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It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. This world is but a canvas to our imagination. Henry David Thoreau 1817 – 1862

Before you start reading, must to tell you that my english is not so good. However, the important is not the grammar, me or my Name either but the Messages I gonna put on paper, trying to translate. . .

Unfortunately our Ego still need names. So, you can call me miss Froggy.

In my entire life, have been asking what happens after death.  Are we only matter or also energy? What do you think? Ask yourself…

During I was searching for God,  I´ve been visiting different religions: Catholic, Evangelical, Jehovah Witness, Mormons, Buddhismus, Hinduismus, Seicho-No-Ie and many others… Was very interesting but unfortunately they didn’t fill me up. I gave up and went in the way of atheism.

… Until something quite strange happened few years ago. I have been out-of-my-Body every evening… Instead to be glad, I was scared.

That´s the reason I decided to study the Spiritism of Allan Kardec.

In Autumn 2014 I dreamed about my own death…Few months later, in Januar 2015 have been very sick and almost died.

One night I awake up. There was a male ghost and he had his Hand over my throat. I couldn´t move myself and starting to screaming, but came no Sound out of my mouth. Then, few days later, there was another entity over my chest. She was putting poison at my heart and I was very scared. The followed days was very sick, went to the doctor but he didn´t find nothing.

Instead of  being angry with the ghosts, I felt pity of them. If they came to me and damage my health, probably I hurted them in this or another life, but  I am sure, we were vibrating an the same frequence, otherwise they could not hurt me. Searching for more Information, I saw the Dialogues of the Orishas via Youtube and started to listen.  Since then, have been learning a lot about the parallel Worlds and his habitants.

The Mediums: Many, many, many…. Until now are more than 500 Dialogues.

I will not translate all the Dialogues, but only those which I think is important for mankind and his relationship to his Environment and hope can help people like me to find an answer about  Life after Death.

This Page is a door, opening new horizons.

Date of Publication: 15th November 2015, National day of Umbanda

Special thanks to my lovely teacher André Sobreiro. Thanks for giving me a solid base of the Spiritism Doctrine, teaching with patience and friendly words, always helping me during the critical moments I have been found.

Many thanks  to Marcos Teixeira, Pietro Monteiro and the Triade School of Umbanda for the spiritual Support and helping with the Dialogues.

Pena Branca &  Exu Caveira. Thanks for your greetings.

To the Spirits, Entities, Orishas, Reporter Júlio and Jefferson and all the one who makes this working, bringing enlightment into our lives.. Without your full permition, this simple and sincere work would not be possible.

Greetings, Miss Froggy


4 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. Hi there,
    Thanks for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the Blogosphere and for the follow. Your support is greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoyed you visit and look forward to seeing more from you.
    Have a great day, 

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    1. So nice Pictures you take! Thanks! I love Ruins and old places. May be one day you could visit Bad Wimpfen in Germany. It is a very nice, old Roman town. There is a wonderful monastery there. http://kloster-bad-wimpfen.de/
      Also flights direct from London to Stuttgart. From there only 1 hour by Train.
      Nice greetings and enjoy the Weekend with your Family, Miss Froggy

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