Eshu John Skull: For the love through the pain

I‘ve reduced to a worm, played in the darkness of my own conscience and only those who have the grant to enter this darkness and who can evaluate what I’m saying, because it is indescribable. Joao Caveira


Photo: Miss Froggy, UK 2016

Joao Skull it is one of the phalanges of entities responsible for the routing of souls (disembodied spirits) that roam the cemeteries, to capture and sorting areas.
It is represented by a man carrying a human skull. In another version is the very skull standing. It is usually associated as being located at the cemetery gate (doll), but its action is much broader.
His mediumship demonstrations are occurring in the yards. It is a serious entity of few words, usually going directly to the point. John Skull (Joao Caveira) belongs to the phalanx of Exu Skull, which in turn is governed by Orisha Omolu.

Many thanks to Thainara Segurado, who allowed me to to translate this wonderful text, thus bringing more enlightenment about the spiritual life and the laws of action and reaction. God bless you! Axe. 

Many thanks to Exu Joao Caveiro to share his life and experiences with us.

I hope it will bring many plenty of light of knowledge to all those who are open to this knowledge.
After all, we will all reap what we sow, with own hands. Much will be charged the ones that much has been given
A hug to all, Miss Froggy


I am Exu seated, in the forces of the Lord Omulu, and under his divine radiation I work. I was accepted by the divine throne and named Eshu about two millennia after my last time on earth, which was a miserable sinner and disembodied tied to hate, seeking revenge, giving tricks to my selfishness, vanity and all others human vices that can be imagined.

I was lord of a village where dwelt the edge of the great sacred river. Our village worshiped nature, and innocently we did cruel  offerings of animals and human fetuses. Until my own wif became pregnant and the priest decided that the seed that grew in the womb of my beloved, should be sacrificed to appease the God of the storm.

Obviously I do not allow such a misfortune bore down on my future family, because it was my first child. But all my efforts were in vain. On a stormy night, the men of the village gathered, invaded my tent silently stole my wife and raped her, causing immediate abortion, and the fetus, they made futile offer the well of sacrifice. My chest was filled with hate and I did nothing to stop it. Just as there was life in me, I killed one by one of the executioners of my wife including such a priest.

I started to not believe in God because the sacrifice was useless. So much so that my village disappeared from the earth, buried by sand, Such was the fury of the storm. Suddenly what was river, turned sand and what was sand, turned river. But my hatred persisted. In my eyes there was blood and all I wanted was blood.

Without realizing it, I was being spiritually influenced by the men I killed, who were organized into a black phalanx in order to see me dead too. The priest was the leader. then I became a victim of hatred that I own sowed.

No address and aimless, but with an army of dark hateful men, we advance against several villages and towns, destroying innocent lives and fearfully haunting all ancient Egypt. Thus invaded land and more land, spotted the sacred Nile blood water, we drank and we handed in all depravities with all women who captured him. It was a horrible adventure.

The more hatred I had, the more I felt thirsty. If I could not have my wife, so that no man anywhere could have his. I gave myself to other men, but at the same time sharply raped women.

Children, unfortunately, we killed them without mercy. Our trail was complete hatred and destruction.
Until we come to the palaces of a majestic Pharaoh, which also aroused much hatred in some very interested to destroy it, because they did not agree with their doctrine and religion. So here we were paid for to do what we enjoy doing, kill the pharaoh. It was then ordered my death.

The faithful soldiers of the palace, they were very numerous, annihilated us with the same ruthlessness that we had to others. Who hurts with iron, iron will be hurt. This fit the exact measurement for us.

I departed to hell. But I do not speak of hell to which people are used to hearing the lies of ephemeral religions that preach there. Hell to which I refer is the hell of conscience. This indeed is relentless. Seeing my inert body, hit by the stroke of a sword, and bleeding, I could not understand what was happening. But the blood gushing reminded me of all my atrocities.

I looked around the space around me, and all I saw were people killed. Everything turned suddenly. All spaces were filled with filthy and stinking bodies, skulls and more skulls approached and walked away. In that ecstasy, I fell defeated. I do not know how long I stood there, inert and crying, seeing all that horror.
Everything was blood, a terrible fire burning in me and it was still the most cruel. My conscience was closed in itself. Fear came over me, since it was not I, but the weight of my mistakes that condemned me. Nothing I could do.The laughter came out and hit my senses deep down inside.
Fear grew and I cried more and more.

There I was, utterly defeated by myself, by my hatred increasingly meaningless. Where was the love with which I built my village? Where were my companions? My dear wife? Everyone abandoned me. There was nothing except weeping and gnashing of teeth. I‘ve reduced to a worm, played in the darkness of my own conscience and only those who have the grant to enter this darkness and who can evaluate what I’m saying, because it is indescribable.

Remember all that today no longer brings me any more pain, because I learned a lot from this sad episode of my spiritual life. For many years I wandered in this dark immensity, trampled by my enemies, to the end of my strength. There was no more sighing, no tears, no hate, no love, in short, nothing to be felt. I was exhausted by the last drop of blood, I became a worm. And in my worm condition, I got a last burst of my vile conscience for help to someone who could help me.

Behold, then, after much crying, it appeared someone to take me out from there, still dragged. I remember that I was tied to a big, black horse and the gentleman who was riding resembled to a warrior, no less cruel than I was. After long journey, I was housed on a rock. Over there he fed me and took care of me with an incomprehensible zeal. Did they heard my pleas? I wondered myself intimately.

