Reform of Earth

According to scientists and anthropologists, the planet Earth was formed 4.6 billion years ago while humans, there are about 200 thousand, ie less than 0.01% of the earth’s history. Experts say we detonated a new era: the Anthropocene – in Greek, something like “human innovation” in which the period would have started 200 years ago with the Industrial Revolution, in which we started to alter both its chemistry and biology of the planet.

At the man was given the intellect, so that it has the ability to think, analyze and act.

Unfortunately in the Middle Ages was the prohibition of these natural systems, in which reasoning was permitted only to the clergy and the powerful, so forbidding that most to progress intellectually, and humanity had a delay of half a century.

In the Enlightenment period, the human being jumped, where thinkers were able to express their ideas more freely.

Also known as “Period of Lights,” where the main focus has happened in France, it was the period of transformation in the social structure of Europe, correcting the inequalities in society, thus ensuring the natural rights of the individual.

If we analyze the chronological order of events, the Earth is a living being, because from the beginning of its formation, has never been static. The cataclysms, earthquakes have always happened and ice ages also are part of its history.

However, the man with his fragile constructions and the large cluster in cities, when a natural catastrophe occurs, many lives are snuffed out. Not forgetting also the technology of modern times: If it happens an earthquake in Indonesia, in seconds, the whole world will know. This is globalization. In one way or another, we are all connected.

 Not to offend the various religions and atheists, I will explain in a symbolic way the transition of the planet in the vision of what I was learning, so being able to calm down and transmitting security in the face of disasters that may happen. I hope that helps you, who are reading these lines.

The changes that the Earth is suffering and will continue to suffer in the coming years can be compared to a major renovation of a house.

Let’s say that the earth has always gone through reforms, however, since man exists, he has noticed small renovations such as painting a room, sharing a roof, a fix in the kitchen sink

In recent years, this house is undergoing intensive reforms and reaching the pinnacle of this chaos. Because during a renovation, everything is chaos. Dust everywhere, broken tiles, noises … But after the reform, it will be a wonderful house to live.

So, the Earth (the house) is being modernized. Beginning to exchange the entire floor to the roof. Everything will be removed, everything will be molded. Everything will be renewed.

And as this reform is being made, the inhabitants often have to share a single room. In the division of space, conflicts may happen because the ideas, the way of thinking are different. But that does not mean it’s bad, it is part of growth.

Often miss a cup of rice and we will have to borrow from neighbors. Or lack the water for coffee, and often a pipe that burst, will flood the whole house. For this reason, the people will have to improvise, will have to adapt in this chaos, cooperating with each other. But this is great for human growth and an optimal way we exercise patience, the tolerance and love of neighbor;)

The aid to the next in difficult times will greatly facilitate the period of this reform because it will avoid unnecessary conflicts. For this, the confidence and calm are essential facts in these chaotic periods.

During these reforms, the old furniture that has no more repairs, will be also changed. But nothing is lost, they will be donated to people who could fix and polishing them. In this case I am referring to creatures that live only for evil, such as dictators and violent people. In the new planet of regeneration there is not more places for them, and they will reborn again but in a lower planet, helping those people to progress. The law of progress which governs not only nature, but also the universe where nothing is lost, but everything changes. If it were not so, God would not be fair.

In the meantime, new furniture will be purchased for the new house. They are spirits of great philosophers, scientists of the past that will reincarnate on Earth. The religion also will suffer changes. The true apostles of love, like Francis of Assisi for example, are preparing to reincarnate again, helping us to evolve.

To understand the process of inhabited worlds, at the end I made a short description.

So, do not allow the lamentations and despair be part of day-to-day, but rejoice at our new home! Let us help to reform it, having faith in coming days, giving the example of patience, and spreading peace and love we go through.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.


Different categories of inhabited worlds

According the teaching given by the Spirits, it follows that the conditions of inhabited worlds is very variable, depending on the degree of progress or inferiority of its inhabitants.
In general, the worlds could be classified into upper and lower, but this classification is not absolute; rather, it is very relative. Such a world is lower or higher with reference to those above or below, the progressive scale.

