God and the Universe – Part 1

The pain often can not be avoid, but suffering is the way that we react to that pain. So sometimes we feel pain and a deep sense in front of some adversity, especially when we are afraid, scared. Yasmin Madeira



God is the Supreme Intelligence, first cause of all things. The book of the Spirits

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Book of the Spirits Allan Kardec Year pf Publication: 1857 in Paris

ISBN: 10: 1612038980 PDF: http://www.spiritism.jp/pdf/gospel.pdf

Speaker: Yasmin Madeira

Source: https://youtu.be/MWo7ZHsaoDE

Date of Publication:  28.03.2014

She is lecturer and scholar of the spiritism according to Allan Kardec

Contact: Centro Espirita Euripedes Barsanufo, Rio de Janeiro



What is God?

Yasmin Madeira: Today we reflect on a main theme for our existence. When we can integrate the response to the question, we will do the following, in our life everything seems to make sense: suffering, adversity, the challenges of our lives. I bet you guys have probably ask yourself: Who am I, where I came from, what I‘m doing here, and where I will go when my body definitely saw his eyes.

The first question of our life is our origin: From where we came from? And our origin, as told in the spirits, is God.
And Allan Kardec asks this question at the beginning of the first encrypted spiritualist work.
He asks: What is God?
See, he does not ask who is God, because then he was already assuming, in the question itself, that God is someone. he did not ask what is god, because he would be assuming already in the question itself in the way he did, that God is something. he asked simply, so
scientific, devoid of any previous concept: What is God?

And the spirits respond Allan Kardec, which is in the book of spirits:
1. What is God?
God is the Supreme Intelligence, first cause of all things.”
So, since we started this point we see a very big difference of most traditional religions. Because when the spirits posit that God is intelligence, they are not putting that God is a figure, ie, that kind old man with a white beard. No! He is the creative intelligence of the universe. It is a being. A loving and good, creator of everything that exists.

Then, Kardec asks another question to the spirits:
2. What is meant by infinity?
Then, the spirits answer:
What has no beginning or end: the unknown; all that is unknown is infinite.

But when we say that God is infinite, we do not understand right what can be God. Not give to conceptualize him as well, although we know that He is infinite in his virtues.

Because if he was more or less good, it would be not God. In some of his virtues, if they were not full, infinite, then it would be not God. Tell us the spirits, that we lack the
all of us a special sense to realize God in its depth. Because we were created by him
simple and ignorant, but we are on the way to perfection.

Then, we are spirits that are on our way. We have not completed our comprehension of stage of the universe, of life and of God. Then, we lack a sense of perception. It is not difficult for us to understand the universe as it is? 

The scientists have already proclaimed us that the universe is infinite, then you begin to realize one thing: How am I going to define something as infinite? Once we imagined, comes
what else? Comes another universe. And then comes what? Comes another universe. It does not feel the goose bumps when you think about it?

One thing that has no end

Because our own brain which is finite, the human brain is created, but in a moment the physical body will die. Then, it is very difficult for us to understand something had no beginning or end.

Eternity is this: Something that does not have beginning or end. God is uncreatable, He had not beginning, because if someone had created God, he would not be God, but rather the person who created him.

Now we are different. We can not say that we are eternal. Why not? because we start. We were created by God. then we had a beginning, but we have no end.

What the spirits explained Allan kardec is that we are immortal. That is, we had a beginning but we will not have an end. and we have the opportunity to incarnate in the root material bodies. And this rooting has a reason for being. When we integrate the material, we are the intelligent principle, have reached the level of spirit, but we were an intelligent principle. We we started in the individualize, as we approach and we root of the matter.
Then, we need to embody in order to evolve.

3. It could be said that God is infinity?
Setting incomplete. Poverty of human languagenot enough to define what is above language of men.
God is infinite in His perfections, but infinity is a abstraction. To say that God is infinity is to take the attribute one thing the same thing, is to define something that is not
known by another one that is not more than the first.

4. Where can one find proof of God’s existence?
“In an axiom that applies to your sciences. There is not effect without a cause. Seek the cause of everything that is not man’s work and your reason will respond.
To believe in God, it is enough to throw the look on the works Creation. The universe exists, so it has a cause. doubt the existence of God is to deny that every effect has a cause and advance that nothing could do something. 

Then, no there is no effect without cause. then as the science evolves, we will discover for example that the ozone layer surrounding the earth. If it were millimeter above or below there would be no life on our planet, because filtering the sun’s rays
would not be that necessary to maintain and create life.  May be said that the chance is smart enough to do this?

When we study the functioning of the human body, the cells, while we now find ourselves here, our trillions of cells they are working.

There are those who are digesting what we ate.

There are those who are suing the oxygen who enters the nostrils and goes to the capillary there in the lungs.
There are cells that are working for our auditory perceptions, so for everyone are able to hear each other.

There are cells that are working so that we can see.
Are billions and billions of small, tiny beings that are working in order for us manage to realize that we are a unity consciousness, we are spirits. We can interact and realize everything that exists in our around.
How much beings at this time, within us is dying? cells that are now out of operation?

How many  carcinogenic, or unsightly cells we are producing daily?
For all we produce, only, some eventually become sick while others do not.
And then we’ll verify that, if every effect has a cause the very disease organic, also has an array. And this matrix is perispiritual.

