Transformation and transition of Planet Earth


In the last months has been happening, very often, earthquakes in many parts of the world. According to spiritualists revelations, is a process which is part of the transition that the planet is going through. We are in the last stages of this process. Starting the year 2057, if it does not happen one atomic war, we’ll be in the new cycle, walking for peace.

No matter what religion you follow, please pray for the souls of asylees who lost their lives and also for the victims of the earthquake in Ecuador and Japan. Pray for the planet Earth.

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Message of the spirit: Bezerra de Menezes

Medium: Divaldo Franco

Photo: Nasa Free Picture

My children, Jesus bless us

The earthly society lives, at present, a serious psychic moment in which, unconsciously, gives the exchange between the two spheres of life. Entities marked by hatred, resentment, and bitterness taken charge of those executioners of the past, the heavy burden of sorrow that have given them.
noble spirits, aimed at the ideal of human elevation synchronize with spiritual powers in building a better world.
The rampant obsessions, by the pandemic form, mingling with psychopathological disorders that brings the ailing and degenerative processes.

It follows that the earth experiences in this period, the great world transition of  proofs and expiation, at the crossing for  the regeneration of the world.

There was never so much achievement of science and technology, and so much hideousness of feeling and emotions. The glories of intellect achievements fade front of the abyss of cruelty, dissolution of customs, the loss of ethics, and decay of the achievements of civilization and culture …

There is, therefore, surprising that the pain in many ways, sprawls on the terrestrial planet not only as a whip but, above all, an invitation to reflection and analysis to the transience of the body, in order to summon the minds and hearts to the spiritual being that we all are.

It is spoken about the daily tragedy with good reason.

The threats of seismic nature, at every moment become reality both, from one side to another of the planet. The crime is rife free, and the bloom of youth indulges with understandable exceptions, to the bastardization of character, the moral faults and aggressiveness.

It happens, my children, that the regions of deep suffering are releasing their ** guests that there stayed, in private prison for many centuries and now, in the great transition, given the opportunity to turn to the right or to opt for the madness that they have been delivered. And those who stubbornly remain in evil, the own benefit and the planet, will go to exile in inferior orbs where they shall lapidary the own soul, helping their brothers of primitive nature, as happened in the past.
On the other hand, the noble promoters of the progress of all the past times also reincarnate this time to accelerate the achievements not only of intelligence and technology, but also the moral and spiritual values.
Beside them, benefactors, from another dimension lurk in the field to make themselves great leaders and increase awareness of these executioners of society.
To the mediums it is the great task of being a bridge between the pains and consolations.
Responsible for the dialogue, it is the honorable task of being, each, psychotherapists disembodied, contributing to overall health.
While the mediums, working in the charitable benefit to the brothers in agony, also have their own diminished pain, his burden of proofs are ameliorated, their troubles are circumvented, because love is the great messenger of mercy which dilutes all impediments to progress is the sun of life, my children, that dissolves the fog of ignorance and erases the night of wickedness.

You reincarnate to contribute in favor of New Age. Your existence did not happen by chance, they were scheduled.
Before diving into the carnal haze, you read the program that was concerned about you and you signed it, giving the nod to the evidence and stellar glories. Spiritism is Jesus back with open arms, resurrected, living, singing the glorious symphony of solidarity.
Give your hands!
That the opinionated differences are limited and the ideals of agreement are practiced. That any points of objection  become secondary facing milestones to be achieve.
We know of your pain because we also passed by the Earth, and we understand that the fog of the matter deceives the judgment and often hinders the required logic  forthe proper action. But stay alert: you have commitments with Jesus
It is not the first time that you commit cheating, cheated yourselves. But this is the final opportunity, optional for the glory of immortality or anesthesia of illusion.
Being a Spiritist is to find the treasure of wisdom.
We recognize that in the daily struggle, social strife and economic, financial and human’s breadwinner, fades away the enthusiasm diminishes the joy of service, but if you remain faithful, praying with antennas directed to the All-Love Father, will not be lacking for youthe inspiration, support, moral strength to defend you from evil aggression that often reaches you.

Have courage, my children, united, because we are the last time workers, and our earnings will be equal to the newsagent, of the first time.

Let us sing the joy of serving and when we leave here, we bring printed on the reliquary of the soul all that happened at our meeting of holy intentions: the various pains, the rebels, the ignorant, the afflicted, the unfortunate, and also the gentle word  from friends, who are watching over all of us.

Trusting in our Lord Jesus Christ, who has delegated us the honor to speak in His name, and in His name to teach, heal, comfort, and build a new world, we pray to Him, our Divine Benefactor, to bless us all and gives His peace.

Are the desires of the humble servant and paternal ever,

Psychophony message of Bezerra de Menezes (spirit) transmitted by Divaldo Franco on 13.11.2010 in Los Angeles
** Just as happened in Chapel (see Adamic Race), the spirits that were in the lower spheres have the permission to reincarnate, thus giving the opportunity to regenerate. This is one reason why the violence and human neglect has been running loose around the world.