The Inner Journey – Know thyself

Start investing in your inner being. and do not think you going to stop there, because when you’re disembodied, being in the spiritual side of life, you will realize that the learning system is eternal. Exu Veludo


Spirit: Eshu Veludo          Medium: Robson Pinheiro


Date of Publication: 19.03.2015

About the Medium: Robson Pinheiro is medium, writer and therapist 


Good night people I‘m Velvet. Some call me Eshu, others call me Guardiam and has others that are very mad, they call me Menthor. However, I do not have any tendency to Menthor. I’m just a guardian.
My function is to work on earth, near of you, helping when help is possible, and today, since much is said in self-defense psychic and energetic, is appropriate us speak a little of what I know. I don´t know very much, however,  It is something that could help you guys enough.
When we talk in defense system, referring to the medicine was saying a few years ago regarding the immunological defense. But today, with the passing of time, medicine has remade this speech.
The defense system became system of balance, human equilibrium. You see, it’s very different from each other.

Defense gives the impression that the soldiers are very ready to attack.
Balance is an internal harmonization system, in which the parts contrary station virtually at the same level,  the system on which I will talk bout.

The balance system is not just the idea that you have perfection. No, far from it.  

The internal balance I refire is a coherent attitude to life consistent with what you guys do or say. Your attitude on a daily basis, in your behavior are consistent with his speech. So I will talk about this internal balance system.

Do not point any kind of external action, such as channeling, evoking spirit, have the best guardian at your side, if you do not have an internal balance system.
When I talk about balance, I mean for you to be well resolved with yourself.

We, on this side, so we light the condition of guardians, we study at least 40 years. Of these 40 years, it is a necessity that we submit ourselves to a therapy. In other words, we face our own fears, facing us our shadows, that we know to live with them and admit that many times we are not so good. We’re not as good as we disclose or as others believe. Ie live with us the way we are, with no pretense of holiness and without any pretense of superiority that I know more or of what I will win more than the other. that means I have to be in balance with my emotions, with my thought.

Now, I will transcend a little more, because talking to balance very difficult for anyone who is incarnated.Balance and imbalance is very difficult to establish.

However, if I talk to youthat is necessary to be consistent with our words, consistent with what we defend, consistent with what we preach, that attitude is consistent with what one speaks, then talk of consistency is easier for you to understand what internal balance means.

In other words, ie you need to stop wanting make  out of the body trips (astral journeys), but has the courage to take a journey into yourself. When you establishe this harmony, this inner acceptance as much as the knowledge of what goes on inside you, then yes we, the guardians can do something to your advantage. You guys can call us whatever guardians or Eshus. Be free to call us how are you feeling. It´s Alright. For us the words are of little importance.

What matters is the meaning behind the thing, then to maintain security, from
personal safety, since you hit the streets on a daily basis, being robbed or not, the spiritual security of having an attack of nonphysical spiritual or energy safety and any such type of security is up to you to be well with yourself, confronting and knowing yourself. I believe that the purpose of you
studying who are studying now, to do this diving, much more knowing than to defend

because once you know yourself, all systems of defense, self-defense, are immediately activated

I will illustrate: the human being has his defense natural system , which you know as aura. In a field with approximately 5 meters, from the physical center of the body, which the silver cord stretches with relative facility. Up to that point, from there it
also extends, but not with the same naturally, elasticity.

Inside this perimeter, then it establishes an individual  force field. However, from  the internal problems to external challenges, the difficulties of day by day, interpreted by the individual, may  break the electromagnetic structure of the substrate, that you guys call as aura. 

I will use this term because it is a term that you are used to. Now, if your aura is broken, exposes you to the risk of leaving your yard and the dog catch you, bite you. If the aura is broken, it means that there is a trauma behind it, or fear.
Fear exhale a smell of human beings. Who’s afraid, exudes smell, an appropriate odor. Who loves, exudes an appropriate odor. The one, who got energy security, security in himself, also exudes a type of  easily noticeable odor, with a vibrating frequency.

