History of the Aryan Race

The source of the English word Aryan comes from the Sanskrit word ārya. Later, the “Indo” was dropped and the white Aryan Race theory emerged.

According to the book „On the way to the Light“ the author Emmanuel tells us that on earth there are civilizations from the constellations Chapel and another solar system, such as Orion that helped the Terran civilization to progress.

In case of Capella system, their planet came into the process as the Earth is living today, going from ATONEMENT and PROOF PLANET; moving to the scale of a REGENERATION planet.

These spirits who were sent to the planet Earth were very smart intellectually but morally they were still lagging behind. Here on Earth, they formed four races: Hindus, Egyptians, Israelis and Hindu-European.

This happened about 12,000 years ago. So, how dear readers can see,
is false the idea of nationalism, because there is not the „white race“ or Aryan race, but the Europeans are mixtures of Hindus who left the banks of river Ghandi, coming in direction to Europe, arriving by Greece, Russia and spreading across the European continent. This race, the Hindo-European was the one who mixed with the natives.
However, today’s nationalism is growing in many European countries.

As you see, history is ignored by many people. If they really knew the story, they would try to put the ego beneath the arm and begin to work for the personal, real spiritual growth.

The Egyptian population, for example, was the most morally advanced and after a few centuries most of them went back to their loved ones. So it happened with the other races, gradually returning to the planet of origin. For this reason one sees the mysterious constructions of the Pyramids and the system of Ayurveda, as advanced in India of yore.
But some of these „galactic asylees“, even today, are still reincarnating on Earth, at the risk of still being exiled to other more inferior planets than Earth.

Here is a link where you may read  about the Earth at the beginning,  the Great Transition and the Adamic Races in english:


This book was translated by the publisher „Edicei of America“ in the United States.

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