Judas Iscariot & the Good Thief

For now I ask: How many million denarii you sell Jesus every day through your crosses, saints, bibles? I see that you guys make disclosures through means did not existed in the past. You guys sell even a kingdom in heaven. So, you guys sell Jesus daily by millions of dinars.
Then, 30 denarii was nothing, means anything. For me yes. I was a merchant.
I believe I deserved my punishment. But by my recognition, I learned at that time. Exu Ventania


Photo: Miss Froggy – Germany 2013

Spirit: Exu Ventania

Medium: Fernando Parada Website: http://marcelamad.wix.com/mahamantra

Reporter: Jefferson Viscardi Website: http://www.dialogocomosespiritos.com

Youtube: https://youtu.be/Ufo5FZTJYOI

Date of Publication: 26.10.2015


Jefferson: Good morning.

Ventania: Which is the subject of today, young man?

Jefferson: We meet again to talk about the Gospel of Judas

Ventania: there are some scriptures that were found indeed, but there are also others who are hidden through the Universal Catholic Church keeping secret. Summarizing, paper accepts anything. So, we shall use the good sense to understand the history of this historic Judas.

The first question I do: Who was the guilty one for Jesus death?

Jefferson: The guilty one for his death … Considering that spiritism teach us, so it was already planned. Then, he programmed before reincarnating and the rest was a little theater.

Ventania: hmmm, ok. and, in the classroom of a college, if one of you does something wrong, and the teacher arrives and asks “who did that?” , does someone answer?

Jefferson: Usually no one says anything.

Ventania: Then they needed a culprit. ie, the human being had to always blame someone for something. Very well, was all settled, and this pseudo-death, for there is no resurrection, was told by many, I believe twelve gospels. And each one says something. In some they had some coincidences, and many have been molded.

Therefore, the role of Jesus was to come and teach, and he learned somewhere. If you want to learn something, seek the Orient. Reorient yourself, then you gonna learn.

Before talking about his death, I would like to talk about *sudarium.

*Note: (The Sudarium of Oviedo, or Shroud of Oviedo, is a bloodstained piece of cloth is claimed by some to be the cloth wrapped around the head of Jesus Christ after he died)

Many people say it is fake, while many other say it is a piece of linen from the 13 century, others say the 16th century. Others say it has patches and that is a fact. But the pollen, where it was plotted it is present, through tools, which can be verified. So it’s veracious.

Now I ask: After removal from the cross, he was carried by Joseph of Arimathea and his foremen to the sepulcher, was properly cleaned, was purified with a lot of oil, a lot of myrrh, aloes, and finally wrapped in that tissue.

And now I ask: Do you ever seen a picture of that tissue?

Jefferson: Yes, I did.

Ventania: So he is with crossed arms in front. But it is written that no bones were broken. And if he was on the cross, when a person dies, there is the phenomenon called *rigor mortis, and a person is in the position that she died. In other words, the deceased would have been taken with opened arms. It was common at the time to break the arms, but it is written that was not broken. 

Note: (Rigor death normally appears around two hours after the person passed away. Normally, between eight to twelve hours the body is completely stiff. Please take a look at the link: http://www.exploreforensics.co.uk/rigor-mortis-and-lividity.html)

Ventania continues: Another detail in this sudarium: I gonna talk in a very cold way: Defunct do not sweat.  Defunct do not bleed. Have passed a few hours and you still clean and place the dead man in linen and was also marked, as if it were a film the marks of a blood flowing… So he was alive.

So if Judas killed himself because of Jesus’ death, this death was in vain.

Now, let´s talk about Judas. The name Judas is a national name,like Italo, Frank, Germano and so on, it brings the weight of his nation. And this same Judas was in favor of a free Judea from the hands of Rome, knowledgeable of Judaism, a very believer in his faith and a Sicarius. What is Sicarii? Sicar means knife.