So, in some places in your worldoften they say that a person attracts thief. Not the thief is looking for the person, but the she attracts the thief. She attracts the dog to bite her… She attracts a lot of difficulties, because she is with a ruptured aura which makes exhale a  psycho physical elements  of this person, perfectly perceptible to others in certain situations.

See, we do not have the possibility to reverse this process, if you do not do an internal diving, to get to know your own balances and internal defense systems.

And I believe that this is the proposal to study on psychic self-defense. Especially is to study about yourself, making an inner journey without fear. Starting there, then you do not have to solve the problems but you will have to face them and be aware of how you are, and what your chances are…
Once you do this trip, whatever spiritual presence of a guardian or a mentor can do something to your advantage.

But if you want to transfer to another, either to the disembodied or for us to do, we have no absolutely no conditions to help those who do not help themselves.

This means that unethical behavior, done consciously, it is an impediment to the person to be helped.
This does not mean that we do not want, but we can not as spirits we can not do everything … Therefore there is the partnership on both sides. Join this.
The social evolving needs, Reincarnatory associates: Many people reincarnated in need of learning go through certain situations, with certain challenges and obstacles, so that they can bring out of inside of them values which have been squandered in past experiences. And against this, which is the higher law, a spirit can do nothing.
We can only, then, when that event occurs, we can delve deeply and understand what the message that life is bringing to each of us, at times of challenges.

This does not mean that we deserve. The issue here is not deserving, but the necessity of learning.we often need to go through the pain. It is not a question of merit or demerit, but the need so we can make an internal lapping and re-educate the way of seeing life.

For example, the crisis that everyone talks about all the time. Crisis is nothing more than the strength and the voice of the universe. The voice of life calling you to take a more dignified, honest and more streamlined approach under the circumstances. What you did not learn in good times, the crisis comes to teach. This can be personal, professional, emotional, the country’s crisis. It is a way that leads to life, to wake people up.
So often people ask: “Why the spirits did not  helped?  Why the guardians did not helped me? 
First we are not here to help you. We are also human beings. In my case, I work as a human being, with all human limitations.
And we are not slaves of the incarnated (people) to keep drawing you from the hole, every time that you guys voluntarily throw themselves.
We are neither slaves nor employees. So you guys have to change the concept immediately. Spirit is not employed by medium and not for anyone. If you fall? Your problem. If you want to get up, raise your hand, that we help. But you have to give a hand and make your effort.

We are not sympathetic in misfortune. We sympathize at the moment uplifting of the human being, to recover their moral values,
spiritual and human dignity.
If we were sympathetic in misfortune, we will fall into the pit with you and we would be lamenting the same way as you. This is solidarity of doom. Ie you fell. It was you who fell, I do not have to jump in the hole.
But I can put the ladder. However, you will have to climb each step, making your own effort. Me and the guardians will be there to give a hand to pull you but you have to make the effort.
Spirits do not come to eliminate proofs, even obstacles from human being. At least, not the spirits of my class and I may say that mine is no different from yours.
I am neither a mentor, but I am spirit that handles the dayto-day human situations. And look, I know of no one spirit, who throw in the hole and is weeping with his pupil.
Not. He will do his job, while the pupil stay there in the hole. The time that he wants to leave, he (the pupil) makes a prayer, asks for help and spiritual guide extends his hand, puts the resource, or shows the existing resource. But he, the pupil must have courage. Courage and a minimum of intelligence, to give step by step in order to get out of the situation.

We are partners and not substitutes for work. We do not replace the work you have to do.We do not replace the effort that is up to you. Also not have replaced your need for learning. No! We are partners!
We show you, “Look, turn your back, because there is a ladderAnd one may say, “But I do not want this ladder, I want a treadmill“I’m sorry, because life gave you this.”

