Earthquake Warning

According to scientists and anthropologists, the planet Earth was formed 4.6 billion years ago while humans, there are about 200 thousand, ie less than 0.01% of the earth’s history. Experts say we detonated a new era: the Anthropocene – in Greek, something like “human innovation” in which the period would have started 200 years ago with the Industrial Revolution, in which we started to alter both its chemistry and biology of the planet.

At the man was given the intellect, so that it has the ability to think, analyze and act.

Unfortunately in the Middle Ages was the prohibition of these natural systems, in which reasoning was permitted only to the clergy and the powerful, so forbidding that most to progress intellectually, and humanity had a delay of half a century.

In the Enlightenment period, the human being jumped, where thinkers were able to express their ideas more freely.

Also known as “Period of Lights,” where the main focus has happened in France, it was the period of transformation in the social structure of Europe, correcting the inequalities in society, thus ensuring the natural rights of the individual.

If we analyze the chronological order of events, the Earth is a living being, because from the beginning of its formation, has never been static. The cataclysms, earthquakes have always happened and ice ages also are part of its history.

However, the man with his fragile constructions and the large cluster in cities, when a natural catastrophe occurs, many lives are snuffed out. Not forgetting also the technology of modern times: If it happens an earthquake in Indonesia, in seconds, the whole world will know. This is globalization. In one way or another, we are all connected.

Not to offend the various religions and atheists, I will explain in a symbolic way the transition of the planet in the vision of what I was learning, so being able to calm down and transmitting security in the face of disasters that may happen. I hope that helps you, who are reading these lines.

The changes that the Earth is suffering and will continue to suffer in the coming years can be compared to a major renovation of a house.

Let’s say that the earth has always gone through reforms, however, since man exists, he has noticed small renovations such as painting a room, sharing a roof, a fix in the kitchen sink

In recent years, this house is undergoing intensive reforms and reaching the pinnacle of this chaos. Because during a renovation, everything is chaos. Dust everywhere, broken tiles, noises … But after the reform, it will be a wonderful house to live.

So, the Earth (the house) is being modernized. Beginning to exchange the entire floor to the roof. Everything will be removed, everything will be molded. Everything will be renewed.

And as this reform is being made, the inhabitants often have to share a single room. In the division of space, conflicts may happen because the ideas, the way of thinking are different. But that does not mean it’s bad, it is part of growth.

Often miss a cup of rice and we will have to borrow from neighbors. Or lack the water for coffee, and often a pipe that burst, will flood the whole house. For this reason, the people will have to improvise, will have to adapt in this chaos, cooperating with each other. But this is great for human growth and an optimal way we exercise patience, the tolerance and love of neighbor;)

The aid to the next in difficult times will greatly facilitate the period of this reform because it will avoid unnecessary conflicts. For this, the confidence and calm are essential facts in these chaotic periods.

During these reforms, the old furniture that has no more repairs, will be also changed. But nothing is lost, they will be donated to people who could fix and polishing them. In this case I am referring to creatures that live only for evil, such as dictators and violent people. In the new planet of regeneration there is not more places for them, and they will reborn again but in a lower planet, helping those people to progress. The law of progress which governs not only nature, but also the universe where nothing is lost, but everything changes. If it were not so, God would not be fair.

In the meantime, new furniture will be purchased for the new house. They are spirits of great philosophers, scientists of the past that will reincarnate on Earth. The religion also will suffer changes. The true apostles of love, like Francis of Assisi for example, are preparing to reincarnate again, helping us to evolve.

To understand the process of inhabited worlds in the end I made a short description.

So, do not allow the lamentations and despair be part of day-to-day, but rejoice at our new home! Let us help to reform it, having faith in coming days, giving the example of patience, and spreading peace and love we go through.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.



Mediumship Symptoms

Mediumship itself is not the cause, it is the result that is showing that you have forgotten that you have a purpose to evolve and live being who was born to be. Bruno J. Gimenes

Photo: Miss Froggy. Minerva in Bath


Mediumship is the sensitivity to the extraphysical. In other words, mediumship is the natural ability, present in all people, to act as a conduit of energy which channels information from a more subtle plane of existence to another denser.

The medium term refers to this ability we all have, without exception, to capture vibrations, which were spiritual, psychic, telluric, not physical, then, they are not perceived by physical eyes. And because they are not perceived by physical eyes is that they constitute a great challenge for humanity.

This means that if you do not study mediumship or develop it through a system, you probably suffer from the negative side of mediumship.
However, the focus of your action should never be the development of your mediumship itself, but the development of your moral conduct, emotional improvement, love development, of forgiveness, of suitable actions to improve your life and put more kindness and joy in every act.

As a rule, mediumship is not the problem, but it only warns that there is a problem in the way you see the world, and almost always indicates that you are not being who was born to be. In other words, mediumship can tell that you are not living the purpose of your soul and your existence.

Now that you understand why mediumship can play tricks” in your life, and that in fact it is not the villain of the story, I want to tell you some signs of mediumship when you are unbalanced and did not find your life purpose. These mediumship signals (in this case) often called unbalanced mediumship symptoms or not developed properly.

  • Discomfort in environments with many people;
  • Discomfort next there are some specific people, even if you do not know them;
  • Restlessness for no reason;
  • Mood disorders without apparent cause and constant bipolarity;
  • Antipathies unjustifiable;
  • Sudden changes of personality states without apparent cause;
  • Empty chest and feeling anxiety, depression forthcoming;
  • Agitation, hyperactivity and disproportionate animosity towards common situations;
  • Anger, stress and hassle disproportional for common situations;
  • sleep disorders;
  • anxiety disorders;
  • self-defeating thoughts;
  • mental and creative block;
  • Fainting with no apparent cause;
  • Pain without apparent cause;
  • Insomnia;
  • emotional phobias of most varied
  • Restlessness and lack of emotional satiety;
  • espirituais’ disorders, feelings of figures and voices that cause discomfort;
  • Acute feelings of worthlessness and low self-esteem, among others.Conclusion:

You may ask yourself after reading this article: Am I with the symptoms of the unbalanced mediumship?
And I answer you that if you found some similarities in the response that is most likely yes.

