Existence of God

It is said that an old, illiterate Arab prayed with so much faithful and so lovingly, every night, that once the rich chief of great caravan called him to his presence and asked him:

– Why do you pray with such faith? How do you know that God exists, when you do not even know how to read?

The faithful believer replied:
– Great Lord, I know the existence of Our Heavenly Father by His signals.

– What do you mean?questioned the chief in admiration.

The humble servant explained:
– When you receive a letter from someone who is absent, how the Lord recognize who wrote it?

– By handwriting.

– When you get a gem, how is providing information about the author of it?
– For the mark of Goldsmith.

The servant smiled and added:
– When you hear footsteps of animals around the tent, how you know, later if was a sheep, a horse or an ox?
By the footprintsreplied the chief, surprised.

Then, the old believer invited him out of the tent and showing him the sky where the moon shone, surrounded by stars crowds exclaimed, respectful:

– Lord, those signs up there they can not be of men!
At that time, the proud chief Caravans, with tearful eyes, knelt in the sand and began to pray too.


Photo:  free picture www.pixabay.com