Out-of-body experience – Part 1

Any laboratory may proof life after death, but if you do not have own experience of visualize this, you will not be convinced. Dr. Sergio de Oliveira


Interview with Dr. Sérgio Felipe de Oliveira, spiritist,  neuroscientist physician, Master in Medicine from the University of Sao Paulo and researcher at the pineal gland.

Youtube: https://youtu.be/vMgbbgnGmuE

Date of Publication: 23.04.2013

Photo: Miss Froggy – Sweeden 2012

Program: Transition Tv

Reporter Delma: Is there life after death?

Dr. Sergio: That´s a question… Today science is studying the question of Life after death , because materialism got no scientific evidence. If we consider, since the philosopher Kart Rene, 400 years ago, science was never able to prove that the Materialism is a  existential reality.
So, we are taking new directions, and universities has been researching on this event of afterlife, especially, the University of Arizona in the United States, in the psychology of college, where there is a research laboratory on the afterlife.

So, in the American official science this is already a reality. Already known are the
studies and research concerning reincarnation, but objectively afterlife being a current keynote in research.

Reporter Delma: And also in the Espiritism doctrine we have several
representatives books. The first one will become Movie Now on September 3 is the
our home”, psychographied by Chico Xavier

Dr. Sergio: The “our home” tells the story of a doctor who comes from the spiritual world, to bring news and tell how is in the astral world. This matter interests me a lot because it is a doctor who brings an angle on this. The book was written, psychographic by Chico in the decade of 40 and was seen as a religious belief.
Today, the universities are beginning to study, such as scientific hypothesis.
Now, I think, the question of life after death is a personal discovery

Any laboratory can find out (check) life after death, but if you do not have an experience (possibility) of visualize this, you will not be convinced.

I myself went through an after death experience when suffered a cardio-circulatory collapse, but I did not see the tunnel of light.
But I saw my dropped body.
Incredible is that the clinical reasoning remained intactI practically made my own diagnosis, as if dealing with a patient in the ICU. So, during this time, I had the living proof that life goes on.

So, this conviction is very strong inside of me, and science only goes to reinforce in parallel to this issue, then there is life after death.

People need to open the head to this hypothesis, because life has meaning only if she has a continuum. Otherwise, life is empty.