North Korea: Time ist ticking…

Yesterday I wrote on my Facebook: “I must have a very adventurous or suicidal spirit. The more tensions grow between Korea and the United States, the more desire to go there ….”

I did my will. Last night I was there. Of course it was just a dream. But in my “dream”, after much cost, I got an audience with dictator Kim. Unlike Putin, he was very tense and nervous. It seems that people are very afraid of him. The atmosphere there was much heavier than in the Ukraine.

In a dream or out of body, I have been in that country a few times. Every time it’s always been very tense. It’s a very, very heavy place. The energy is heavy ….

Now I am anxious to know what will happen in the coming weeks.
On the one hand I understand perfectly if President Trump order an attack, after so many threats from the Korean dictator.
But I still think diplomacy is the best way to resolve a conflict. I am very sorry for the lives that will be harvested because of a dictator who has no love for the population. This we see daily, if we look at Syria and Turkey …
But in the near future, on the new planet Earth there will be no more dictators, no wars …
A few days ago I heard a lecture by a Brazilian who made a very interesting theory, which turned on the lights of my hope.
He said that with the melting Icebergs, many continents will disappear, while others will arise. There will be a migration to other parts of the planet …
In the northern or southern hemisphere, where the new continent will appear, new minerals will appear, and the earth will be very abundant. A banana will be 3 times bigger than today’s …

It’s a good dream. Especially for those who believe in reincarnation. It will be a comfort to bear with faith during the turbulent days that are approaching.


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Run! The Russians are coming.

“Fear is the free passage to mental hell.” Theodora

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Because of the history, even today in Germany one still has Panic of the Russians. Even though it is not openly commented among people, there is a certain fear in the political environment.
In the 1950s in Bavaria there was a very famous medium named Alois Irlmaier who said that two months before the axis of the Earth was reversed, there would be a war (not atomic) where Russia would invade a small part of Germany. One night the medium Irlmaier went to the young nurse of Carissa, Maria Luise Bender, saying:

“Girl you’ll be experiencing the great upheaval that will come.
First, there will be a prosperity like never before. This will be followed by a decline of faith like never before.
So an unprecedented moral corruption.
Then a great number of strange people will enter the country.
High inflation – Money loses more and more value.
Soon after, the revolution [in Germany] follows.
Then the Russians invaded the West during the night.

In the coming months I will try to write the whole prophecy, putting my point of view. However, a few hours ago I had a dream that was somewhat atypical. For this reason, I would like to describe to dear future readers. I say future, because at the moment no one seems to be interested in my blog.

The dream was this:

I went to visit the Russian military area that bordered some European country. Accompanied personally by Putin, who was driving a jeep, he spoke all about his soldiers.

I realized that the border of the two countries was not well demarcated and a conflict would be inevitable. In the backseat was a soldier who told me that there had often been friction with the Americans, in which the Russians had to ease the situation, thus preventing further conflict from spreading.

Putin is an extremely intelligent man and worked in the KGB, the secret police of the Soviet Union. As he drove he heard everything with satisfaction and even a smile of superiority, which made me a little puzzled. Why superiority? Maybe he knew the future of Earth was in his hands, proving how much power he has over peace on our planet. Russia and the United States have so much atomic weapon, capable of destroying the planet 100 times. It’s a lot of bomb!

After he had left me with the soldier, he moved on with his jeep.

The very attentive soldier showed me the camp saying that in a few minutes they would have a new training.

I followed up on everything and saw when someone accidentally hit an American soldier. He did not die, totally unharmed. His boss arrived with a US trunk armed with machine guns. Even the soldier said he was well, the commander ordered the Russians to be immediately attacked and killed, in which he was promptly served.

Even my escort was not saved. It was blood on all sides. One of them pretended to be dead.

It was then that I realized I was out of the body, because I could watch everything, without being seen by the Russians nor Americans. After they left, the soldier who pretended to be dead stood up. He had carried a bullet from the scab side to the liver. He went looking for help.



North Korea sanction and Turkey dreams

People are asleep. Is it necessary an earthquake to wake them up?

Another new sanction against North Korea has been decided ….
The Turkish president is preparing to expand his territory ….
I do not want to scare, but maybe it’s time for us to prepare not only physically, but mainly spiritually.
It’s time for us to wake up and start making plans, such as stockpiles of canned food, water, candles, lanterns, first-aid kits, and so on.
If there is a tragedy or civil war, if we survive, it will be very useful.
Also learn how to harvest medicinal plants and herbs, take a course of first aid …



Photo: Miss Froggy, Istanbul 2003