Note: (an extremist splinter group of the Jewish Zealots, who fought the Roman occupation of Judea in an attempt to expel the Romans and their partisans from the area. The Sicarii carried sicae, or small daggers, concealed in their cloaks, hence their name. At public gatherings, they pulled out these daggers to attack Romans or Roman sympathizers, blending into the crowd after the deed to escape detection. They were one of the earliest forms of an organized assassination, predating the Middle Eastern) Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sicarii

Ventania continues: It was normal at that time men emerge among the crowd and cut off jugular vein of the Romans, then they disappeared into the crowd. Taking the proper proportions, it would be called a terrorism at that time. Then the people were afraid of sicars. I mean, the Roman people.

So well. Someone provides these Sicarii. Jesus owned in his environment two men who were knife carriers: One was Simon and the other was Judas. So, they were always prepared, even for battle, even to a limited proportion. Very well…

A good Jew would never hang (hang-up), it is the most shameful death for these people. So he did not hanged himself. Of the four Gospels, one says that he hanged himself and the other says he threw himself off a cliff, thus spreading the entrails by the soil.

Since they have to be facsimile of each other and, of the four, two bring an information, so we have a *half-truth.

Note: (if they contradict each other, it’s because someone is lying)

So he did not committed suicide. Another fact was when he have been called by Sanhedrin to talk to the priests, in which they wished the departure of Jesus from Jerusalem. Which reason? Rome allowed the worship of Jews and tolerated the religion, since no man assumed the king post, because kind, only Cesar could be.

When Jesus cames into Jerusalem on a Palm Sunday, sitting on a donkey and people bow, throwing their branches in front of his path, saying “my king”, it was giving the alert to Rome:”A man who calls himself King of the Jews”

The rule of the time was: “Do not allow a king or you guys shall suffer.”  hmmm

Judas is called by the priests to try to take Jesus from Jerusalem. Priests at that time is the equivalent to today’s politicians

These sarcedotes were very rich. They were owners of the stalls, the Hawkers and they were responsible for all trade. They enriched themselves and were priests, as it would  be repeated in many churches of the future.

They tried to deal with Judas a value of thirty denarii, but Judas did not need to accept these thirty denarii, for he was the treasurer of the group. He did not need of that.

He refused and thirty denarii were thrown to the ground. Damned money.

When Judas went to garden of gethsemane to warn Jesus about the betrayal, the guards followed him.

And at that moment Jesus was arrested.

Everybody were desperate, including Peter, getting desperate, was the first one to disappear and hid, even after the trial . And the rooster crows, and he denied. Later he becames the first Pope.

By chance, did Jesus has left a pope on Earth?

Jefferson: No, Lord.

Ventania: Therefore, he left no descendant.

They stole his words and formed the universal Catholic Church. Many do not know the meaning of Catholic.

Note: (by Wikipedia: universal or of general interest, liberal, having broad interests, or wide sympathies, inclusive, inviting and containing strong evangelism.)

Ventania continues: And that belief becames mandatory. And poor fellow of those who renege that religion.

So Judas, witnessing all the trap, the unfair trial, went into an Essene fortress.

And  Jesus was also Essene. Also Joseph of Arimathea were Essene, as well as one of the soldiers too. Therefore,

Therefore, he stayed until high age, writing, meditating and praying

Don´t think that the apostles did not have their wives. They had! Peter had not any, but Judas had. tat this time, he left a pregnant woman, in which she gave birth to a child named Benjamin, as well as the tradition says that a  girl  coming from Egypt, slave was taken care of by Joseph of Arimathea, because she took care of Jesus family, in which she was sent to the sea and survived, reaching gaul. A girl named Sarah.

If you desires a perfection of an animal, a horse for example… A wild horse, how you will improve the breed it? How to transform in an Arabian mangalarga? genetic mixtures. Exactly that is what happened…. Up to six generations, after Sarah’s children in Illuminism period, people still had in their genetic code the presence of his sacred blood.

Therefore, the blood left at the cross, what was recorded on the sudarium are not sacred but the positive energy, high of love, peace, union which brought in his existence. Because Jesus is a being that exists, much before the creation of this world, a very old Spirit.