But the focus should never be mediumship itself, but its growth as a being who must always evolve. Ifin case, that sense of self-charging, take your mind, let him aside, and just dedicate yourself to increase your state of love, compassion, kindness, gratitude for life and done!

Mediumship itself is not the cause, it is the result that is showing that you have forgotten that you have a purpose to evolve and live being who was born to be!

If you focus on that direction, of course your mediumship will be a great allied. You can trust!
A lot of light Bruno J. Gimenes

Mediumship 1: Out-of-body

The emancipation of the soul during sleep would seem to indicate that we live
simultaneously two lives; the life of the body, which is that of exterior relation, and the life of the soul, which is that of occult relation,-is this so? Allan Kardec

338. If several spirits demanded to incarnate themselves in a body about to be born, in what way would the decision be made between them?
“In such a case, it is God who judges as to which spirit is best fitted to fulfil the destiny appointed for the child; but, as I have already told you, the spirit is designated before the instant in which he is to unite himself with the body.” Allan Kardec, the Spirit´s Book

Photo: M.F.

Silmara Alessandra Alves

Youtube:  Date of Publication: 17.11.2013


The issue that I will address today is about the unfolding, known as astral travel or  out of the body experience.

The astral travel or experience out of body, it happens with all people, it is a natural process that we all human beings are able.

The astral travel or experience out of the body, is nothing but your spirit leave the body while you sleepGoing to places where your energies are like (attraction law).

All human beings go out of body because the spirit does not sleep. However, we do not we remember our actions.
The symptoms we feel, before leaving the body, are often confused with nightmares. Before I have knowledge about it, assumed it was nightmare I had.
I started out of the body, when I was 5-7 years old.

It happened when I was lying in bed with my parents, I was not sleeping, just with closed eyes.
Suddenly, I could not move, I felt my heart beat very strong, and it was so clear that it seemed like I heard it hit. At the same time, a tingling in the muscles, as if having a shock.

And I began to levitate. I remember seeing my parents sleeping and I floated around the room screaming desperate for help.
But beyond anyone hears my voice, I also could not hear. I cried so much, it felt like my throat would burst. It was very nerve-racking!

After that I was very scared because I did not accept what was happening to me. I slept with my head, covered by the blanket, and always holding my father’s hand.

Symptoms are varied: You are so tired, the head is so heavy that you can not move, called the famous projective catalepsy: You are alive, awake, but no muscle moves.

Note: (In the past many people were buried alive, because at that time, medicine was very precarious. I have an aunt who says her mother was buried alive) M.F.

After that, the tingle is in the whole body, which gives a lot of fear.
And the feeling of you float. Often you see your sleeping body, not knowing what’s going on.

Often, you have the feeling to be a balloon being filled.

There are other symptoms, but these are the classics, when you are having a split (out-of-body) lucidlyYou go out of your body, knowing that you are not dreaming. At the same time, you know that it is not in real life.

It’s like a dream, but you have the lucidity of the here and now. The dream difference is that you are fully aware, you know everything you did the day before and is able to take any decisions.



Dreams, all have every night with few memories; the split becomes very rare, because it follows a very large scale. The conscious detachment is more difficult these days, however, the evolution of souls tells us that need for humanity. In evolutionary point of creatures, if they are given every evening a few minutes of conscious detachment, they can go atrophying until disembodiment because they want to stay in the home of the Spirit, which presents them with greater harmony. It takes preparation, inside the Christ guidelines.

The Book of Spiritsappears in the issue the same way that if you visit a jailed: spiritual teachers comes to the aid of embodied, such as stuck in the flesh, in certain tests and different tests to pass. You may want to note the reactions we have before our enemies, to analyze what is passing by our feelings.

If we suffer with injury, certainly it retains a wound in our hearts; if we suffer with contempt, he still lives in our feeling; if we suffer with the violence of predators, such violence is not out of our inner world; if we suffer with all forms of backbiting, the revolt lives in us. showing up for our position against those who hurt us. We need to review our internal environment and renew our feelings by the power of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. In this way, our dreams, both embodied and disembodied, will become beautiful and perfect, in the perfect order of the universe. We attract to us what we are inside our heart.

When spiritualists enliven the consciousness, starting to read and understand the coding of our dear preceptor Allan Kardec, they will  become like ripe fruits that fall from the tree of  Earth to the floor of the spiritual life and come to be born again, with new possibilities to understand more about the progress of human being and assimilating the true understanding of Jesus about the life that continues. The Doctrine of the Spirits is not and can not be stable; it tracks the progress and it is anticipated, when the hearts find themselves in preparation.


Allan Kardec – The Spirits Book. Year of Publication: 18.04.1857

407. Is it necessary to the emancipation of the soul that the sleep of the body should be
“No; the spirit recovers his liberty as soon as the senses become torpid. He takes advantage, in order to emancipate himself, of every moment of respite left him by the body. As soon as there occurs any prostration of the vital forces, the spirit disengages himself from the body, and the feebler the body, the freer is the spirit.”
It is for this reason that dozing, or a mere dulling of the senses, often presents the same images as dreaming.

408. We sometimes seem to hear within ourselves words distinctly pronounced, but having no connection with what we are thinking of,-what is the cause of this?
“Yes, you often hear words, and even whole sentences, especially when your senses begin to grow torpid. It is sometimes the faint echo of the utterance of a spirit who wishes to
communicate with you.”
409. Often, when only half-asleep, and with our eyes closed, we see distinct images, figures of which we perceive the minutest details,-is this an effect of vision or of imagination?
“The body being torpid, the spirit tries to break his chain. He goes away and sees; if the sleep were deeper, the vision would be a dream.”
410. We sometimes, when asleep, or half-asleep, have ideas which seem to us to be excellent, but which, despite all the efforts we make to recall them, are effaced from our memory on waking,-whence come these ideas?
“They are the result of the freedom of the spirit, who emancipates himself from the body, and enjoys the use of other faculties during this moment of liberty; and they are often counsels given you by other spirits

412. Can the activity of the spirit, during the repose or the sleep of the body, cause fatigue to the latter?
“Yes, for the spirit is attached to the body, as the captive-balloon is fastened to the post; and, just as the post is shaken by the movements of the balloon, so the activity of the spirit reacts upon the body, and may cause it to feel fatigued.”

