What Dreams may come – Behind the human egos – Part II

With a few flowers in my garden, half a dozen pictures and some books, I live without envy. Lope de Vega

Photo: Miss Froggy

The affliction of envy is called despite

André: The person with spite, offended, do not conforms with their limits, wanting to be like the other, wishing to have the same things that the other has, is unable to be satisfied with what they.
Theodora: We have to analyze that before our reincarnation, the reincarnatory plan was outlined by ourselves, together with the lords of Karma.

André: Also we should think: Does the other person that I envy, is she happy? Is she okay with it, with the object that I envy? Does the object was conquered with honesty?

Roberto: The responsibility of those who have power, who is a millionaire, is very big. Much larger than the one who has nothing.
Because power is a very serious commitment. Because are many people who depend on his decision, taken by him.

  1. Does not a spirit, when expiating its faults in a new existence, undergo material suffering, and, that being the case, is it  correct to say that, after death, the soul experiences only moral sufferings?

“It is very true that, when the soul is reincarnated, it is made to suffer by the tribulations of corporeal life; but it is only the body that undergoes material suffering.

You often say, of one who is dead, that he is released from suffering; but this is not always true. As a spirit, he has no more physical sufferings; but, according to the faults he has coinmitted, he may have to bear moral sufferings still more severe, and, in a new existence, he may be still more unhappy. He who has made a selfish use of riches’ will have to beg his bread, and will be a prey to all the privations of poverty; the proud will undergo humiliations of every kind; he who has misused his authority, and treated his subordinates with disdain and harshness, will be forced to obey a master still harder than himself. All the tribulations of life are the expiation of faults committed in a preceding existence, when they are not the consequence of faults committed in the present one. When you have quitted your present life, you will understand this. The Spirit´s Book, Allan Kardec

Theodora: It’s like a politician or a dictator of a great nation. We can mention, for example, the currently Siria. Look at the souls of the people, so suffering. He Assad, a doctor, trained in England to save lives, killing, destroying a nation. Children are starving And when I see him on television interviews, I almos can´t  believe it. He has so soft face … However… As the popular saying goes: “Who sees face, do not see heart.” So we have to be careful not to judge by physical appearances, but by acts …

Thousands of people are being affected, and each dead soul, disembodied, is an enemy that he is forming in the astral. Thus, acquiring just not a heavy karma for himself but potentials obsessing spirits. Some mediums say that Hitler is a planetary prison, alone. Because if not, the souls that he annihilated, would follow him for many, many centuries…

These dictators, bad leaders, unscrupulous politicians, deserve much more our prayer, than their victims.
The victims are rescuing their karmas, but the leaders are accumulating quite bad karmas for themselves.
Let’s pray for the souls of these poor wretches. Let´s pray for victms, the souls harmed by them, do not will obsidian them in the future.

Also the religious leaders who preach a false doctrine, which is not that of the love and peace, plucking often the last penny of their believers, selling a place in heaven.
Let us having compassions of them, because they are miserable and will suffer very much  in the spiritual world and in their next reincarnations.

Even the directors of multinational companies, such as those exploiters of oil which pollute the sea, or large nuclear power concernig. They also, along with all the company’s employees are creating a collective karma. Many accidents, which killed many people together as aerial accident, or train, or ship, are karmas, which are being rescued by souls, which,during their past lives, some reincarnation, they acted together and made some bad things.
So, these souls are, by forces of karma, already programmed before their reincarnatation, to pay together, the debts acquired in their past lives.

We see many cases of people who give up of traveling, and at the last minute, either because they arrived late and missed the flight, or another reason. Then, the airplane fell or explodes, and they raise their hand to the sky, to give thanks.
But in the spiritual, they were not programmed to die at that moment. Therefore, spirituality program a way to make them not to enter the aircraft.

984.Are the troubles of our earthly life always the punishment of faults committed by us in our present lifetime?

“No; we have already told you that they are trials imposed on you by God, or chosen by you in the spirit-state, and before your reincarnation, for the expiation of faults committed by you in a former existence; for no infraction of the laws of God, and especially of the law of justice, ever remains unpunished, and if it be not expiated in the same life, it will certainly be so in another. This is why persons whom you regard as excellent are so often made to suffer; they are stricken in their present life for the faults of their past existences.” The Spirit´s Book, Allan Kardec