With all these stories, that Judas is guilty, it’s just that the people do not blame themself, because they need a thief, they need a culprit. The church could create all its versions, always looking for a thiefBut, pay Attention, I had not revealed, but I’ve been there and lived in the Galilean. I was a merchant in Tiberias see and had direct contact with  Andrew, Mary Magdalene and once I received Judas in my house at night. And the vision he had was a free Judaism, because at the time there was no Christianity, the new religion that would plant only love, no harm to anything or anyone. A religion that preached that all beings would have to be happy.

By the fact that he betrayed the Sanhedrin priest, he was chased and impeached, therefore he was always hidden.

He received all knowledge from Jesus. As you can see, that in paintings and writings, he leans on Jesus’ breast.  When someone bends to the chest, it’s because he’s listening important words.

So when you say that the beloved apostle was Simon Peter , pay attention, I will give three names of  much loved apostles: Andrew, Simon brother, Mary Magdalene which the name comes from Migdal and means Tower. So, she was powerful and also Judas Iscariot. The Iscariot word is due to its origin from the town where he came from.

So they formed an initial Group and discussed on the most more important subjects. They were a kind of, what  in the future would be called a Christianity.

I was present there, but only once I said a phrase to Jesus.

And another thing I would like to make very
clear: This Catholic church incenses her saints, sanctify  and beatifies the persons, and now I come with a new Version.

Everything in life is very dynamic. No one is elevated to one committee of saints and never return to Earth. Even if there are some figures that have not seen yet, but Judas reincarnated on earth, Mary Magdalene also, like Barabbas, Dismas… Many others were reincarnated. Therefore to say they are holy, pure and did not come down to earth it’s fake. Therefore, there is not a day when all will be judged, but the individual judgment. Each is judged by his actions, according to the conscience of himself. If he believes in a Hell, in a raging fire, so it will be soon after his death.

There are versions of other more modern books after this Spiritism Religion, that great mediums have seen Judas suffering in hell. Then now I say that, there are many mediuns who drank of the holy mother church fountains, before they became spiritist, and some informations are like that noise.
Such data can be given through the reveries, as being true. But, many times  they are not.    It have been told, that he was  suffering. No,  because he did nothing wrong.

Note: (numerous mediums, who were priests of the Catholic Church , before reincarnating and knowledge of the spiritualist doctrine, and some information that were trapped in subconscious, carrying on their PERISPIRIT. As Buddha told: You are, what you think)

Ventania continues: I think I’ve said enough. Now, if you want, you can make your questions.

Jefferson: Lord Ventania, you said:  I have been there once only and said a phrase to Jesus?

Ventania: Yes.

Jefferson: How it was? Please explain better this passage.

Ventania: The information about the Good News of Jesus reached me through what you call as gossip, and I liked to know… Andrew, who was a friend of mine, invited me all the time to follow Jesus. I never accepted. I was a merchant, because I wanted to enrich.

When he was convicted, the thirty denarii fell on the ground, I was next to the Sanhedrin.

When they left the place, both the priests and Judas, I took the thirty denarii.
Soon after, I was caught by Roman soldiers, who claimed to be impossible a merchant port thirty denarii of the daily wage. Then,  I was sentenced to the cross, next to him.

You are praying for saints, thinking that they are on the heaven… And now I say: I am an Eshu in the Umbanda, but I was the first saint to be canonized. Because, while everybody criticized

While the other thief made sneers of him, I said… He blesses those making him harm, and the only thing I told was: “Remember me when you come into your kingdom”.

At that moment he answered me: ” Truly, truly I tell you that today will be with me in my father’s kingdom.”  Here is the proof of the existence of life on the other side.

But to be today at his father’s kingdom, not means that both would be together, but in teaching. The teaching of Jesus is more important than the own Christ. So he took the pardon to the spiritual kingdom

I was Dismas, the good thief. And today I‘m trying to convince people that, these cathedrals with my name St. Dismas, St. Dismas“… I was only a crucified dealer who recognized this man . And many others like me are also reincarnated. And many others are also trying to bring a new doctrine to you.

