L’euthanasie? ne pas!

Therefore live!
Enjoy every moment of life, every minute.
Because at every moment life changes and and what was a very great pain, it is a blessing for our healing for the future.
Divaldo Franco


Medium: Divaldo Franco

Source: 5th Congress of the Spiritist Federation of Florida: The Art of True Healing A Spirit Vision 

Youtube: https://youtu.be/XPfLSPjfv_M

Date of Publication: 02.06.2015

What happens to the spirit suicidal?

He continues to suffer. And that his suffering is now added to the pain from the destruction of the body.
I always narrate the experience of my sister Nair, who committed suicide in 1939. In 1972, thirty three years later, when my mother was disembodying, she came to my mother.
But she had already often appeared to me during those thirty-three years.

Every time she appeared to me, suffering terribly, absolutely alive with the drama and conflict that led to suicide, along with the horrible suicide pain because she ingested cyanide mercury, and of course destroyed all gastric part of perispirit.

When my mother was past away, she introduced herself and said, come quickly to minimize my pain, I do not stand it anymore.
And my mother took care of her in the spirit world for over 10 years and then brought her to reincarnation, and she warned me that she was back, after more than forty years of stormy life in the afterlife … But I should not interfe myself to change the appearance of her, for she would come up with the marks of suicide.
Three years later came to the door of the mansion of the way” (an institution that medium has to attend poor people in Bahi, Brazil), a woman. She was a descendant of Africans and carried a little child in the arms, which was dying.

The doorman called me and I went there.
The little child was involved on rags. She was the daughter of a garbage picker, in which she informed me, both the mother and the baby, who are nourished of cardboard soup. 

She picked up the cardboard where there was leftover food, throw water on top, put salt and drank that water.

Immediately I took them to our medical center, which is near the entrance. I called my son, who is a physician, and we started to attend both.

The mother said: I will die, but saved my daughter She‘s all I have.

I asked, “What’s her name?
She replied, “Nair”. The same name as my sister. Then came my mother said: “She who came back“.

She had a cleft lip and Focal.It was the result of suicide. It’s a long story, but I will shorten. We started to pass milk on the lips, put away serum, and both survived.

When she was four years, she spoke with difficulty. The palate had very serious problems. The stomach needed very special power.
From time to time she had Blackouts crises but It was curious… One day, I through the kindergarten (nursery child) , she shouted: Didi”. It was like my sister called me for 70 years ago.

I was surprised, came running and asked, “Who called didi?
She replied. “I was didi I am Nair
I said, “But I know you’re Nair
She replied: No, the other Nair The one killed herself.”

So I put her in my arms, very moved. My mother came and said to me:” our daughter is back.
She will have a very short life to rescue, and then will return as a  normal child.”

When she was six years old, she asked me: didi, I’m going to die soon?
I said. “Yes, you will. You will die quickly, to return as a beautiful girl“.

Finally, she had double pneumonia and died 48 hours later.
Now she is back, beautiful as the brother, free from the tragedy of suicide.

It is the most cowardly act that the individual commits against himself and cosmic consciousness. It is cruel because he does not think those who love Him. His selfishness is so great that he wants to get away from the problem. Thus creating problems for people who love him.

Since my sister committed suicide, my mother never smiled. She felt a gentle joy, but always remember the dear daughter who was the oldest.

So, the suicide awareness is an unimaginable cruelty.
When I go to cemeteries and a rare thing, I see many people connected with the material remains, even when there is no more body. They’re half-buried, chronicling the tragedy of own suicide.
Therefore, no way!
It is a word that we should scratch from the dictionary.

Of course, there aggravating and mitigating. But even the mitigating factors not solve the problems. Because the intention to kill, and the intention is that it care, is a violence against God’s laws.

Therefore live!
Enjoy every moment of life, every minute.
Because at every moment life changes and and what was a very great pain, it is a blessing for our healing for the future.