Rules of Reincarnation & Parallel Realities

Practice self forgiveness, forgive yourself, forgive others and leave the Karmic Wheel. This should all be seen with the eyes of experience. Pena Branca



 The future has already been written long ago. What you can change are the circumstances in which the events take place. But 2 + 2 will always be 4.

The Universal Laws are the same any plane of existence. Because there are twelve parallel realities. Which reality you want to choose? Pena Branca

Photo: Miss Froggy – France 2014

English translation is done by Temple School of Triad Group: Marcos Teixeira, Pietro Felipe Monteiro and Marcos. Many, many thanks! God and the spirits of light bless you guys and all Triade Family

Spirit: Pena Branca         Medium: Marcos Teixeira


Date of recording: 12/04/2012

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Pena Branca:  Good morning!

Jefferson: Good morning, how are you?


Pena Branca: All right, boy. Are you listening to me?

Jefferson: I hear well.

Pena Branca:  Greetings! Caboclo Pena Branca.

Jefferson: Greetings.


Pena Branca: You can ask boy.


Jefferson: White Feather, where are you coming now?


Pena Branca: In Umbanda, we always comes from a place called Aruanda. Aruanda would be a city in etheric plane of you… which brings together all entities who decided to work in this line of love and charity which is the Umbanda.

Jefferson:  Then it would then at the same time is …a spiritual city, a colony Spiritual this place?

Pena Branca: A spiritual colony that attracts to itself egregores fluttering in line with the Greater Umbanda.

Jefferson: What do you mean by egregores?

Pena Branca:  Egregores are groups or clusters of spirits molded in the same thought-form, in this case, is defined by the limits of Major Umbanda well as you will have other egregores … Catholic, other evangelical egregores, egregores other Jewish, and so on.


Jefferson: Then after a human person … It makes its transition that plan where I speak with you, go to the spirit world, she then depending on the energy and knowledge and advancement, it will to a particular place, a particular colony spiritual, is it? And this colony is usually in alignment … by law affinities, by saying so?

Pena Branca:  Yes, it can be said that, in fact, It is for consciousness frequency.

Jefferson:  Hmm … consciousness frequency. Can you talk a little about that?


Pena Branca:  Yes. When a human being on this earth passes away, he takes with him a consciousness pattern … which generates a level, so to speak, of psionic energy … that will direct this soul or spirit to this that egregore with which it has more affinity.


Jefferson:  Got it. So this egregore, then we could also call certain groups that may exist inside … a spiritual colony. For example, in this colony Aruanda spiritual call, there may be different egregores of which one of them is that you part?


Pena Branca: Exactly. Within Aruanda there are groups and subgroups.

Jefferson:  Groups and sub-groups …


Pena Branca:  There are hierarchies, this might be the better word … within 7 lines of Umbanda.

Jefferson: So in short: there is a spiritual colony call Aruanda which is divided into egregores … and you now had, of course before finishing, Now you presented this idea of ​​7 lines. But before you speak it then, only short also, what we learn now is that, after a person passes away then or die for this plan, she enters the spirit world and goes to the spiritual colony that is most associated with her energy, through the … affinity law, and when it arrives in this colony spiritual, it also goes to the place that is  more consistent with his personality and his energy.


Pena Branca: Yes. And there are also spiritual groups like that can receive this person.


Jefferson: Spiritual Groups like…. Ah, yes, of course! Who already live in this colony and when that person gets there, already has a certain affinity and then there is a deeper exchange.


Pena Branca: Not necessarily, but it probably ever was some kind of incarnational link between these spirits. Then, it is normal, e.g. that one of the spirits are incarnated and these spiritual families are not. When this son passes away, will usually against those who were watching  and learning from their incarnation on this plane. Also remember that there are umbralinos levels, Call umbralinos or infra-dimensional.


Jefferson:  Got it. So now we learned something new there: the person who is here on Earth may have friends who they remained in the spiritual world or have been before them, or have entered …


Pena Branca: It may not, has!

Jefferson: All?

Pena Branca: Everyone has. You have; This has; everyone has. No one embodied here without prior agreements.


There is this three-dimensional plane of existence, with the exception of very few, you call Cosmic Avatars, people without previous contracts. So many of these Contracts are positive in the sense that people who are inhabiting other planes of consciousness can use the experimental living in the third dimension  as a learning process, that is, and obsevando learning from one that is red. That is, so to speak, He volunteered to learn that.


