Planets and inhabitants in our solar system

The house of the Father is the Universe. Different addresses are the worlds circulating in infinite space and offer the spirits that embody them, addresses corresponding to the advance of the same spirits.
The world we inhabit is part of a retinue of planets and asteroids that follow the sun in its journey through the immeasurable vastness of space. SEF Spiritualist Society Brotherhood of Brazil


The Law of Progress, is one of ten “moral laws” referred to by Allan Kardec in Part Three of The Book of Spirits.

According to Allan Kardec, there are two kinds of progress that lend mutual support. However, they do not march side by side: the intellectual progress and moral progress. We, earthly inhabitants, are much more technologically advanced, but far inferior in the moral part.

According to the book “On the Way to the Light”, ISBN-10: 8579454271, psychographic by Francisco Xavier in 1938, Emmanuel tells us that in the universe there is a divine order and Christs community, also known as Devas in Hinduism, the Jews call the Messiah, Plato called the demiurge. According to the speaker Haroldo Dutra, these pure spirits far exceed the scale of what we know by angels, because they are much more superior beings who rule the planets. These scales are also mentioned in the book of spirits, Codification of Allan Kardec. These spirits who arrived on the scale of Christic spirits even reincarnate, they are not subject to error due to the degree of advancement in which they are.

In this book “On the Way to the Light” tells the story of the evolution of humanity, focusing on the evolution of souls and progress through reincarnations, starting with the first humanoids, following the story until arriving at the the present time.

Contrary to what many people think, we already lived in numerous civilizations, numerous races. We talked countless languages, had different customs, different skin colors and different social classes. All these experiences serve to perfect ourselves as intelligent beings and also the improvement of our feelings

Then, according to the law of karma and these informations, we are subject in the next reincarnation find ourselves a country’s authoritarian regime, such as North Korea. Then, in the next reincarnation give values of freedom of expression, for example.

Or be born in a country like Syria and live the tragedies in order to in our next reincarnation, we desire a free country without weapons, learning to understand the weak. Or even be born in my beloved homeland, Brazil where political corruption is normal. In the next reincarnation, giving value to honesty. This is the law of reincarnation. In this way, we may improve ourselves morally.

According to Emmanuel, there are planetary community of Christ. Each Christ is responsible for a planet. Jesus is in charge of the earth since to the formation.

As far as we were given the know, this community of pure spirits only met in the vicinity of planet Earth to solution of key problems of the organization and the direction of our planet only twice in the course of millennia.

The first time was when the terrestrial globe was loose from the solar nebuloa, so that should cast themselves in time and space the balises of our cosmic system, so that start life in the material world.


The second time was for the coming of Jesus on Earth, more than 2,000 years ago, bringing the immortal lesson of the gospel of love and redemption.

Now we’ll talk about the planets of our solar system and its inhabitants.
According to a Venusian, through the mediumship of Mr. Edgar de Souza in 2014 in which he gave the name of John of Venus in honor of John the Baptist, he narrated informations that match what the spirits have told Allan Kardec, which is mentioned in Genesis, published in 1858


Joao Venus: “The one connects in all. The whole connects in one.. The material form is just a piece of part of the creation. The essences are like lights. And these lights are all connected to the creator.

Comparison of the planets of our system in terms of society.


Photo: Nasa – Hemispheric view of Venus

Planet Venus: The Messengers of solar system

There is not the same concept of family as you guys know on Earth. The family for us is the Venusian family. We are all a unique family. We also have our relatives, who are our ancestors. Solar ancestors. these solar brothers are our ancestors. There are some of them living around the sun. They are like angels. but are not angels. We are their relatives, as well as the inhabitants of the earth are also, as in the Pleiades, Andromeda and Lyra constellation. Just as you guys call them family relationships on earth, in the universe are all neighbors, cousins, uncles, and so on.


Venusians are like cousins to you guys on earth. There are civilizations that are properly more advanced, which are our grandparents, as the inhabitants of the Lyra constellation, which are our grandparents, great-grandparents and great-grandparents. Some of them helped in the construction of the Via lactea.
(As we can see, a much more ancient constellation than sun).

We have this conception. Family is union. All Venusians are a unique family sharing everything.

