Perspective of view

Photo: Miss Froggy. Germany 2003

Absolute truth does not exists. What did exist, it is the way we interpret the facts. But there, our own truth. And our truth is not the same true for the other.
We should be lucid, to put ourselves on a level beyond the mass reactions. If, every time we see or hear a news broadcast without us questioning the veracity of the facts, then we let influence us as geese, unable to think or to analyze the facts.

We have reached the very high intellectual level, able to discern what is right from what is wrong. We have the ability to question if what a religious leader preaches us coinscide with good or evil.
On the internet, especially on YouTube has many accusations against the Pope of the Catholic Church saying he bring itself, the number of the Beast. Unbelievable, but many believe it because they hear without studying the facts.
If they studied the background, they would know that the informations that run over the Internet are all false.

If Pope Francis goes to Congress in the United States, asking for the environment, they say that he is plotting to dominate the world. If he meets with the Islamic religious leader, they accuse him of violating the laws of “holy church.”
After 1000 years, the Pope meets Orthodox leader, setting an example for peace, many people see it as an embarrassment.

How canWhat people see about being good or evil?

For example: Many people admire King Solomon, because he was righteous and built the temple, which was guarding the holy ark for many years. But few are unaware that he was Medium and spoke with spirits.

Many see Constantine as a saint, because he had a vision, which is nothing more than a mediumship, and also opened the door to Christianity, because without him, there would be no Christianity or evangelical churches, which are roots of the same religion.
But people ignore historical facts, in which he killed his wife Fausta and own child.
For evangelicals, spiritism is work of the devil.
For spiritist, Umbanda are delayed spirits.

If we say: “my God is good, but the Islamic God, the God of other people are false“, it is the same as we are accepting that there are other gods.

For, if  is not so, we all would see God as unique. What changes are the prophets who brought the good news. What changes is the cultural context of each people. What changes is our ability to see the reality of the facts and see in a clear and objective way, without judgment.

Are we all hypocrites or ignorant? Just for reflection, without offense!

Jesus left a simple commandment to be understood: Love thy neighbor as thyself.

For some, this commandment reduces to family members. For others, it reduces the neighbors, the community. Now, very few see their own nation. And the minority, the planet Earth, with all creatures ….

Please, think about it! It’s time to wake up to the divine and true love that is within each one. As the father Joaquim says: The seed of mustard that is planted inside each one.

Thank you for reading and a nice sunday!

Miss Froggy