Jefferson: OK. So those are the people like that is shared from another life, it is and they know from long ago, and even now or they are already in the spiritual world and coming from the colony , where they were or where they live, in the period between lives. Then they migrate to where they … They are to Earth, where they accompany our life and bring your notebook notes and they learn the lessons as they appear?


Pena Branca: Um … You are complicating. It’s simpler than that. Basically it’s like if you had a group of friends … that came out to make a journey, a walk, and one comes across a large lake and he wants to dive  this lake, to feel what it’s like, jump that rock for that lake. And some have the courage to do that … and others do not. Others will only observe. So often in successive incarnations that you have some take courage and some do not. Those who do not take courage or who do not wish at that moment embody are  watching experiences. It’s very simple. Everybody in the same classroom just taking up, so to speak, different places. In the case of those who are mediums, all egregore working with these mediums …


I, for one, learn from also experiences this child. It is clear, my son?

Jefferson: Yes. So we can say that the person in the world spiritual does not have much difference with respect the sense of identity, thoughts and emotions with one that is here in the physical world?


Pena Branca: None. So to speak, because I’m calling level or spiritual world, We would be located in a vibrational level of 4th to 5th D.

This means that there is still the notion of “one” or individuality, and you bring that level of consciousness, experiences of your past lives, which are those that sometimes you forget when they are incarnate, but this plan you are aware of these lives, but has not lost its sense of identity and social structure is very similar.

From the 5th, 6th dimension, the body will fluidizing and you will merging with a larger cosmic consciousness.


That is not the case of the spiritual colonies that they are usually between 4 and 5 D.

Jefferson: When you speak: 4:05 D, you’re referring to dimensions?


Pena Branca: Dimensions.


They are physical dimensions. People though I say: the astral world …

The astral world is a physical world, as physical as this one.

Just vibrating at a rate of at least two times faster than this. So to you is imperceptible.

Jefferson: Right. But back to the idea of ​​fear, for example. If the one is afraid of jumping from a rock into a pond , while she was alive, you will also have this fear after making your transition?


Pena Branca: It depends. She gave to the experience, she has fear because she did and got fired, or why she did?


Jefferson:  Oh, so many variables …


Pena Branca: Everything is proportional to the actual experience. Many fears that you carry, are genetically loaded from past lives, and it is necessary for you to clean up these fears. What I mentioned was that often certain groups of spirits do not incarnate do not wish to embody because, so to speak, incarnate in this life plan is a hard life. Not child?


Jefferson: It is not easy …


Pena Branca: So, so it is not heavy, often choosing a spirit that will represent that group of spirits  and have the necessary experiments to this group can learn without having to go through  difficulties that this world requires of you to life.


Jefferson: I might need further clarification in this affair. Often you began like this: often pick up a spirit … Who chooses and why one in particular?


Pena Branca:  These decisions are never taken individually. You may have heard of a group of elders, called Karmic Board, which governs the incarnational laws on the planet.


When you ascend to the astral plane, if you are fully aware, because many ascend without being aware, right? And they need treatment. When you are fully aware, and periodically evaluate their incarnational experiences and discuss with members this Council who are great sages to tell whether you should or should not embody, and in that situation, where experiential programming you want to come.


So there fall into this equation, so to speak, a number of factors. Because you have to take into consideration not only what you want to learn, but that his incarnation might cause others learn as well.


Ie it is a way for you to multiply the capacity of learning other using their own individual experience. Ie never an incarnation, let’s say, is validated by itself, but within a group context, shall we say, more than that, in context to raise the consciousness level of those people, they are as learners within that incarnational experience. Is that clear?


Jefferson:  Yes. But that does not become a burden, as a responsibility to fulfill because the person forgets?


Pena Branca: Yeah, when you incarnate you forget. But it is a burden in the sense that it is an assumed responsibility, before a Karmic Board and this is done only it is necessary firstly if necessary. Sometimes you do not have the need to embody. Many sometimes you incarnate, so to speak, by mission, because you take it. You take on a mission before a group to say “I’ll do this, this and this, so we can better understand what it is. ” And often, it is atonement. If you think of those who bring great karma debt, this plan, they often are forced, sometimes even against their own will, to embody, to be able to somehow atone relations unresolved or inharmonious they had in past lives. Anyway, all these incarnational experiences are utilized as, so to speak, example or as study material by other groups.


Jefferson: So when you talk about being stressed, and we think of free will, a question arises: There exists or not and to what degree, to what extent it exists?


