Time of Transition for Planet Earth

If the minds, instead of selfishness, foolishness and wickedness, emit waves of goodness and compassion, love and mercy, certainly the picture on Earth would be another. Bezerra de Menezes


Spirit: Bezerra de Menezes    Psychography Divaldo Franco.

Source: http://www.oespiritismo.com.br

Photo: Miss Froggy – Istanbul 2003

The Earth’s population reaches a rapid pace, the large number of seven billion reincarnated beings simultaneously vying for the opportunity of evolution

While major acquisitions of technological knowledge and the advances of science in a number of areas in these troubled days, transcendent values have not received the necessary consideration of the scholars who are dedicated to the analysis and promotion of human resources, living more concerned with techniques than with moral behavior, which is of paramount importance. Therefore the inheritance is transferred to the new generations that now inhabit the planet is more about greed, pleasure of the physical senses, the conquest of space at any rate, leading to violence and disorder

They take place busy materialism and utilitarianism, the context in which many are far from the solidarity, compassion and brotherly spiritbefore the difficulty of the actual experience of love. as taught and lived by Jesus.

The individuals seem anesthetized Regarding the treasures of the soul, with the comprehensible exceptions.

Fortunately, the end of the world that speak the prophecies refers to that of moral nature, with the natural occurrence of tragic successes snatch communities, providing the renovation, that the absence of love can not achieve as one might desire

Such phenomena are not programmed to this or that period, a terrifying fatalism as many who ignore the extent of the love of our Father disseminate, but for a long period of transformations, adaptations, events favorable to the enactment of the order and solidarity among all beings.

It is understandable, therefore, that the most serious occurrence is, in a way, depending on the free will of human beings themselves, whose conduct may hasten or delay its establishment, softening it or aggravating it

If the minds, instead of selfishness, foolishness and wickedness, emit waves of goodness and compassion, love and mercy, certainly the picture on Earth would be another.

By understanding the transience of physical experience, in the future psychosphere of the planet will be very different because emissions of thought modify the current vibrational bands that contribute to the harmony of all and for the use of available time.

The love of our Father and Jesus’ tenderness toward His flock will decrease the severity of events, by as well compassion and mercy, although the severity of the law of progress.

All of us are, disembodied and embodied, committed to the planetary transition for a better program. For this reason, we must all commit ourselves inside moral transformation of work, involving us in light, so that no darkness can cause the disorder or cause us to hinder the march of evolution.

Indeed, the spirits laid down in the degrading passions, they attune to own vibrational waves lower worlds, for them transferring by tuning, where they become positive workers by the resources already have in relation to those backward regions in which they learn the humility lessons and good conduct. Everything is linked together in the divine laws, never missing superior resources for the moral development of the spirit.

This immense process of molecular transformation to the achievement of angelitude, there are several propitiatory resources for the intellectual and moral growth without serious unpleasant injunctions. All of these facilities, however, are based on love and work.

Thusthe disclosure of Spiritualism is very important to demonstrate to everyone immortality, divine justice, mediumship, the mechanisms of experience in reincarnation and the immense significance of each existential moment. Therefore, we invite everyone for the love learning, reflection and labor of brotherly love that will be enriched, preparing for the inevitable liberation by the disembodiment when it occurs.

Praise and thank the Lord of the universe for the glory of life that is given us and beg Him support order to be faithful to the postulates of the thought of Jesus, our Master and Guide, which constitute our duties at all times.

However, all good workers should pay attention to the fact that may experience the sting of trouble, will experience the nickname and rampant misunderstanding that have been preserved by the ignorance of those who do not contribute.

Everybody will be called to sacrifice in some way in order to demonstrate the excellence of the evangelical content, considering, on the one hand, the personal injunctions that require repair, and secondly, the fidelity, which asks for confirmation by example.

Do not be surprised that the difficulties encountered present unexpectedly, causing often shock and distress. So the refuge of the ratio shows the safe place for refueling the forces and get on with joy.

Entities that delights in the pleasure of vampirization the energies of distracted and foolish embodied, turn against the emissaries of Jesus where they are generating conflicts around them and beating them fiercely. The workers of the Master, in turn, must turn to the joy of service, thanking the heavens self-illuminating opportunity, without it occurrence of any expression of masochism. By the way, it is an honor us whatever suffering for love of the ideal of truth, the construction of the new world.

That the superior discernment can point us all, and that the most valuable resources that are owned, are made available to the Lord of the Vineyard who follows ahead.

Dr. Bezerra de Menezes (spirit) in Sunrises of a new era, Manoel de Miranda Philomena (Spirit), psychographed of Divaldo Franco.

Source: http://www.oespiritismo.com.br