413. The emancipation of the soul during sleep would seem to indicate that we live
simultaneously two lives; the life of the body, which is that of exterior relation, and the life of the soul, which is that of occult relation,-is this so?
“During the emancipation of the soul, the life of the latter takes precedence of the life of the body; this, however, does not, strictly speaking, constitute two lives, but rather two phases of one and the same life, for a man does not live a double life.”
414 Can two persons, who are acquainted with each other, visit one another in sleep?
“Yes; and many others, who, in their waking state, do not know that they are acquainted, meet and converse together. You may, without suspecting it, have friends in another country. The fact of going, during sleep, to visit friends, relatives, acquaintances, persons who can be of use to you, is extremely frequent; and you yourselves accomplish these visits almost every night.”
415. What can be the use of these nocturnal meetings, since we do not remember them?
“The intuition of them generally remains with you in your waking state, and is often the
origin of ideas which afterwards occur to you, as it were, spontaneously, without your being able to account for them, but which are really those you had obtained in the spirit-intercourse carried on by you during your sleep.”

416. Can a man ensure the making of spirit-visits by the exertion of his will? Can he do so,
for example, by saying to himself, on going to sleep, “I will to-night meet such and such a
person in spirit, and speak with him about such and such a thing”?
“This is what takes place. The man falls asleep, and his spirit wakens to the other life; but his spirit is often very far from following out the plan which had been resolved upon by the man, for the life of the man excites but little interest in a spirit when he is emancipated from matter. This statement, however, only applies to men who have already reached a certain degree of elevation. The others pass their spirit-existence very differently. They give free rein to their passions, or remain inactive. It may happen, therefore, according to the aim of the proposed action, that a spirit may go to see the parties he had, as a man, proposed to visit; but it does not follow that, because he has willed to do so in his waking state, he will necessarily do so in his state of freedom.”
417. Can a number of incarnate spirits, during sleep, meet together, and form assemblies?
“Undoubtedly they can. The ties of friendship, old or new, often bring together spirits who are happy to be in each other’s company.”
By the term old must be understood the ties of friendship contracted in anterior existences. We bring back with us. on waking, an intuition of the ideas which we have derived from these occult meetings, but of the source of which we are ignorant.

The reincarnation of Judas Iscariot

Personally, I’m sure, that Judas and Joan of Arc are the same spirit.
However, as it is a revelation each may accept or not, according to its emotional taste. Divaldo Franco


Personally, I’m sure, that Judas and Joan of Arc are the same spirit.However, as it is a revelation each may accept or not, according to its emotional taste. Divaldo Franco


Source nr. 1: Lecture of Aroldo Dutra:

In a few weeks we will be celebrating Easter. On tv programs, radios and many churches point to the main figure of one of the most controversial creatures of the Earth’s history: Judas Iscariot

In the lecture of a renowned Brazilian spiritist historian, Aroldo Dutra, he quotes on the plans of Judas.
What was Judas plan? What constitutes betrayal of Judas?
In a classic book, Umberto camps, explains in detail: Judas looked at Jesus and did not understand the meekness of Christ. He believed that Jesus was slow, had fear in his resolutions. Judas believed that the success of
gospel was dependent on an alliance with the powerful of the time. Judas could not understand that the kingdom of God is a divine work in the heart.

He thought that the kingdom of God is external work, to be built with stone. It is the work that depends on human policy. He then hatches a plan: A human plan. and none of us can criticize and point fingers at judas, because two thousand years ago all we are repeating the experience of Judas. We are looking for jesus outside. We rely more on external human powers than the heavenly goodness, that drive us inside, internal. The judas plan would be to make an alliance with the Romans and the Jewish leaders. They arrest Jesus, Judas would assume the leadership of an armed revolution, would wage a war for Israel‘s independence and after freeing Jerusalem from the Roman power, they would release himAnd Judas, happily I would say to him:… “Master, the kingdom is ready sits on the throne I have killed, I have achieved the blood has been spilled, the achievements were made now sits on the throne, master, reigns sovereignly about Us.”
This was the Judas plan. Conquer the outside, before conquering the own heart.

Dominate others before reaching self-control. But in his naiveté, the Messiah is arrested and is crucified.
Realizing that he had been the victim of cleverness and human policy, with a giant remorse, realizing the mistake, realizing that he trusted men more
than God, Judas does not support the pain. And commits suicide.

He would be the apostle of Jesus who needs the highest dose of love, because he was the apostle who had the greatest difficulty to understand that the kingdom of God is God’s work in the heart of men.



Source nr. 2: Book: Chronicles of beyond-grave  published on April 19, 1935 by the medium Francisco Xavier. Spirit: Humberto de Campos

Chapter 5: Silence august falls on the Holy City. The ancient capital of Judea seems to sleep her sleep of centuries. Beyond rests Gethsemane, where the Divine Master cried in a long night of agony, there is the holy Golgotha, and every silent thing, there is a trace of passion that times will keep forever. And through the whole scenario, as a crystalline tears came, passing the silent Jordan, as its muted waters, seeking the Dead Sea, wanted to hide from the tumultuous affairs of men the unfathomable secrets of the Nazarene.

Thus, one of these nights I saw Jerusalem, living her eternity curses.

The spirits can vibrate in direct contact with history. Seeking an intimate relationship with the city of the prophets, looking to see the living past of the Holy Places. It seems that the iconoclastic hands of Tito passed by there as executors of an irrevocable decree. Everywhere there is still a breath of destruction and doom. Legions of leprechauns, Hooded Horsemen in their old clothes, walk the sacred ruins and among the fatalities weighing on the dead emporium of the Jews, do not listen to men, the moans of invisible humanity.

