The World

When someone falls into error, we extend the arms supply of the wrong brother, avoiding criticism, which only precipitates even greater falls. Let us remember that tomorrow could be our turn to fall as well. Any spirit will build a ladder of ascent, without meeting certain requirements of mutual assistance. Bezerra de Menezes


It’s better, sometimes, dealing with those who say they have no religion and loves his neighbor, serving him, than with those who claim to be religious, not loving others and exploring them.

Spirit: Bezerra de Menezes     Medium: Francisco Xavier


Photo: Miss Froggy – France 2014

The World

The world is full of gold: Gold in the ground. Gold at sea. Gold in the vaults.
But gold does not solve the problem of poverty.

The world is full of space:  Space on the continents. Space in cities. Space in the fields.
But space does not solve the problem of greed.

The world is full of culture:  Culture in education. Culture in the art. Culture in the opinion.
But the culture of intelligence does not solve the problem of selfishness.

The world is full of theories:  Theories in science. Theories in philosophical schools. Theories in religions.
But theories do not solve the problem of despair.

The world is full of organizations:  Administrative organizations. Economic organizations. Social organizations.
But organizations do not solve the problem of crime.

To extinguish the scourge of ignorance, which cherishes misery; to dispel the shadow of greed, that creates the illusion; to exterminate the monster of selfishness, which promotes war; to cancel the worm of despair, which promotes madness, and to remove the crime of the pool, which carries misfortune, the only effective remedy is the Gospel of Jesus in the human heart.
We are therefore worthy, extending the Doctrine that unravels the letter, the construction of the New Humanity, radiating the influence and inspiration of the Divine Master, the emotion and the idea for the guideline and conduct, by word and example and paraphrasing the unforgettable concept of Allan Kardec, around the charity, proclaim to the world’s problems: Outside of Christ there is no solution.

About the Author: Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes Cavalcanti (29.08.1831-11.04.1900) was a doctor, soldier, writer, journalist, politician and exponent of Spiritism in Brazil.