Mediumship 1: Out-of-body

The emancipation of the soul during sleep would seem to indicate that we live
simultaneously two lives; the life of the body, which is that of exterior relation, and the life of the soul, which is that of occult relation,-is this so? Allan Kardec


338. If several spirits demanded to incarnate themselves in a body about to be born, in what way would the decision be made between them?
“In such a case, it is God who judges as to which spirit is best fitted to fulfil the destiny appointed for the child; but, as I have already told you, the spirit is designated before the instant in which he is to unite himself with the body.” Allan Kardec, the Spirit´s Book

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Silmara Alessandra Alves

Youtube:  Date of Publication: 17.11.2013


The issue that I will address today is about the unfolding, known as astral travel or  out of the body experience.

The astral travel or experience out of body, it happens with all people, it is a natural process that we all human beings are able.

The astral travel or experience out of the body, is nothing but your spirit leave the body while you sleepGoing to places where your energies are like (attraction law).

All human beings go out of body because the spirit does not sleep. However, we do not we remember our actions.
The symptoms we feel, before leaving the body, are often confused with nightmares. Before I have knowledge about it, assumed it was nightmare I had.
I started out of the body, when I was 5-7 years old.

It happened when I was lying in bed with my parents, I was not sleeping, just with closed eyes.
Suddenly, I could not move, I felt my heart beat very strong, and it was so clear that it seemed like I heard it hit. At the same time, a tingling in the muscles, as if having a shock.

And I began to levitate. I remember seeing my parents sleeping and I floated around the room screaming desperate for help.
But beyond anyone hears my voice, I also could not hear. I cried so much, it felt like my throat would burst. It was very nerve-racking!

After that I was very scared because I did not accept what was happening to me. I slept with my head, covered by the blanket, and always holding my father’s hand.

Symptoms are varied: You are so tired, the head is so heavy that you can not move, called the famous projective catalepsy: You are alive, awake, but no muscle moves.

Note: (In the past many people were buried alive, because at that time, medicine was very precarious. I have an aunt who says her mother was buried alive) M.F.

After that, the tingle is in the whole body, which gives a lot of fear.
And the feeling of you float. Often you see your sleeping body, not knowing what’s going on.

Often, you have the feeling to be a balloon being filled.

There are other symptoms, but these are the classics, when you are having a split (out-of-body) lucidlyYou go out of your body, knowing that you are not dreaming. At the same time, you know that it is not in real life.

It’s like a dream, but you have the lucidity of the here and now. The dream difference is that you are fully aware, you know everything you did the day before and is able to take any decisions.



Dreams, all have every night with few memories; the split becomes very rare, because it follows a very large scale. The conscious detachment is more difficult these days, however, the evolution of souls tells us that need for humanity. In evolutionary point of creatures, if they are given every evening a few minutes of conscious detachment, they can go atrophying until disembodiment because they want to stay in the home of the Spirit, which presents them with greater harmony. It takes preparation, inside the Christ guidelines.

The Book of Spiritsappears in the issue the same way that if you visit a jailed: spiritual teachers comes to the aid of embodied, such as stuck in the flesh, in certain tests and different tests to pass. You may want to note the reactions we have before our enemies, to analyze what is passing by our feelings.

If we suffer with injury, certainly it retains a wound in our hearts; if we suffer with contempt, he still lives in our feeling; if we suffer with the violence of predators, such violence is not out of our inner world; if we suffer with all forms of backbiting, the revolt lives in us. showing up for our position against those who hurt us. We need to review our internal environment and renew our feelings by the power of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. In this way, our dreams, both embodied and disembodied, will become beautiful and perfect, in the perfect order of the universe. We attract to us what we are inside our heart.

When spiritualists enliven the consciousness, starting to read and understand the coding of our dear preceptor Allan Kardec, they will  become like ripe fruits that fall from the tree of  Earth to the floor of the spiritual life and come to be born again, with new possibilities to understand more about the progress of human being and assimilating the true understanding of Jesus about the life that continues. The Doctrine of the Spirits is not and can not be stable; it tracks the progress and it is anticipated, when the hearts find themselves in preparation.