In the quiet banks of the Jordan, not far perhaps the sacred place where the Precursor baptized Jesus Christ, I spotted a man sitting on a stone. From his physiognomic  expression, radiated a attractive sympathy.

Do you know who this to be? Someone whispered in my ear – this is Judas.

Judas !

Yes. Spirits appreciate sometimes, despite the progress already achieved, retrace his steps, visiting the places where they have become great or transgressed, feeling momentarily transported to bygone days. Then dip the thought in the past, returning to the present, arranged the necessary heroism of the future. Judas usually come to earth in the days when we celebrate the Passion of Our Lord, meditating on his acts of long ago

That figure of a man magnetized me. I’m still not free of the reporter’s curiosity, but between my evil sinner and perfection of Judas there was an abyss. My impudence, however, and the holy humility of his heart, linked to what I went through, trying to hear it.
You are, in fact, the former son of Iscariot? I asked.
Yes, I am Judas said one sad man, wiping a tear in the folds of his long coat.

He continued:

Like Jeremiah, of the Lamentations, I contemplate sometimes this ruined Jerusalem, meditating in the judgment of transient men

It is a truth all that reads the New Testament concerning your personality in the tragedy of condemnation of Jesus?

In part The scribes who wrote the Gospels, did not respond to the circumstances and the political intrigues that above my actions prevailed in nefarious crucifixion. Pontius Pilate and the Tetrarch of Galilee, beyond their individual interests in question were still in charge, safeguarding the interests of the Roman state, committed to satisfy the religious aspirations of the Jewish elders. Always the same story.

The Sanhedrin wanted the kingdom of heaven, fighting for Jehovah, with fire and sword; Rome wanted the kingdom of the earth. Jesus was among those opposing forces with its immaculate purity. Now I was one of the most passionate socialist ideas of the Master, but my excessive zeal for the doctrine made me to sacrifice its founder. Over hearts, I tended to see political, the only weapon with which to triumph and Jesus would not get any victory. With his theories could never win over the reins of power since, in his poor mantle, he felt possessed of a holy horror to property.

then I planned a deaf revolt as projects today on Earth the fall of a head of state. The Master would a secondary plan and I would arrange collaborators to a vast and energetic work as it did later Constantine First the Great, after winning Maxentius at the gates of Rome, which in fact only served to undermine Christianity. Handing therefore the Master, to Caiaphas I did not think that things would reach an so pitiful end  and grated with remorse, I assumed that suicide was the only way to redeem myself in his eyes.

And saved by repentance?

. No I could not. Remorse is a primary force for repairing jobs. After my tragic death submerge myself in centuries of atoning suffering of my lack. I suffered horrors, in persecutions inflicted on Rome the adherents of the doctrine of Jesus and my tests culminated in a inquisitorial bonfire, where imitating the Master, was betrayed, sold and usurped. Victim of felony and treason, I left on the Earth the ultimate vestiges of my crime, in the fifteenth century in Europe. Since that day, I gave me, for the love of Christ to all the tortures and infamies that defiled me with resignation and pity for my tormentors, I closed the cycle of my reincarnations painful on the Earth, feeling in the forehead the forgiveness kiss of my own conscience

And are you today meditating in the days that have been gone I thought sadly.

Yes I am recapitulating the facts as they passed. And now, congregating to Him, which is found in its luminous kingdom of heaven, that is not from this world, I feel on these roads the sign of his divine steps. I see him still on the Cross giving God his destiny I feel the blatant injustice of the comrades who abandoned Him all and it comes me an affectionate remembrance of the few women who have sustained Him at the painful trance In all the celebrations to him rendered, I am always the disgusting figure of the traitor I look complacently those who accuse me without thinking if they can cast the first stone About my name weighs the millennial curse, as on these places full of misery and misfortune. Personally, however, I am sated of Justice, because I was acquitted by my conscience in court of torture redeemers.

Regarding the Divine Master continued Judas with his tears infinite is his mercy, and not only to me, because if I received thirty pieces of silver, selling Him to his executioners, for many centuries, he is criminally being sold in the world to wholesale and retail for prices in all the coined  standards gold 

It’s true I concluded and the new negotiators of Christ does not hang after selling Him.

Judas walked away taking the direction of the Holy Sepulchre and I confused the invisible shadows, to the world, I saw that the sky gleamed some stars on the drab and sad clouds, while the Jordan rolled in his stillness such as a blanket of dead water, looking for a dead sea.



Source Nr. 3:

According to the great medium Divaldo Franco, Joan of Arc was the reincarnation of Judas Iscariot.

Divaldo Franco: For us, the Spiritist, the reincarnation should only be considered when does it come from key simultaneously by several mediums that do not know each other, in different places of the earth.
One of the first revelations about judas was through Leon Deni, this apostle of the city of Toulouse in France, who was truly a faithful follower of Allan Kardec codification.

Leon Deni who left us an extraordinary work, from the philosophical point of view till poetic. From the scientific point of view, as ethical moral.  

He was guided by the spirit of Joan of Arc. And she would have revealed that in the remote past, had been the one who was wrong and betrayed Jesus. But she also said that before reaching the culmination of redemption, she had gone through various experiences of pain, shadow, and repentance.

He was guided by the spirit of Joan of Arc. And she would have revealed that in the remote past, had been the one who was wrong and betrayed Jesus. But she also said that before reaching the culmination of redemption, she had gone through various experiences of pain, shadow, and repentance. 

Until reincarnated as the sweet girl of orleans, and through that, has been in contact with the spirit world, as for example, the noble spirits ofwere the Archangel Michael, Saint Catherine, and Saint Margaret according to the Catholic tradition, nd get up to liberate France from the terrible 30-year war with England, thereby being took to the martyr..

 “I saw them with my bodily eyes, as clearly as I see you; and when they departed I used to weep, and wish that they would take me with them.” Joan said that the Voices told her that she must “go into France”


because of the betrayal of a Catholic priest who attended the English. There, she cried: My God, my voices deceived me. They had said in my prison, that in three days would be free.
The freedom was not physical, was immortality.
Back to school Galilean, from where they departed one day, disturbance of various kinds that we can not evaluate. It was therefore restored the school of those who followed Jesus, with the return of Judas. from the city of Iscariot, the only Jewish among those 11 Galileans, which were faithful. 