There is a great medium that is a descendant of the sacred blood. And this great medium wrote great scriptures.

Another important question. Many deny the reincarnation. For you see, the prophet Elijah‘s own John the Baptist. This is written. Only don´t see, those who do not want to see! And he came many other times. He came as philosopher, then as a great medium, and before that, he was a great Christ’s apprentice: Francis of Assisi.

So, the prophet Elias and Francis of Assisi belong to the same original monad. For what Francis planted on earth is the purest teaching of the sweet words from Christ. Maybe after Christ he is the holiest. But he do not need a Catholic church to sanctify him, but life itself sanctifies him. 

There are actions of saints, which grow within the church gardens. Is this church cursed? Yes, but in those gardens also are born good flowers. Beautiful flowers are born until the middle of manure. Hence, there are great teachings inside the Catholic Church.

Jefferson: Going to the time, where Judas has received the money … Some people say that, for he was a sentimental moment where he had just lost his mother, in which he would like to have introduced to Jesus, but were not anymore.
And he was angry because Jesus did not want to become the king,.
Then Caiaphas said: “Look, if you‘re up there and convince him, here you have the money to bury your motherbut, also, if you persuade him, I’ll be on the side of you and we will get rid ourselves from Rome. What you have tell about that?

Ventania: You know the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness?

The same thing happened to Judas.
He suffered the death of the mother? Yes. He suffered for many losses and he suffered because he knew that in that environment, he could not create his firstborn. His wife was pregnant.
He could be easily bought, but why be purchased, if he was responsible for the common purse? He does not need that money. And there is talk in both thirty denarii, simply, again, perhaps to explain a prophecy of Zechariah ….
It have been said that he has been sold for 30 denarii.

For now I ask: How many million denarii you sell Jesus every day through your crosses, saints, bibles? I see that you guys make disclosures through means did not existed in the past. You guys sell even a kingdom in heaven. So, you guys sell Jesus daily by millions of dinars.
Then, 30 denarii was not anything. For me yes. I was a merchant.
I believe I deserved my punishment. But by my recognition, I learned at that time.

Jefferson: Then, they mix a bit of fiction with the truth, saying, “look, a man being in these situations, it was natural to be corrupted.”
You are saying that he did not accepted.

Ventania: Certainly. He was incorruptible. He was a good man. He was a follower of Jesus.
And I think, many of Christians in nowadays, believe that Jesus’ suffering was far greater than those of his apostles. Since they suffered more.
One was crucified on an open cross. The other asked to be sacrificed upside down. The other was skinned alive, crucified and burned. My respects to Saint Bartholomew.
Another was shattered. Another was hanged. Another was stoned.
And I say this with my evidence, that he did not die on the cross through the spear of the soldier who was Essene, and at the behest of Jose de Arimathea. When perforated he his lung, was leaked water. So at that moment he breathed.
And before that, he asked for water and they gave him celidonia, translated as acetone, which was a poison in which had the capability to make a person stand 36 hours as dead. Then, they offered him a sponge with this celidonia, and immediately he fell.
And these 36 hours have passed, so these 3 days were in fact 36 hours.
And when Mary Magdalene came to the tomb and saw two men in white, and the body no longer present, they had already released the body, treated and taken. So, they were just tidying up the place.So the men in white

Jesus wore white, the Essenes wore white…  They were not angels. Taken the appropriate proportions, yes. But angel, not comes down to earth to unpack dead. 

All this fiction, mixed with faith, form a religion.
What was once a myth, then turns legend, then turns history, then turns the truth or lies. It depends on the belief of each.
If I say that the God of the Old Testament, was an evil God, and God the father of Jesus is a good GodI would be stoned. Or crucified.
It turns out that this does not occur, because Ihave gone through it.

Jefferson: So he did not die on the cross but was crucified. Right?

Ventania: Yes. It was the custom of the time, to being crucified, men lasted for days. Especially when they had footrests. I had this support. But by nightfall, no body could stay on the wood. They broken my legs, and I passed out and I I collapsed.

