulgar language as “Polterghost.” It is false to use this word, once we also have been in this stage and many of us will go back in the same level of those, specially the one who are very attached on the matter or through the revenge against somebody.

When Spiritism spreaded in Brazilian ground, many spiritualist center, called today as “white tables” and mediums wanted only getting the news from spirits of light. Because of the heavy vibration they didn´t want to receive the “rude ghost” and forgetting one of the biggest teaching of Jesus himself: “Without charity, there is no salvation.”

In the 15th day of November 1908, during a “white table” Séance the spiritit of Caboclo das Sete Encruzilhadas through the medium Zélio Fernandino de Moraes the beginning of a new doctrine called Umbanda.

According to the Zélio own interview, that moment he felt again dominated by the strange force that made him speak , not knowing what he said. Only heard his own voice, asking the reason that led the chief of work not to accept the communication of those spirits , and because they were considered “backward” only by the difference in color or social class proved to have had in the last incarnation.

Those responsible for the table sought to indoctrinate and away the unknown spirit, which would be incorporated into Zélio , developing a solid Argument. One of the clairvoyant medium then asked: “Why the brother speaks in these terms, claiming that this table accepts the manifestation of spirits , the degree of culture that had , when incarnated, are clearly lagging behind ? And what is your name, brother?”

He answered: “If you judge delayed these spirits of blacks and Indians , I must say that tomorrow I’ll be home of this medium, to start a service in those blacks and the Indians will give his message, and thus fulfill the mission that the spiritual realm has entrusted to them . This religion will speak to the humble, symbolizing the equality that should exist between all brothers, embodied and disembodied.

And if you ask me my name: Caboclo of Seven Crossroads, because there will be no closed paths for me.

The clairvoyant medium asked with sarcasm: “Judges brother that someone will watch your worship?”

Caboclo of Seven Crossroads answered: “Each hill of Niteroi will act as spokesman, announcing the cult ‘ll start tomorrow.”

That´s the reason we should remember to detachment of the Material things and bad habits. We should also daily remember that this body will die. And the death can reach us any time. What our Soul will take to the spiritual world is not more than our actions and knowledge.

My good friend Caveira told in one of his Dialogue: People judge because they fear what they are not able to understand. Before someone make a judment, should study . Ask those who talkes badly about Umbanda if they know who the Medium Celio Fernandinho de Morais or Doctor Bezerra de Menezes were? If you read about their lifes, then you gonna find out, what Umbanda means.”

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Spiritism and  Reincarnation in the Bible

Unshakable faith is only that which can face reason in all human epochs. God leaves to our conscience the choice of the road we decide to follow, and the liberty of yielding to one or another of the opposing influences that act upon us. The more clearly a principle is understood by the intellect, the more inexcusable is the neglect to put it into practice.        Allan Kardec