Personally, I’m sure, that Judas and Joan of Arc are the same spirit.

However, as it is a revelation each may accept or not, according to its emotional taste. Divaldo Franco

Dangers of Mediumship

The word has power. It can bring message of universal love or make a nation perish depending on how it is used and interpreted. Miss Froggy

Photo: Miss Froggy

Mediumship is not a “gift” to a few but it is present in every human being.
The most common is the intuition. For example, many mothers intuit when something happens with the children and often something really happened.

A very interesting case was the grandparents of a good friend of mine. During World War II, his grandfather worked in a German submarine. He was asleep and suddenly woke up at night with an inner voice that told him to go to the front of the submarine. He got up, ran, naked. When he got there, his comrades laugh when they saw him. At the same time, they heard an explosion. A ship enemy” had bombed the submarine, and the affected part was the one where was found his cabin.

At the same time, thousands of kilometers away, his wife, grandmother of this friend, woke with a start, sensed that something was wrong. How to explain this fact?

Similarly, I could mention a very interesting passage, which the mathematical Newman quotes about John Nash. The famous mathematician is suffering from Schizophrenia.

Donald Newman speaks clearly, that since some time was trying to solve a mathematical problem, which could not not find the result.
One night, while sleeping, he dreamed of John Nash, in which he asked about the mathematical problem. John Nash, in turn, gave the correct result.

Please watch the video: 11 – 12 Min. 


Upon waking, he Newman went to the table, check the answer. To his astonishment, the answer he had obtained was correct. How did he explain this fact? He did not know the answer.

The book of mediums from allan kardec It is a safe book, which describes in detail the psychic phenomena, as well as the dangers and deceptions that the spirits preach to us.

Here as PDF:

Today I was reading, for some months I have suffered obsession. As I do not have the habit of prayer, I am so an easy prey“.
So I’d like to apologize for my human errors. If there is something that you guys read and not coinscide with the law of love of neighbor, which is the largest maximum, left by higher spirits, please disregard. After all, as Kant says:

All our knowledge begins with the senses, proceeds then to the understanding, and ends with reason. There is nothing higher than reason.

Why do I say this? Many mediums fail, few can manage to complete the mission as it was planned. One reason is the attachment to materialism. Also power, feel to be someone special. Feel the “emissary of God”, having a mission on Earth. We all have a mission: To spreed Love and Peace!!! 

John, who wrote Revelation, was a medium who worked on the Gospel of Christ, and because of his old age, he failed to decrypt and pass the figurative message in which there were interpretations errors.
But it was not his fault.

It also has a medium who was born about 600 years after Christ‘s coming. I will quote no name, to be a very controversio and even dangerous subject, but if the Lord Jesus will allow me, I will write an article and you will know who I mean.

His mission was to bring the message of the high, so much so that his book is distinguished very well, containing two distinct parts, according to the historians.
He was married to a woman of good financial situation. And by having poor background, I believe that this was his decline, as money, social status are the earthly devils,” especially to the mediums.

Being active medium is not benefit, but redemption of past lives. Usually pretty, those with the very marked mediumship were people who committed heinous crimes in the past or have led people to the abyss, like the Popes of the Crusades and the inquisitors. Many of them were reborn and are mediums today. And many of them were born in Brazilian lands, known as “the homeland of the Gospel.”

It is not for nothing that every 2 hours is a church founded in the Latin lands. Please check here:

In the next article, I will write about the psychic symptoms.

Thank you for your attention and I wish a good Sunday with peace and love


Eshu John Skull: For the love through the pain

I‘ve reduced to a worm, played in the darkness of my own conscience and only those who have the grant to enter this darkness and who can evaluate what I’m saying, because it is indescribable. Joao Caveira


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Joao Skull it is one of the phalanges of entities responsible for the routing of souls (disembodied spirits) that roam the cemeteries, to capture and sorting areas.
It is represented by a man carrying a human skull. In another version is the very skull standing. It is usually associated as being located at the cemetery gate (doll), but its action is much broader.
His mediumship demonstrations are occurring in the yards. It is a serious entity of few words, usually going directly to the point. John Skull (Joao Caveira) belongs to the phalanx of Exu Skull, which in turn is governed by Orisha Omolu.

Many thanks to Thainara Segurado, who allowed me to to translate this wonderful text, thus bringing more enlightenment about the spiritual life and the laws of action and reaction. God bless you! Axe. 

Many thanks to Exu Joao Caveiro to share his life and experiences with us.

I hope it will bring many plenty of light of knowledge to all those who are open to this knowledge.
After all, we will all reap what we sow, with own hands. Much will be charged the ones that much has been given
A hug to all, Miss Froggy


I am Exu seated, in the forces of the Lord Omulu, and under his divine radiation I work. I was accepted by the divine throne and named Eshu about two millennia after my last time on earth, which was a miserable sinner and disembodied tied to hate, seeking revenge, giving tricks to my selfishness, vanity and all others human vices that can be imagined.

I was lord of a village where dwelt the edge of the great sacred river. Our village worshiped nature, and innocently we did cruel  offerings of animals and human fetuses. Until my own wif became pregnant and the priest decided that the seed that grew in the womb of my beloved, should be sacrificed to appease the God of the storm.

Obviously I do not allow such a misfortune bore down on my future family, because it was my first child. But all my efforts were in vain. On a stormy night, the men of the village gathered, invaded my tent silently stole my wife and raped her, causing immediate abortion, and the fetus, they made futile offer the well of sacrifice. My chest was filled with hate and I did nothing to stop it. Just as there was life in me, I killed one by one of the executioners of my wife including such a priest.

I started to not believe in God because the sacrifice was useless. So much so that my village disappeared from the earth, buried by sand, Such was the fury of the storm. Suddenly what was river, turned sand and what was sand, turned river. But my hatred persisted. In my eyes there was blood and all I wanted was blood.