Allan Kardec – The Spirits Book. Year of Publication: 18.04.1857

407. Is it necessary to the emancipation of the soul that the sleep of the body should be
“No; the spirit recovers his liberty as soon as the senses become torpid. He takes advantage, in order to emancipate himself, of every moment of respite left him by the body. As soon as there occurs any prostration of the vital forces, the spirit disengages himself from the body, and the feebler the body, the freer is the spirit.”
It is for this reason that dozing, or a mere dulling of the senses, often presents the same images as dreaming.

408. We sometimes seem to hear within ourselves words distinctly pronounced, but having no connection with what we are thinking of,-what is the cause of this?
“Yes, you often hear words, and even whole sentences, especially when your senses begin to grow torpid. It is sometimes the faint echo of the utterance of a spirit who wishes to
communicate with you.”
409. Often, when only half-asleep, and with our eyes closed, we see distinct images, figures of which we perceive the minutest details,-is this an effect of vision or of imagination?
“The body being torpid, the spirit tries to break his chain. He goes away and sees; if the sleep were deeper, the vision would be a dream.”
410. We sometimes, when asleep, or half-asleep, have ideas which seem to us to be excellent, but which, despite all the efforts we make to recall them, are effaced from our memory on waking,-whence come these ideas?
“They are the result of the freedom of the spirit, who emancipates himself from the body, and enjoys the use of other faculties during this moment of liberty; and they are often counsels given you by other spirits

412. Can the activity of the spirit, during the repose or the sleep of the body, cause fatigue to the latter?
“Yes, for the spirit is attached to the body, as the captive-balloon is fastened to the post; and, just as the post is shaken by the movements of the balloon, so the activity of the spirit reacts upon the body, and may cause it to feel fatigued.”

413. The emancipation of the soul during sleep would seem to indicate that we live
simultaneously two lives; the life of the body, which is that of exterior relation, and the life of the soul, which is that of occult relation,-is this so?
“During the emancipation of the soul, the life of the latter takes precedence of the life of the body; this, however, does not, strictly speaking, constitute two lives, but rather two phases of one and the same life, for a man does not live a double life.”
414 Can two persons, who are acquainted with each other, visit one another in sleep?
“Yes; and many others, who, in their waking state, do not know that they are acquainted, meet and converse together. You may, without suspecting it, have friends in another country. The fact of going, during sleep, to visit friends, relatives, acquaintances, persons who can be of use to you, is extremely frequent; and you yourselves accomplish these visits almost every night.”
415. What can be the use of these nocturnal meetings, since we do not remember them?
“The intuition of them generally remains with you in your waking state, and is often the
origin of ideas which afterwards occur to you, as it were, spontaneously, without your being able to account for them, but which are really those you had obtained in the spirit-intercourse carried on by you during your sleep.”

416. Can a man ensure the making of spirit-visits by the exertion of his will? Can he do so,
for example, by saying to himself, on going to sleep, “I will to-night meet such and such a
person in spirit, and speak with him about such and such a thing”?
“This is what takes place. The man falls asleep, and his spirit wakens to the other life; but his spirit is often very far from following out the plan which had been resolved upon by the man, for the life of the man excites but little interest in a spirit when he is emancipated from matter. This statement, however, only applies to men who have already reached a certain degree of elevation. The others pass their spirit-existence very differently. They give free rein to their passions, or remain inactive. It may happen, therefore, according to the aim of the proposed action, that a spirit may go to see the parties he had, as a man, proposed to visit; but it does not follow that, because he has willed to do so in his waking state, he will necessarily do so in his state of freedom.”
417. Can a number of incarnate spirits, during sleep, meet together, and form assemblies?
“Undoubtedly they can. The ties of friendship, old or new, often bring together spirits who are happy to be in each other’s company.”
By the term old must be understood the ties of friendship contracted in anterior existences. We bring back with us. on waking, an intuition of the ideas which we have derived from these occult meetings, but of the source of which we are ignorant.