Yes of course, but I still was there in that hell, I answered myself. Just shut up and take advantage of the suggestion that your father has given you. said a voice that does not know where. What I did not understand and how he had heard me, since I did not say a word, just thought, but he heard. I said nothing altogether.

For long, long years I was in that stone, similar to a bed until my “body” has recovered and was able to get up again. He introduced himself, my savior. A noble knight, armed to the teeth. He carried a huge trident, studded with flaming rubies. His bearing was huge. He wore a top hat, but I could not see his face.

– Do not try to look at me, buster, the day you see yourself, you will see me, because here we are all equalSaid the man, grimly. My body was shaking and I could not contain my voice did not come out and I looked down, resigning myself before his orders.
I was ordained to lead you and have you as a slave. You must obey me if you do not want to return to that den of madmen where you were. Follow my instructions carefully and I will give you work and food. Disobey and have the deserved punishment.
May I know your name, noble sir?
– Not for now. at the right time I will reveal, now shut up, we go to our first job.
– It’s ok.

I followed the man, he on the horse and I ran after him like a servant. We wandered through those dirty places and perform various tasks together. I learned to handle weapons, which were given to me after a long time. Gradually my love for creation was reborn. The various lessons that were passed me made me realize the importance of this work in the lower astral. Gradually I was climbing the stairs of that mystery with loyalty and affection.

I gained the confidence of my boss and his superiors. I was put to the test and was approved. I soon learned to fly and shaping the things I wanted. There were years and years of learning. I do not know to tell the time of the Earth, but I assure that fewer than one hundred years were not.

It was then, that at a meeting full of men equal to my boss, I was officially named Eshu. In it I introduced myself to Mr. Omulu and the divine throne, assuming the responsibilities that all Eshu must take if you want to be Eshu.

Love the creator and its laws;
– Love the creation of the father and all his creatures;
Loyalty above all;
Understanding and study, to judge with proper wisdom;
Obey the rules below, as well as the above;
And some other rules was not allowed to mention, given the importance for all the Exus.

At first, I worked in the phalanx of my chef, for granted and sympathy. But soon came to me the need to have my own phalanx, as the slaves who were already captured in large numbers. For the same time, that old priest of my town, remember? Well, he reincarnated in African lands and my wife should be his wife, that the law might be fulfilled. Seeing the picture frame that formed, I immediately requested an audience with the Divine Omulu, and Mr. OgunAvagã so I could be the guardian of my former tormentor. My request was granted. If I was successful, I could have my phalanx.

So, I stand the side of the priest who, in the village where he was born, was prepared from childhood to be the Babalorixá(tribe chief) to replace his father’s blood. The daughter of Babalao was my former wife, who was promised to his former tormentor. Thus developed the plot that ended our differences, my ex-wife gave birth to twenty-four children and all of them were created with due care. Much work I had in that village. Until the invasion, catches and the slave trade to the West did. The redoubled work, because we had to contain the anger and hatred emanating from the African slaves, attached to the holds of the slave ships.
But my protege was old and was spared, but their children do not. all were enslaved. But it was the law and it should be fulfilled.

After a long time an order came from the high: All guardians must prepare, new settlements will be needed, a new Religion will be born, which for us was soon, because I do not know if you noticed, but the spiritual time is different from the material . We prepare ourselves, as we are commanded, until the Umbanda started. Then I was appointed Guardian left of the Sacred Omulu, and then I could take my phalanx, my degrees and my steps. Again assumed the obligation to conduct my former tormentor, who is now in ! up done worthily achieved due to all the work and sacrifices made in favor of Umbanda and well.

Today, here at the bottom, I command a phalanx of Exus skull, and only after many, many years I could see my face in a mirror, and I could see that it is equal to my great and dear tutor the Great Lord Exu Tata Skull, to whom I owe a lot of respect and affection. Do not confuse the Eshu John Skull With Exu Tata Skull, jobs are similar but the mysteries are different.

Tata Skull works in the seven fields of faith. Eshu John Skull, works in the mysteries of generation in the calunga because it is there that life is transformed, giving place the generation of other lives. Where there is infidelity and disrespect for the generation of life or their like, Eshu John Skull acts, devitalizing and leading in the right way, so they do not fall into the painful and merciless prey, because I do not wish anyone a tenth of what I passed.

If your actions are good and laudable before the generation and the Father Major, then we vitalize and give shape to all the wishes of anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of my mysteries. In any case, love reigns, yes, love, and because Eshu can not talk about love? Now, if it was love all Eshu was saved, then love is good and respect to him preserves us the way. This is my mystery. Anywhere in the doll, practice with love and respect your religion, because Eshu John Skull abominates the betrayal and infidelity, for example, abortion, that is not tolerated by me and all who do such an act, are then condemned to live under the harsh hosts of my mystery.

Ask whatever you want with faith, and faith will bring you, as all Exus Skull are faithful to the mediums and those who come to us

The phalanx of Exus Skull belongs to Great Tata skull, the other can not quote, speak only of my mystery, for it I have knowledge and license to open what I think necessary and basic for your learning, for the rest, seek with your personal exus who are great friends of their children and certainly they shall know to guide with affection about your doubts.

Further more, if a Eshu from my phalanx can win through his medium or protected, it automatically reaches the right to leave the bottom and climb the developments in other spheres.
The Divine Father Major may bless you and that the highest law of all religions bring you better days.

With love.

Eshu John Skull. (Exu Joao Caveira)