Exu Ventania about Third World War

 If there is merit, interstellar beings managed to prevent. We are infiltrators within large nations.
You can also have an impact of a large planet, but also there is great technologies to divert themYour philosophy not think the machines that exist.
Because the only thing that human beings were able to create were machines for destroying.

I will give an example: I existed in France in the 13th century and there was a way to kill people, in fact, demand the truth, where you tied both feet of a man in two cypress trees and loosened the cypress trees, and one was torn away.

Then, the human being is far more concerned in creating destruction, instead congregation, because he disrupts the initial plan.

Now I will be very cold, do not think that Lucifer is a demon.
Demon is the human being. But there is an attempt by the higher plane, to balance the human being. And you are with, let’s say, the knife and the cheese in your hand.
You guys can plant beautiful roses in your gardens as you guys can exterminate your own world. Exu Ventania.


Source: The Gospel of Judas

Youtube: https://youtu.be/455fiB02P1E Date of Publication: 30.10.2015

Medium: Fernando Parada                 Website: http://marcelamad.wix.com/mahamantra

Reporter: Jefferson Viscardi               Website: http://www.dialogocomosespiritos.com

Photo: Miss Froggy