To the other, we may say, “Turn your back, because by your side has a rope.He replies, “But I want a ladder I do not want a rope.“I’m sorry, for what you have only that.” But I hold the rope on the other side, so you will not fall.
But you have to tie the rope and make the effort. To see that the partnership is different from replacement. The spirit, especially the guardian
do not overwrite the effort of anyone. If it is not so, he is making the apology of laziness.
And here‘s side we have a lot to do, there are many people waiting to be helped.
To these we help yet must to have a conscience: Help is never what you expect. So you have to have a minimum of intuition. But intuition will only work if you work.
Intuition does not come to anyone who stays with crossed arms. The extra-physical energetic help of intuition, only works if you are hardworking, doing something.
If you are with crossed arms, asking the guardians, mentors and teachers with folded arms or kneeling in the corner, the intuition goes away and ascends the faith in other person, who is working.
And you remain in the same situation, until wake up. Unfortunately or fortunately, it was not me and have not been the guardians of the spirits who have created the system. (God law)

This system was created by the creator,  through the mind director of the universe.
We do not make the law. We make it be fulfilled. We are law enforcement officers, agents of justice, yet we do not create these situations. If you feel bad, talk to the creator.
It has always been like that and always will be. We have inserted in this context, as practitioners of justice, to make the law be fulfilled. But the law does not meet the benefit of “A” or “B”, to rid you of this problem or the other. It is not like this.

The law is fulfilled according to the harmony of the whole, and not the benefit of the parties. If one part wants to get benefit for his own, this is called selfishness. The law does not work that way.
So we can help you, since you are in the general context of the harmony of the cosmos.
A lot of people want to be helped to material matters, for professional or emotional issues. What we have to see is: Are you willing to benefit yourself, regardless of the general situation? If so, be careful what you ask for. It may be that some crazy being, on this side, may grant you. And then after three months, you will regret what you asked….
Therefore, even to ask for help, and spiritual energetic protectionhas to have a minimum of intelligence, to do a minimal evaluation of the situation.

Aquilo que o evangelho fala, é para nós um código de conduta, um codigo de psicoterapia, As the own medium sometimes speaks: The gospel teaches us to pray, to have faith. But it has to be, above all, intelligence to ask. Because maybe you can receive. But after you receive, you‘ll have to embitter with the result .

The spiritual help comes, she’s on our side. Genuine help, who has responsibility for the universal law of harmony of discipline as well There’s this help. It is present, close to all. But the effort is just yours.
Do an analysis if your attitudes are being ethical or unethical.
In an unethical, you may even take advantage. you may overlook the other, you can abuse the others. You can even win over the work of your neighbor.
But there is the law of return. And today, in the 21st century, I can
say to you: Even on this side (spiritual world) exists computer.

Not expected more for the next reincarnation. The answer comes in the same incarnation. And also, the dividends in interest and monetary correction (Karma), to whom acts of anti-ethical way.
Therefore, to be good is a question of intelligence. Being ethical is a matter of being intelligent.
To face the an extraphysical world, the invisible world, and having the inhabitants of the invisible world as partners, is intelligent.
We have no magic wands or a wand of Harry Potter, to make miracles a lot of people expect. But we have the ability to be at your side, to help you, if you take the first step, if you want a partner, if you set on you ownwithin your interior, at least one consistent attitude with your speech, coherence and attitude which is commensurate with what you preach with what you talk.
We do not expect perfection, but want to be a minimum of coherence. With this act, you already attracts the sublime forces of life, the positive energies and at the same time removes immediately, those discordant energies, which often can be distracting.
So, be aware of this, for you to understand a little more
about spiritual energy security, and even physics.
Be aware that the human being exhale light, but also exhale odors, aromas. In the human aura, everything is perceptive, even by the animals.

Start investing in your inner being. and do not think you going to stop there, because when you‘re disembodied, being in the spiritual side of life, you will realize that the learning system is eternal.

No one lights any position this side, if it is not through sweat and labor. No one reaches the podium without spilling sweat and without leaving pieces of himself by walking (Ego).

Merit” This is the discourse of religious, because no one has them. We have work investment. Those who do not invest in their own knowledge, those who do not open hand of religious dogmas, human misery, of wanting everything for themselves and nothing to the other (selfishness), who does not invest powerfully in his
spiritual growth, intellectual, professional, social and emotional

If you do not invest, you do not reache the podium of victory.
Because the crown of victory belong those who are studying, working, investing
without fear and boldly.
This is the word of Veludo (velvet), for those who like and for those who do not like.

Good night to you.