North Korea, USA, Russia, China War???

Prediction about a Possible Third World War made end february by the Brazilian seer Carlinhos:

The Seer reveals that the government of Donald Trump, president of the United States, will do very poor management and will not benefit anyone. “For him to do a third world war will be a ‘crack’. That’s why the Americans and the world need to be very careful about what’s happening, “said Carlinhos, surprising the reporter who interviewed him. The reason for the possible war, according to the seer, is precisely the discontent of the world with what the American power will do. Besides the United States, England and two other countries (not mentioned) would begin to be attacked.

Carlinhos says that Donald Trump will face China and later with today what looks like an ally of the president, Russia. This would generate an endless discomfort on the planet. However, the paranormal reveals that this would generate health problems for the American, who would not live long.