Herbal baths: Cleaning and Energizing for the Soul

The energizing baths are important, because they will awaken in you the desire to go to the day-to-day, desire to win things, and mainly will give you an ability to intuit good things. Marcos Felipe



Speaker: Marcos José Felipe. Linguist, translator, teacher and psychic. Also leader of Shamanism school and Umbanda Triade Brazil.

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Different cultures, different peoples have always used the aroma and aromatherapy as a way to get rid of physical, mental and spiritual weariness. Nowadays it is very common that people always ask, wanting to know something about herbs baths, and what their effects.

First of all it is important to understand that herbs are a kind of energy. Each herbal bath will promote in your energy field a kind of reaction, depending on the type of reaction you want to have, you should use one or another herb.

The unloading baths, so-called “descarrego”, usually involves herbs that are not very fragrant, because they have the power to ward off energies that are not good (negative energy). So a few tips that I can give to you as to unload baths involve herbs like:

Arruda                   botanic: Ruta graveolens
Guiné, Ortega      botanic: Petiveria tetrandra
Coffee powder

These ingredients have the power to make an energetic cleaning. Also a bath with rock salt, which is not an herb, but is widely used in these discharge baths or energetic cleaning.

It is always important, after a unload bath, make an energizing bath. Usually I do a unload bath before bed, and an energizing shower in the morning.

Energizing Baths  that I highly recommend are made with:

Lemon grass        botanic: Cymbopogon nardus 
Bay Leaf                botanic: Laurus nobilis 

Clove                     botanic:  Eugenia caryophyllata 
Cinnamon            botanic: Cinnamomum zeylanicum

Those herbs are more fragrant and pleasant to smell. You can use one, two and even three of these herbs in a tea room, take its cleanliness bath and then take a bath with these herbs. These herbs, unlike the cleansing herbs may be thrown from the head down.5

Another type of bath you can do, which is usually a pacification bath when you are very anxious, is a bath that you can do:.

Chamomile & Petals of White Rose

The procedure is the same, and this should give you a lot of peace and tranquility.

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Peace and Light to all,

Marcos Felipe

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