Pena Branca: Free will within our concept is the ability that the spirit has to make choices in the matter. If you are in an incarnational process and if you, so to speak, is a spirit that we would call  “Rebellious spirit”, you have no other option but to reincarnate or go to another world of exile.


So to reincarnate you are guided on what types experiences should have. It’s up to you when incarnate, say whether or not experience that. If not experience, will return as often as necessary, so that experience is coupled to its experiential field, because if it does, do not you ascends spiritually.


This is the case for many umbralinos spirits, recidivists the same mistakes; repeat the same vices; repeat the same experiences. You certainly ever heard of the concept of synchronicity?


Jefferson:  Yup.


Pena Branca: So when you are faced with a situation within your life … just a second child … which appears over and over again, life is trying to tell you: solve this node, resolve this issue, and people often prefer to simply ignore, or circumvent or avoid. And again, you’ll see the same situation. You will attract the same situation, will attract the same people and you will attract the same atmosphere for you which you are trying to escape. That’s free will.


Jefferson:  It’s like … it’s like saying: you can choose the decisions that will, but not the consequences of them.


Pena Branca: Exactly. All actions have reactions. Choice, you can avoid once, twice, three, four. How many and how many …


How many spirits are incarnated and reincarnated, incarnating and reincarnating, incarnating and reincarnating experiments within the same spectrum. And do not think this is a new thing. It is one thing for thousands of years.  Change the circumstances, moved, so to speak, the garb of experience, changes to technology, but the human spirit is the same.

Jefferson:  So it’s as if there is an analogy that I invented, and it seems to me relevant. It’s like there, placed by the Creator in our mind, a math to which we add positively or negatively, but since, as the computer, a program afterthought it will respond as things to put in it.

Pena Branca: Exactly. You may have heard of “Control Matrix”, right?


Jefferson:  Yes, but talk more, talk more, please …


Pena Branca: The  Matrix Control is ​​a hologram created artificially for you in this plan can attract or not attract certain types experience. It is defined primarily by their level of consciousness. 

So the more mature spirit, more conscious, the greater the degree of choice. The less developed, the less conscious, lower your degree of choice. That’s free will.



Jefferson:  So it’s like saying: the higher power an entity has more responsibility. But also, the more responsibilities, more power, right? We could say the two forms.


Pena Branca: Depends on what you call power. The notion of power this plan is attached to money, it is on the ability to subjugate and enslave. Power, for us, It means being closer to our divine essence and our ability to create and co-create with God.  And my job here is to clarify to raise the level of consciousness of beings who are incarnated at this time of planetary transition, where the weeds will be separated from the wheat. Incidentally, is already being.


Jefferson:  But back a little here the idea of ​​many people call it karma, and people always see “karma” as a negative thing. It would always be negative?

Pena Branca: No Karma is always a response to a previous action. But the beings with Christ consciousness, there is no karma. There is only karma to the unconscious beings, for those not learned from their own experiences. There is … There are many ways to escape the Karmic Wheel. It’s out of prison vices; is released from prison belief systems; leaving prison religions; release from prison of human inferiority.

There’s only karma, because you are considered inferior.


Jefferson:  Right. So, when a person makes a certain thing, acts in a certain way, and cause some sort of feeling in another, of purpose, and this causes other people suffer. So her spirit will carry it, and how will be on your math, because he himself entered, It will be there as a problem to be solved for he have the experience to know it is really nice or not make others go through this?


Pena Branca: Yup.

Jefferson: And then he learns responsibility?

Pena Branca: Yes. But we also have to understand that many often arises within a plan of several stocks, not just one.

Jefferson: Dai is to say that there is no victim …

Pena Branca:  It’s not because you were a criminal, a thug, which killed ten people in this life, you is the Karmic wheel next. Who knows if you It was not the victim of the other? This things, the sight of you is very short-sighted and short. So what

I suggest these cases, always, is: practice self forgiveness, Forgive yourself, forgive others and leave the Karmic Wheel.

This should all be seen with the eyes of experience. However dramatic, however aggressive, more violent it may seem, this is just an illusion.


Jefferson: So if a person is innocent and back, and ended up in chain, totally innocent, we can say then that suddenly she’s atoning, passing a test, which corresponds to a past experience?


Pena Branca: Not necessarily. Often yes and often do not. Because it also can be part of the game karmic of others. It is not necessarily something she be imposed.


Jefferson: Yes, but nothing happens for free. or else without merit.


 Pena Branca No no no. Everything is mathematics, everything is sacred geometry of the universe. Nothing is by chance, absolutely nothing. Everything is mathematically calculated, out in one way or another.



