The reincarnation of Judas Iscariot

Personally, I’m sure, that Judas and Joan of Arc are the same spirit.
However, as it is a revelation each may accept or not, according to its emotional taste. Divaldo Franco



Personally, I’m sure, that Judas and Joan of Arc are the same spirit.However, as it is a revelation each may accept or not, according to its emotional taste. Divaldo Franco


Source nr. 1: Lecture of Aroldo Dutra:

In a few weeks we will be celebrating Easter. On tv programs, radios and many churches point to the main figure of one of the most controversial creatures of the Earth’s history: Judas Iscariot

In the lecture of a renowned Brazilian spiritist historian, Aroldo Dutra, he quotes on the plans of Judas.
What was Judas plan? What constitutes betrayal of Judas?
In a classic book, Umberto camps, explains in detail: Judas looked at Jesus and did not understand the meekness of Christ. He believed that Jesus was slow, had fear in his resolutions. Judas believed that the success of
gospel was dependent on an alliance with the powerful of the time. Judas could not understand that the kingdom of God is a divine work in the heart.

He thought that the kingdom of God is external work, to be built with stone. It is the work that depends on human policy. He then hatches a plan: A human plan. and none of us can criticize and point fingers at judas, because two thousand years ago all we are repeating the experience of Judas. We are looking for jesus outside. We rely more on external human powers than the heavenly goodness, that drive us inside, internal. The judas plan would be to make an alliance with the Romans and the Jewish leaders. They arrest Jesus, Judas would assume the leadership of an armed revolution, would wage a war for Israel‘s independence and after freeing Jerusalem from the Roman power, they would release himAnd Judas, happily I would say to him:… “Master, the kingdom is ready sits on the throne I have killed, I have achieved the blood has been spilled, the achievements were made now sits on the throne, master, reigns sovereignly about Us.”
This was the Judas plan. Conquer the outside, before conquering the own heart.

Dominate others before reaching self-control. But in his naiveté, the Messiah is arrested and is crucified.
Realizing that he had been the victim of cleverness and human policy, with a giant remorse, realizing the mistake, realizing that he trusted men more
than God, Judas does not support the pain. And commits suicide.

He would be the apostle of Jesus who needs the highest dose of love, because he was the apostle who had the greatest difficulty to understand that the kingdom of God is God’s work in the heart of men.



Source nr. 2: Book: Chronicles of beyond-grave  published on April 19, 1935 by the medium Francisco Xavier. Spirit: Humberto de Campos

Chapter 5: Silence august falls on the Holy City. The ancient capital of Judea seems to sleep her sleep of centuries. Beyond rests Gethsemane, where the Divine Master cried in a long night of agony, there is the holy Golgotha, and every silent thing, there is a trace of passion that times will keep forever. And through the whole scenario, as a crystalline tears came, passing the silent Jordan, as its muted waters, seeking the Dead Sea, wanted to hide from the tumultuous affairs of men the unfathomable secrets of the Nazarene.

Thus, one of these nights I saw Jerusalem, living her eternity curses.

The spirits can vibrate in direct contact with history. Seeking an intimate relationship with the city of the prophets, looking to see the living past of the Holy Places. It seems that the iconoclastic hands of Tito passed by there as executors of an irrevocable decree. Everywhere there is still a breath of destruction and doom. Legions of leprechauns, Hooded Horsemen in their old clothes, walk the sacred ruins and among the fatalities weighing on the dead emporium of the Jews, do not listen to men, the moans of invisible humanity.

In the quiet banks of the Jordan, not far perhaps the sacred place where the Precursor baptized Jesus Christ, I spotted a man sitting on a stone. From his physiognomic  expression, radiated a attractive sympathy.

Do you know who this to be? Someone whispered in my ear – this is Judas.

Judas !

Yes. Spirits appreciate sometimes, despite the progress already achieved, retrace his steps, visiting the places where they have become great or transgressed, feeling momentarily transported to bygone days. Then dip the thought in the past, returning to the present, arranged the necessary heroism of the future. Judas usually come to earth in the days when we celebrate the Passion of Our Lord, meditating on his acts of long ago

That figure of a man magnetized me. I’m still not free of the reporter’s curiosity, but between my evil sinner and perfection of Judas there was an abyss. My impudence, however, and the holy humility of his heart, linked to what I went through, trying to hear it.
You are, in fact, the former son of Iscariot? I asked.
Yes, I am Judas said one sad man, wiping a tear in the folds of his long coat.

He continued:

Like Jeremiah, of the Lamentations, I contemplate sometimes this ruined Jerusalem, meditating in the judgment of transient men

It is a truth all that reads the New Testament concerning your personality in the tragedy of condemnation of Jesus?

In part The scribes who wrote the Gospels, did not respond to the circumstances and the political intrigues that above my actions prevailed in nefarious crucifixion. Pontius Pilate and the Tetrarch of Galilee, beyond their individual interests in question were still in charge, safeguarding the interests of the Roman state, committed to satisfy the religious aspirations of the Jewish elders. Always the same story.

