Transition World – Part II

Opening ourselves to the global awareness, guided by life on immediacy action are Aids to evolve. Miss Froggy


Trigueirinho – Brazilian Medium and Author


Photo: Miss Froggy

Aggressions committed byhuman beings of the earth” to the Earth

1. He released uncontrollable energy, which is undergoing his life and the planet to great disasters;

2. Contaminated water on the planet, and too little drinking water left for his own consumption;

3. With pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, he committed the same mistake  with nuclear power because it can not control the degree of contamination that generates the controlling the pests. The man does not calculate what will come to meet him in the matter of unknown diseases, produced by environmental contamination.

If not for the intervention of our large spacecraftlab, that are working to control the change that undergoes the planet Earth by releasing deadly forces, this surface civilization would be suffering even more suffering today.

But as widespread which are evil actions, there are always innocent people to which the Laws of Creation and Evolution of the races protect and save.

From the book Miz Tli Tlan Trigueirinho Publisher Thought p. 165

Aids to evolve

It can be said that modern man goes through life without actually noticing it. It is taken as an example people who live in high smog areas such as industrial complexes and large cities, claiming that over time no longer feel bad odor in the air and stop bothering with eye irritation . Because of this gradual complacency, physical degeneration processes are becoming chronic, and higher development of external and internal senses will be curtailed.

Guided by life on immediacy action, considering only the personal well-being, most men can not grasp what is really going on inside of them and around themselves. They may be in an environment that the subtle planes is a powerful dynamo of cosmic energies, but neither realize these intangible aspects. Since it is not in tune with the frequency emitted by them, not leave consciously touch by its radiations ..

The thinning of the playful mood ability to interact with these vibrations can be compared to tuning a radio: to receive certain signs it must be in the correct frequency. How can an individual contact divine spheres of life is restricted its realization to human affairs, primarily focusing on himself and his ideals? So the authentic rolling work aims at the alignment of consciousness with transcendent values.

However, it should be remembered that, just as the radios could be tuned to different frequencies, consciousness can change their tune and contact sources that transmit higher stimuli. It is the attraction of inner cores, polarized in the higher planes, which promotes this change. When it occurs, consciousness is facing a test: can integrate vibration what is being revealed, or stay in the old frequency. Aid to evolve are always offered, but it is up to the conscious self accept them or not.

From the book “New Oracles Trigueirinho Publisher Thought
Pp. 61 and 62

Opening ourselves to the global awareness

When the disciple recognizes that embodied life is no more than a brief second of total existence, what he wants to achieve as immediate foreign holding is resized. And the ample universe, free of restricted parameters, reveals to him silently.

It is very important that these phases it does not put obstacles to the sacred process that spirit tries to accomplish through their bodies. Are rare that can merge in themselves the form and non-form, so as to be beyond the range of states, entering the unit where do not exist Ratings.

Those who are attuned to this process must find a new alignment of axle and allow their conscience transcends the plans already known. In the case of those who have overcome individual aspects and let absorb in the group consciousness, the immediate step is to open up to the planetary consciousness; hidden and silent, living integrated to the energies that sustain the life of the kingdoms and peoples and elements that evolve on Earth. That is the way to know the irradiation of the new times and allow themselves to be permeated by it. This is also the way to interact with the hierarchy in a fluid and continuously way

To imbue the stimulus that moves consciences to planetary service and join the Hierarchy‘s goal is approaching its tasks, it is to be able to not ignore the pain of those who are crushed by the violence of material forces of this civilization. Whether we can assist in the dissolution of evil, it is fully accepted and implemented. It is necessary that the individual reaches certain degree of internal freedom to serve in this way. While at the mercy of forces that devastate human life, can not be an instrument of redemption.

From the book “New Oracles Trigueirinho
Thought Pages publisher. 45 and 46

The strength of being is that it may change the world

Great is the need for men to become aware of the inner life. Need is this awakening to what each individual guard inside, it is not the force of words can change the world, but the strength of being.  Much as it is in essence than in what you do externally is the power of Transformation.

The situation of the earthly man, in general, is such a lack of light that light given to it he had denies. However, the aspiration to spiritual planes must be greater than the desire for the world, that we might receive the food that enables us to live in eternity. This food, which does not come to us unless we seek, we are given only in the amount we Need.

Sooner or later, we are all placed before delivery portals. We arrived a day to a state where there is no more books that instruct us, hands that sustain us, words that meet our demands nothing satisfies us. It is then time to find the only reason”, and put it to life.

Seeing men move unconsciously, like blind men, do you think that? Realize in you what you lack in perfection in compliance with the law, so that perfection can approach of these your Brothers.

We can do nothing in their place; you must only comply with what fits you. There is no other way to go than yours, and know that if the take in hand with integrity, will smooth the path of all. When you deluded the goal, to see what you would do in place of a brother, it places at risk the clarity of your own way.

The destiny of each individual is up to him and the Absolute trace. How can you interfere in this fellowship? Even if that Magna Consciousness expresses another through you, is not you who are doing it. Thereby, remove  from eyes  the sale of human compassion and wash them in the pure source of the Divine Wisdom. Under the pretext to stand bound to lower planes because of a similar or because of one situation, you have lost endless opportunities to grow in spiritual compassion. Just being what you are in the Spirit can you be for your brethren.

From the book “Time to Heal (The Hidden Existence)” Trigueirinho
Thought Pages publisher. 70 and 71

The law of detachment

The detachment of the law brings malleability to the formal living and enhances its responsiveness to the psychic energy. Through successive disconnections of what has been achieved, the beings can express the reality that corresponds to them. It is one of the laws of asceticism, since for move forward on this path, the man should take nothing with him. However, few can live free and detached. Most fears the exemption of materials chains which got used. The new scare them, so they pushes him away, although it is near and available to everyone.

As you walk the spiritual path, the work of detachment takes deeper connotations and it is necessary to dissolve the human Walker ties. Renunciation is itself of the good and selfless people, but letting go is deeper attitude. Who resigns remains involved with the resignation object while it detaches do as the apostles of Jesus, which, when called, left their boats behind. As one great saint of the past, they cut the tie that held the boat and not be distracted trying to untie it.” Therefore, the law of detachment prevents regressions in the evolution of a being.

From the book The history of Fire Trigueirinho
Publisher Thought p. 135

After the dark

The growing chaos in the outer levels of the planet should not be a cause for sadness or discouragement. Rather, it is indicating approaching end-times of long and dark night, in which the planetary life was immersed. In the course of several evolutionary stages, the Earth’s surface man was kept in ignorance by those who represented involutive forces of seemingly great power. These forces instigated events as the burning of the Library of Alexandria; the burning of almost all documents of the Mayan civilization in the 16th century by a Spanish bishop of the Yucatan Province; the purge, the Bible, the teachings of Enoch; the cancellation of historical documents, sponsored by the Church of Apollonius of Tyana figure, and so on, until we come to modern times, when more subtle methods are used to commit similar crimes. However, it is exactly after the densest darkness that rays of light begin to dawn, announcing new cycle. We present this premise because it is one of the governing admission of being the so-called Mysteries.

It is not long the moment when, in greater proportion, unusual facts succeed across the Earth’s surface, revealing the existence of parallel worlds and their inhabitants. For millenniums, these beings come quietly helping humanity, by preventing it from self destruct. However, they are now cleverly ridiculed in fictional stories spread through films and books that infuse in human distorted impression mentality. It goes so because criticism and irony are the man‘s defenses unprepared to stand before that goes beyond.

From the book The Oceans have ears Trigueirinho
Publisher Thought Pp. 129 to 130