Jefferson:  And it does not mean that the future is already written, because there are thousands of possibilities?


Pena Branca: The future has already been written long ago. What you can change the circumstances in which the events take place. But 2 + 2 will always be 4.

Jefferson: Oh, I see now. The future is already written long, because the laws are the same.


Pena Branca: The Universal Laws are the same any plane of existence.

Jefferson: So, the future can only be one: respect the laws and evolve as will having the experience.

Pena Branca:  Exactly what is happening now. You have, shall we say, a moment of great technological development and supposedly It should also give a great spiritual development, which does not always happen. Only a few people are aroused, so to speak, for this spiritual awareness. Right?

Jefferson: Right.

Pena Branca: So, the future is very clear. For these people more spiritual consciousness, the Earth of the future, is a harmony of Earth. For people who have little spiritual awareness Earth’s future is a land of more technology, and more control and more power. It depends on your conscience make this choice; then again, free will.


Jefferson:  But if the future is written and the future is based on the laws of God, or the Creator, then we have two possibilities then you can say. 

Pena Branca: We have not twelve possibilities.


Jefferson:  Twelve? This is new. Because?


Pena Branca:  Because there are twelve parallel realities. Which reality you want to choose?

But that is very difficult for you understand because it’s all very relative.

Jefferson: And then…

Pena Branca:  What I’m trying to tell you is this: if you boot love in the world you will receive love. If you put power in the world, this power will dominate you. It is as simple as that.


Jefferson:  And now comes the word “power”, as is understood to most human and power understood by you and by high spirits, then we have a contrast there, but at the same time, the more power we have here also and less preparation you have, the more easily you have to get lost.


But in the spiritual world does not happen the same, is not true? No one achieves greater power … what you are capable of handling?

Pena Branca: The greatest power in the spiritual world, at least at the level we are, it is the ability to raise awareness. Because, as I am talking to you, I’m talking to several people.

When I work psychically with this child, in a session, all work is to raise awareness, through healing, through conversations, through donation of love for those who need it most.

Which is what everyone should do.

I do not need to come here, if  you would do it. But you do not do. You are becoming more selfish, you increasingly isolated, you increasingly arrogant, you increasingly proud, increasingly dominated by the marks, each increasingly dominated by large companies, increasingly dominated by appearance … and we trying to do the opposite work. Then there is an arms race, so to speak, with these forces.


Do not think that the lower threshold has no power. It has much more power over you than us.

Because it works directly in energy level that is what you are used to.

It is the lure of power is the lure of sex, is the seduction of life, so to speak, pleasurable, without consequences, right? And we have nothing against power, money, sex, all part of the human experience. But that may be used to your benefit and the benefit of others, not, this in most cases doesn´t happen.


Jefferson:  Now, this power then umbralino would be in this case a ability to influence because of the affinity. It would not be the same power we speak here nor the same power that you mentioned, it would be the ability to raise awareness. It would be another type of power?


Pena Branca:  What happens is that many of the things that are in Karmic wheel Earth today have many connections with groups of spirits who are on the threshold. And has his dealings with them. So the access of these groups to these people is very easy. Too easy!

Imagine all the people today who are consuming drug overwhelming way, all people who are Drinking overwhelmingly, everyone that are dependent on chemical somehow or alcohol or sex, or all of these human experiences pleasure that are easy to be manipulated by these energies.

We are also working not only on the earth plane, but teams and teams, legions will get the cones Spiritual these people embodied in the doorway, to help them break free of the cycle of addiction.

It is a real battle, my son.


I do not think the mood is that image of angels and clouds in the sky. We are far from it, far from it.


It has much work to do. People think desencarnarem when they’ll be leading an angel of life, sitting on a cloud playing a harp. This is the notion of heaven.


The sky, at our level, is a level raise awareness, work, love for humanity embodied by poor humanity incarnate. And for those who are disembodied in umbralinas infra-dimensions. Those who would be rescued. Because there are spirits there who are poor wretches, we so to say, in the sense they lack consciousness.

But also have those who are the enslavers, the real demons, as you call it. These are the real demons, those who believed his host of unconscious spirits and sucking your energy to survive, energy vampires, the vampires of the soul.


Has a lot of ugly here, my son …


Jefferson: You spoke about connections umbralinas entities exist …

Pena Branca: We all have. Every being has incarnated. Because, let’s say so when you incarnate you are just a fractal the soul that is in this plan, son. You will have the fractals his soul at various levels, including some umbralinos. So it’s up to you, often their vices or their difficulties in this life, son, is because these yours, so to speak, of his pieces souls that are there need to be rescued. And they are redeemed when you can bring light to your life, you know?


