Prophecy: Dark times over Middle East, Europa & Americas

Prophecy 2016-2018 If there is a God, search and value that God inside your brother, to your fellowman. Even if that brother is Muslim, you have the obligation to defend your Muslim brother, your Jewish brother, your Hindu brother. Just as they has also the same Obligation.


On Friday, 4th of December 2015, at 20.00 hours (European current time), I asked Fernando Parada, a Brazilian medium to look at the future of Europe, for I am much afflicted with conflict in the Middle East.

Please feel free to print, copy or share with your friends and followers, specially those who are living in the Middle East and Europe, doing the 2nd.  great commandment:  “love your next as yourself”.

If you are a newspaper editor, please help spreading this message. So maybe we can bring peace and comfort to those  embittered and saddened hearts.   Thank you so much. Miss Froggy

As Pena Branca told in another Dialogue:

 “All types of prophecy serves as a warning, but it does not mean that will happen as planned. It depends of worthiness of each one. Pray for the planet, asking for peace and quiet. That´s what you can do.”

My Question were:

  1. What is the danger of a nuclear war take place in the coming years?
  2. Which countries will be most affected by the war?
  3. What should we do in such moments?

He answered me:

I’m not seeing a nuclear war.

There will not be a nuclear war, but many specific conflicts in specific Areas.

In the case of Germany, spirituality is telling me that they are doing their best to avoid a war. There are several spiritual colonies that are trying to influence the human being to search the peace. For the year 2016 will be having many political and financial crises.

Not only spirituality is trying, but also other beings from other orbs. Beings that you guys call Alien. Beings that already existed much before the  Earth is formed.

They too are trying to carry a consciousness for humans for tolerance and peace. It was given a quarantine time for the inhabitants of the terrestrial globe, to learn how to walk independently.

The mother energy, the vital energy of the Earth is trying to embrace the human being, because only love will be able to avoid any type of conflict, in case of a war.

Although not say nuclear war, they are saying that, there will be rather serious conflicts between the  Axis countries.

Germany, because with their heart, they opened the Country with Love. With the opening of border, came along with the asylum seekers, a minimum number of terrorists. and they are infiltrated in German territory.They are suicide bombers (Suicide attacks). But Germany territory will not suffer any Nuclear attack.

The France and England will suffer attacks. Again: There will not be nuclear attack, but terrorism, political attacks, huge financial Problems for both countries, as to its Population.

Advice that is being transmitted: Search for spirituality in those land where there is spirituality. In other words: If you have family in Northern Europe, Central or South America, makes a visit to them.

The  Axis countries, in the case of Germany, Italy and Russia will be involved in this conflict and they will suffer with the terrorism.

Sweden also will suffer some sanction. Germany will be a focus, but not so  affected as France will be.

Crisis in Turkey

After receiving a serious warning, Turkey will be quiet and silent.

Israel will not get involved. Lebanon either.

The worst that can happen is if Israel into the war. Then there will be many losses, in addition to a financial collapse. If this come to happen, then the United States will enter a more firm and determined way.

However, I’m not seeing Israel directly involved. What I see is a great fear and insecurity, because of terrorism. This fear is much worse than an atomic attack, because it will be constant. The unexpected fear of what might happen an attack at any moment.

This period will be extended between 2016 until 2018.

There will be a reduction in international exchange in this period.

And also  natural environmental Problems. In the year 2016 there will be possibility of Tsunamis, lots of storm, with many climatic Problems.  The America, especially North suffering with the possibility of seaquake in the north Atlantic, which may involve other countries, including northeastern Brazil.

If you care, Brazil will go through a very serious crisis, we have been suffering in 2016 also with the terrorist threat.

Nigeria and Kenya also will suffer attacks. Eritrea will suffer genocide.

Syria will be wiped out (disappear from the map). The president of Syria will fall.

Iraq suffers a lot from the attacks and many civilians will lose their life.. Tt’s like a cleanup will be done, which it was not completed during World War II.

The belligerent spirits (aggressive), that does not take advantage of the second chance of reincarnation, will be removed from the planet Earth and reincarnated in lower orbs, removing all that is negative this terrestrial planet, being transformed into a planet of Regeneration

To better Understanding, please take a look at:

China will NOT get involved in any conflict.

The opposite: China’s financial situation is very prosperous and it will provide technology and products that may be used by those who will be unable to spend on production, thereby helping many countries.


The spirit world is asking a lot of prayer, especially for the year 2016, raising the prayers and thoughts to the Archangel Michael.  Those People, who has possibilities, put an angelic flower at home and ascend blue candles, preferably on Thursdays, asking to rid the Earth of all the evil, war and conflict.

The major attacks, with big guns will happen within the focus, which is Iraq and Syria.

And the armed conflict will take place from house to house, in those countries which the terrorists are infiltrated between those folk who came of those countries.


Awareness at this point is to ask for peace in the world, mainly in Europe, as there will be very big financial Problems. The spiritual plane tried several times to wake the human being to lose the obsession of materialism. Every time a conflict occurs, spirituality tries to raise awareness. If it is not possible for love, so it will be by pain.

Spirituality is asking a lot of faith, whatever your religious belief.

At this time the most primitive religions that preach peace and love as the Umabnada and Shamanism, are being much sought after. Sao Paulo Brazil, for example, is the metropolis of shamanism in South America.

An advice:. Seek the simple, what not preach a specific God, full of Dogmas. For, if you seek the God of dogmas, you will forget to take care of Dharma. And this Dharma are the obligations that each Person should have.

My spirit guides are also leaving some advice:

“If there is a God, search and value that God inside your brother, to your fellowmanEven if that brother is Muslim, you have the obligation to defend your Muslim brother, your  Jewish brother, your Hindu brother.  Just as they  has also the same Obligation.

Because the faith of your brother has to be more important than yours. And the realization and happiness of your brother, even if he is from another ethnic race, skin color, speaking another language, coming from another country has to be more important than yours.  Your greatest happiness will be to know that your brother is happy.”

About the Medium

Fernando Parada (on the right side), president of the holistic center Mahamantra in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is specialized in Tarot, Gypsy Tarot, Runes and Cowrie Shells. Formed in Temazcal, Amazon Natural Medicine. Shamanic Conductor and Professor of Modern Shamanism. Uses ancient techniques of shamanic experience and immersion, with power plants from Hawaii, Peru and… Brazil. Active Medium since 1990; Medium of psychophony, with over 200,000 views on the internet .. Currently working on 10423676_836114993134202_6413214197237518235_npsychographics of their mentors in order to leave a consistent legacy cooperating with the code for New Religions of the New Age, emerging in Brazil .

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