The Lord of the cemetery: Afterlife and its laws

Knowledge is a path of no return. If you acquire it, you can not use the crutch of ignorance. But it has to put in use. If you do not practice, it remais only in your brain. Exu Tatá Caveira


You do not know when it comes. So, be prepared, get smart. Always does the right things, to death do not surprise you.  

Die, everyone will!

You guys prepare for everything, why not be prepared for death? Exu Tatá Caveira

Espirit: Exu Tatá Caveira       


  Medium: Maísa Intelisano

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Reporter: Jefferson Viscardi:

This Letter is a resume of the  Dialogues 303, 304, 372:

Unfortunately I don´t have time at the present moment to translate the whole Dialogues.

Themas: The line of the Life, free-will, bad spirits atraction.

Dialogue 303:

Knowledge and accumulation of Karma

After greetings between Tatá Caveira and the Reporter Jefferson, the Exu asked: What do you want from me?

Jefferson: Knowledge.

Tatá Caveira: knowledge alone is not enough. There a lot of people with knowledge and do not solve anything. knowledge has to be put in use. If you do not practice, it remais only in your brain.. When you practice , you bring into your heart. It means you experienced that situation . It was not anyone who told or you read it in books.

When you live , that experience belongs only to you , to your personal growth. Wisdom is in the heart . Knowledge in the brain.

Because, sometimes the knowledge we got does not serve to us.

How do you know if that knowledge is for you? Only if you make use of it, only if put into practice.

I´ll give you an example: if I tell you that you have to be patient , coming home, you lose patience with your children or wife.

You got the knowledge from me, but didn´t make use of it. In realllity, what did you learn? Nothing!

Jefferson: If someone picked the knowledge to destroy the next, should he makes use of that?

Tatá Caveira: What do you mean?

Jefferson: A terrorist who created a bomb to kill people?

Tatá Caveira: That’s his problem. It depends of consciousness of each person.

Knowledge is neutral . It can be used for good or ill depends on the person making use of it.

If you damage other person, that´s your problem and from your spiritual guide.

Jefferson: Which kind of problem I and my spiritual guide can get?

Tatá Caveira: You are accumulating karma. Everything you do has a consequences.

Nothing in this universe is without consequence.

The consequences can be positive or negative , depending on the karma that you are accumulating.

If you do evil , the entity that follows you will take longer to reach the light.

If you do good things , you will attract good things to you. This is so mathematical (logical), that there is no need to explain.


What people forget is that what is good for them , perhaps to others is not. But it does not mean that the good is relative, but our knowledge is relative, our reach to understanding is relative.

Jefferson: When you said, bad karma is bad not only for me, but for my spiritual guide. Can you please explain better? Some people said Exus are not wrapped light.

Tatá Caveira: It is not light as you guys understand . It is light of wisdom, not necessarily the light that you guys know and have in your house. I do not walk the streets illuminated like a firefly (then he laughs)

The light we talk is wisdom. Knowlegde + Love : Wisdom

Embodiment and Obsession

Jefferson: Lets talk about mediumship.

Tatá Caveira:

Jefferson: When the embodiment between a spirit and a medium happen, the spirit of the medium does not leave the body, right? He stays in his body. How it happen?

Tatá Caveira: Yes, the spirits have access only if you allow them.

Jefferson: In a more complex obsession, also called as possession, is more passivity of the medium?

Tatá Caveira: Possession doesn´t exist, but hypnose. Hypnosis is a possession of the mind.

When it happens it is because the person is weak, without firmness in thought, unsteadily in his behavior.

then the spirits, taking advantage of the situation, hypnotize them. Sometimes they fallen in so deep hypnosis that the person will have neither own will.

That´s a possession, but not from body. It´s an energy niveau (energetic) from mind.

The brain is only a machine, controled by the Mind. Who control the mind is the spirit. Without Soul, it wouldn´t work.

Now, if the person is weak, with weak spirit , with poor attitudes There is not need a control by spirit . You have many people who are manipulated by living people.

The body is the property and responsability of the incarnate spirit. There is not possession of the body , only hypnosis of the mind.

Health and diseases of the body

Jefferson: I heard that, all health imbalance and diseases occurs primarily in the perispirit , astral

Tatá Caveira: first in the subtle body. Astral and etheric body are together conected.

The double etheric forms only after the body begins to form. In each incarnation you are living , you have a new etheric double.

Jefferson: Lets see if I understood. The astral body is the same, but the etheric double is different?

The astral body is more subtle than the etheric double.

The double etheric dies along with the body?

