Third World War

The third world war will begin through a conflict with the US and North Korea, in which great powers will be involved, such as Russia and China. For this is not necessary to be medium and predict the future. Need only read the newspapers.

Last night I had a dream, since I woke up, I felt intense pain in the jaw due to tension.

The dream was as follows:

Due to US provocations along with South Korea, the North threw a bomb, eliminating some lives. However, to affect the soil in the sea, the bomb destroyed a part of the tectonic plate. The Tsunami in that region Could Not be felt, but the waves began to take force and volume on the coast of Turkey and Australia with huge waves. I was at home, along with a geologist who showed me how it would happen. I called the military base in Turkey to prevent. I was answered by a colonel of the mature age. But within minutes the huge waves arrive at the base, killing everyone.

Then I tried to call hospitals in Australia, for them to prepare for the tragedy. However, in my desperation, I could not find the phone numbers.

Of course, in my view, a Tsunami that was caused in the Pacific ocean is almost impossible to reach Turkey, because an atomic bomb it would have not so enough force. And also, would reach much faster the territory of Australia.

Dreaming of military in Turkey has another meaning. It concerns the policy of that country and an ancient prophecy of the final judgment. It concerns the Mahdi.

According to my research, he has reincarnated and is acting in secret for world peace since 2014/2015.

However, it can not be revealed. If this happens, it will be dead before the time provided by the Marmara sea sultan and will not be able to fulfill his mission.

But someone in Istanbul will declare himself as the al Mahdi. And people will believe him. And there will be more war and suffering.

More than this am not allowed to reveal.