Maybe it’s a little complex comprehension of generation in the fifth dimension, but when a Venusian is generated, there is something that we call kundalini. The kundalini energy is called the creative energy. We Venusians work constantly handling this energy, however, in the Earth is still poorly understood.

This energy is capable of lifting an entire society, as well as capable of destroying a planet. On earth you guys use this energy in a very destructive way through the law of action and reaction. Kundalini energy intensifies anything we have in hand. If you use it in a positive way, it is possible to materialize through the creative energy in a clearer way. In destructive way, it destroys the very reality and destroys family relationships, couples, relationships, children and society itself.

Therefore, the inner balance is crucial being aligned with the essence of yourself.

When a Venusian is not managing to align, then we help him. For example, to come here today I received much help from all Venusian in a unique thought to bring this message. Some of our messages, can not be transmitted because there is not the language or words that are used among you, but we will try repassing what is necessary.

At the core of our planet, without using the sense of ownership because the Venusian not know what you guys call possession “my”. This does not exist. Everything that exists on Venus belongs everyone because we are a family. On earth there is ownership: The mine or yours. We do not make this difference. All they take care of everything for the good of the community.

The constructions are carried out through the power of the mind. Nothing is destroyed or created without the approval of the Council of Ancients of Venus.
This same council of elders do not make any decision without consulting the Venus community. We are a family. And the Venusian family wants to join the family of earth. To make this integration, we invite all who hear this message to meditate on the meaning of family. To look at your neighbor and realize that the same blood runs in his veins is the same ancestral blood Venusian people and the other inhabitants of the solar system. We are all a unique family. A universal family.! We want to bring this message to you be aware of what you can do when you are in alignment with your essence.

Your essence not differ from those who live with you physically or with all the brothers who are in the universe. Breaking this paradigm inside, you will be connected not only with your essence, but everyone in a single will, a single power, in a unique goal. This goal you will discover internally. I’m not allowed to talk about what it is. In short . Venus is the part of the messengers, and very evolved in the Milky Way
We are not angels, yet, but we are in the vibration of them. We communicate with you by the fifth dimension, but there are other dimensions in which is not allowed to say at this time.


Jupiter: Intelect academy

is a planet that is a little more advanced than Venus. It is the academy our milky way system even existed some beings who came on earth as Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, where they came from there.
They are extremely intellectualized beings and transmit their messages in a way somewhat different from the Venusian.

Jupiter is the academy of the formation of ideas, thoughts. Even this great spirit, Allan Kardec, passed by Jupiter to bring the information to Earth.

We Venusians, we work at the instigation. In questioning. Make you think and analyze in other ways. But the Martian is more direct. The Pleiadian works much the emotions.
Artituriano (sorry, Could Not understand): Talking a lot about the love part and  Lyra’s people work more your inner. Each of these people have their function.



It is a great agent of the creative life. The sun with the naked eye is only a small part of the big star. In other dimensions, you see cities, constructions, temples, including solar angels. . The sun is a way for you to transmit messages and energies. Through the sun, galactic Christ or the planetary Christs can send messages to the entire planet, for all dimensions. They mix their energies and messages with solar vibration, thus arriving in everyone’s mind. This is one of the sun roles. We can not give more informations about.

(It makes sense. Watch the video on youtube where a ship takes solar energy.)

To end the solar part, the sun’s core is a great mystery. The human being, for now never will arrive at core of the sun. There is a technology in the sun core that is beyond human comprehension. and that earth scientists could never get hold of this technology. People from other planets would not allow because it is a technology that is beyond your comprehension. It’s like you give a gun to a child.

Mercury: The meeting room

The people from Mercury, physically, are being a little smaller than the Venusians and earth. It is an extremely telepath people. Mercury has the role of being a colony where spacecraft depart for different parts of the universe, having a central role in working with the Galactic Christ. Mercury is like a meeting room where strategies are planned. If Jupiter is the university, mercury is the meeting room. Mercury has also the gravitational role of maintaining the balance around the energies of other planets.


For being a small sphere around the sun, it helps to transmit solar messages to other parts of the Milky Way. The Mercury civilization already expanded to various parts of the universe. There was a time that this people had a great development and the planet has become small. By merit and not by invasion, received other dwellings in other planets in the universe.
Under development state, Venusians and Mercurial are few similar but is a bit tricky to make this comparison because each planet have their function in the system.