In his case, he was already fainted. It was a theater. It was the custom also of that time, which they cutted the wrist or any artery of the leg, to see if it was pouring blood. In his case, no soldier did this, instead, paid by Joseph of Arimatheathe soldier speared him a part of the lung, to leak out and saved him.
This soldier reincarnated on this earth (Brazil). He was a famous master conspirator.
Many of these men of the past were present and are present in this country. Here is a place where great things will occur.
That’s why I giesnias, isms, Gale … Soon you will know why I use the name of Gale, decided to work inside this popular religion (Umbanda).

Because do not interest me, arrive with my knowledge to the wiser, or those who can do not read, but the middle. And if the middle, which is the majority, be able to understand my words and leave the hate behind, achieve a balance between  love and reason, then, my work is done.

Jefferson: Then, when he was taken, why it was placed in a tomb, if he was just about effects of the drug?

Ventania: Because all men needed to know he was dead. It was a theater.
All spread out. The own disciples.
I have been known because I had a rooster. Lonely people usually are accompanied by certain animals. In my case, I had a rooster. That was the rooster that crowed when Petrus denied him. 

But my symbol is precisely the cock of the winds, which redirects.
And mind you, If you would like to learn, look for the Orient.
There is a man named master Issa, in Cashmira, who was a great teacher.
He multiplied breads appeared in several places simultaneously, He raised the dead, as well as other avatars such as Krishna, that made until the levitation of food.

Krishna was born of a virgin, Buddha was born of a virgin, Jesus was born of a virgin,,, epoch was the custom, be born of virgins.
And this master is buried there. The Hebrews customs were brought to Kashmir in India, where Shiva dwells. And he was buried at Hebrew form.

And the customs and the words of the region are Hebrew words. And, that is a region of language Hindo-European. Being that this is a region that the bodies are cremated. Therefore the role accepts much. I just want you to think about. And if you think, you’ll get incredible conclusions of what can be true or false. But not discussing his holiness because they were all saints, for what they did, also the millions of men and women who died in the inquisition, too, they are holy and sacred.

Not want to discuss faith, but I want to discuss what can be true and false between human existence.
I affirm: Hell does not exist. The reincarnation exist. Resurrection is impossible.

And the resurrection happened in several other religions. So by the time the first priests needed to create something coherent to that book called Bible, they were gathering knowledge, making cutting-edge flaps and taking other ancient religions characteristics.

This Bible is so … each one says one thing You see, a part of the Old Testament say that you should not make an image of anything that exists between heaven and earth.
But the ark of the alliance had two cherubim.

Not thou shalt make no image before you, so that no adores.” For thus consecrated host, the God made of wheat, placed inside a sun, and represented the god RA. The monstrance, the eternal adoration for this wheat piece, can not be worship to God. But if your faith wants so be it, I will respect your holy wateryour anointing  oil, your cross, your hostia and all beliefs. But do not think that these elements deceive or frighten spiritual beings.

Note: (Constantine the Great, responsible for the foundation of Christianity, also worshiped the god Ra, which in Latin is called Sol.)

Ventania continues: I will give an example: these temples of the new religion, they call me demon.
Nowadays, anyone who is going through obsession in the popular language, she is possessed by a demonImagine a person who was taken by a spirit. A priest comes, makes his ritual with its wafer, and with the holy water and the demon walks away.

Now, take a Mongolian person. And this Mongol is being taken by a spirit of that region. Asks the priest to pray in Latin and use its elements.
If that person does not have that reference, nothing will happen. Therefore, this is a self-hypnosis, it is neurolinguistic, a very interesting science.

Great men were born during the Enlightenment period, and are reincarnation, and are fruits of the descendants of Jesus.  The France was the center of it all.

Jefferson: Talking about Illuminism, how much the aversion to the Roman domain that Judas had, Dimas has shared?

Ventania: Dismas was a merchant. I was simply a trader who wanted money. And all information that came to me, I also agreed that Judea had to be free.  I shared the ideas of Judas, especially because he was a Essenic, and I always been interested in magic.They had great magic and they were great connoisseurs of plants.  They managed to do that a man crucified, to pass for dead.  So I became interested, as Joseph of Arimathea and many others.

