Turkey Death Penalty

In 2002 Turkey abolished the death penalty. Unfortunately it seems that during this transition, or apocalypse, people can not think very well. But I have faith in God that they think much before returning to use this primitive method.

In the last days I wrote directly to the Turkish government, several embassies of Turkey abroad and many mosques, asking to not return to the death penalty and clemency in favor of the military, risking my own skin.

Even because the ignorance of the spiritual world, every enemy we kill, is an enemy we acquired in the astral. There, they are much more active than if they are in the physical body. First because they can travel at the speed of thought. Then because they can learn to manipulate energy, doing much more harm to us here, on the physical plane.

I will cootinue pray for Mr. Erdogan and the whole Turkey citizens. Because they don´t know what will happens if the Capital Punishment comes back to that country.  The Muslim people be even more pursued and the Mahdi’s task will be much more painful and difficult.

What teach the Spirits about Death Penalty:


Capital Punishment.
760. Will capital punishment disappear some day from human legislation?
“Capital punishment will, most assuredly, disappear in course 0£ time; and its suppression
will mark a progress on the part of the human race. When men become more enlightened, the penalty of death will be completely abolished throughout the earth; men will

no longer require to be judged by men. I speak of a time which is still a long way ahead of
Note: The social progress already made leaves much still to be desired, but it would be unjust towards modern society not to recognise a certain amount of progress in the restrictions which, among the most advanced nations, have been successively applied to capital punishment, and to the crimes for which it is inflicted. If we compare the safeguards with which the law, among those nations, surrounds the accused, and the humanity with which he is treated even when found guilty, with the methods of criminal procedure that obtained at a period not very remote from the present, we cannot fail to perceive that the human race is really moving forwards on a path of progress.
761. The law of Preservation gives man the right to preserve his own life; does he not make
use of that same right when he cuts off a dangerous member from the social body?
“There are other means of preserving yourselves from a dangerous individual than killing
him; and besides, you ought to open the door of repentance for the criminal, and not to close it against him.”
762. If the penalty of death may be banished from civilised society, ‘was it not a necessity in
times of less advancement?
“Necessity is not the right word. Man always thinks that a thing is necessary when he cannot manage to find anything better, In proportion as he becomes enlightened, he understands more clearly what is just or unjust, and repudiates the excesses committed, in times of ignorance, in the name of justice.”
763. Is the restriction of the number of the cases in which capital punishment is inflicted an indication of progress in civilisation?
“Can you doubt its being so? Does not your mind revolt on reading the recital of the human
butcheries that were formerly perpetrated in the name of justice, and often in honour of the
divinity; of the tortures inflicted on the condemned, and even on the accused, in order to
wring from him, through the excess of his sufferings, the confession of a crime which. very
often, he had not committed ? Well, if you had lived in those times, you would have thought
all this very natural; and, had you been a judge, you would probably have done the same
yourself. It is thus that what seemed to be right at one period seems barbarous at another. The divine laws alone are eternal; human laws change as progress advances; and they will change again and again, until they have been brought into harmony with the laws of God.”
764. Jesus said, “He that take the sword shall perish by the sword.” Are not these words the
consecration of the principle of retaliation? and is not the penalty of death, inflicted on a
murderer, an application of this principle?
“Take care! You have mistaken the meaning of these words, as of many others. The only righteous retaliation is the justice of God; because it is applied by Him. You are all, at every moment, undergoing this retaliation, for you are punished in that wherein you have sinned, in this life or in another one. He who has caused his fellow-men to suffer will be placed in a situation in which he himself will suffer what he caused them to endure. This is the true meaning of the words of Jesus; for has He not also said to you, ‘Forgive your enemies,’ and has He not taught you to pray that God may forgive you your trespasses as you forgive those who have trespassed against you, that is to say, exactly in proportion as you have forgiven?
Try to take in the full meaning of those words.”
765. What is to be thought of the infliction of the penalty of death in the name of God?
“It is a usurpation of God’s place in the administration of justice. Those who act thus show
how far they are from comprehending God, and how much they still have to expiate. Capital
punishment is a crime when applied in the name of God, and those who inflict it will have to answer for it as for so many murders.”



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