The Sanhedrin wanted the kingdom of heaven, fighting for Jehovah, with fire and sword; Rome wanted the kingdom of the earth. Jesus was among those opposing forces with its immaculate purity. Now I was one of the most passionate socialist ideas of the Master, but my excessive zeal for the doctrine made me to sacrifice its founder. Over hearts, I tended to see political, the only weapon with which to triumph and Jesus would not get any victory. With his theories could never win over the reins of power since, in his poor mantle, he felt possessed of a holy horror to property.

then I planned a deaf revolt as projects today on Earth the fall of a head of state. The Master would a secondary plan and I would arrange collaborators to a vast and energetic work as it did later Constantine First the Great, after winning Maxentius at the gates of Rome, which in fact only served to undermine Christianity. Handing therefore the Master, to Caiaphas I did not think that things would reach an so pitiful end  and grated with remorse, I assumed that suicide was the only way to redeem myself in his eyes.

And saved by repentance?

. No I could not. Remorse is a primary force for repairing jobs. After my tragic death submerge myself in centuries of atoning suffering of my lack. I suffered horrors, in persecutions inflicted on Rome the adherents of the doctrine of Jesus and my tests culminated in a inquisitorial bonfire, where imitating the Master, was betrayed, sold and usurped. Victim of felony and treason, I left on the Earth the ultimate vestiges of my crime, in the fifteenth century in Europe. Since that day, I gave me, for the love of Christ to all the tortures and infamies that defiled me with resignation and pity for my tormentors, I closed the cycle of my reincarnations painful on the Earth, feeling in the forehead the forgiveness kiss of my own conscience

And are you today meditating in the days that have been gone I thought sadly.

Yes I am recapitulating the facts as they passed. And now, congregating to Him, which is found in its luminous kingdom of heaven, that is not from this world, I feel on these roads the sign of his divine steps. I see him still on the Cross giving God his destiny I feel the blatant injustice of the comrades who abandoned Him all and it comes me an affectionate remembrance of the few women who have sustained Him at the painful trance In all the celebrations to him rendered, I am always the disgusting figure of the traitor I look complacently those who accuse me without thinking if they can cast the first stone About my name weighs the millennial curse, as on these places full of misery and misfortune. Personally, however, I am sated of Justice, because I was acquitted by my conscience in court of torture redeemers.

Regarding the Divine Master continued Judas with his tears infinite is his mercy, and not only to me, because if I received thirty pieces of silver, selling Him to his executioners, for many centuries, he is criminally being sold in the world to wholesale and retail for prices in all the coined  standards gold 

It’s true I concluded and the new negotiators of Christ does not hang after selling Him.

Judas walked away taking the direction of the Holy Sepulchre and I confused the invisible shadows, to the world, I saw that the sky gleamed some stars on the drab and sad clouds, while the Jordan rolled in his stillness such as a blanket of dead water, looking for a dead sea.



Source Nr. 3:

According to the great medium Divaldo Franco, Joan of Arc was the reincarnation of Judas Iscariot.

Divaldo Franco: For us, the Spiritist, the reincarnation should only be considered when does it come from key simultaneously by several mediums that do not know each other, in different places of the earth.
One of the first revelations about judas was through Leon Deni, this apostle of the city of Toulouse in France, who was truly a faithful follower of Allan Kardec codification.

Leon Deni who left us an extraordinary work, from the philosophical point of view till poetic. From the scientific point of view, as ethical moral.  

He was guided by the spirit of Joan of Arc. And she would have revealed that in the remote past, had been the one who was wrong and betrayed Jesus. But she also said that before reaching the culmination of redemption, she had gone through various experiences of pain, shadow, and repentance.

He was guided by the spirit of Joan of Arc. And she would have revealed that in the remote past, had been the one who was wrong and betrayed Jesus. But she also said that before reaching the culmination of redemption, she had gone through various experiences of pain, shadow, and repentance. 

Until reincarnated as the sweet girl of orleans, and through that, has been in contact with the spirit world, as for example, the noble spirits ofwere the Archangel Michael, Saint Catherine, and Saint Margaret according to the Catholic tradition, nd get up to liberate France from the terrible 30-year war with England, thereby being took to the martyr..

 “I saw them with my bodily eyes, as clearly as I see you; and when they departed I used to weep, and wish that they would take me with them.” Joan said that the Voices told her that she must “go into France”


because of the betrayal of a Catholic priest who attended the English. There, she cried: My God, my voices deceived me. They had said in my prison, that in three days would be free.
The freedom was not physical, was immortality.
Back to school Galilean, from where they departed one day, disturbance of various kinds that we can not evaluate. It was therefore restored the school of those who followed Jesus, with the return of Judas. from the city of Iscariot, the only Jewish among those 11 Galileans, which were faithful. 

Personally, I’m sure, that Judas and Joan of Arc are the same spirit.

However, as it is a revelation each may accept or not, according to its emotional taste. Divaldo Franco