Three Angels’ Messages

That we are in the end times, explained in the Apocalypse of John and Qur’an, there is no doubt! But unfortunately most people are still sleeping in the illusion of materialistic life. Many of them will wake up in the material world, imagining living in a nightmare.

However, it does not mean the end of the world. Just the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. A new era.

For this reason, in the coming years we shall witness, more frequently, floods, earthquakes and tsunamis, and other disasters. We should not be afraid, but prepared.
Many lives will be snuffed out. It is the “ collective redemption, known in Spiritism.

The Internet has thousands of interpretations about the coming Messiah. I also take the chance to make my own interpretation without the presumption to tell the truth. For the mysteries of truth, God will reveal according to our understanding.

Speaking of fact, let’s start with this concept. What is meant the word truth?

Definition by Merrian webster:

  • the truth : the real facts about something : the things that are true

  • the quality or state of being true

  • a statement or idea that is true or accepted as true

– the  true or actual state of a matter: He tried to find out the truth.
–  conformity with fact or reality; verity: the truth of a statement.
– a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like: mathematical truths.
– the state or character of being true .
– actuality or actual existence.
an obvious or accepted fact; truism; platitude.
– honesty; integrity;


The definition according to Wikipedia:

Truth is most often used to mean being in accord with fact or reality, or fidelity to an original or standard. Truth may also often be used in modern contexts to refer to an idea of “truth to self,” or authencity.

Now let me please make a comment about truth to self: This means that each person has her way to interpret what she thinks is the truth, according to own understanding.

As an example we analyze the picture that I painted a few months ago in Istanbul: 12670668_10206491225785687_2250269200451449558_n

What do you think the meaning of colors, shapes? Now show to someone and asks her to do the interpretation and note if you have the same interpretation or are diverse.
We are all diversified and this is wonderful!
So, this means that no one is right or wrong. Everything depends on how we see the facts.
But, as we gain experiences, we perfecting ourselves, we can distinguish the shapes, colors, as well as what is good from what is bad. But to reach this knowledge, we have to learn through the reincarnation.

Now, let´s contunuing:


Verdade in portuguese means Truth and  is a female name. A plus point for women 😉 Just kidding. The spirit does not have sex. He can reincarnate whether man or woman. In this case we may see that vielleicht in arabic means a masculine word.
The truth is interpreted in various ways, according as we see:
– conformity of thought or expression and the right-thinking object
– quality of what is true; reality, correctness, accuracy, precision, faithful representation, good faith; sincerity, right thing, maximum.
PHILOSOPHY formal truth: truth is the thought of the agreement with himself, in the absence of contradiction. This means that, while not prove that my truth is a lie, remains the truth.
truth PHILOSOPHY Material: true that is in conformity of thought or statement to a given factual, material or not
truth first PHILOSOPHY: clear but unprovable proposition, because it required the whole demonstration, and therefore is, in fact and in law, the first sure that part to reason.
Here I must make a note: The universe is governed by laws. At first glance appears to be chaos, but for students and those interested in astronomy, you can check that everything in the universe is governed in harmony. Even though there is a force that harmonizes all this, many still can not believe in the existence of God, because the existing religions in the world, put him as the image and similarity of men. This is the biggest mistake of almost all religions.
However, our ancestors, the priests and religious leaders who preached wrong not had so much knowledge, in which we have today.
Is it for this they have to burn in eternal fire?
No, because at that time, this was the truth that reigned.
But unfortunately today with so much knowledge available through the internet, books, so many philosophies that we can read, compare and use of our sound reasoning, we deny it, saying that “our God” left this or that interpretation of the Bible. Our Bible is the true word of God.
But the social network we aggress each other, we are intolerant and racist, forgetting that we are all originating from a single cell. The color of the blood that flows in the veins of an African is the same color of a European and Asiatic.
If Allah had preferences, He would not create as much bio diversity in the world.
Only on our planet Earth has about 8.7 million. Are biologists, scientists divine, that they are never tired of creating and perfecting the species.
This is why Jesus said: If my father works, I also work. Because in the universe is everything in motion. The Earth’s rotation speed around its axis (rotation) is more or less 1.700Km / h
But this movement is not perceived. When the speed is constant (there is no acceleration or deceleration), and in three cases, you can only perceive the movement if we look at an external reference that is stopped or with different speed. This is what happens when we observe the stars, for example. But, as they are too far away, there is no sense of speed that the Earth is moving so fast.

But back to the subject of truth, they say that Jesus came to save our sins. This means that all past civilizations are lost? How can they be lost if they did not know of the coming Messiah?

And the tribes of aborigines and Indians who do not know and many still do not know Jesus?

When it mentions that Jesus came to save ourselves from sin does not mean that with his blood, but removing us from ignorance. Light means knowledge. He is the light of the world. It is the knowledge that the Earth until now did not know how to value. For if we knew, there would be no many crimes, so many social differences. So many churches using his holy name to fill up the safe.

Just as, despite all my respect for religions around the world, but many Hindus and Buddhists has spread that through chanted Mantras, our negative karmas (sins) will decrease, or the fanatics poor who kill in the name of Allah saying to go straight to paradise.
Or as the Catholic Church  preached that, if we confess ourselves to a priest, who is a human being like us, also full of sins, our sins will be forgiven, the Umbanda preaching peace and love, but full of internal frictions and disputes to be the best medium, saying that “my entity”, as if the spirit were our property or Spiritist religion which many feel to be the best because they have more knowledge.
By the way, it said that, in the Thresholds are full of Spiritist brothers. Why? Because we have all the knowledge but do not live according to it: “To whom much is given, much will be charged”
At the end, we are all equal, we act all the same. Just change the name of the institution, which should be prohibited called Religion, which means reconnecting with the creator.
As it is written in the Qur’an: Jihad that pleases to Allah is that of himself, destroying ignorance, selfishness and pride within us.
However, many of us are lazy. We always want to get the rewards in the easiest way.
But many are simply innocent, they do not have the ability to think or reason and they are led like sheep. Generally are new souls, which unfortunately still sees pain as a form of punishment of God, instead of purification of the soul.
While some are aggressive, others try to hide, avoiding contact with society, depressed.

