What happens after death – according to Spiritism

It is very important to get informed how works the process of death, because we all die one day. When the time comes, we know how to react. Americo Sucena, Engineer


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Reporter: Briza Menezes

Date of publication: 18.06.2013

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Where are we going after we die, what life is like on the other side?

Many films, books and  mythologies tried to explain the mysteries of existence in the spirit world. Since Allan Kardec, the spiritualist doctrine has brought reliable and detailed informations, that prepare us for this moment what we know it is the destiny of all.

This will be the subject in today’s program, which inspires us so many doubts and deserve a whole Serie.

To get started, let us know what is the soul, and what happens during the disconnection of the physical Body. Do wee returne to consciousness, memories of this and other lives? How is this possible?

Americo Sucena, Engineer: The soul, when disconnects from the physical bodyReturns, being  spirit. Kardec makes this destincão. In fact the spirits reportedthis to him.

The soul is when the spirit is incarnated in the physical body. Spirit is when the soul is detached from the physical body

Heloisa Pires, researcher spiritualist: The incarnated Spirit (human being) is: spirit, physical body and perispirit (energetic Body).

Milton Felipeni, researcher spiritualist: First, we must understand what disincarnation (disembodiment) means. Disincarnation is the act of the spirit definitely leave a physical Body. The spirit passes away and the body dies. This is the first concept we have to do according to knowledge of spiritism.

Second: our so beloved family members and friends are already attuned with us. When the time of our departure from earth comes, for sure, friends and family always welcomes us.

This is a most important detail of the spiritual knowledge.

Ana Guimaraes, spiritualist researcher: The first thing that happens, it ceases to be a soul, and becomes a Spirit.

Therezinha Oliveira, spiritualist Researcher: So, when we discarnate and lost the body, we continue to be a person. Because we already were,  we existed before the flesh body.

The death of the body it does not affect us, it is just a change of state
but does not remove anything from us,  we continue to be ourselves. It is a passage, it is a journey … We leave an old garment, which is the physical body, and move to the spiritual plane.

André Luiz Peixinho, physician and philosopher: Life in the spiritual world is continuing. You have to understand, we never cease to be in the spirit world.

We got used to poor language of thinking: I am now incarnate then I’m not in the spirit world.” This is a false conclusion. The perispirit, which is the instrument of life in the spiritual world, it is still always there. Always. I am here in bodily, but my perispirit continues in the spirit world.

Mario Mas, psychologist: Some people, when they disincarnate, they have more access to memory, both the present life and all that has happened, such as past lives. Some people do not access. Why? for they do not know  how to  handle with that Memory, which she watch scenes from other lives, where she committed a crime, which was a bad character or was a Person who abused her relatives and friends, causing some damage to society

Those errors are recorded in our unconscious (perispirit). And if she access to these files, the emotion load may cause her to become unbalanced. So it is not always possible to access. It will depend more on the degree of  person’s Evolution.


Americo Sucena, Engineer: And how is that? This is happening slowly. It is as if the person were in a fog. While the fog passes, she will gradually seeing better, each time a bit more. It’s a metaphor used by the Spirits in the book of Spirits.

Therezinha Oliveira, spiritualist Researcher: Some spirits remember, not only of his existence dodily, but sometimes even earlier incarnations. However, the important thing is that he may remember what is required to conduct him to, now that he is in the spiritual life. It is the most important and the most immediate.
Just as we can remember much of our bodily life, but only we are using that which relates to what we gonna do now.  So, the spirit also selects his memories.


Reporter Briza Menezes: At the disembodied, the spirit leaves immediately the body, or is a gradual separation? what involves that process?

Americo Sucena, Engineer: The separation of the soul from the body also varies to infinity. And the normal process is a gradual detachment. The energetic wires need to be disconnect.

We have ties that bind us to the physical body. Because the spirit and the physical body are togetherduring sleep, the bonds does not discard their remains. But the energetic wear on the occasion of death, these ties fall apart. However, this is a slow process.

Gerson Simoes Monteiro, economist and author: It is like a flame of a candle. The perispirit will be disconnected from the body, little by little until the extinction of vital fluids. So, there is no immediate Separation.

Americo Sucena, Engineer: Of course, for more evolved spirits, the process is faster. For less evolved spirits, slower. It´s always like that: what determines in the spiritual life, is the  level of Evolution from the spirit.

Therezinha Oliveira, spiritualist Researcher: This detachment varies from person to person. There are creatures that are attached to material things, the organic sensations … So it takes longer to detach themselves from the Body.

But if the person is a more comprehensive more confident in God that detachment is done quickly. Yes, it takes some time, but is done harmoniously, it is in a safe manner… The person begins to anticipate the spiritual world, as friends who‘ve coming to receive, so that will be very soft this detachment.

Heloisa Pires, researcher spiritualist: It is very important to know and speak about this detachment. Many People tell me: “I am so afraid” or “i have no idea what i gonne meet there…” Stop it!

There are some  books  about this theme and they should  be read. The first one: the heaven and hell” from Allan Kardec.

Kardec says, each one dies as he lived. For who lived well and is not slave of physical body or material goods, he disembodies peaceful. Who clings to the physical body, jewelry, a life of luxury, often passes away, but forced and with much difficulty.  And some cling so much to physical body, that the body dies and decomposes, but they continue to suffer, stuck in physical Body.

Americo Sucena, Engineer: Due to the attaches which has the material life, and not realizing that life is eternal, some spirits may accompany the own funeral

Therezinha Oliveira, spiritualist Researcher:  We always have help for disembodiment, and had to reincarnate. And of course with this help, we are sometimes even sleeping and not feel so much the numbness of Trance and detachment. Then, we wake up in the spirit world.