Venusians are closer to the people of the earth. The people of Mercury approach other people who are also intellectually, as in the case of Jupiter.


Earth: The great School of experiences

The earth is the school of the solar system.Despite being in kindergarten, earth is not of backward people. For many of you who are on earth, came from starship or more advanced plans. All through an adaptation process to the earthly atmosphere. The process of going through reincarnation. The own PERISPIRIT was renovated and adapted to live in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Earthly animals are more capable than many humans, in the part of love. Some of the animals are in an evolutionary way and humans are in another one. Some of these animals, through the evolution of law, may become the humanoid form. The humanioide form is not only the shape of the human being on earth. There are many folks who has a humanoid form. The civilization of the Pleiades are the ones that most resemble the human form

Animals are living beings who deserve all the care and respect.

On earth there are some extremely destructive human habits that generate violence with these animals, triggering a massive war. The meat was necessary in the past to the development of the body of the human being, to create cephalic mass and also to create the rational part (brain?).

However, the current period that earthly humanity lives, no more need of the flesh and the tendency is to gradually decrease the consumption of meat. Especially through the technological evolution of the planet Earth. Technologies, some of them still unknown, will even be able to generate non-animal proteins. At moment this is developing and gradually will gain more space among consumers.


After making this migration, with substitution of other forms, the taste of the meat will be unnecessary. Some people already excluded the consumption of meat and many are doing it gradually. This shows that the current Human beings are intolerant to mistreatment of animals. This process mugs mentally in a way that some human people no longer accept.
This movement will grow increasingly generating vegetarianism. Meat consumption then will be another wave of frequency (third dimension in which we are leaving, going to the fourth and some more advanced humans, will be tuned in the fifth dimension). 100 years to a people on earth seems a long time, but for those who sees the whole is not.

Then, the earth is a school. An experience. Who can better tell this experience are the people of the Pleiades. They has a great knowledge on the origin of the earth.


Invasion: Earth has been invaded. This invasion happened for thousands of years and you guys call some of these invaders, draconian. The Reptilians came later. Some of these draconian people, also colonized some parts of other universes.

What you guys call universe … There are others that have already been created. And there are universes that are beginning. 
Determinism:  Let’s say that everything that happens has been planned for thousands of years, knowing exactly what will happen .. Everything is happening naturally. Even those same brothers who believe they are hurting (terrorists, dictators, etc.). are helping (on the transition of the planet.)


 Help from other star beings:


The earth is getting help, but much of this aid are incarnated, acting as messengers.

We can did not interfere in the reality of earth. We could even interfere, despite being in the fifth dimension, however there are laws that prevent this.

Mars: Masters of Peace

For thousands of years the Martian people had armed conflict, which has led to a so intense war that destroyed much of the planet. They have much to teach the people of the earth, otherwise you will be heading for the same fate.

These people have to contribute to the belica part, the part about peace. For where there is war, there is also peace. For you see: If there is no war, most likely is not possible to get to know what is peace. The dualistic vision.

While the Martians are temperamental, they are one of the most pacific people. They have much to contribute to peace on earth, because they know the art of war.

Pluto: Penal institution


From the descriptions we have, many spirits can not reach Pluto, as the frequency of this orb is very dense. Pluto is a great * penal institution. Do not want to know as Pluto is. It is an exile. It’s a bit complex to explainby its vibratory density.

Pluto, as a great criminal institution, there are spirits who were extremely harmful and destructive in a way unimaginable, such as genocides.

Pluto exists to prevent the approximation of hatred, anger and especially avengers.
The atmosphere of Pluto is intensely dense. It becomes almost impossible to fly over this planet. It is so dense that some of this vibration would destroy the mental body thinking in human form.


* The spiritual mentors say that Hitler is stuck on this planet. Not only to be punished, but mainly to protect him from the millions of victims he killed.



We could say that this people is constantly working with the mind. However Saturn is somewhat controversial. Saturn is a planet that is not very inhabitable as the earth and has a large wound, also caused by war. Especially around Saturn, where it has its moons. I can not go too much into detail about Saturn. Okay?

Uranio: Blue peoples.
Are great people with great skills Telepathic that even exist Uranian who are reincarnated in human form and that has direct contact with these people. They are great regenerators planetary agents who are working on the planetary healing.




Photos: Nasa free picture