– Eternal truths, PHILOSOPHY: principles that constitute the absolute laws of beings as absolute standards of thought, which are like a reflection of the divine thought.

God, in His infinite wisdom will reveal the truth gradually, through his angels (missionaries) as far as our capacity for discernment is allowed.

Meaning of the word Angel according with some beliefs:

The word angel comes from the Greek term “Aggelos” which means messenger, and are heavenly beings created by God to be messengers. They have no free will, ie, have no free will to man, and are created with the sole purpose of giving glory and fulfill the will of God.

According to Angelology, angelic beings are: seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominions, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels and angels. St. Thomas Aquinas divided the celestial beings in three levels, the first of which consists of seraphim, cherubim and thrones, while the second is classified virtues and powers and the third sphere is made with archangels and angels.

Lucifer was an angel of light, who rebelled against God. He and his followers were expelled from heaven and became Satan and demons. If angels were perfect beings, they do not have to revolt against God. Perfect means free of human Egos.
And if they had no sensations or own will, as stated above, they would never have reason to rebel. Why to rebel, if they have no feelings? In this case we note that can not be true. At least not in my logic, respecting the beliefs of all readers.

In the art context, the angels were represented in human form and wings to make him look less earthy and more supernatural. Many angels are represented as a children.

Also, in my concept, it’s weird. Why here, on earth the children are protected, allowing not work and in heaven they are exploited?

In the Bible, in Matthew 18:10:. “See That You do not despise one of these little ones For I tell you that, their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.
Stating that a guardian angel is an angel who accompanies these children, protecting them. If they protect them when they are injured or die. Where were the angels? Why do they do not bailed them? Why some are born with physical problems or mental disabilities? What they did wrong, if according to some beliefs, they are more protected, especially after baptism? Is a question to be reflected. Until today the only logical explanation for me is the law of reincarnation to explain why something happens to one, while the other is protected.

God has not favoritism. If He had, then He would not be God. He, God loves a perfect being the same way as He loves a criminal. His love does not have distinction.
But we are selfish. We are selective. And we want God to be like us: Imperfect

We can compare a relationship:  There’s always someone who feels rejected. Who feels less loved and even inferior, while many would not share, jealous. Today we say to our partner: I love you. In a few years, if the relationship is over, we fought over and even hate, the one that one day we say to have loved.

God’s love knows no limits.

However, if something goes wrong in our lives, we blame Him not admitting any way that everything that happens to us often have been the wrong actions we made in this or in another life.

But since we are talking of the saints and angels, we will comment on the life of St. Thomas Aquinas. According to informations, he sought to use the classic Greco-Latin philosophy (especially Aristotle) to understand the religious revelation of Christianity. Why he sought other philosophies, to understand the revelation of Christianity and even today many Catholic bishops, evangelical and other leaders prohibit people from reading other books that  is not those preached the doctrine that they belong? Is it fear that people acquire knowledge? And knowledge means liberation?

“Ye shall know the truth and it will set you free” John 8:32 Perhaps for this reason angels and saints are painted with a halo on the head or a light. The light of knowledge.

And going back to the truth, let us return to Christianity and the first council of Nicaea in the year 325:

Nicaea is located in Turkey, known as Iznik.

In this council, organized by Constantine, who declared himself a Christian and was baptized only on his death bed, still he was canonized as a saint.

But back to the subject, the main reason of this council was to establish the Christological issue between between Jesus and God the Father, the establishment of Trinitarian doctrine, the construction of the Nicene Creed, the fixing of the date of Easter and the enactment of canonical law.

Let’s take a look to the two questions that are most popular:

Establishment of the Christological issue between Jesus and God the Father
Fixation of the date of Easter
So, this council has defined the nature of Jesus, the doctrine of the person and work of Jesus Christ, the origins, the way of life of Jesus of Nazareth.

Imagine a board of politicians and bishops, defining how Jesus should be presented by the people: God, son of God or a normal human being?

So, maybe someone can tell me that these men were inspired by the Holy Spirit. It really could and they were inspired.

But this does not mean that there were not mistakes. We are imperfect, err liabilities, even under the best intentions.
If Constantine, which is considered pious by many religions, was a saint, he would not have killed his own wife Fausta in the year 326, a year after they decided whether Jesus was God or son of God. In addition to ordering the killing of his wife, he also has eliminated his son and perhaps the father in law, in the year 310.

He really helped a lot Christianity. Because, otherwise the doctrine would not have survived for so many years. But this does not mean that he was holy.

Please see here:

Now the question of Easter:

In this council it was added much of Jewish tradition and today the two are mixed.

Pesach, Passover, “also known as” Party of Liberation “and celebrates the release of the slavery of the Hebrews in Egypt in the approximate year 1280 BC where the first celebration of Pesach occurred 3,500 years ago.

Even being copied, unfortunately, today, the Easter lost the true meaning. The sense we analyze why Jesus went to the cross and the sublime lesson he left us: to love our neighbor as ourselves.

How can I love others, if spend rivers of money, hundreds of dollars with Easter eggs or buy expensive cod, not counting the liters of beer to celebrate with my family, if, when I leave the supermarket I see a beggar and turn my back ?

It would not be better to buy something simpler and divide the food dish with the beggar who is also my brother and is starving?