once Upon a time… by Mirim Caveirinha

There was a spiritual colony that was going through a series of difficulties, and the governors did not know how to manage it, because it was a war going on … The Second World War
by Mirim Caveirinha


Eshu Mirim comes so, because you gave me this form, because of the vibration. But Eshu Mirim is equal to a thunderbolt, is a light, is a form that has come to bother you. In order to play a lot of shit and to plant a lot of flower. Save!

Dialogue 327 – Espirit: Exu Mirim CAVEIRINHA – Medium: Edgar Souza

Reporter: Jefferson Viscardi : http://www.dialogocomosespiritos.com/

Youtube: https://youtu.be/v_lK8mCHaCI

Date of Publication: 11.06.2014

Exu Mirim about Action: Many people are bragging, thinking that are better than others. Now I want to see in practice. It is in practice that you realize that everything you learned, why not help anything you guys gain a lot of teachings and do not apply anything. Understood? You guys get this illusion of who knows, maybe less … But I want to see in practice, I want to see it happen and want to see if you have the wisdom to get your mouth shut, to understand the mysteries.
For who understands the miserios, does not speak for others, boy. He keeps to himself in his heart. And that is the way of happiness.
But you have to make egoism, have to take vanity. You have to clear your heart to reach this level. Do not think that if you get reading book, think you know something, because you do not know, no.
You will know, the day you reach the level that we speak here for you and have a strength that guides you, and that gives you all wisdom, so you can make your actions.

Reporter Jefferson: Nobody does anything alone. So keep the merit to itself is a kind of arrogance?

Exu Mirim: It is arrogance, boy.Because who is silent, he has a lot of good people beside him.
And, when he passes difficult, he is not complaining about, because  he see, what he has to learn what is behind this learning process. Then,  he finds the solution within himself. Many of you guys do not know how to do it. You guys are complaining, are creating these crap thoughts and so, starts creating more problems. You guys stay philosophizing, trying to find explanation. But often the explanation is the own problem. Inside the problem is the solution.

Reporter Jefferson: Do you think people come into increasing discussion, sometimes sterile to show self-important to have approvals from other people?

Exu Mirim: See boy, you have these situations. When we meets here‘s side, to discuss situations. Do you know why we do that? To add intelligence. To see the best way to benefit the next one. It is not to show who know better, no. Let us join intelligences, we join the forces, like the case of the old black Man, which I told you before. Do you remember?

Reporter Jefferson: Which one?

Exu Mirim: In which I asked for help from the old man. Because, boy, we do not know everything, no.
So, we have to consult who knows, to help solve the situation, and we acquire ever more wisdom.

You know, boy. Neither Jesus himself worked alone, right? He needed twelve. Or rather, he needed eleven, right?

To be there together with him, adding the forces, adding the energies. If there was 12, counting with him, you guys can not imagine how it was in the astral world, boy. .. So many angels, many spirits, helping him to fulfill the mission. 

Because, in the flesh, you guys are very vulnerable. And when one has to fulfill mission, one can not fail. 

Do you know why? Because there are many people who are in need.

You should not think like that: “Oh, I have a mission, I will fulfill, because I am the best”

Think about other people! Put yourself in the place of another, then the things begin to go well.

If a person thinks on doing for herself, why she needs the other? Is the other just a stimulusEven to help others, you need the other, eh boy? If you do not have anyone to help, what you going to do? Both, those who help, as the one who is helped  Both of them are learning, both are growing and this has adding up, boy. This is very gratifying.

Reporter Jefferson: This is very gratitying…..

Exu Mirim: Do you know why, young? In the middle of these situations, who will read or listen to the dialogue, is changing gear (vibration). And I’m also learning from it. And my fellows also.

Reporter Jefferson: Really?

Exu Mirim: We are all growing together, boy.

Reporter Jefferson: Thanks to God. But, we are coming to the end of the first book project. But we can not finish without you tell about the interplanetary beings and their physical relationship with us and also stories that really happened, in which you were involved.