Without realizing it, I was being spiritually influenced by the men I killed, who were organized into a black phalanx in order to see me dead too. The priest was the leader. then I became a victim of hatred that I own sowed.

No address and aimless, but with an army of dark hateful men, we advance against several villages and towns, destroying innocent lives and fearfully haunting all ancient Egypt. Thus invaded land and more land, spotted the sacred Nile blood water, we drank and we handed in all depravities with all women who captured him. It was a horrible adventure.

The more hatred I had, the more I felt thirsty. If I could not have my wife, so that no man anywhere could have his. I gave myself to other men, but at the same time sharply raped women.

Children, unfortunately, we killed them without mercy. Our trail was complete hatred and destruction.
Until we come to the palaces of a majestic Pharaoh, which also aroused much hatred in some very interested to destroy it, because they did not agree with their doctrine and religion. So here we were paid for to do what we enjoy doing, kill the pharaoh. It was then ordered my death.

The faithful soldiers of the palace, they were very numerous, annihilated us with the same ruthlessness that we had to others. Who hurts with iron, iron will be hurt. This fit the exact measurement for us.

I departed to hell. But I do not speak of hell to which people are used to hearing the lies of ephemeral religions that preach there. Hell to which I refer is the hell of conscience. This indeed is relentless. Seeing my inert body, hit by the stroke of a sword, and bleeding, I could not understand what was happening. But the blood gushing reminded me of all my atrocities.

I looked around the space around me, and all I saw were people killed. Everything turned suddenly. All spaces were filled with filthy and stinking bodies, skulls and more skulls approached and walked away. In that ecstasy, I fell defeated. I do not know how long I stood there, inert and crying, seeing all that horror.
Everything was blood, a terrible fire burning in me and it was still the most cruel. My conscience was closed in itself. Fear came over me, since it was not I, but the weight of my mistakes that condemned me. Nothing I could do.The laughter came out and hit my senses deep down inside.
Fear grew and I cried more and more.

There I was, utterly defeated by myself, by my hatred increasingly meaningless. Where was the love with which I built my village? Where were my companions? My dear wife? Everyone abandoned me. There was nothing except weeping and gnashing of teeth. I‘ve reduced to a worm, played in the darkness of my own conscience and only those who have the grant to enter this darkness and who can evaluate what I’m saying, because it is indescribable.

Remember all that today no longer brings me any more pain, because I learned a lot from this sad episode of my spiritual life. For many years I wandered in this dark immensity, trampled by my enemies, to the end of my strength. There was no more sighing, no tears, no hate, no love, in short, nothing to be felt. I was exhausted by the last drop of blood, I became a worm. And in my worm condition, I got a last burst of my vile conscience for help to someone who could help me.

Behold, then, after much crying, it appeared someone to take me out from there, still dragged. I remember that I was tied to a big, black horse and the gentleman who was riding resembled to a warrior, no less cruel than I was. After long journey, I was housed on a rock. Over there he fed me and took care of me with an incomprehensible zeal. Did they heard my pleas? I wondered myself intimately.

Yes of course, but I still was there in that hell, I answered myself. Just shut up and take advantage of the suggestion that your father has given you. said a voice that does not know where. What I did not understand and how he had heard me, since I did not say a word, just thought, but he heard. I said nothing altogether.

For long, long years I was in that stone, similar to a bed until my “body” has recovered and was able to get up again. He introduced himself, my savior. A noble knight, armed to the teeth. He carried a huge trident, studded with flaming rubies. His bearing was huge. He wore a top hat, but I could not see his face.

– Do not try to look at me, buster, the day you see yourself, you will see me, because here we are all equalSaid the man, grimly. My body was shaking and I could not contain my voice did not come out and I looked down, resigning myself before his orders.
I was ordained to lead you and have you as a slave. You must obey me if you do not want to return to that den of madmen where you were. Follow my instructions carefully and I will give you work and food. Disobey and have the deserved punishment.
May I know your name, noble sir?
– Not for now. at the right time I will reveal, now shut up, we go to our first job.
– It’s ok.

I followed the man, he on the horse and I ran after him like a servant. We wandered through those dirty places and perform various tasks together. I learned to handle weapons, which were given to me after a long time. Gradually my love for creation was reborn. The various lessons that were passed me made me realize the importance of this work in the lower astral. Gradually I was climbing the stairs of that mystery with loyalty and affection.

I gained the confidence of my boss and his superiors. I was put to the test and was approved. I soon learned to fly and shaping the things I wanted. There were years and years of learning. I do not know to tell the time of the Earth, but I assure that fewer than one hundred years were not.

It was then, that at a meeting full of men equal to my boss, I was officially named Eshu. In it I introduced myself to Mr. Omulu and the divine throne, assuming the responsibilities that all Eshu must take if you want to be Eshu.

Love the creator and its laws;
– Love the creation of the father and all his creatures;
Loyalty above all;
Understanding and study, to judge with proper wisdom;
Obey the rules below, as well as the above;
And some other rules was not allowed to mention, given the importance for all the Exus.

At first, I worked in the phalanx of my chef, for granted and sympathy. But soon came to me the need to have my own phalanx, as the slaves who were already captured in large numbers. For the same time, that old priest of my town, remember? Well, he reincarnated in African lands and my wife should be his wife, that the law might be fulfilled. Seeing the picture frame that formed, I immediately requested an audience with the Divine Omulu, and Mr. OgunAvagã so I could be the guardian of my former tormentor. My request was granted. If I was successful, I could have my phalanx.

So, I stand the side of the priest who, in the village where he was born, was prepared from childhood to be the Babalorixá(tribe chief) to replace his father’s blood. The daughter of Babalao was my former wife, who was promised to his former tormentor. Thus developed the plot that ended our differences, my ex-wife gave birth to twenty-four children and all of them were created with due care. Much work I had in that village. Until the invasion, catches and the slave trade to the West did. The redoubled work, because we had to contain the anger and hatred emanating from the African slaves, attached to the holds of the slave ships.
But my protege was old and was spared, but their children do not. all were enslaved. But it was the law and it should be fulfilled.

