Mediumship Symptoms

Mediumship itself is not the cause, it is the result that is showing that you have forgotten that you have a purpose to evolve and live being who was born to be. Bruno J. Gimenes


Photo: Miss Froggy. Minerva in Bath


Mediumship is the sensitivity to the extraphysical. In other words, mediumship is the natural ability, present in all people, to act as a conduit of energy which channels information from a more subtle plane of existence to another denser.

The medium term refers to this ability we all have, without exception, to capture vibrations, which were spiritual, psychic, telluric, not physical, then, they are not perceived by physical eyes. And because they are not perceived by physical eyes is that they constitute a great challenge for humanity.

This means that if you do not study mediumship or develop it through a system, you probably suffer from the negative side of mediumship.
However, the focus of your action should never be the development of your mediumship itself, but the development of your moral conduct, emotional improvement, love development, of forgiveness, of suitable actions to improve your life and put more kindness and joy in every act.

As a rule, mediumship is not the problem, but it only warns that there is a problem in the way you see the world, and almost always indicates that you are not being who was born to be. In other words, mediumship can tell that you are not living the purpose of your soul and your existence.

Now that you understand why mediumship can play tricks” in your life, and that in fact it is not the villain of the story, I want to tell you some signs of mediumship when you are unbalanced and did not find your life purpose. These mediumship signals (in this case) often called unbalanced mediumship symptoms or not developed properly.

  • Discomfort in environments with many people;
  • Discomfort next there are some specific people, even if you do not know them;
  • Restlessness for no reason;
  • Mood disorders without apparent cause and constant bipolarity;
  • Antipathies unjustifiable;
  • Sudden changes of personality states without apparent cause;
  • Empty chest and feeling anxiety, depression forthcoming;
  • Agitation, hyperactivity and disproportionate animosity towards common situations;
  • Anger, stress and hassle disproportional for common situations;
  • sleep disorders;
  • anxiety disorders;
  • self-defeating thoughts;
  • mental and creative block;
  • Fainting with no apparent cause;
  • Pain without apparent cause;
  • Insomnia;
  • emotional phobias of most varied
  • Restlessness and lack of emotional satiety;
  • espirituais’ disorders, feelings of figures and voices that cause discomfort;
  • Acute feelings of worthlessness and low self-esteem, among others.Conclusion:

You may ask yourself after reading this article: Am I with the symptoms of the unbalanced mediumship?
And I answer you that if you found some similarities in the response that is most likely yes.

But the focus should never be mediumship itself, but its growth as a being who must always evolve. Ifin case, that sense of self-charging, take your mind, let him aside, and just dedicate yourself to increase your state of love, compassion, kindness, gratitude for life and done!

Mediumship itself is not the cause, it is the result that is showing that you have forgotten that you have a purpose to evolve and live being who was born to be!

If you focus on that direction, of course your mediumship will be a great allied. You can trust!
A lot of light Bruno J. Gimenes