Josef Mengele – Accident or Karma?

Photo: Miss Froggy

Today, 16 March, the day is sunny in the German lands. But it was not always so… At same day of the year  1911 was born “the evil reincarnation itself“. The Doctor Josef Mengele was one of the worst criminals of the Nazi Regime during second world war.

Mengele was member of the team of doctors responsible for the selection of victims to be part of human experiments, before being killed in the gas chambers.

One of the experiments were conducted at the Dachau concentration camp to study various methods of making sea water drinkable. The victims were deprived of food and given nothing but sea water to drink.

in Brazil he lived in a property, belonging a couple of Austrians, Wolfram and Liselotte Bossert, under the false name of Wolfgang Gerhard.

In 1979, his health was in frank deterioration and the Austrian family who watched,  invited him to freshen up a very gentle beach slope on the coast. Mengele accepted and  swam a distance of 100 meters, but little depth. So confused and never clarified reasons, drowned, although one of the friends who accompanied him have immediately given aid (assumed to cramps or heart attack).

The official version is that he was injured, perhaps accidentally, with a piece of wood while swimming in Bertioga, and this caused his death by drowning.

He died in Bertioga on February 7, 1979.

Mengele was never punished for his actions and died almost alone on the coast. Accident or Karma?

But we should not blame the criminals. Much more important is not to repeat the same mistakes, always try to see people as brothers of journey. Even though, these brothers, tread different paths.
We came to this planet to forgive, love and move forward in the evolutionary stage of the Soul.

Let´s pray for the Spirit of Mengele. That he, one day, will find the light of love and peace.

Let´s pray for the Soul of his victms.  So that they can understand and forgive.