God and the Universe – Part 3

There is a whole infinite number of capabilities that we do not know how to handle with. There are people who feel sadness, anger, remorse they feel guilt, they feel fear, but we do not learn to deal with emotions. Yasmin Madeira


In the same way, we are immersed in a water ocean. It is because the water molecules are separated, but if all the molecules unite we would be in a huge water ocean over our head.

And we are in a vibratory ocean. An ocean that Kardec calls Fluid Universal. We can give the tone and the potentiality we want. Forever. Yasmin Madeira

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Book of the Spirits Allan Kardec Year of Publication: 1857 in Paris

ISBN: 10: 1612038980 PDF: http://www.spiritism.jp/pdf/gospel.pdf

Speaker: Yasmin Madeira

Source: https://youtu.be/MWo7ZHsaoDE

Date of Publication:  28.03.2014

She is lecturer and scholar of the spiritism according to Allan Kardec

Contact: Centro Espirita Euripedes Barsanufo, Rio de Janeiro


What is God?

When we think about the diversity of air, atmosphere, the vegetations When we think of the ecological organization of a forest where everything is complete. If you move in the amount of some animals, it affects all the ecologicalgenerating a disharmony
When we begin to vibrate, realizing that this loving being and good it is everywhere, but not only is outside of us, abroad. He is inside us.

For when we pray, we seek often God up there, in the background of sky. But if we think we’re on a globe, which is the earth, it is a powder in the universe, which gravitates. Does not exist above or below. God then he involved with his energy, the whole universe, and we have only thought continuous, because it is in us organizing. It is through divine thought that we can have continuous thoughtthe energy for our body.

It is he who causes the electrons that revolve around the proton, are in harmony together. It is he who everything forms.
We are living in the thought and the divine mindIt is God  outside of us, as scholars say: transcendent God.

But also the immanent Godwhich is this God that is within us. The word God, written with tiny d. It is as if we had within ourselves, by this divine energywhich Kardec says, living into our consciousness..

For this reason, we can speak to him at any time. And we can ask him everything, because he knows usthe needs which are often our own blockages that interfere in our lives.

Then, how many times God wants to offer us ways, and we do not open ourselves to receive?

Therefore, when we pray for forces, asking virtues, calm, balance, asking that he guide us in any doubt that we have, because often we lack the pieces of the puzzle from our life and we were not sure which is the right direction to follow.
Has this happened with you or just me? It happens to everyone.

But often we can not make a full analysis of the events, because they miss the pieces.
So, we need to stop and focus on God, dive into this divine love and ask him to guide us.
So, with the passage of time, we’re feeling the intuitions, an inner voice that tells us which direction to take. This is God‘s work. He does not materialize in front of us, he works in silence.

And in order to get in touch with him, it is very important we make an inner silence.
Now I will ask our Ricardo increase a little the music and if you guys and Internet users who are at home, wanted to do, feel free.
Do you do this to us, Ricardo?

I’m afraid to touch because I have a fantastic mediumship that the group already knows perfectly: it is a mediumship called physical defects”, understood?
Just I put the hand, and the electronic devices pifam, spoil, do not work … Who has this kind of mediumship (Then She laughs).
Okay, thank you.

Then we’ll drive us to our inner self, because we are so used to knowing things by logical reasoning. But as we lack that sense of intelligence to understand God in its magnitude, we have to take a break and take a dip in our interior.
Kardec says that we could know the divine attributes through our reasoning.
God and supremely just and good. God is unique. God is omnipresent, meaning it is present everywhere. he is omniscient he knows everything because he created everything.

And as we think based on the energy that he gives us, in reality, he knows everything. everything we think.
God is omnipotent, is the greatest power in the universe. Because if he was not unique, there would be another god and there would have differences. If he was not the supreme power, the other would have the power too.

But see: God created us. He is our original source. He is at the same time, our heavenly Father and our merciful mother.

So, if we have in us the divine genetics, because we are his children absolutely, we, with g” tiny, we are also gods.
This is why Christ said, You are gods”, recalling a passage from the Old Testament.
So my brothers, we bring divine potential, which are on essence inside us.

