Suicide according to Spiritism

Suicide is one of the most desperate acts that someone may commit.

When I was a teenager I tried myself once. The second time I didn´t  have the courage.
Today am very glad about that.
The reason that led me to this act has to do with the death of my relatives and the hard life I led.

But this is not important at the moment because people commit suicide by different reasons.

What happens after the Suicide? I mean, afterlife?

In the next few Article I will try to translate a serie of Videos from Spiritism Doctrine according to Allan Kardec, Umbanda and othesr Spiritualist views

Now, let´s start with the braziliam medium Divaldo Franco.  Enjoy it!

Many greetings, miss Froggy


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Date of Publication: 16.11.2012

Divaldo Franco:

Whatever the reason that the individual dazed look to escape the physical life, commits a heinous crime.
Not being the author of life, do not have the right to stop.
Suicide is cataloged as a heinous crime alongside wars, but also the criminal abortion, euthanasia, the death penalty.

Thus, when the individual chooses to destroy life, even when under deep depression, it is in his unconscious a very large rebellion.

Got against.
and somehow, the individual is trying to kill another, in so-called love affairs.
And it is impossible to destroy the one who made him unhappy, invests against himself, trying to interrupt the life cycle, to wake up in the afterlife with the sufferings of the early flow of the sum of pain and afflictions due to his act of defiance.

Suicide is also an act of moral cowardice, and deep ingratitude. Ingratitude for those who stay for those who love him, for those who devote themselves and often skip the conflict that the patient is always victim.
Thanks to the advances of psychic doctrines and study take place nowadays about depression, it appears that at the root of any act of this nature, there is the disorder of depressive behaviorwhich clarifies but not justified.
Because the very depression is ongoing the phenomenon of the law of cause and effect.

If the individual amount to God through the prayer, through the practice of good, the overcoming of tormenting passions, of course it will contribute greatly to his mental health, his emotional health, his peace, preventing suicide.
Suicide? Never!

In 1939 my sister committed suicide.
She was a temperamental young. married, she discovered that her husband cheated on her with another woman.
Strong-willed, she went to the other woman and after a rubbing, feeling ashamed, she opted for suicide.
It took years, I was young and she appeared to me, all deformed screaming like crazy and saying, “I wanted to run away, but I did not get out of where I was
Years and years passed, in 1972, when my mother was disembodying (dying), passing through agonizing moments, she closed her eyes, held my hand and said excitedly: “My son, Nair, my suicidal sister, is here and she’s saying: Come mother, come quickly to comfort me. Come and decrease my bitterness. Come and help me, for I did not longer take any more suffering on this eternity


33 years suffering because of her rebellion. So my mother told me “I‘m going, my son, but then I’ll be back to take care of you and your sister.
We were the last two children who were alive. Smiling, I replied her: “ Mommy, do not come back. You suffered so much on earth The spirits tell me that they just waiting for you to be immensely happy.”

Then she said me: “Son, what the happiness of a mother, if not to look after their children? I’ll take care of Nair, and then I will return.
I saw my mother disembodied, leave the physical body and saw when the spirits enveloped her and my menthor Joana de Angelis said: “thank your mother, who carried you for 86 years”

Medium: Divaldo Franco

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