The value of Life – Part II

Today let’s talk about how important it is to fall in love into the life. Therefore, it seems of elementary importance that even understanding the seriousness of suicide, our action that is compatible to the gospel, forgiving 70×7 times and love the next as ourselves
André Trigueiro


Our biggest challenge at the height of desperation it is to breathe deeply and remember: Tomorrow is another day” André Trigueiro

7th Spiritualist Congress of Rio Grande do Sul – Theme: The Gospel in the world and in hearts

Lecturer: André Trigueiro, Journalist, editor in chief of Cities and Solutions, Expert in environment and author of several books


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Published: 06/11/2013

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The value of Life – Part II

Understand the pain means: It hurts, but I’m realizing that this is part of my evolutionary project.
It is deriving from the imperfect way in which I lay myself on the board of the physical existence. Now suffering is the deterioration from this state, in many cases, for us to be impatient and intolerant of certain processes that are part of life.

Depressive state is not depressionDepression is a mood disorder that determines the interference in the biochemistry of the brain.

The brain synapses are compromised. the passage of information from neuron to neuron happens slowly. This makes the depressive, are often unable not even get out of bed to take coffee, open the window, even to answer the phone.

It is an existence as “dead aliveand he suffers when someone comes to him and says: You have health, you have a job, you have a lovely family and you are lying down, sleeping… Stand up!

Anyone who has experiences to live with a person who suffers from depression, she knows how difficult this coexistence, and know how important is to provide support, help and solidarity for those who are going through this painThe worst thing you can say for a depressing is: “Get up!” There are other methods to deal with it.

What is the exit to confront the depressionI will quote the divaldiano method“:

Three basic providences:
1. Enjoy the privilege of being embodied in the 21st century and make use of what any other last incarnation has been at our disposal, in our hands: Antidepressant medication recommended by a doctorhaving the patience to see if the formula and dosage are compatible to us, waiting for the outcome.
What the Greeks in antiquity called melancholy, in many cases, are depression. Until recently there was not antidepressants. Save the world of regeneration, which is coming up with important cocktails of antidepressants to interfere with the biochemistry of the brain.

Solve the Problem? No, but he helps. Do not open hand of this first feature. He is the first therapeutic step. 

2. The indispensable and urgent support from the therapist, for him to helps the depressive person to better understand who he is, what bothers or weakens him, where this lack of courage or lack of disposition come from, the possible causes of this present life, who are causing this lethargy, this difficulty in handling of bodily existence. It is not possible to open hand of the therapy.

3. The last, and also very important: The fluid therapy. Lamartine Palhano Junior, espirita researcher says: In approximately 70% of cases, depression is associated with the action of obsessors.

By tuning law ((frequency)), it is appropriate to seek recourse from the fluid therapy, the magnetic pass (Please see: Franz Anton Mesmer), in order to get during this difficult period, having at least one rear protection of the action of evil spirits.

Still talking about depression, I’ll to repeat what said Joana de Angelis (spiritual Menthor of the Medium Divaldo Franco): The depression has its origin in the spirit that reincarnates with high dose of guilt when walking in the evolution processon negative factors that point out his march, and not resolve to be free definitively
This vulnerability, in large part of the cases, is guilty.

The depressive need to mobilize forces to, at least have hope. Patience, that that phase is going to end.

The psychiatrist Jaider Rodrigues de Paula, which is spiritualist, tells us: “The matrix of depression are insipid in the perispirit. The physical body reflects the spiritual body. If the reincarnating brings, carved into the psycho-soma, the matrix of depression, will influence the genetic selection of the elements that could, is a possibility, enabling the physical life; if the person concerned wishes.”
LOOK AT THE FREE WILL. Diseases are effects, not causes.

What does it say spiritism about suicide:

There’s no other spiritualistic philosophy, religion, mystical current that offers us so much information and subsidies to understand the reality of suicide in the spirit world.

It is important to know that, under any circumstances, the suicidal act will represent relief, either improvement of emotional conditions for the one who exterminates him or herself. However,  the spiritual destiny of suicide is not equal for everybody. One has to recognize gradations of postmortem experiences of the suicide of the body.

Example: The one, afflicted with schizophrenia, deeply disturbed by not able to clearly distinguish what is true from what is hallucination. And eventually the subject of hidden forces that encourage the abortion of this existential project. And when he kills himself, he can not and should not suffer the same fate of that other, which acts coldly, with no psychopathology disturbe, in which gives up life without purpose, a cold and calculating act.

This one which enjoyed full physical and mental conditions, to follow throughout the course of fleshly existence, when abandon existence, he will have to understand, pedagogically, through the pain, the mistake of this act.

Another important question. We lose time, in my view, when we ask, like that: “Who is the suicidal?and some will say, “it’s a coward who abandoned the existence” while others will say: It is a brave man, because we have a survival instinct. It is not easy precipitate own death

Let me say that this is an irrelevant discussion. What matters is to recognize that all suicidal, when they decide to make this imprudent act, they want solution. They want to solve a problem that causes a profound existential anguish.

This is my vision, and I may say that bothers me a lot to see Spiritist people pointing their finger, saying angry, calling the suicide as a criminal.