Jefferson: You had any religion and practice, or was just a…..

Ventania: I was was a son of a Greek mother and Syrian father. Therefore, everyone had their creed. I never cared about, but I liked the philosophy.Because, as a trader, I had contact with people who came to the Silk Road and gave informations about all religionsEspecially the Oriental. So, what delights me. But I did not have a belief, a religion. Still do not have it.

Jefferson: Thank God. Mr. Gale (Ventania), can you give more details of dialogues that occurred between Dismas and Judas?

Ventania: I talked to him some few times.  Once I welcomed him in my house, when he  fled from the Romans. I scared myself with his presence, I was scared of death
Then, the entire information I had about Jesus, came much more from Andrew and Mary Magdalene, instead of Judas.

After he left, when I asked him to leave my house, we not found ourselves more. Very little. We saw eachother at the distance, but did not talk.  So, the good news came through of André. And all those miracles that are not miracles, and all that is true Where there is the true God, where do we go
Take out a person from the dead, and cause her to rise again, it is simply giving hope that life is eternal. That was resurrect the dead. I believe we‘ve talked about this. As Lazarus also well suffered from a disease, and Jesus for being a relative, he said: Arise and walk” and he got up and walked.

At that time, anyone who stayed in a coma, was presumed dead. For the Jewish custom was to get rid of the dead as soon as possible, for it brought bad luck. And thus occurs. many people were buried alive, and I thank the custom today to ensure the bodies. Because at least this shall be not happening. If it occurred today, these resurrections would be called: People returning from comas in hospitals. 
The medicine was very little evolved at that time. So anyone who close his eyes and breathe softly, was presumed dead.

Jefferson: If you could go back in time and start from scratch, and you could choose again, you would choose to follow Jesus?

Ventania: I would choose to follow his teachings. Something that few follow. For me no matter their masters, but to me, I care if there was a Allah, if there is an Elohim, if there is a God.

Because, since I care about Jesus, Muhammad and the patriarchs, I’ll be creating confusion. No matter with what is human, but with the message.
Look for what it is like, what is similar, where you will find love, peace and union.

The human being, like to destroy, when you guys say it’s the devil who comes into the world, to steal and kill and destroy; I wonder: I who come into the world to kill, steal and destroy?
It was in the name of the demon that many wars took placethe Crusades … I was in the name of the devil Great examples I can quote  It was in the name of the devil that the inquisition took place or in the name of Christ? 

And this Christ even know it. He worried by what was happening, because mankind is being a butcher. Millions of people were burned, because the great butcher, the whore of Babylon, the antichrist, which was the Catholic church, who killed, persecuted and robbed all those who were not baptized and do not follow its rules.

I have Cathar origin in one of my incarnations. And the holy water was cursed. And the oil of anointing was cursed. Because charged to baptize. Charged to bury their dead, if charged, even at that piece of land to bury a person. So, I was against it. The first crusade was precisely against the Albigensian. And there I was. My father and mother were Cathars.  And I was sold! Sold by this incarnation in France, to serve the priests.
Therefore, I have the other side of the coin in my knowledge, too.

And this is happening today. They are selling God.
You, poor, have to pay the indulgence to get to heaven. If your mother dies, you go talk to the priest. And this priest will say she is burning in purgatory and you will have to pay with money the ointment. But depending on the amount of the fee, many dukes and duchesses will be released from their penance. They will pay and the church will release.


Now you ask me, Where dwells the Antichrist?
I can say that the seven hills around Rome represent the seven horns of the beast.
But I can say that the popes are the beast.

And I say also, that the human being is a beast. Because the human being can simultaneously love the one that interests him, and steal, lie and destroy, if necessary. The beast is the own human being.

And my job as karmic collector this orb is precisely to bet that human beings still may be helped and will not destroy his own world.

Jefferson: Wow!