Tatá Caveira: Yes, exacly.

Body after death / Cemetery

Jefferson: Delay the Astral body to disperse from the flesh body?

Tatá Caveira: It takes a little longer, depending the own spirit that held the body.

Depending on the knowledge , wisdom , What he did during his life, if he was attached to material things and how he died… (My own coment: Regarding my studies, if a person were very attached at the material things, takes long time leaving his body. More badly are those who

committed suicide. When we committed suicide, our energy load is intact.)

That´s the reason we take care of cemeteries. At the cemeteries are full of dead people, right?

It has many bodies there.

There is a lot of energy from etheric double, concentrated there.

It is a dense energy , becoming quasi-material density.

An energy that serves very well to do magic.

We take care of the cemeteries to prevent these energies are used for evil from another entities.

We tried, but is not always we get good results, avoid those energy used by evil purpose.


Jefferson: In your point of view, why do you think for people is easier to judge, instead of looking at one’s responsibilities?

Tatá Caveira: It is easier. When you judge , you need not look for the bad in itself.

You have no need to make the intimate reform, the bad habits you have to change.

To become a good person requires a lot of effort. People are lazy , they want not change.

It is easier to judge another because while I point the finger at someone eles.

When I point the finger to another person, she’s so busy to defend herself , that he has no time to see at me. I don´t give him a chance to see my faults. That´s a camouflage.


Tatá Caveira: How do you want to learn new things if you hear what you want, stuck at your own thoughts , walking in circles?

How do you want to learn something new, if you do not hear what others have to say?

You do not need to accept the opinion of others, but must listen.


If it is interesting, you make use for yourself.

If not, then let it. However, to decide whether it is good or bad , you have to listen

Jefferson: Then I do not need afraid to listen , at the end changing my own opinion?

Tatá Caveira: No. An example: If I tell you to step on the nail hurts, means that I did experience myself or someone told me. It is your own decision to step on the nails. It is your right to belive me or not.

How to proof if there is Life after Death


Jefferson: How can we prove to ourselves that we are spirits, not only a machine?

Tata Caveira: You guys leave the body every night. If you guys pay attention to, you do not need even proving. You will know by yourself own.
Anyone who has had the experience outside the body, conscious, lucid and remember, do not need no further proof.

Jefferson: Oh yeah? So, for him is already right? I have a friend who did not believe in any of that. When he found himself out of the body, he said: Caramba, brother

Tatá Caveira: That´s it. Then you do not need any intermediary, right? You go there, and you  confirm to yourself, without need anyone to prove to you. This is the greatest proof is the proof that there is no way to contest, boy. For example: I‘ll tell you, you may not believe me, but my assurance no one takes away.

Jefferson: Who wants to do this astral projection have to inform,  practice, with constancy and discipline One time it occurs?

Tatá Caveira: Exacly.  Because, leaving the body, everyone leaves. The problem is that almost no one remembers. You need to train to remember to be conscious of. Right?. It is possible to learn. 

Jefferson: And if the person asking for the guardian angel, mentor, protector, exu, to help remember?

Exu Caveira: Yes, you can ask.

Jefferson: But Why ask for. Why do you not help, if we not  ask?

Exu Caveira: I told you already. We help, but we need your permission. We are not a busybody. We need to know you’re in agreement.
So, if you ask, it’s better.

After all, if you ask, you have awareness of what you’re asking. If, for example, you do not ask and I do something, you will not even know what happened. But if you asked, occurred because you asked, you are aware. It is much better.

Jefferson: If not, we live according to to the will of you?

Tatá Caveira: That´s it. That’s all we do not want.

Jefferson: Mr. Tata, no one dies before their time?

Tatá Caveira: No, hehe. No, no one dies before their time.

Jefferson: then the person can take the most dangerous action?

Tata Caveira: It is not like that, boy! 

If you start to live, dangerous situations, you are aware that the risk is greater.
So if you are living dangerous situation, even if unconsciously, you are looking for it. You are longing that, somehowOr, you are trying to prove who is more powerful…        
So, then my son, things will get ugly.

It’s not like this. Nobody dies before their time, it’s true. But it should not test the death.
You do not know when it’s your time, huh!
Nobody knows when, just know when it arrives. It is not?

Jefferson: So, the story that “no one dies before their time” is what you explained about the free will?

Exu Caveira: Tata Caveira: How so?

Jefferson: If you have destination, you get the right time to die. For example, André Luis died prematurely.

Tatá Caveira: He did not died prematurely. He sought that situation somehowUnconsciously he sought it. He knows that. He says that there (spiritual world.)