Jefferson: Yup. It is that we have some difficulty understanding terms, it is natural given our level of consciousness, so I’m doing that question. My understanding is that the soul is … is indivisible. When you speak “fractal you” …

Pena Branca:  The soul is not indivisible, you who are the division of a soul.


Jefferson:  Yes, and now I am a unity?


Pena Branca: You are a unit along with several others. When your “Higher Self” fragmented up there in the eighth, ninth dimension, it generated a lot of little children, small fractals, and these fractals can be here on Earth, They may be on other planets there in this universe of God and may also be in other infrastructure dimensions. Because, you see son, and there is no value judgment on it.Each experiences a level, we say so, conscience you want.


Because you have free will, which is a word that you like so much, to choose what you want to experience. So for some fractals of his soul, which they wish to experience, is on the lower planes. For those who wish to experience other things you do not want to experience here on Earth. So they are all energetically connected.

What you call ascension is nothing that the work of gathering, rescue these fractals soul that are scattered around in different dimensions. The role of the “I Am” actually is reconnect with their children. So this moment is so important. Because this is a time of gathering these fractals.

So, these fractals will be meeting again with your soul identity. It is not?


And there are many, many, many … many lost! Many otherplaces, many lost in life experiences that did not work, and are attached to the Karmic Wheel, many lost in addictions, many in other planes of existence, in other stars, many, many, many …

So that’s the point, so to speak, of collect all these experiences, right? And a lot of time to go through the experience, this soul fractal loses consciousness of who he is. It dulls, he forgets the love of God.


So our role as a worker of God is do remember, is to bring out that chest, sometimes  hardened by the harsh experiences of life, son, consciousness that we are all children of God, and to Him we will return. This is the law of evolution for all beings, even for this planet, which is also a fractal of God.

Jefferson:  Well, from what you said, then we can understand that not only God creates spirits. Sometimes a spirit that He created and became quite high too, have learned how to create spirits?

Pena Branca: We are all gods creator, son.

Jefferson: Ai, ai, ai …

 Pena Branca: All! You are God; this child is God; I’m God. Measure we will have more awareness, to the extent that grow, our level of consciousness, we can co-create, we can reach a level of Elohim, as  you know, co-create worlds, this is our role to return to Home, son.


But few people are aware of this, so lost, right? You imagine so son, let’s say that you have, as well, soul brothers to be, a five hundred, so to speak. When these five hundred fractals soul together in a, shall we say, Monad, you have any idea of ​​the degree of awareness of what are five hundred consciences with different experiences together?


Multiply your thinking ability and understanding by five hundred! So, up another level, that Monad will meet with other monads which are also scattered and having five hundred thousand experiments, all joining in a Supra-Monad, son. Do you understand why we are all gods?


Jefferson: Yes Yes. Now, in the past, I believe it was Jesus who said: “Ye are gods.” But the word “gods” before referring the spirits, saying “ye spirits and one with the Father.” So basically …


Pena Branca::  This is a Christian interpretation, son. What He meant that you are even gods! But do not use the Bible as a reference for understanding many things, because the Bible is a compilation, so to speak, the people of historical events Jew, with Sumerian myths, Assyrians, etc, etc, etc, reinterpreted the convenience of a Pope, right?

This serves to divide more than to join, is not it, son?


Jefferson:  Unfortunately …

Pena Branca: Yes, exactly.


Jefferson: Then when he says “are gods,” and if we use the word “Gods” and “spirit,” and if we use “spirit” how to be immortal in pursuit of perfection, we come to the same equation, because if we seek perfection and unity with God so … We achieve the moral and intellectual level of knowledge of all things, because it corresponds to perfection, so what then, of course, is what you said, “You are gods” in this sense, because of the possibilities available.


Pena Branca: Yes, but you’re putting it on a level, let’s say like this: “When you reach a level of development.”


Jefferson:  Yes, the timeline.


Pena Branca: But you are already a god. The work you do, son, enlightenment of the people, it is a creation of God. When you donate your love for humanity, it is a love of God. People imagine that the work of the gods, to create universes, planets … This will get one day when you have that degree of cosmic consciousness, so to speak, but you can be God in your day-to-day.

Umbanda comes to teach that love and charity, anyone can give, son. You do not need to be a king to do something.