As we pray, as we learn, study, reflect, we do meditations
As we work for the benefit of others and not just for our own benefit, we engage in a voluntary service, all this active in us the divine potential, which are asleep…

We have healing powers we can send affection fluids, and people will receive.
The spirits explain that we are
immersed in a fluid, as we are immersed in the air. We do not we see the air, but we feel, when breathing, it exists.

In the same way, we are immersed in a water ocean. It is because the water molecules are separated, but if all the molecules unite we would be in a huge water ocean. 

And we are in a vibratory ocean. An ocean that Kardec calls *** Fluid Universal. We can give that power the tone and the potentiality we want.

When we remember the wrong things in, we feel anger of others when we remember about things that happened that bring bitterness we do not feel a burden? In these moments, we are giving a voice when Cosmic Universal fluid, which surrounds our energetic vibration.

As I think about the good, I pray, I visualize a light that goes to my loved one, my love, or someone I want to help, that person receives this energy.
The more I practice, the more we multiply this divine potential at me.

What happens to us is that we embody in a culture that values only material things. At school we are instructed only to be good professionals. We do not have that activation of the divine powers in us, because we do not see ourselves as immortal spirits.

They see only one person who is a worker and that needs to be immersed in the labor market. Is not it? They’re not wrong, because we need to work, it is fair.
But this active, alone, our intellectual side.

There is a whole infinite number of capabilities that we do not know how to handle with. There are people who feel sadness, anger, remorse they feel guilt, they feel fear, but we do not learn to deal with emotions.

But man, today, is able through the psychology, and of course the teachers can pass this on to children, too. But they too have not been targeted for this. Because it denies this side. Refuses that we are spirits, we have emotions, to see us, only those who should be prepared for the labor market and produce ..
So we are immersed in this kind of hedonistic culture.

What we are encouraged to do, is to consume, buy nonstop.
And we increasingly unrealistic requirements, because the market needs. So now we buy a mobile phone, maybe in two months, it is already outdated, because the market already become new versions.

Also, the materials are sold with a programming to spoil after a certain number we use. To having a bit length of time for us to buy more.
So we do not know, but we are led all the time to consumerism. So we are caught in a fantasy.

If we do not wake up, we’ll spend the whole terrestrial existence. the period of time that we are on earth to evolve to know ourselves, to work our spiritual ascent. Instead, we’ll use just to have money, buy cool clothes,
to buy summer clothes, to buy a color pink shoe to buy the car to buy trinkets and over.
Life revolves around to having sex, eating, drinking, sleeping, shopping, and ended.

But we are not only that. We are not only the bodynor the physical needs.
Of course it’s fair to have a proper clothing, we have an object all this is fair, but the purpose of our existence is not this. If we move on to life just looking for it, we will feel an immense void.

Anyone who has felt? I’ve often felt a void after buying that thing that I really wanted to You guys have feltA reality, is not it? Gives a frustration … So, the mind starts to design a new thing for us to purchase.
So, we need to take a moment and reflect that we are immortal spirits. As my mentor said, we all are in terminal phase, in the sense that at any time, no matter the age, we’re leaving.

So let’s organize our lives not to let difficulties for the family, and let´s start activating inside us the divine potential.

If we are preparing to make a trip to a certain place, it is not natural that we gather information before making the trip? If there is cold, it is the people there, where to stay, what to do when we get there …
Thus putting the luggage, all that we can be useful there, like toothbrush, one pullover, remedies for migraine … 

Here, we find ourselves in spiritistic home to reflect how it is in the spirit world for which we will leave.
It is also to enable us, the precious goods, the only ones that we will take when we leave.
Because we do not take the relatives we do not take our loves, or take the wife nor the husband, or children.
We go alone. For no one is ours, proper, even our bodies. All that is material, stay!