Among them are some that are lower than the earth, physically and morally; others in the same category as ours; and others that are more or less higher in all respects. The existence in the lower worlds is all material, the passions reign, with almost no moral life. As it develops, it reduces the influence of matter, such that, in the earlier worlds life is, so to speak, all spiritual.
In the intermediate worlds, mix the good and evil, predominantly one or the other,
according to most of the degree of advancement of those who inhabit them. Although it can not do, the different worlds, an absolute classification, can however, in state tude come in which they are and the destination they bring, based on the most advanced, we will divide, generally as follows :

Primitive Worlds: for the early incarnations of the human soul. Such as the cave man. It is the worlds destined the early incarnations of spirits who are somewhat rudimentary way beings that inhabit them. Lining the human form, but no beauty. Brute force is, among them, the only law.
Worlds of Atonement and Evidence: An inferior planet, where the spirits incarnate in order to continue in their development stage, experiencing most of the inhabitants by proofs, and, as needed, for expiation, in order to dispossess their imperfections. The earth belongs to the category of atonement worlds and proofs, reason that there lives a man grappling with so many miseries.
But according to the spirituality, the planet is undergoing a transition to another stage that is the regeneration, which should be completed by the year 2057.
Worlds of Regeneration: these the world there are the dawn of happiness. Still have to endure trials, but without the poignant anguish of expiation. Spirits draw from new forces, resting the fight fatigue. ·
According to St. Augustine in the Gospel of spiritism: The regeneration worlds serve as a transition between the worlds of atonement and happy worlds.
On all fronts, see written the word love; perfect equity presides over the social relations, all recognize God and try to walk to Him, fulfilling the laws.
In these worlds, however, there is still no perfect happiness, but the dawn of
happiness. Man there is still composed of flesh and therefore subject to the vicissitudes that freed only find the completely dematerialized beings. He still has to endure trials, but without the poignant anguish of expiation.

Blessed or Happy Worlds: Where good overcomes evil.

On those worlds that reached a higher degree, the conditions of the moral and material life are vastly different from life on Earth. The body has nothing of earthly materiality and is not subject to needs or to diseases or deteriorations which the predominance of matter provokes. More cleared, the senses are able to perceptions that in this world the coarseness of matter precludes. The specific body lightness allows quick movement and easy: instead of dragging painfully the ground, slides, so to speak, on the surface, or plane in the atmosphere without which wants another effort beyond the will, as representing the angels, or as the old imagined the manes in the Elysian fields. In these blissful worlds, relations are always friendly between peoples,
They are never disturbed by ambition on the part of any of them, to enslave the neighbor, not the war that it follows. There are no masters or slaves, nor privileged by birth; only moral and intellectual superiority establishes difference between the conditions and gives supremacy.

Celestial or Divine Worlds: housing purified Spirits, where only reigns good.

Address of Pure Spirits. Inside the relativity of worlds, reached the maximum level of evolution.
Teaches Joanna de Angelis, in the book “Endless Threshold”, psychographic by
Divaldo Franco, in the chapter on for Plurality of inhabited worlds:
“Very pessimistic calculations, looking at the sun, which is an aging star of fifth magnitude to sustain today, the known planets, and keeps them with its energy, make believe que, in this Universe of powerful suns, were given two planets only for each one we would have 200 billion moving in our galaxy.
Assigning the probability of the hypothesis only 1% of them have the same conditions and corresponding ages on Earth, we would have 2 billion planets with conditions that characterize our cradle of earth.


Giving very remote possibility that only 1% of them have living conditions similar to our own, we face approximately about 20 million planets the same as ours with intelligent life.
It is not therefore foolhardy to assert that intelligent life is not exclusive heritage of smallness of the terrestrial planet. This statement no longer repugnant to intelligence or culture: the plurality of inhabited worlds, worlds these departments of “Father’s House”, in which the spirit evolves, progresses, improves in the pursuit of relentless perfection. “