Exu Mirim: You know boy, there are a lot that even in the higher planes of the Earth do not exist. Plans that you guys call as “Superior Astral of the Earth”

So many times we need the help from brothers, through their machines, their technology. They have healing machines that are even invisible to spirits. Many times the person passes away and is full of wounds (the PERISPIRIT).
Then, the interplanetary brothers use their technology, which are much more advanced than what you guys know on Earth,even from the Earth’s astral, to help and solving a lot of problems.

Has lots of brothers, as the history of that prostitute, who must be born again, reincarnated on Earth in a new body to leave sequelae in the perispirit. It has some cases they use other technology to solve this problem. There is an exchange, young. Often we are carried until their world to help there too, because there are things they also can not solve.

Then, the heaven father could solve everything with snap of a finger. However, God  is so generous, he creates difficulties for us to interact, in order to exchange informations, bringing solutions to Earth and vice versa.

You know, while we’re talking, they also here are watching and taking notes on their conscience and when they come back, may tell the stories, thus also creating things to help this process from here.

They already have an awareness that they are not alone. And that alone they will not get to make all this unfinished work of the creator  materializes.

They reached a stage that gave up everything to come here. Imagine yourself going out of your home without backpack, no luggage, just using the clothes, to go to a new world. A new sphere. Without looking back, just looking forward …. This is what they do. And that’s what many of us also do. Because we are no longer attached to material things. Our role is only to serve. We are 100% committed to serve each of you. And this brings a satisfaction in the heart that is indescribable, young.

It is like San Francisco did. He renounced everything and he goes out into the world and the universe, traveling

You know why, young man?

You think are owners of others. You think you are owners of something.
When you guys give yourselves to the creator, and feel in the heart, that you are not owner of anything, you will be free. Then, you have everything. Because everything is in the whole.

But, let me tell a little story.

There was a spiritual colony that was going through a series of difficulties, and the governors did not know how to manage it, because it was a war going on … World War II.  And, with that war, died millions of people …

It was so much disembodying people, that spiritual colonies were all overcrowded. 

What the brothers did? They began to build new spiritual cities also began to build new hospitals to help these brothers who were disembodying, in order to to have a comfort and also having a new home, having a sustainability.

And they brought new technologies to help those brothers who have died through the gas, who died through the atomic bomb. Because the radioactive dirty bomb is something very serious. She not “Only Ends”  the physical body, but she burns all your soul, she burns all the perispirit. It is not just losing the physical body, but leave sequelae in the perispirit.

 So serious, but so serious, we needed appeal to them. Because they have technology, support and intelligence to help those brothers who disincarnated through that radiation. 

Boy, they have technologies that have not yet arrived on earth, that is able to deal with this radiation, which you guys are able to.
They have a powder that play in the atmosphere and clean the radiation. Cleans fully, making a habitable environment. They’re mentaly connecting right now with some scientists, who are studying at the moment, to create this powder in order to have a solution.

Otherwise, if they did not help, there would be no incarnate today on the surface of the earth.

Have to get very careful, boy. Because, if not, there is a extermination.
In divine justice has a spirit that is an angel. He knows the archangel who applies Justice?

Reporter Jefferson: No, I don´t think so.

Mirim Caveirinha: It is he who does not allow that plan on earth disappear. He, together with his legion. Because if he did not exist, everything would be destroyed. All zapped

It has the questions of hierarchies, right?
Exists Eshu planetarium. Exists Eshu galático.There is eshu who governs cities. Has Eshu who cares for states and is all pretty well organized ..So, going  down in the  hierarchies of  phalanx. 

Through the friend Miguel Archangel, much is diverted, including some comets that was to fall on earth and make tsunamis, in which cities would disappear, young man ..
The 2012, for example it was already in the sights and was to fall the Pacific. And can you imagine, young man, What a work would be to rescue all the disembodied?

You have to have a preparation, right? So, that´s the reason collectivity it’s going disembodying in  mass but gradually.

 For this reason it is gradual, because it requires many cities (astral), need many colonies (spiritual), many workers respond to all this people. So, everything has an order. This comet would collide in the Pacific, but has been diverted through the divine intervention of the Archangel.

Eshu Mirim comes so, because you gave me this form, because of the vibration. But Eshu Mirim is equal to a thunderbolt, is a light, is a form that has come to bother you. In order to play a lot of shit and to plant a lot of flower. Save!

53 Min-1:12 Min.


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