Umbanda: Lord of the cemetery Part 1

So if I start say that I am inferior or superior, in fact I‘m nothing. I am only a server, young. Exu Caveira


Dialogue 158 – Spirit: Exu Caveira Medium: Edson Rosa

Reporter: Jefferson Viscardi Website:


Date of Publication:  20.09.2013

Please check that the dialogues are very long, for lack of time we summarized and only put the essence, which is important for personal growth. Also, by having a lot of slang in the dialogue, I translate without them, in order to avoid misunderstandings.
Thank you for your comprehension and many greetings.  
I wish you fun and lot of  ♥♥♥♥


Hierarchy in the phalanx of Caveiras (Skulls)

Exu Caveira: good evening young man.

Reporter Jefferson: good evening. Can you share with us the name, the garb that you use to express yourself in Umbanda?

Exu Caveira: Caveira (Skull)

Reporter Jefferson: So I can say that you are the Exu Caveira (Skull)?

Exu Caveira: That´s the name people on Earth give me. 

Reporter Jefferson: But Eshu Skull is the head of the phalanx of skulls, is it?

Exu Caveira: I’m just one serving, boy. I do not care much, with the titles of chief.

Reporter Jefferson: Can you tell us how the caveiras organize themselves in the spirit world?

Exu Caveira: Full authority, has that one, who has dominion over all things, of all filthiness, of all  contrary things, which can harm his neighbor. This is the boss. The rest are all server. All employees of the Great Creator of life (God). This position as chief, colonel, commander, Captain … This is for your earthly army.
Salve the souls, young

Reporter Jefferson: Salve. In relation to the Tata Caveira, you’re in what we call the hierarchy, in a higher position?

Exu Caveira: He serves. He is a worker like me. 

Young, to talk about the Exu hierarchy, would have to speak of the entire consensual  of the hierarchy, and concencionale of human consciousness to the dualism of good and evil. 

There are hierarchies for those that vibrate within one conscencial field a grouping within one consencional which favors the belief and the faith of many adherents of a religion, with various grades and sub-grades of awareness in the things of the good, or, in perdition in the evil things. 

So if I start say that I am inferior or superior, in fact I‘m nothing. I am only a server, young

But there are those who say that they are superior, but not like, ya speak on earth, is because that’s how some consciences conceive as right, wrong, reality, realism for themselves as true, for the same incarnate, and similar fans and practitioners to this concept, in order to take place in their life towards the belief, and thus refining their faith in the things of the spirit of truth. Do you understand?

Reporter Jefferson: Yes, I do. What exactly is your work in the spirit world?

Exu Caveira: Young, Each Eshu, personalized, personified, is an anomaly or a human virtue. (he gives some examples)

John Caveira: a skull: Ignorance and also the virtue of comprehension. They are polarities.

Tiriri: It may be egoism, and also altruism. 

For people who are listening: It is not the Eshu who brings what is bad and what is good.
It is the exu who suit before the people, modulates it all within you, always respecting the free will. 8