It is said that after we die, and if dies 10 people at the same time, due to the earned vibrationeach of them encounters a reality in the afterlife. How it happened to you, in that moment of passage?

Ventania: Your reality on the other hand, this matrix control occurs by what you engraved on your perispirit.  So if you cre in hell, you go to hell.
And I stayed, let´s say, to please the brothers of cristian churches in breast of Abrahao  and pleasing Spiritist, I was in treatment, 
until the time required to return.
I went back to my spaceship, because if you guys do not know, no one is from here.
And I came into this world for 16,000 years ago, together with the winds of Orion who are the spirits that reincarnated here. through wars that occurred in Orion, where many worlds were destroyed, and in which good and evil were rivals.

And there was a proposal of a federation, that it was possible one Neanderthal be assisted by spirits, which they did evolve, and able to balance of love and reason.
That’s why I’m here. I was a fleet commanderI was responsible for the death of many people, I was, of reptilian origin and‘m here a long timeI was responsible for the death of many people, I was of reptilian origin and‘m here a long time.

Jefferson: So, you didn´t went to the threshold? Because if you were arrested as a thief, did wrong thing ?

Ventania: Wrong for people. I was not wrong. I just took what was sacred to me, but I never did harm to anyone. I did not killed, stolen or destroyed. I just collected some coins. I never did anything wrong, it was a fair trader.See, in the Last Supper day, I also had an interest in selling the paschal lamb and could not sell. I was a merchant. And, did I have to go to the threshold, because I was a merchant?   Not. This was my function this was my function..

Jefferson: What about the Last Supper, when he says, one of you will betray me.” Why, that much is said of this passage? Really existed?

Ventania: I will be controversial now.Who betrays, it is who denies.
The Catholic universal church grew upon a pope. And they created a myth that Peter would be the first pope.  The representation of him is the inverted cross.

When you see these satanic religions, using the inverted cross as derision to Jesus, but against the Catholic church. So who betrayed was the man who used the name of Peter.
Not even want to charge this indugence of Peter, but it was the man who betrayed him. So, if someone today will betray me”, do the following: Point to yourself.

You are betraying Jesus now at this moment and every moment you are killing, stealing, destroying, raping, dealing with prejudice, humiliating, discriminating

It is repetitive. It is not at supper that “a man will betray me today,” but eternal, until they improve as human beings.
He knew what would happen.
Judas simply wanted to remove him from the region. There was no betrayal.

Jefferson: So he did not said that one of you will betray me”?

Ventania: Yes, he did. But  figuratively. one of you will betray me.”
Take these 12 apostles. I prefer to say 13 because his wife was also, representing the 12 tribes of Israel and represents humans. Each with their qualities and faults.

Therefore, it was figured. This today” is not literalAs he said, “Today will be in my father’s house.”
I did not passed away and arrived in heaven with lions, giraffes, grapes and children playingNot. I was living my reality. So therefore everything is allegory. 

Today you are betraying Jesus. Today‘re selling Jesus. And, it is from this Samsara wheel that modern and spiritualistic religions are trying to rid the human being. Because the human tendency is to be fanatic. And fanaticism kills people.

Jefferson: So, you said that would not follow the man, more, would look to follow the teachings and have understanding.
What he much has taught and that you did not heard, if returned, you will hear today and try to change?

Ventania: Love God above all things, because I loved money above all thingsDo not take the holy name of God in vain, because I also believed in my mother’s gods, in ancient gods of my father. Perhaps did not follow that life, glaring, which I lived and be simpler because his words were very simple and very easy to understand.

Take the blindness of the blind, is is not to make him sees, but him see that there is an eternal life, he is at that moment just paying for something he did on the need for clearing his spirit.
I believe I would have been spiritist at the time, but everything in good time. The Spiritism, the spiritualism, contact with intra-earthly travelers beings, alien, occurs at the right time.
While you guys are is not worthy, this will not occur.  

And at the time it happened. You looked at the sky and saw a myriad, like moons passing through sky as they monitoring what was happening.

They say that soon after the death of three on Golgotha, great wind did.
So, I reveal now: Naves who approachedAnd they came to gather in spirit, myself, for example.

