Brexit – The moral value of a nation

England and Europe reminds me of Athens and Sparta in ancient Greece.

Athens was the birthplace of democracy. Sparta was a warrior city.

In particular point of view, I was happy that the British people could decide which route would be taken. This shows that democracy works in that country where the will of the people has priority.

But unfortunately what made me a little sad was the reason: According to research, the British were unhappy because of asylum seekers from Syria, which England, part of the European community, would have to welcome. To sum up in one word: Intolerance.

Although Christianity is the largest religious group in England, this people like most of us still are not not able to understand the goals of the Lord Jesus. He wants to unite the nations. He wants one people.

In the book of Emmanuel, psychographic by the medium Francisco Xavier in 1938, has a history of all mankind and succeptible reincarnations in detail. It is clear the efforts that spirituality has done to unite people through love.
The task of ancient Rome, for example was to unite people. Napoleon, for example, was one of the sent of Jesus and failed.

I let here the link if you want to read the book: “On the way to the light”

What will happen after this decision? Certainly will affect the economy of that country. For Europe, I believe it will suffer a temporary flu without major disturbances. However, the pressure of racist political parties will increase much, showing that lower spirituality is battling for Jesus not fulfill His mission.
The union of Europe is very important in the final process of planetary transition, in which we are going through.
The solidarity among peoples will ensure the economic earthquakes and global cataclysms, which are nearby to arise.
If we are united, we are strong. Separate, we will be crushed.
By the way, worldwide earthquakes are increasing in an extraordinary speed.
Only now, as I write these lines, there have been more than 64 seismic aftershocks  in the world.
To check, please take a look: World earthquake list

California and most of the west coast of the USA are preparing for a big Earthquake that should come soon.

Thanks for reading and a good weekend.

Photo: Istanbul Walls – A.T.