A smile to someone who needs, has a much greater weight, my son, than any material gift you can give. So, believe it: as a divine spark, its capacity to create and touch the hearts of people have a ability to ignite the soul of that person, son.

To bring the flame of that person triune love that often she’s in need, and that the world denies him.

That´s the reason, Umbanda is charity and love, son. It costs nothing, is free, and everyone can give.

You got it, son?


Jefferson: Yes, yes … You spoke too, and to thank, a very relevant and important information. The lord spoke also, his White Feather, two things where I would like further clarification: about monads and also, after you also spoke of threefold flame. Now, monads, from what I understand and what you commented on it, is that as I would not join with other five hundred but people had access to his experiences as well, continuing with my unit and the person hers, and the other 498 with them, but …

Pena Branca: If fuse … His knowledge fuses a soul alone. It’s All in One.


Jefferson: Sure, sure … It’s like the experience of the hologram then? An image of a hologram.

Pena Branca: There is an image. So to speak, to put it one way quite simple: it’s as if you had various dumplings to make a cake. And these balls will be joining and a big cake. And every big cake, will be joining to there cake also increased, and so forth.

Every level of consciousness, every leap of consciousness, you’ll be joining more until merging into the whole. It’s All in One. That’s it.


Jefferson: Oh cool, so, there you do not lose your individuality but has access to all others, it seems like you are part of the whole.


Pena Branca: Exactly, exactly. You will only merge with All the above ninth, tenth; there you will join with your “I Am”, which was your original Monad, its Supra-Monad, right.

Child, has more questions, son?

Jefferson: Can you explain the threefold flame, which you mentioned just now?


Pena Branca:  The Chamatrina is the vital energy of the human being, that every human being receives at birth. It is when it is connected to your chest a link direct, with pranic energy, son. It is usually represented by three-spoke, three flames:  a blue ray, a rose and a golden son.

It represents divine protection, the blue ray;


It represents the divine love, the pink ray, and it

is divine knowledge, the golden ray.


Together, these three give support to your life. When the person is … when a person, so to speak, “Dies,” Son, you are disconnected.


Jefferson:  Then we…

Pena Branca: It is a way of energy Coupling, is not in this plan.


Jefferson: So even though many of us think we live a life completely separate, independent of Divine Providence, It is not how it works?


Pena Branca: All are children of God and all are attached to it, son.

It’s just that some are aware and others have not. Some prefer to forget your divine origin because remember that, will necessarily bring  changes in your life, do you, son? It is a lot easier sometimes you lead a life more material and more hard, more selfish, not thinking that everyone is brother, right child.

In God’s eyes, all are equal. The rich / poor, black / white, all polarities that you have here in this plan, son, are just a game scene, as you said, they are just a hologram, only an illusion. From the point of view spiritual, we are all children of the same source as it is.


Jefferson: And the “bad” things happen that are just a call to we understand our responsibility to the divine providence?


Pena Branca: Every experience, good or bad, is always a call awareness. It is to raise awareness, for to understand that nothing  lack you.

It is God incarnate. Christ said it very well. Only that people prefer to worship, what to do, son. This is the problem of humanity, we want idols. And you no longer need idols, son. You need to become gods, you. No more gurus, no more avatars! That’s it.


Jefferson:  When you speak “idols” are you referring to images in which were inspired or something else?


Pena Branca: Anyone, regardless of image, or religion or popular culture that can help rather than as an example, actually prevent you from developing. Why is this: you choose the idol. The idol is good, the idol is beautiful, the idol is fantastic and you are nothing! It’s so easy to think so.


Jefferson: Sure the television is there …


Pena Branca: You push for the idol everything you want to be and whatever you like to do and  you do nothing for your life, a complainer, only complains, complains only son … So, enough!


You do not need idols. You need to face as gods as creators, as divine potential incarnated to learn. That is the message, if you have sure if you talk to any messenger of God, what you wil hear is this. Our concern is with the embodied humanity. That is a lot of manipulation, lots of room, a lot of illusion, son! illusion …


Son, I need to go.

Jefferson: Okay so.


Look, I appreciate your visit with us, I hope we can have the opportunity to absorb more aware, if possible, but I greatly appreciate the time that you reserved for us today.


Pena Branca: Thank you son, for the opportunity to disseminate and raise the word of God in the consciousness of you who are here on this plane. God bless you, the lights of Holy Umbanda  accompany you, your guides, your entities, and can give you the knowledge you need to treat these topics with the necessary sensitivity, son, and make your word out the farthest corners of this planet.


So be it, my son.


Jefferson: Amen …

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