So we need to turn´what really are going to take: The serenity, the joy of living, because life does not end. The spiritual welfare, the activations of the perception of cosmic reality, the divine energies, God feeling in us, bringing us peace, comfort. It is within us, we must seek security, not abroad .. The kingdom of heaven Jesus said, it is in vain that this generation search the sky here and there.

For the kingdom of heaven is inside us.
It is in this self dive we find God. This peace. And the measure that we in looking inside, this peace
Then, there is nobody else with the power to make ourselves unhappy. At this time, we took the other the power to define our existence, so we have control of our lives. Because we realize that there is only someone, without which we could not live: It is God. It is the soul of our soul. It is the supreme love that loves us divinely. Who is always at our side. We were never alone, never been alone …

Five minutes daily can have this meeting with God who dwells within us.
I invite you now to close your eyes and pay attention to the nostrils. Feel the cold air entering the nostrils. Feel the sensation from air moving in and out. Just so you guys to calm down the muscles around the eyes relaxed. the muscles around the mouth is released, the shoulders slump. You loose the bonds from abdomen, you relax your legs, feet
And in this state of tranquility, you can dive into your heart. Imagine a mustard grain of consciousness within your chest. Then, you will feel a peace, a serenity
It is God in you.

While that peace grows, you can feel the divine cosmic. You see planets, stars, see rays of light penetrating through your head, involving your physical brain and perispiritual matrix. At this time, inadequate thought forms, negative energies, lower, possibly generated by inexperienced minds, dissolve and this divine power will illuminating your neck, pouring over your chest, wrapping your abdomen, involving the legs, feet .. .
Feel you floating, dancing one cosmic dance on earth.
Feel the energy and movement of the universe. Surrender to this feeling of peace And now, talk to God.

Asks what what you need. What else you want, inside your heart. He hears you.

Now I will make a prayer:

God the Father, thank you.
That thy light, this time not only illuminates our physical and perispiritual body, but it leaves this space and involves all mankind.

Oh God the Father. Dear Daddy, as Jesus taught us to call you Divine Mother, the universe soul.
That your love may involve all minds and all human hearts. Strengthens, Lord of life, those who already understand your laws of love and work to sustain them. To realize them in the world.

Bless the misguided brothers so that they can realize that, in reality, all the evil that we do, it creates terrible laces in our consciousness, requiring the proper repair.
Involves, Lord of life, this planet school that is the earth.

Bless the air and the creatures of the sky. The seas and the creatures of the seas, oceans, lakes, rivers.
Bless forests, vegetation. Bless the food we serve in. Light animals, plants.
Finally, Lord of life, thank you for having created us. thank you, because we have clarity, because we have self-knowledge, still headed for complete knowledge.
Help us Lord, in this evolution process. That your love is always with us, and we are always with you. Thank you sir.
That all spiritual conquests, of this time, be integrated at all levels of our being. Forever.



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Thank you for reading and have all a day with plenty of sunshine and peace. Miss Froggy

*** The term, universal cosmic fluid, and universal fluid was first used in spiritism in The Spirits’ Book, by Allan Kardec in 1857. The definition of universal cosmic fluid according to the book is:

27. Allan Kardec: There are then two general elements of the universe, matter and spirit?
Spirit: Yes and foremost God, the creator, the father of all things. God, spirit and matter are the beginning of everything that exists, the universal trinity.

But the material element has to join the universal fluid which plays the role of intermediary between spirit and matter itself, too rough so that the spirit can exert action on it. Although a certain point of view, it is permissible to classify it with the material element, it is distinguished by this special property.

If the universal fluid was positively matter, there would be no reason for that also the spirit was not. It is placed between spirit and matter; It is fluid, as matter is matter, and susceptible, its innumerable combinations with this, and, under the action of spirit, to produce the infinite variety of things that you not only know a tiny part. This universal fluid, or primitive, or elementary, being the agent of the spirit uses, it is the principle without which the matter would be in a perpetual state of division and never acquire the qualities that gravity gives you.

Such matter (or energy) is very quintessential, lying at all points of the universe, and thus make the origin of various materials, including more dense

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