The value of life – Part I

The value of life in a world where suicide is case of public health by André Trigueiro


Why it is part of life suffering, the experience of pain? Because it helps us to build spiritual musculature. Pain is obligatory. Suffering is an option

7th Spiritualist Congress of Rio Grande do Sul – Theme: The Gospel in the world and in hearts

Lecturer: André Trigueiro, Journalist, editor in chief of Cities and Solutions, Expert in environment and author of several books


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Published: 06/11/2013

André Trigueiro: Good evening. What cold spring. But this issue we will address tomorrow.
I do not know what you guys have earned at this time, after work, attend a lecture about suicide.
However, when the Espiritism speaks of suicide, he’s talking about life. And life in abundance.
The meaning of life and the absurdity of aborting a project realized with so much love and so much affection before our incarnation.
In truth, we must say at the start of this conversation that will be brief, the issue that brings us here today is a taboo. Tabu is what we prefer not to talk about, for cultural reasons, social reasons, mystical or religious reasons, or even Superstitious

Taboo is a forbidden subject. And suicide is a missing subject of society. And this is not good news.We explain why.

I will share some numbers from WHO, that lend, in my view, legitimacy and urgency to this topic between us.
It is estimated that each year, a number between 900,000 and 1 million people kill themselve worldwide. 3,000 cases accomplished by day 1 every 30 seconds. In Brazil are 26 deaths officially registered. We not appear in the rank of countries where this problem is more serious. However we are in the rank of nr. 76.

The number of people who commit suicide in the world today already exceeds that officially already registered of death by homicide or armed conflicts.

An estimated group between 10 and 20 attempt to kill himself without success. An attempt every 3 seconds.
It was recorded in the last five decades an increase of 60% in cases of suicides, especially in developing countries as Chine, India and Brazil
Although the polls show that the self-extermination happens in most old age, registers with concern the increasing case among the younger population. In Brazil, for example, the peak incidence reaches the age of 21.
For each case of suicide consummated, an estimated group of five to six people, next to the suicide, experience a searing pain, which is not rare, becomes trauma.
Are people who can no longer work with the same productivity index and need medical license, or therapeutic support to regain courage to live and move on without the company of the departed.
So if we have approximately one million cases reported annually, we have a large number of people suffering a lot, because of a very difficult trauma and as a rule, can only be achieved out of this psychological state with psychological help
Finally, the expectation of WHO is that the number of suicide in the world bend till the year 2030.
Suicide is an invisible issue, not covered by the medias and we, therefore, without information, not consider this a problem or mobilize efforts or devotes time and energy to solve.
However it is curious In the area of public health suicide demand information and prevention. So here I am today. I’m a journalist, in my work middle, but it’s not easy to break this taboo and this stigma, and there is still much work to be done in order to break this wall.
When people ask: Why this subject is invisible?
The first answer is: Depending on who one speaks of suicide, this may sound like a suggestion for those who are living a difficult, emotional time or existentially

The first evidence of this occurred in the eighteenth century, due to the first work of success, from a German novelist Goethe “the Sufferings of young werther”, year 1774. A novel in which the main character, disillusioned lovingly at the end of the story decides to kill himself.
And? So at the end of a particular period, after the disclosure of this work which was very successful in Europe. At same time, it was found that many young people at the height of romanticism, disillusioned lovingly chose the same method described by Goethe. Therefore, it is the phenomenon of mimicry

Who was experiencing an emotionally vulnerable situation, can be inspired by books, theater plays, movies or the way the press reports of suicid cases, to repeat the gesture
When marilyn monroe passed away in the US at that time was attributed to ingestion of barbicuris, it seemed intentionally, by mimetic effect, there have been similar cases
When the leader of the band Nirvana precipitated his return to spiritual homeland by suicide doors, verified, as result of imitation, young people, especially in USA, who repeated this process.

Moral of the story: There have to be careful on talking about the subject.

What does say the WHO about the correct way to talk about suicide?
The correct way is to remember that suicide, in 90% of the cases, is preventable

I’ll repeat: According to WHO, in 90% of cases suicide is related to psycho-pathologies, which are diagnosable and treatable .

So, there is not a fatality when someone mentions: I’ll kill myself” or when someone thinks the exit to the problems, is to kill and not there to do, there is no way out, it is a determinism, because the person has already reincarnated, thinking about it .