We are reincarnationists. Which of us can say that in a past life not commit the same acts, to solve problems? And if we left the hole we found ourselves because of this action, it is because, instead of pointing the finger, someone gave us the hand.

Therefore, it seems of elementary importance that, even understanding the seriousness of suicide, our action that is compatible to the gospel, forgiving 70×7 times and love the next as ourselves. This is the gesture that is expected in the direction of suicide.

Let me say, that bothers me also in the final prayer in a Espiritism institution, after a lecture or any other activity of the house, in which we remember the orphanage, asylum, the hospital, the abandoned dogs and kittens … We remember all those in need, poor, miserable, insane But do not remember the suicide. 

It is the taboo that I said in the beginning. The Tabu is present in some Spiritist houses, prejudice as well.
The suicide people are our brother in humanity. They went wrong and need us to move on.

We need this ethical positioning, do not condemn on principle, but, pardon on principle and extending the hand.

I recommend a book because it brings numerous messages regarding the suicide problem, psychographic by Francisco Xavier, which is called: ” Suicide and its consequence”. I will report a part of it, where Brother X interview a suicidal woman of 32, who passed away in Rio de Janeiro, ingesting formicidae. The outcome of the interview is presented in topic:

  •  She did not have any religious faith.
  • She remained completely lucid and for a long time when death occurred.
  • She suffered with terrible suffering, when found disembodied. 
  • She could hear the cries of her husband and young son, beseeching for help
  • When the hearse collects her body, she tries to stay at home but she could not.
  • She was in a morgue compartment, crying maddening
  • To find herself naked on the autopsy table, immediately trembled with shame
  • After two men open his belly, without any ceremony, endured showers of cold water on the exposed viscera.
  • Prayed, the way the desperate freaks, without any notion of God.
  • Although many friends and family, who were disembodied, tried to help her, was not possible. Because of her suicidal condition, she was still in its fullness of the vital physical forces. She was still materialized, under the body of flesh.
  • Attended the own funeral, with horror imaginable.
  • Being mentally blind of pain, she could not see the spiritual benefactors of the cemetery. This touched me the first time I read it, because even when we commit the imprudence of killing ourself, our guides and our mentors are on our side. We are never alone.
  • Does not know how long she was in the tomb cell.
  • When the magnetic rope broke (silver cord that unites the perispirit of the physical body). When the magnetic rope broke away, she were able to stand up in the grave.
  • After a long time of prayer and remorse, she obtained assistance from missionaries spirits, and was admitted to a treatment field in the spiritual world.


The reason she decided to kill herself was: Jealousy. Her husband, who were  sympathized with another woman.

Well. Humberto de Campos (author) asked her if that attitude had brought some benefit. She answered the following: Only complications

After 6 years of absence, hurt by terrible longing, she was allowed and had permission to visit the residence, which still thought and thought, be her home, she got a huge surprise. For did not help her own punishment: “My husband, still young, needed company and chosen to his second wife, the abominated rival. He and my son, they were on the care of the woman who raised me hate and anger.

In other passages in this book say that, people who commit suicide at the peak of hopelessnesssometimes the solution of the problem occurs hours after the fatal act, the next day …

It’s amazing to divine providence. It is time to overcome.

Our biggest challenge at the height of desperation it is to breathe deeply and remember: Tomorrow is another day

We have to allow time for the issue to take its course.
It sounds simple, but it is not.
And there are those who read the gospel at the height of despair, hoping a direct message, wanting an answer to his problem. Then he is disappointed, when finally become from the mediumship in the center, “came a message for you.” The light spirit, indirectly sends the message of strength and energy. But for him is not enough. He wants the spirit write, directly, about his problem. 

He crumples the paper and throw in the trash. Oh God, I prayed so much for an answer. And that’s what sent me a phrase that appears in any literary work of Chico, Divaldo, Raul?”

Any little problem, consults the spirits, not walking by own efforts 

Spirits of light, by definition, tends not to mix the smallness that beset us on a daily basis.

Evolution is merit. Evolution is a personal and not transferable process.

If the spiritual guide decides to write: Alberto, tomorrow don´t go to work. Trust me, and look for another job. In relation to your wife, you have to impose youself…”  There is no merit, there is no evolution.

The stone was placed and there is no reasons to celebrate .. An existence passes quickly, the solution expected for that project didn´t come. We should ask at this moment: Is it God who punishes?

Why punishment is not applicable here? I will give an example: It is night at home. Suddenly gives a problem in the electrical network and there is no light.  The father lights a candle. A small child decides to play with the candle and starts passing the finger between the flame, until burn out.

The question is that: God punished the boy because he put his finger on fire?
Do not seem to be the reason…

The encounter of a carbon structure, full of nerve endings, called finger” with the elemental energy of the universe, called “Fire“, with high calorific power, results in a degradation to the carbon structure, with repercussion on the nervous system.
It is the nature at work. Are the laws governing life and the universe.
It is not God’s punishment, if you burned your finger.

2.d Part: 44 min.


Thanks for reading and have a week with a lot of peace and good energy into your life. 

Cheers, miss Froggy