Jefferson: Of course, you had, independently, a spiritual offspring, right?

Ventania: I do not come from here. If you ask, you because I speak Portuguese.
Because, previous to my penultimate reincarnation, I was Portuguese. I was a navigator. I I passed by France, I passed through Spain, as well as other countriesI was copyist

So, many realities that the old spirit goes, take him at the right time to return to his
motherland. In my case, my fleet, which is monitoring you guys. but today we are ceasing to show up to the naked eye, because the human being especially Christian, is not prepared for a contact.

So we are inserted into intra-land, Sea and try not to communicate in a physical way, because you guys would be scared.

My form is not beautiful, my form is reptilian, but your also is not beautiful.
beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so many beings can say that Jesus had a feature of common, ordinary and ugly man. But no!

Look into the heart, the fire of every being and you will see the beauty. One that is ugly to you, can be beautiful. Up forms, say, incitoides, this universe.
But we are following a path, we could get many hours.

Jefferson: With your permission, I will ask: If you could again return to time, and if you could only give advice to Judas, which, the moment that the Lord appeared to him and what advice you would give?

Ventania: Be always the gnu in the middle, not show too much the face.
But at that moment it was necessary that it occurred.
But he should not face because Jesus had already decided what would happen. So no avail. Once decided, there are no way to disobey. Sin is disobedience, so let it be fulfilled.

But he repented, because it remained many years in a essene fortress. He died with over than 70 years, not knew the own sonThen, here came the repentance.

But, as long as he followed him, he was a good follower. And he defended with nails and teeth the Nazarene.


Jefferson: You said he did not accept the money and was there to talk to Jesus, that they were plotting betrayal Got it right?

Ventania: Yes. He needed no money.

Jefferson: So , he did not participate in any betrayal?

Ventania: No, he participated in negotiationHe has been called by the priests. Therefore, there was Antonia fortress, that at any time could crucify 3,000 Jews on the same day, as already occurred.
Sothe fear of sarcedotes was: losing the trades, which infested the area of the temple, fail to make their profits. There did not sold Jesus, but they sold the old God. Sold doves.
It was an unbearable stench the area of the temple.
So he was negotiating, and they wanted something, in which there was not as being obeyed but he threatened to death and he ran to warn, but there was not way, because it was already written. Maktub.
But you see, there was not a death but a transmigration. 

When they say he ascended to the heavens after days, I say, he followed a path went up a hill, which owned a fog and was slightly disappearing. There are no chariot of fire and horses of fire, which comes for anyone, to take the body and soul.
He was an ordinary man who led the Silk Road.
He was not recognized by his own, so he picked up during the last years of his life.

Maria also and their brothers, except two, were taken to the Orient. They remained in Ephesus for some time, and then went to Srinagar.

Jefferson: You said that he did not die, as a drink paralyzes his system, which made it appear that he was dead, after 36 hours he came back to life, was traveling and was not reconized by others… Is that?

Ventania: He was treated within the Jericho fortress, after he went to Damascus. Years later, in a essene ritual, the own Paul, the apostle saw him in flesh and blood. For he had taken a drink, similar this celidonia, he did go blind. 

And many psychoactive plants left him blind for a few days, or even forever. For this reason, so much change at that man who was naughty, who killed Christians.

They saw eachother.
Then he went from Damascus to the Orient, teaching what he has learned from the Buddhist monks.

Jefferson: That Jesus?

Ventania: Yes, that Jesus. Isa. That same Jesus. 

You guys need a man who raises? Okay, I’ll name a fewGanesha raised. Osiris risen. Odin raised.
It is normal for the believer, that his God is better than the others.
They expect a resurrection of the plagiarism

Jefferson: Right.  I’ll make the reading of the Gospel of Judas. Are few pages and if I have any questions, I’ll ask.
If you have any comments, you can stop me too, okay?


Gospel of Judas: Interpretation of Exu Ventania will be translated after Eastern

Thanks a lot for reading and have a nice Week!

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