Dangers of Mediumship

The word has power. It can bring message of universal love or make a nation perish depending on how it is used and interpreted. Miss Froggy

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Mediumship is not a “gift” to a few but it is present in every human being.
The most common is the intuition. For example, many mothers intuit when something happens with the children and often something really happened.

A very interesting case was the grandparents of a good friend of mine. During World War II, his grandfather worked in a German submarine. He was asleep and suddenly woke up at night with an inner voice that told him to go to the front of the submarine. He got up, ran, naked. When he got there, his comrades laugh when they saw him. At the same time, they heard an explosion. A ship enemy” had bombed the submarine, and the affected part was the one where was found his cabin.

At the same time, thousands of kilometers away, his wife, grandmother of this friend, woke with a start, sensed that something was wrong. How to explain this fact?

Similarly, I could mention a very interesting passage, which the mathematical Newman quotes about John Nash. The famous mathematician is suffering from Schizophrenia.

Donald Newman speaks clearly, that since some time was trying to solve a mathematical problem, which could not not find the result.
One night, while sleeping, he dreamed of John Nash, in which he asked about the mathematical problem. John Nash, in turn, gave the correct result.

Please watch the video: 11 – 12 Min. 


Upon waking, he Newman went to the table, check the answer. To his astonishment, the answer he had obtained was correct. How did he explain this fact? He did not know the answer.

The book of mediums from allan kardec It is a safe book, which describes in detail the psychic phenomena, as well as the dangers and deceptions that the spirits preach to us.

Here as PDF: http://www.ssbaltimore.org/PDF/Mediums.pdf

Today I was reading, for some months I have suffered obsession. As I do not have the habit of prayer, I am so an easy prey“.
So I’d like to apologize for my human errors. If there is something that you guys read and not coinscide with the law of love of neighbor, which is the largest maximum, left by higher spirits, please disregard. After all, as Kant says:

All our knowledge begins with the senses, proceeds then to the understanding, and ends with reason. There is nothing higher than reason.

Why do I say this? Many mediums fail, few can manage to complete the mission as it was planned. One reason is the attachment to materialism. Also power, feel to be someone special. Feel the “emissary of God”, having a mission on Earth. We all have a mission: To spreed Love and Peace!!! 

John, who wrote Revelation, was a medium who worked on the Gospel of Christ, and because of his old age, he failed to decrypt and pass the figurative message in which there were interpretations errors.
But it was not his fault.

It also has a medium who was born about 600 years after Christ‘s coming. I will quote no name, to be a very controversio and even dangerous subject, but if the Lord Jesus will allow me, I will write an article and you will know who I mean.

His mission was to bring the message of the high, so much so that his book is distinguished very well, containing two distinct parts, according to the historians.
He was married to a woman of good financial situation. And by having poor background, I believe that this was his decline, as money, social status are the earthly devils,” especially to the mediums.

Being active medium is not benefit, but redemption of past lives. Usually pretty, those with the very marked mediumship were people who committed heinous crimes in the past or have led people to the abyss, like the Popes of the Crusades and the inquisitors. Many of them were reborn and are mediums today. And many of them were born in Brazilian lands, known as “the homeland of the Gospel.”

It is not for nothing that every 2 hours is a church founded in the Latin lands. Please check here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion_in_Brazil



In the next article, I will write about the psychic symptoms.

Thank you for your attention and I wish a good Sunday with peace and love