Note: (André Luis is a spirit who died because of indirect suicid. He was one of the mentor from the medium Francisco Candido Xavier. Please take a look here, if you wish to know more about: And Life goes on)

Jefferson: That means, before reincarnating, everyone already program with higher spirits, the time that he will die?

Tatá Caveira: exacly.

Jefferson: And the way it will happen

Tatá Caveira: There are many possibilities, boy.

Jefferson: Then, the responsa…….

Tatá Caveira: Boy, The bearded man spoke something … is there, written in his book.  He said he does not know when it comes. He did not say that does not know when the boss is going to come? It is not what he said?

Jefferson: Yes.

Tatá Caveira: This is a figurative way of saying that you do not know when death will come.

Note: (he refers about Jesus) Luke 12: 37 “It will be good for those servants whose master finds them watching when he comes. I tell you the truth, he will dress himself to serve, will have them recline at the table and will come and wait on them.”

Tatá Caveira continues: You do not know when it comes. So, be prepared, get smart. Always does the right things, to death do not surprise you. 

Die, everyone will!So, why not prepare for it too?
You guys prepare for so much, why not to prepare for death?

JeffersonThat is, the length of stay on earth and the liabilities assumed, or the debits commitments, with which, we have to pay?

Tatá Caveira: Only you do not know what are your debts, right? So, not to be caught off guard, you have to do the right things (actions).

If you do the best you can, within your capabilities, when the time of death comes, you will be with a clear conscience:  You do not owes nothing to anyone, you do not leave anything behind, resolved all the particularities  Then, you will die tranquil. Right?




Dialogue 304


Astral Projection – Out-of-body experience

Jefferson: You ‘ve seen people alive who do astral projection walking around ?

Tatá Caveira: Every day.

Jefferson: There is a difference between astral projection and leaving the body when we are sleeping?

Tatá Caveira: Both are the same thing. If you left your body consciously or not , everything is an astral projection. That´s the most natural thing of the world. Even animals have this capacity.

Jefferson: Do they remember?

Tatá Caveira: Sometimes.

Jefferson: How do I do to get out of my body conscious?

Tatá Caveira: Training. Every time before sleep, say to yourself: I want to remember when I get out of my body. And be patience.

Jefferson: Why there is so little information about this theme?

Tatá Caveira: Mankind has difficulty accepting, believing that everything is wonderful, but it is the most natural thing in the world. It’s human nature and everyone is able to go out consciously. You guys just have to put in your head and believe that you can.


Jefferson: Let’s say I go out of the body and see my silver cord, but do not see any spirit around.

This means that though I was in my astral field, you are in another vibration?

Tatá Caveira: Not necessarily. Perhaps we are not there. The astral projection doesn´t depend of a spirit near by. It is your natural condition of being incarnate.

Jefferson: Why incarnated people, when they leave the body, they pass next to an electricity network get stuck in it?

Tatá Caveira: All electric power has a magnetic field around, which interacts with the astral body field.

Jefferson: You also gets stuck?

Tatá Caveira: (he laughs) It would be very funny thing, the bones hanging on power grid hahahahaha

Nobody get stucked. What happen is the attraction. they can be attracted to the magnetic field.

If the spirit have strength in thought, he detaches and get free.

Jefferson: But when they get stuck, they report that, immediately come back into their bodies. Why that?

Tatá Caveira: The magnetic field of the physical body is denser as the astral body.

Then, the magnetic field of the physical body, depending on the state of consciousness it changes. The more the brain is active, the stronger the magnetic field of the physical body. If he is stronger, the attraction also be stronger.

Jefferson: The colors of the clothes influence the environment of energy?

Tatá Caveira: Indirectly. They influence the psychological people. They, with the affected psychological, emanate with the force of the mind, the energies that generate the environment.

The colors do not emanate energies, but the psychological.

Animal energy through meat consumption.

Jefferson: Meat consumption influences the psychic contact?

Tatá Caveira: If you are consuming the flesh you emanating the denser energies.

But that does not mean they are bad. There are tasks in which we need these energies

It all depends on the purpose that you do these energies.

Now, if you are consuming the flesh of an animal, you automatically consume the energy that emanated from him, before he died. The energy of fear, anger stress, sadness at the death. Because the animal is afraid at death. He is a living being, as yourself

If your energy is conected with the animal enegy, then you can feel sick.


Tatá Caveira: The psychic work is a partnership between the medium and the entity. Do not have anyone better or superior than the other.

If I say something or ask for my medium, she has the free will to decide whether to do or not.