After a long time an order came from the high: All guardians must prepare, new settlements will be needed, a new Religion will be born, which for us was soon, because I do not know if you noticed, but the spiritual time is different from the material . We prepare ourselves, as we are commanded, until the Umbanda started. Then I was appointed Guardian left of the Sacred Omulu, and then I could take my phalanx, my degrees and my steps. Again assumed the obligation to conduct my former tormentor, who is now in ! up done worthily achieved due to all the work and sacrifices made in favor of Umbanda and well.

Today, here at the bottom, I command a phalanx of Exus skull, and only after many, many years I could see my face in a mirror, and I could see that it is equal to my great and dear tutor the Great Lord Exu Tata Skull, to whom I owe a lot of respect and affection. Do not confuse the Eshu John Skull With Exu Tata Skull, jobs are similar but the mysteries are different.

Tata Skull works in the seven fields of faith. Eshu John Skull, works in the mysteries of generation in the calunga because it is there that life is transformed, giving place the generation of other lives. Where there is infidelity and disrespect for the generation of life or their like, Eshu John Skull acts, devitalizing and leading in the right way, so they do not fall into the painful and merciless prey, because I do not wish anyone a tenth of what I passed.

If your actions are good and laudable before the generation and the Father Major, then we vitalize and give shape to all the wishes of anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of my mysteries. In any case, love reigns, yes, love, and because Eshu can not talk about love? Now, if it was love all Eshu was saved, then love is good and respect to him preserves us the way. This is my mystery. Anywhere in the doll, practice with love and respect your religion, because Eshu John Skull abominates the betrayal and infidelity, for example, abortion, that is not tolerated by me and all who do such an act, are then condemned to live under the harsh hosts of my mystery.

Ask whatever you want with faith, and faith will bring you, as all Exus Skull are faithful to the mediums and those who come to us

The phalanx of Exus Skull belongs to Great Tata skull, the other can not quote, speak only of my mystery, for it I have knowledge and license to open what I think necessary and basic for your learning, for the rest, seek with your personal exus who are great friends of their children and certainly they shall know to guide with affection about your doubts.

Further more, if a Eshu from my phalanx can win through his medium or protected, it automatically reaches the right to leave the bottom and climb the developments in other spheres.
The Divine Father Major may bless you and that the highest law of all religions bring you better days.

With love.

Eshu John Skull. (Exu Joao Caveira)

Perspective of view

Photo: Miss Froggy. Germany 2003

Absolute truth does not exists. What did exist, it is the way we interpret the facts. But there, our own truth. And our truth is not the same true for the other.
We should be lucid, to put ourselves on a level beyond the mass reactions. If, every time we see or hear a news broadcast without us questioning the veracity of the facts, then we let influence us as geese, unable to think or to analyze the facts.

We have reached the very high intellectual level, able to discern what is right from what is wrong. We have the ability to question if what a religious leader preaches us coinscide with good or evil.
On the internet, especially on YouTube has many accusations against the Pope of the Catholic Church saying he bring itself, the number of the Beast. Unbelievable, but many believe it because they hear without studying the facts.
If they studied the background, they would know that the informations that run over the Internet are all false.

If Pope Francis goes to Congress in the United States, asking for the environment, they say that he is plotting to dominate the world. If he meets with the Islamic religious leader, they accuse him of violating the laws of “holy church.”
After 1000 years, the Pope meets Orthodox leader, setting an example for peace, many people see it as an embarrassment.

How canWhat people see about being good or evil?

For example: Many people admire King Solomon, because he was righteous and built the temple, which was guarding the holy ark for many years. But few are unaware that he was Medium and spoke with spirits.

Many see Constantine as a saint, because he had a vision, which is nothing more than a mediumship, and also opened the door to Christianity, because without him, there would be no Christianity or evangelical churches, which are roots of the same religion.
But people ignore historical facts, in which he killed his wife Fausta and own child.
For evangelicals, spiritism is work of the devil.
For spiritist, Umbanda are delayed spirits.

If we say: “my God is good, but the Islamic God, the God of other people are false“, it is the same as we are accepting that there are other gods.

For, if  is not so, we all would see God as unique. What changes are the prophets who brought the good news. What changes is the cultural context of each people. What changes is our ability to see the reality of the facts and see in a clear and objective way, without judgment.

Are we all hypocrites or ignorant? Just for reflection, without offense!

Jesus left a simple commandment to be understood: Love thy neighbor as thyself.

For some, this commandment reduces to family members. For others, it reduces the neighbors, the community. Now, very few see their own nation. And the minority, the planet Earth, with all creatures ….

Please, think about it! It’s time to wake up to the divine and true love that is within each one. As the father Joaquim says: The seed of mustard that is planted inside each one.

Thank you for reading and a nice sunday!

Miss Froggy

Self-knowledge: The key to happiness

Simplicity, patience, compassion.
These three are your greatest treasures.
Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being.
Patient with both friends and enemies, you accord with the way things are.
Compassionate toward yourself, you reconcile all beings in the world.”

Dear readers,
in the last few weeks, I worked intensively, trying to translate many texts. Some of them with very strange themes, even to me 😉

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Before that, I would like to give a tip about an excellent Brazilian film.

This film is about self-knowledge. Subtitules: English and Spanish.

I hope you enjoy.

A hug a all of you and see you soon!
Lots of light and peace and Axe!

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Herbal baths: Cleaning and Energizing for the Soul

The energizing baths are important, because they will awaken in you the desire to go to the day-to-day, desire to win things, and mainly will give you an ability to intuit good things. Marcos Felipe


Speaker: Marcos José Felipe. Linguist, translator, teacher and psychic. Also leader of Shamanism school and Umbanda Triade Brazil.

Photo: Miss Froggy

Different cultures, different peoples have always used the aroma and aromatherapy as a way to get rid of physical, mental and spiritual weariness. Nowadays it is very common that people always ask, wanting to know something about herbs baths, and what their effects.