Heloisa Pires, researcher spiritualist:  depends on us educate ourselves. Death means finding friends and family who are already over there. But, because of  the survival instinct wisely placed within us, normally, no one wishes to die.

I even joke that if I go, I will upset. Because I want to stay a little longer.

Life is beautiful for those who know how to live

Living with friends, with music with
spiritual doctrine is wonderful because we are accustomed in our
beloved planet earth, with blue sky,
flowers, colors and friends. But, there are friends all over the universe.
the time will come to rediscover them, and will also be wonderful. But the conservation instinct makes that we want to live for many, many years on the material plane.

The big doubt: After disembodied, where do we go? Can we find our family and people that we met on earth? We have to go where we want independence or someone comes to guide us?

Americo Sucena, Engineer: The first question to where we
after death vary as well into the infinite and depends on the Level evolutionary. There are spirits that disembody, who are so attached to their world, which remain inside the own house. Some relatives to record the presence: I feel my son nearby He’s here, I perceive

Ana Guimaraes,  spiritualist Researcher: How will my integration in the spirit world? is a reflection of the life I lead on this earth.

I will go in search of those who are like me. If I live my life with commitment to renewal, seeking the serious things, good things, positive companies, then, leaving the body, I will be supported by friends that I will attract. But if I opt for a careless living, I’ll enter a spiritual in the same way, so, companies will be similar to those which I kept on earth, a similar attracting a similar the affinities (law of attraction)

Mario Mas, psychologist:  When we talk about evolution and merit, is because the spiritual life is not  the same as here on earth.

Has a lot of people who sometimes because of power or money, buy privileges to obtain facilities in which through various of subterfuge or tricks.

In the spiritual life does not work like that. It depends on the morality of the person to get the favorable conditions. So, you must have merit and conditions to find relatives.

 Imagine a newly disembodied the Person , still convalescing, find a beloved relative who long ago did not see, and can because of the longing for the reunion, have an emotional alteration and get out of Balance? Then the benefactors study
the possibility of finding a friend or Family

Many of us say: I want to find my father, I wanted to find my mother I want my brother who already died

André Luiz Peixinho, physician and philosopher:  The person’s consciousness will define how the life of the individual. There is not a new beginning.You have to continue from where it was. This is the reality described in all psychic literature.

Milton Felipeni, researcher spiritualist: Now, where we go? We will remain on the earth. There is not a circumscribed and closed place  to where we should go.

Because the spirit lives in the middle of those who remain incarnate then, according to the degree of his interest, he can go to other places on the planet earth to continue the exchange between embodied and disembodied.

Literally we say on the other side over there,” means out of the matter… In the spiritual world, we are attracted to the region that most identify with our nature, with our level of development.

Can the spirit remain wandering around, unaware that he passed away? But how is this possible?  Do not realize him that he no longer has a physical Body? What can cause this kind of Illusion?


Mario Mas, psychologist: When the disembodiment happens, some people may still linked to the domestic environment or working even wandering around, whe the person is unprepared and / or very connected to the physical appetites such as beverages, cigarettes or various other vices.

Americo Sucena, EngineerMany people, when disembodying, do not realize that they died. One of the characteristics is because death does not hurt.This is written, it is textual. Sometimes what hurts is the disease that person has had. For example, if he has im fulminant heart attack, so he continues sentidno the pain of heart attack.

There is no pain to death. Death does not have pain. Death is a separation without pain. It is painless.

Now, if the person feels pain is because
has an impact of the dense body at the perispirit, which is the spiritual body. Now this repercussion can be distracting. Now, if he did not feel anything, he did not realize he died. Another detail which tricks too, is the fact that he can see exactly how he was before he died. In other words, the perirpirit is a copy of our body. He has eye, nose, mouth, ear …

Therezinha Oliveira, spiritualist Researcher: So they do not realize that everything has changed. They do not realize they are outside the physical body because still feeling inhabiting a body, acting through a body.

Americo Sucena, Engineer: Because he see himself, then he thinks so: “I am alive“.
He is, but in the other side. Who are here (material world) do  not see him. And he, who are on the side (spiritual), not able to communicate. It is a great despairing for him.

That´s the reason, spreading the spiritism to let people know how works the process will greatly help in the hour of death, because we all die one day. It is not this? And we do not know when. To get informed is very important, because if anything happens, we know how to react.

Mario Mas, psychologist: What may dominate, for example, is the person’s conviction that there is no life after death. This conviction becomes a self-hypnosis.

The person hypnotize himself and he begins to believe in this idea. When he arrives in the spiritual life, he does not has any information bout life after death even he has such space to conceive this reality, so he did not see his new situation as  a physical- extra-life.


There are, at this present time, thousands of human beings who are disembodying. Many, most  of them, in situation of great difficulty, great suffering, such as in hospitals, for example.  Many of these spirits remain for a long time in the environment which they disembody.  

Now, this question of having someone who helps us understand the meaning of disembodiment, guiding us to leave that environment, it is also true. There are those more advanced spirits who want to help us, guiding and doing understand our new situation.

Therezinha Oliveira, spiritualist Researcher:  That’s why some spirits for now remain displaced, not getting directed because they lack high thought, because they did not sought nor established greater links with the  spirituality, thus remaining in the reality of ignorance in which they are, until they are helped, awakened by friendly spirits and being
sent to their full spiritual reestablishment.

Heloisa Pires: That´s the reason we have to study and work, to become aware ourselves in every moment of our lives,  thus taking advantage of the experiences in this world of experiences and proofs, in order to grow and freeing ourselves from the imbalances that we bring through the centuries on terrestrial globe.