Life is Beautiful

Even in the face of all the difficulties, life is worth being lived. miss Froggy


Spirit: André Luiz   Medium: Francisco Xavier


When you observe on the edge of discouragement, accelerate the footsteps forward, forbidding yourself to stop.

Pray, asking God more light to overcome the shadows.

Do something good, beyond fatigue in which you find yourself.

Read an uplifting page that helps you reasoning in constructive change of ideas.

Try to contact people whose conversation improve your spiritual atmosphere.

Look for an environment where it is possible to hear words and instructions that ennoble  your thoughts.

Do someone a favor, especially one for which you are putting off.

Visit a sick person, seeking comfort those going through more difficulties than yours.

Meets the immediate tasks that await you and preventing you any delay in dismay clouds.

Save the conviction that we are all moving forward through problems and struggles, the acquisition of experience, and that life agrees with the remake breaks our strength, but does not accord with the inertia at any time.

Reflecting in charity of peace and joy, for others, which will capitalize you, increasingly, your own happiness, surely you never lose patience and will know to bring the heart and on the lips the good word and fraternal smile by unceasing blessings of God.

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