First of all it is important to understand that herbs are a kind of energy. Each herbal bath will promote in your energy field a kind of reaction, depending on the type of reaction you want to have, you should use one or another herb.

The unloading baths, so-called “descarrego”, usually involves herbs that are not very fragrant, because they have the power to ward off energies that are not good (negative energy). So a few tips that I can give to you as to unload baths involve herbs like:

Arruda                   botanic: Ruta graveolens
Guiné, Ortega      botanic: Petiveria tetrandra
Coffee powder

These ingredients have the power to make an energetic cleaning. Also a bath with rock salt, which is not an herb, but is widely used in these discharge baths or energetic cleaning.

It is always important, after a unload bath, make an energizing bath. Usually I do a unload bath before bed, and an energizing shower in the morning.

Energizing Baths  that I highly recommend are made with:

Lemon grass        botanic: Cymbopogon nardus 
Bay Leaf                botanic: Laurus nobilis 

Clove                     botanic:  Eugenia caryophyllata 
Cinnamon            botanic: Cinnamomum zeylanicum

Those herbs are more fragrant and pleasant to smell. You can use one, two and even three of these herbs in a tea room, take its cleanliness bath and then take a bath with these herbs. These herbs, unlike the cleansing herbs may be thrown from the head down.5

Another type of bath you can do, which is usually a pacification bath when you are very anxious, is a bath that you can do:.

Chamomile & Petals of White Rose

The procedure is the same, and this should give you a lot of peace and tranquility.

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Peace and Light to all,

Marcos Felipe


Crucial changes of planet Earth

The planet Earth, though not threatened with destruction by man-made global warming, is by no means indestructible. There are many unpredictable events within our solar system, and still more outside it, that could make Earth uninhabitable by humans.

Paul Johnson

Spirit: Bezerra de Meneses           Medium: Divaldo Franco


Picture source:

My children,

Jesus bless us

The earthly society lives, at present, a serious psychic moment in which, unconsciously, gives up the exchange between the two spheres of life. Entities marked by hatred, resentment and bitterness filled, charge from those executioners of the past, the heavy burden of sorrow that have given them. noble spirits, geared to the ideal of human elevation, synchronize with spiritual powers in building a better world. Obsessions rampant in a pandemic form, mingling with psychopathological disorders that bring  afflicts and degenerative processes.

It turns out that the Earth experiences during this period, the great transition from the world of tests and atonement for the regeneration of the world.

There was never so much achievement in science and technology, and so much hideousness of feeling and emotions. The glories of intellect achievements fade before the abyss of cruelty, dissolution of customs, the loss of ethics, and the decay of the achievements of civilization and culture

Is not therefore surprising that the pain in many ways, spreads in the terrestrial planet not only as a whip but, above all, as an invitation to reflection and analysis to the transience of the body, for the purpose of convening the minds and hearts to the spiritual being that all are.

There is talk about the everyday tragedy with good reason.

Threats of seismic nature, every now become reality as much on one side as the other part of the planet. Crime is rife loose, and the flowering of youth, delivery up, with understandable exceptions, the bastardization of character, the moral license and aggressiveness.

It happens, my children, that the regions of deep suffering are releasing their guests that there were, in private prison for many centuries and now, in the great transition, given the opportunity to turn to the right or to opt for the madness that they have been delivered. And those who stubbornly remain in evil, to their own benefit and the planet, will go to exile in inferior orbs which polishes the soul, helping their brothers primitive nature as it was in the past.

On the other hand, the noble promoters of the progress of all the past times also are reincarnated this time to accelerate the achievements not only of intelligence and technology, but also the moral and spiritual values. Beside them, another dimension of benefactors lurk in the field to become great leaders and sensitize these executioners of society.

To the mediums it is the great task of being a bridge between the pains and consolations. To dialogador, it is the honorable task of being, each one of them, psychotherapists disembodied, contributing to overall health. While the mediums give themselves, to charitable benefit with our brothers in agony, also have their diminished pain, his burden eased evidence, its contoured afflictions, because love is the great messenger of mercy which dilutes all impediments to progress are the sunshine of life, my children, that dissolves the fog of ignorance and erasing the night of wickedness.

You reincarnated to contribute in favor of the New Age.

Your existence did not happen by chance, they were scheduled. Before diving into the carnal haze, you read the program saying you respect and gave your word, giving the nod to the evidence and stellar glories.

The Spiritism is Jesus coming back with open arms, descrucificado, risen and alive, singing the glorious symphony of solidarity.

Give you hands!

That the opinionated differences are limited, and the ideals of agreement are practiced. That any objection points become secondary on the goals to achieve.

We know of your pain because we also understand that the Earth and the fog of the matter, hinders judgment and often hinders the logic required for the correct action. But be aware: you have commitments with Jesus

It’s not the first time that you committed cheating, cheated yourselves. But this is the final opportunity, optional for the glory of immortality or anesthesia of illusion.

Be spiritualist is to find the treasure of wisdom.

We recognize that in everyday struggle, social strife and economic, financial and human‘s livelihood, fades away the enthusiasm diminishes the joy of service, but if you remain faithful, praying with antennas directed to the All-Love Dad, do not you will miss the inspiration, support, moral forces, to defend you from the evil aggression that often reaches you.

Take courage, my children, united, because we are the last time workers, and our earnings will be equal to the journeyman of the first time.

We sing the joy of serving and when we leave here, is printed in the shrine of the soul everything that happened at our meeting of holy intentions: the various pains, the rebels, the ignorant, the afflicted, the unfortunate, and also the kind word of friends, who watch over us all.

Trusting in our Lord Jesus Christ, who delegated us the honor to speak in His name, and in His name teaching, healing, lift the spirits and build a new world, we pray to Him, our Divine Benefactor, that all bless us and give His peace.

Are the votes of the humble and paternal server,  always Bezerra.

psychophony message from Bezerra de Menezes (spirit) transmitted by Divaldo Franco

(13.11.2010 Los Angeles)