If she doesn´t want to do, fine. We must to respect the decision of the medium.

Jefferson: What about those people who love the Umbanda but not embody the entity.

It is possible to reverse the process and they come to be a medium?

Tatá Caveira: No. If not incorporate, it is why not have that ability. But they can help in another way, as energy donation to ensure environmental protection, where it is of the utmost protection in a yard of Umbanda, protecting against attacks energetic coming from entities that have not yet reached the light.

Free will

Jefferson: Some people say that free will you have before reincarnating, in the spiritual world. When we are already embodied, nothing, not even the dialogue that we are having today

it was not happening, if not already set.

Maísa (the medium) explained is doesn´t happen like that. There are energies that are being constructed over time.

As the magnetic attracts and the flame burning, the own vibration attracts events. How do you see the free will?

Tatá Caveira: That´s how I see too.

The free will decided before the reincarnation, when possible, but it is not always possible, when a compulsory reincarnation takes place.

A compulsory reincarnation does not mean that the person is reincarnated in must (by obrigation). This is not true. Sometimes he does not have ability to choose what is best for him at the moment.

Then he is gonna be helped. But it does not mean that he was forced.

Regarding about the normal Free will, the most important fact are choosed in the spiritual world.

As an example: If I gonna be a man or woman, how long I gonna live, if I gonna have children and how many, which profession I gonna follow. Those main things.

When the person is incarnate, life will try to lead that way, which has been planned.

But, many events that take place during her life, are also determined by the person here, in this material world.

Try to imagine the following: This is the life line of my medium Maísa.

free will

Here she was born, in the future she gonna get married and after she has children.

Perhaps, at some point in her life, she decides she does not want to marry

Then her life line will change. But it was also foreseen.

free will 2

The main plan is to get married and have children. Maybe she does not want and went to another way. In this another way was also foreseen and also has a plan.

free will 3

Let’s say that later on, she will get sick. In the spiritual world, by the plan of her life, she decided to get Cancer as a form of paying a Karma or maybe the Cancer will be good for her knowledge or evolution. (Free will)

free will 4

But before getting sick, she learned something, in what she was to learn from the disease.

free will 5

Then she must no longer get sick, changing her Line of life again.

So, her path is diverted from the disease. That was also programated.

free will 6


Jefferson: Do you have access of Maísa, your medium?

Tatá Caveira: Some things yes, but not all. However, I can not interfere in her choices.

For example, is programated that she would be very rich. If she changes her line, then she goes to another way, getting new wxperiences. But this new way was also in the program, as a possibility.

Jefferson: What would you like to see at this time of planetary transition between people, regardless of religion?

Tatá Caveira: Respect. The fact that people are different does not mean they are better or worse than the other. They are only different.

We learn in the differences…

With someone like me, I do not learn anything, because I’m repeating what I already know. With those who are different I learn more.

If there is respect and understanding, we can grow much like humanity.

With different people, I learn other points of view and way of acting, showing that I have several oportunities of choice.

Sometimes I have three choices. When I talk to someone, then I get more 3 choices. So my ecolhas add up to six. When I talk to someone else, then I get more three choices. As we add more choices, greater o’vento

the greater the chances of my learning, to my knowledge. Interact with those who are equal, it is good to give forces, but not to learn.

We have to learn to interact with those who are different, only then there will be an exchange of knowledge. What we need is respect for everything and everyone. Respect with other beliefs, feelings and experiences

Jefferson: I would ask to end our dialogue with a prayer.

Tatá Caveira: (he laughs) I knew you would ask that. On the way I´ve told my medium. “Think about a Exu prayer hahahahaha

Jefferson: Really? I didn´t know that.

Tatá Caveria: (he laughs) Ask my medium.

Exu Prayer

That human beings can learn from his own experiences and from others.

He can understand, that above him has a greater God, looking at the experience of all.

For God there is no good or bad experience. Only the experience each person needs. That every person has the experience that each person deserves, according with his necessity and his grow.

Only then can we grow, the whole of humanity and all of us of the spirit.

We may unite our forces, even though different, complement each other.

There is more unity, understanding, more grace.

There is more joy, more happiness.

There is less taboo, less prejudice.

People can look to others and see part of them in the next.

That´s what I wish you all.

Thank God



Knowledge is a path of no return. If you acquire it, you can not use the crutch of ignorance. But it has to  put in use. If you do not practice, it remais only in your brain. Exu Tatá Caveira

Many Thanks to Exu Tatá Caveira and his phalange.

Many Thanks to the Medium Maísa and the Reporter Jefferson Viscardi