!!! in 90% of cases, there is what to do !!! In my hands is a report of a study by the health ministry, showing why, in 10 cases of suicide, 9 are avoidable:

The survey involved 15,629 obito certificates. So, they tracked the historical cases of consummated:

Then it was verified the predominance:

  • in 35% of cases the patient suffered of humor disorder and  depression: Those are sickness able to be diagnosed and treated.
  • Disorder related to use of toxic substances, drugs, alcohol was the second most important indicator.
  • Schizophrenia, personality disorder, psychotic disorders, anxiety disorders.                    In 90% of cases there is something to do to prevent. We must act!

How is the prevention of diseases such as leprosy, dengue, diarrhea, AIDS, sexual transmissible diseasesThrough information.

In relation to suicide, my friends, the same! But there is no prevention without information. And where there is taboo, there is no room for prevention. 

We need to act in contrary direction of self-extermination! It is not enough to whine. It is not sufficient to pray. We need to act!

I mentioned here some mental disorders order.
Those who study today‘s area, the professional of this area is called suicidologo (investigation clinical psychiatrist). I am not a professional in the area but I have found that psychiatrists who undertake work in the line of investigation and research to try to explain these numbers: Why are so many people killing each other?

This professional investigates why so many people are jumping ship. The little that these professionals have found today is that there is no  determining cause for the suicide happen.
Let’s take an example: “A person, disillusioned lovingly read Goethe’s work, finds out that was betrayed and decides to kill herself.
My friends, let’s put here the statistical absurd it would be, if every  betrayed person, decide to kill herself

From an epidemiological point of view, it is not credible. Let´s put it in another way.

Now, if a person who finds himself betrayed, and this is the logic of suicidpsychologist, not had in childhood the period lap, attention, affection, affection, intimacy with parents or responsible. father and mother are working outside and has no time for children. It is understood…

But time is measured not by the clock. You can only have 10 or 15 minutes a day. But is not that moment when you see a movie, along with your children I speak. Are 10-15 minutes that, the son or daughter realize it belong them. Completely for the child: The heat in the lap, eye to eye, attention. The name of this is emotional nourishment.

What age which has more hunger for affection and love?  0-7 years of age.
Who grows in the domestic environment, surrounded by love and affection, builds a network of protection, which is not 100% effective, but it makes the difference for the rest of life, especially at times when we are needy, insecure, sad, depressed
I have stock of love inside me. I was careful with love, care and affection. And it follows me.

It makes the difference. He who killed himself because he was betrayed, owned any belief in a higher force?
You might call God or whatever name
He owned or not? No. He didn´t have Faith in some higher thing is a vulnerability factor, associated with others who can put that fragile person, in a risk group.

There are other associated factors, but I will not dwell on them. We live in a sexist country (Brazil), in the era of patriarchal society that does not tolerate homosexuality. Homo-affective relations are with prejudice target, at home, at school, at university, at work, on the street …. A person who does not feel part of society feels excluded. And she, depending on a number of factors may be part of risk group. I do not want to live in this world. This world is hostile to me. I‘m not accept even indoors. I am stigmatized for being what I am ” It is a risk factor.

Some research indicates that in Rio Grande do Sul, small farmers who handle pesticides of inadequate way, suffer the side effects of the toxins, which affect the nervous system, determining state of deep depression. Inadequate manipulation of chemical products is a risk factor, with serious side effects..

Indigenous communities, as we have in Brazil, new generations of Indians who are not recognized as Indians by the elders of the communities and by the white man, either. He do not know which tribe he belongs, which society he is taking part of. He does not feel welcomed anywhere. He belongs to a risk factor and this is serious.

Depression: Major risk factor for suicide. It is estimated that a group of 8 to 12% of the population are suffering from mood disorders.

In Brazil are about 20 Millions. worldwide are 700 Millions of depressive.

Important not to confuse depression with depressive state. Depressive state is part of life. Who does not experience sadness or depressive states, is not in full condition of health. Because, being incarnated on the planet Earth means be navigating on a roller coaster, in which there are moments of deep peace, joy, well-being Are those days, when we say like this: “Today I die happy“, while, there are also other times when even being spiritualist, believing in God, praying for spiritual guidance, nothing is going right. We feel alone, fragile and vulnerable.

Why it is part of life suffering, the experience of pain? Because it helps us to build spiritual musculature

As Carlos de Andrade says: Pain is obligatory. Suffering is an option


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