Because, as we teach the spirits, we are triune beings: We have a body, but not we are this body.

We are rooted in it from the time that the ovum of our mother was fertilized by the sperm of our father. That energy explosion we unite and we begin in this time, as the cell division serves the done, we begin to enter a disturbance and forgetting process, rooted in the new body being formed. So at this point we realized that we are attached to this body to a new destination.Look how fantastic!

But we are not just this body. We have a perispiritual body. It is a subtle body, which is semi-material and which exists between the spirit and the physical body.
So we have a perispirit, which will remain with us after the uprooting we call death, but we know that death, as understood people at the past, is a fantasy, because we do not cease to exist, we do not stop thinkingWe do not let of having our individuality.
Some people believe that when we die, we integrate in the whole universal and lose our individuality.

But the spirits in the book of Allan Kardec spirits say it is not so.

Because if we lost our individuality, it would not be a death?

Others say that we do not waste this moment, but as we go, spiritually evolved we ended up losing our individuality in integrating the large and whole.
The spirits say no, we individualize us through the millennia we have been an intelligent principle and came walking until we get to the  hominal level.
We get to be properly so called spirits. At that moment, we started we have consciousness of ourselves and the free will terms.

And as we have choices, we are responsible for them. Because God’s law, according to the spirits, is carved in our own consciousness.
So we never lose our individuality, but we’re expanding in developing, we’re progressing we’re having experiences. Sometimes incarnate in female bodies, others have incarnated in male bodies.

In some incarnations we have more experiences linked to scientific sciences, art. In other incarnations we are positioned in the religious area. Finally we will doing block our evolutionary process, until we arrive at a point where we will have more perfect spirits absolutely, but we have a relative perfection, because there will always be something to knowbecause the infinite universe has no end.

And the progress of the spirit is endless. But, once we reach the stage of pure spirits, the universe, in an integral way, will be franchisee to us.

While we are still selfish spirits, even teenagers, we still have dangerous behavior, and we have limits on our actions. That´s the reason  we are bound to eachother in this  great and wonderful school, that is the planet earth.

5. What inference can be drawn from the instinctive feeling that all men carry within them, for God’s existence?
That God exists; therefore from whence come to you this feeling, if he had not a base? It is also a consequence of the principle there is no effect without cause. “

So we see, even in children, in all cultures this belief, this sense of the existence of a creator, loving and good, that our Western world calls as a father. Jesus shows us God, not like a father.

See, pay attention what am talking about: He introduces us as Abba, which means Dad. There is a difference.
He did not say the Our Father who art in heaven, he said: Dad, who art in heaven. Is different.

It is a father’s love, he is not an avenger.  It is a father who educates us, never punishes usIt is a father who has developed universal balances laws.

There is the law of cause and effect, then whatever we do we  receive, whatever we sow we reap. if the sowing is free, the harvest is mandatory. then today we suffer and do not see the cause of this existence, of course, because this is to find in our past, in other incarnations. And that brings us to an understanding of the divine goodness.

Because when we suffer and we do not see the cause, we think he does not love us, that God has abandoned us, and favored that another, that even if smoking and drinking, not getting cancer, for example, and I, who always took care of my health, had to get the most perverse form of the diseasegenerating more doubt, bitterness and suffering.

Each of us, in fact, my brothers, is immersed in an educational process.
And God, he is the infinite love.
Because, when we create difficulties for others, when we consciously kille and damage brothers, we created, inside of us, as if it were energetic vacuum in us.

God is mercy, help us so that we, not with pain but with the work in the service and we manage to get over.
Unfortunately, very few of us give value to the work on the well. Often we live a life so only in meeting our needs and the needs of our families.

So when we get in of our center and we do not see the comunity, other culture, we also create difficulties to rescue the past mistakes. So, it is often necessary to come to grief. But there is a difference between pain and suffering.

The pain often can not be avoid, but suffering is the way that we react to that pain.

For example, a woman who really wants to have children When she realizes that month came menstruation and not pregnant, she feels the pain of menstruation but she feels a
great suffering for not getting pregnant.

So sometimes we feel pain and a deep sense in front of some adversity, especially when we are afraid, scared.

Because often we go through problems like this: My God, I think you do not exist. I think I’m alone. I’m alone in this world
People who are sick, suffering pain, people often realize that they are near to depart to the spirit world. Sometimes comes a fear, when, in reality we are all immersed with the divine process of love.

In these days, I was praying for a person who we were dealing with and the doctors told us that she was terminally ill.
I, in prayer, asking for spiritual mentor of Espiritism house, where I attend, “Maria Clara, please, help the lady who is leaving small children.
Then, Maria Clara is presented to me in my visual field (in spirit) and responds:
 My daughter, who is not in the  terminal stage, here on earth?”

I said, “What do you mean? I’m not!”
Then she says to me, “Oh yes, my love. At any time you guys can go. This terminal history is only an illusion. At anytime, anyone can go. Not need any disease for disembodied. Anytime you cross the street, you can take a discomfort in the chest and will be asked to close your eyes on the ground and enter a new fantastic circle of evolution. ”

Because the physical body  limited us the perceptions, we, as immortal spirits, have fantastic conditions to produce wonderful things. There are institutions in the spiritual world for us to continue working, studying, researching, helping others, by engaging in active jobs for our improvement. So, everything we do here on earth is but a pale splendor of what is spiritual life


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